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This is BBC World News today. Syria finally allows humanitarian aid


into that devastated District of Baba Amr. The UN's humanitarian


envoy makes a brief visit to Homs and calls for better access for aid


agencies. It's not that easy to deal with some of the concerns out


there but we are working on it. knockout blow. Why can't Mitt


Romney win the fight. Clear evidence of ballot rigging in


Russia's presidential election. was on the verge of crying when I


saw such complete lawlessness but I realised there was no way to stop


Can my nap: Helping some of the world's poorest people but should a


growing economy like India still get aid from Britain.


And, please don't step on my new Billy -- suede shoes. Prince Harry


shows off his reggae routine in Hello and welcome. The United


Nations humanitarian chief has visited the Syrian city of Homs and


the devastated District of Baba Amr. Government forces bombarded the


district for nearly a month, killing dozens. Officials say Baba


Amr was largely deserted today as many residents have already fled to


areas where they can get humanitarian aid.


Before setting off for the troubled city of Homs, the -- the UN


humanitarian chief had a meeting. It wasn't clear whether Valerie


Amos was hoping to see for herself the massive destruction which


besieged Homs for a month. The Syrian Red Crescent has just been


allowed in but not the international Red Cross. It has


been waiting nearby since the last Friday was a huge clear-up


operation has been going on. Valerie Amos also went seat seems


like this. And verifiable petite -- footage showing patients at peak


hospital apparently blindfolded and showing signs of torture. That is


why many people wounded by security forces are not being taken to state


hospitals. This makeshift field clinic is in another quarter of


Homs which has seen much violence. People are patched up as best they


can using any materials to hand. Valerie Amos is also not the only


visitor in town. The lack the Russians, the Chinese want to see


dialogue and the Syrian solution, not regime change imposed from


outside. But as the situation worsens, the Chinese do not want to


get caught out as they were in Libya last year. We have evacuated


most of our workers from Syria. There are only about 100 personnel


left. We will go back to those projects when the situation


stabilises and There are conditions for peace for construction and


development. The most crucial visit will be that of the UN Arab League


envoy, Kofi Annan. He has the stature and experience and balanced


approach that might just succeed against the odds. If he can't do it


probably nobody else can. The dilemma about what can and


cannot be done has been discussed in Washington today during tense


exchanges. John McCain has clashed with Leon Panetta, the US Secretary


of Defence. Can you tell us how long the killing will have to


continue and how many civilian lives will be lost before military


measures we propose. How many more have to die? I think the question,


as you stated yourself, Senator, is the effort to try to build an


international consensus as to what action we do take. That makes the


most sense. What doesn't make sense is to take unilateral action. We


are not divided here and we are not holding back. This administration


has led in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the war on terrorism. We lead in


Libya and we are leading in Syria. Let us look at the day's other


news: Six British soldiers have been killed by a huge explosion in


southern next than a stun. That deaths take the number of British


personnel to over 400 -- Afghanistan. The vehicle has now


been recovered. Prosecuted -- prosecutors in Norway


have a formally charged Anders Behring Breivik who stands accused


of terrorism and premeditated murder of 77 people. He is due to


go on trial next month. The founder of the fresh company --


French company which distributed Silicon gel which was of industrial


strength has admitted the gel had not been medically proved but


wasn't dangerous, he insisted. Apple has just unveiled a new I pat


three which it says will take tablet like this to a whole new


level. It will have a speedier process, sharper screen and an


option for faster wireless broadband access.


Let us get more on the fall-out of the Super Tuesday primaries held


across America in the last 24 hours. No outright winner at all. Mitt


Romney came through but not with a knockout blow to see him through


with momentum or making the obvious contender to take on President


Obama in November. Let us get the latest report.


Smiles from the two leading candidates but this was a deeply


split verdict. In Ohio, Mitt Romney one but only just after a nail-


biting night. And after spending nearly four times as much as his


main rival, Rick Santorum. We are counting at the delegates and it


looks good and we are counting down the days until November and that


looks even better. We have won races all over this country.


Against the odds. When they thought, OK, he is finished, we keep coming


back. The battle for the Republican nomination is set to drag on with


voters torn between Mitt Romney, the strongest challenger, and Mr --


Rick Santorum. How can Mitt Romney clinch the nomination? If he moves


to the right to use -- Europe Conservative votes he might


alienate their Republican centre ground. Rick Santorum could become


his running mate but that would need a big dose of love and


forgiveness on both sides after the bitterly fought campaign. The


deadline is fast approaching. August is the Republican convention


which decides the presidential candidate. Normally, the party has


made up his mind well beforehand. Many Republicans worry that many --


none of the candidates has their charisma to outshine Barack Obama.


Some may even wish for an unknown challenged or to emerge and save


the day -- challenger. Let us discuss the results. With


their spokesperson for the tea- party .net. With me is an is Dorian


of the United States. If I could come to you first, Kevin Jackson.


Who does the tea party support given the for contenders? For the


most part, we were not make an announcement of who we support but


want the process to play out. Many in the organisation, certainly ours,


will not make the announcement until the person wins. Would that


not be a sensible and grown-up thing to do in the best interests


of the Republican Party? Isn't it doing damage to your party?


wouldn't say it is doing damage but it is doing their proper vetting of


the candidate, something that had not occurred when Barack Obama got


elected in 2008. When we look back to looking at the primaries, the


real squeamish thing we will see his on the side of the left and the


Democrats. Barbara Bush says it is the worst Prime re campaign she has


ever witnessed. What do you make of it? Barbara Bush has said that of


almost every primary campaign. But she represents the Romany, a


moderate side. If you look at who voted for Mitt Romney yesterday, it


is people who are over 65 and earn over $100,000 a year and have a


college education. That is my tinnies on a yacht and that wing of


the party. Rick Santorum is attracting independence and


Democrats and those amongst poorer people. The problem with the


process is the longer they delay on spending their money on Barack


Obama, they wear down each other. That is the point, isn't it? You


need to focus all the guns on President Obama and pick somebody


who can realistically beat him? is right on a couple of things. If


the other candidates had faced Barack Obama earlier on, I don't


think either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum... The any person to have


the naughty bits to face a Obama would probably have been