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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox. Split on imposing


immediate oil sanctions but the EU continues to tighten the diplomatic


pressure on to run. The European Union is not only


significant -- signalling an intensification of our approach but


doing a lot of effort as well. Syria's political leadership in


exile. Repression in the name of security


- Amnesty International's verdict on Saudi Arabia's response to the


Arab Spring. Looking for that early morning


caffeine hit? How strong is too strong?


Where there is discord, may we bring harmony.


And Meryl Streep defends her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher,


described by one of her friends as Hello and welcome. The diplomatic


screw on to run was tightened further today as EU foreign


ministers agreed on new sanctions. 180 companies and individuals have


been added to the original target list but they stopped short of


imposing sanctions on the Iranian oil industry. It comes at a time of


heightened diplomatic tensions following the ransacking of the


British embassy in Tehran on Tuesday. James Reynolds reports


from Brussels. European Union foreign ministers


had this meeting in their diaries long before the British compound in


Tehran were attacked. But it gave them much greater urgency.


Sanctions have been agreed on 180 additional entities associated with


Iran's nuclear programme for the Iranian republic shipping lines or


the Revolutionary Guards, so it is a major extension of the EU


sanctions. Tuesday's embassy attacks are still


David. At the British Government believes that protesters had links


with elements of Iran's conservative establishment. The


West is trying to work out ways to deal with the hardliners.


We are already dealing with what comes next. Sales of crude oil line


did not -- the pockets of the regime and feed its nuclear


ambitions. For some, the pressure should focus


here, on Iran's oil fields. The Islamic Republic is one of the


world's largest exporters of oil. At this summit some ministers


suggested and of -- and oil embargo but others are posted. The EU and


Iran to a lot of business together but Iran's key market is in Asia


and China in particular so more European sanctions can only have a


limited impact. So the West has agreed to, despite concentrate on


stopping Iran's ability to build nuclear weapons. Iran says its


ambitions are entirely peaceful. Almost 200 companies are now on the


sanctions list. Let's speak to Dr Mehrdard Khonsari,


a former Iranian diplomat and a specialist in Middle Eastern


affairs. They stopped short of imposing oil sanctions but what


ability to month -- to manoeuvre does Britain have now to bring


European ministers around to tighten the sanctions? What would


really make a difference and where Britain has taken a lead is the


sanctions placed on the Iranian Central Bank. While other countries


are now resistant in terms of wanting to discuss or at -- a


sanction on oil, but if they were to follow Britain in imposing


sanctions on the central bank, that in effect would curtail the flow of


oil from Iran to the Europeans. It would not allow for any mechanism


for Iran to be compensated financially and they can't deal


with this in cash so Iran would effectively be left to selling its


oil to China and Russia and friends of those countries. In terms of


what Europe imports, I think it is 6 %, so a significant amount,


particularly in the straitened economic circumstances. Greece and


Italy will not want that, will they? The position which Saudi


Arabia has taken in recent months regarding other issues concerning


its bilateral relations with Iran could easily compensate for what


will be taken out of the Iranian market, so that is not really an


issue. What is an issue is the will to notch it up a step further, to


elevate matters to levels that at which they have never been.


worried is the Iranian leadership about this action? They would be


quite worried were actions to be intensified to this level, but at


the level they have been breached, that is the little they predicted


when they ransacked the British Embassy. They have -- they knew


there would be repercussions, and when they rejected the


International Atomic Energy Agency recommendations. They expected a


certain intensification of sanctions but they will not still


think that it will never get to the point when Orwell experts will be


removed. William Hague was very clear to separate the International


Atomic Energy Agency Report and the British Agency for -- the British


Consulate. When it comes to the nuclear issue they are quite united


in Iran but Ayatollah Khamanei is more hostile to Britain than others


in the government. A final thoughtful stop in terms of the


Iranian economy and domestic pressure from within, presumably


this plays into that as well. is no question that the Iranian


economy is in a terrible state. It has got worse annually and it has


now reached new levels. Additional sanctions will her to it. -- her at.


-- will hurt. In anticipation of this progression, the Iranian


regime have tried to divert attention away from the main


problems, the economy and a disenchanted population which


yearns to follow in the footsteps of their brethren in the Arab world.


Thank you very much. Syria's main opposition group, the


Syrian Free Army -- and the Syrian Free Army have joined forces to


work against President Al-Assad. The agreement came as the UN Human


Rights chief said that Syria was in a state of civil war, with at least


4,000 people killed. We place the figure at 4,000 but


information coming to us is that it is a much more than that. I have


said that, as soon as there were more and more defectors threatening


to take up arms, said that in August that there would be a civil


war. That is how I am characterising this. Let's go to


Istanbul and speak to Jonathan Head at a meeting between the free


Syrian army and the Syrian National Council. How significant is this?


We have to see. I think it was a necessary step. The free Syrian


army is a new factor in the Syrian crisis, although it has been around


in name since July. It is only in the last few weeks that we have


seen bold attacks launched in its name at that are going after unit


serve government forces in Syria. That has raised to be -- the


spectre of civil war. Most people putting pressure on Assad are


trying to work through the Syrian National Council as the unified


voice of the opposition. The Syrian army -- the three Syrian army seems


to be a wild card. -- three Syrian army. Its operations inside Syria


seems to go against the recommendations of the other group


that there should be mainly three operations. Now the groups have


come together and they have said that they will work together on the


same political platform based on three -- non-violent struggle but


they will use force to defend civilians. It is turning his


movement into something more like a government in waiting, which is


want -- what and those countries depressing Assad want to see.


Amnesty International has accused Saudi Arabia of launching a new


wave of repression in response to the Arab Spring. Thousands have


been arrested and it said that trials were grossly unfair. Saudi


Arabia said that it was based on incorrect information.


The US Secretary of State had dinner tonight -- last night with


Aung San Suu Kyi, the opposition leader in Burma. It is the first


visit to Burma by an American head of think -- member state since 1965.


She called for the release of all political prisoners.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn has described his encounter with a New


York hotel maid as consensual but stupid. But former head of the


Eyemouth was charged with sexual assault over the incident but the


charges were later dropped. -- the former head of the international


money -- International Monetary Fund. He said that the maid had


given him a suggestive look as he emerged naked from the shower and


he had taken it as an invitation. The French President Nicolae


Sarkozy has been painting a bleak future of the economic future of


his country and Europe. He told his audience into long that a new cycle


of debt reduction was beginning. -- in Toulon. Christian Fraser joins


us lido from Paris. This was a speech to his reporters but he will


have quite a tough task winning a round the French public, with more


power has been given back to public? Yes, this has to be seen in


a domestic setting, four months from an election, he is lagging


behind in polls from the Socialist candidate. He was talking about the


economic crisis and why he has had to take some of the decisions in


recent weeks like the austerity measures and changes to the French


pension system. He said the economic crisis was on a scale


unseen in three-quarters of a century. Them that was almost an


acknowledgement that European leaders have not gone fast enough


and far enough. -- there was almost. He said there would have to be a


new debt reducing cycle. He said there would be an immense


revolution driven by new technologies, a knowledge economy,


and higher education. In terms of the country's credit rating and the


banks, are we looking at some significant public sector support?


Yes, I think there will have to be a change in the way that France


looks at the budgets and obviously you hinted at that should -- the


treaty change in regards to what Germany wants to see, tighter


regulation and fiscal discipline on national budgets. He said tonight


but France has not balanced the budget for 30 years and things had


to change. There had to be a new pattern of tax and spend. One of


the things that came out of the speech, he rejected the idea of a


fiscal union with penalties for governments that digress. Decisions


made by bureaucrats in Brussels seems to be the model advocated by


the Germans. He said Europe needed for more democracy, it is more


democratic when the politicians decide. The rebuilding of Europe is


not some march towards a federal superstate. Angela Merkel is coming


later on the week and it seems they raised an agreement that they would


need to be a treaty change that looks at how governments tax and


Per for many, it is the quick start the day, a shot of coffee to clear


our sleepy brain. How much caffeine is in our drinks? A new British


study has found coffee is can have so much caffeine only one cup


exceeds the daily recommended a man for pregnant women.


Over the last decade, the number of coffee shops has exploded. Do you


know what you drinking? Glasgow University researchers found a huge


difference in the caffeine hit from 20 off for thought health Thais-up


off The thief fourth fourth closest to that was Starbucks with 51


An espresso from an independent patisserie had 322 milligrams. Did


customers know how strong it was? It is six times stronger than some


other coffee is. Is it? That is good coffee. I like it. I like


strong coffee. I do get a bit shaky. This one, I do not taste of how


strong it is. You cannot tell. much caffeine is dangerous to


unborn babies but researchers say pregnant women have no idea how


much they are drinking. They should not have more than 200 milligrams


of caffeine per day which is four cups of coffee. Data shows if you


went to certain coffee houses you could get that and more with one


shot of expressive. All the more reason to make coffee houses


display caffeine levels. We thought we would put it to dip test. -- to


the test. You are a flat white drinker meaning you like coffee


with lots of milk. No, it is a beverage that takes its name from


Australia and New Zealand. A silky, a velvety coffee that is on the


menu at Starbucks and Costa Coffee. It is delicious. I drink a lot of


espresso. This one here from a high-street chain, will that very


much compared to another from a local deli? The research says that


the shots differ. The biggest difference is do you add another


shot when you buy your coffee? Different coffees have different


caffeine levels. It is a plant. It has different levels of caffeine.


So, your height will be sensational, something like this. Is this your


traditional espresso? This is a tradition of, seven grams is the


traditional. British consumers are trading up. We're seeing consumers


liking stronger coffee. The extra shot is becoming a greater part of


drinking. So, that will give you a buzz. Absolutely. In terms of the


recommended amount of caffeine, where does that stand question mark


200 milligrams. One of these is a shot from Starbucks. 51 milligrams


of caffeine reported, I am no expert but that is the medical


prognosis, 200 milligrams is the maximum pregnant women should have.


They could have four of those. Research suggests few women would


go that far. And something stronger than that? Less water. It does not


change the impact. Not at all. you think with the advice coming


out that we could ultimately see may be a chart of how strong the


coffee is like chillies in the supermarket? Potentially but our


research shows literally consumers are sensible when it comes to


caffeine. Because our body tells us question mark yes, and we have done


research with pregnant women. of pregnant females decrease the


amount of coffee in T. It is a storm in a coffee cup.


Realistically, most consumers are clear they should not be having


huge amounts of caffeine, particularly if pregnant.


I ask the right honourable gentleman whose fault is that?


I the only one Margaret Thatcher but she has had many imitators over


the years. Teachers cannot teach when there is no heating. Meryl


Streep is taking a turn up to wear the blue suit. What did she want to


bring to what is already a well worn part? I wanted to in some way


capture whatever it was that drew people to her and whatever it was


that made people have a special venom for her as a public figure.


You turn if you want to, the lady's not for turning affair. The most


difficult thing I had to do was find the breath to not only make my


points but to make sure you didn't get your point in at any point, and


another thing. Milk has gone up. 49 pence a pint. Meryl Streep place


two macro Margaret Thatcher's. The political powerhouse, and a


fictionalised version depicting a frail old lady with dementia having


visions of heard of it -- deceased husband. To play one character in


different ways is not easy. There is an element, a Shakespearean


element to it, Lear or Hammett. I love you! Will Gompertz, oh my


God! I said it secretly, liam macro The Gulls. Concerned with the


endgame. And how power diminishes. In every capacity. He is a man who


knows Margaret Thatcher World. He found the performance totally


convincing but was uncomfortable about the portrayal of his boss in


old age with Failing Mental Health. This will be controversial.


Margaret Thatcher is depicted as a fee bill old lady, lonely and


hallucinating. I found it painful to watch. If it was about my mother,


I would be unhappy about it. I do think you can defend it as work of


art. Was it difficult doing it when she is still alive? If we did it in


the right way, yes, it would be OK. Members of my family, who have had


dementia and friends, there is a feeling the walls are more


permeable between the present and the past. Meryl Streep has been


nominated for more Oscars than any other actress. It has been a while


since she last won. The Iron Lady We can beat this disease,'s's vow


as he marked World Aids Day. A disproportionate number of of


Americans living in the southern They don't want to talk about it in


the church or at home. People do not want to talk about it in the


south. With numbers being high in the south, there is a need for


people to say we have a problem and need to address it up front. That


hasn't happened yet. The cemeteries in South Carolina are littered with


secrets. Scores of those buried he died from HIV Aids but such is the


stigma of the disease in the south but many took the true cause of


their death to the grave. I have lost my sister, my niece, cousins,


in-laws. The reverent has lost eight of her family to Hib Aids and


is determined the tragic truth be told. I try not to cry. Life still


goes on. A pasture -- pastor in the church, she is one of the few to


speak out about a disease which has affected African-Americans. When


people find out by hand out condoms, that shook clover. How can I be a


pastor, a woman of God, and gives them a condom. I sit them that I


would prefer to reach you eight -- preacher you a condom than preach


at your funeral. The response has been vastly different elsewhere.


Legesse spoke up right to wait and so public health officials had to


respond. This journalist is the author of a shame to die. A book


which chronicles the Aids epidemic in the south. The prognosis going


forward is unless there is a major shift in the cultural attitudes, it


will continue to plague the south. We have two test was to have a


short drive, a clinic treats 450 people who are HIV-positive. Staff


say it is an uphill battle getting those at highest risk to seek


advice and treatment. What we have seen his people wait longer to get


tested and they can into the system sicker and that adds to the


epidemic because the amount of virus in the community is higher.


don't want anybody to experience this. If I can prevent one family


going through the agony we went through losing someone to this


That is it. Coming up, the weather. Hello, south-east England gets rain


overnight but elsewhere eight frost under clear skies. A cold start to


Friday, some patchy ice with showers overnight. This is the


weather front bringing the rain, it pulls away quickly on Friday. Sunny


skies following on behind. Much of southern, central and eastern UK


has a bright day. In the West, cloud increases with shower was


breaking out. It is fine and dry in the North East. After early rain


clears, the rest of the day gives plenty of sunshine. A stunning day


across the south-east, temperatures held down in single figures. The


south-western looks dry, a cloud increasing across the west of Wales,


showers breaking out in the afternoon. A similar picture in a


north-west England and Northern Ireland. We notice the wind picking


up across western Scotland, especially in the north-west.


Outbreaks of rape and in the east of Scotland drive through the day.


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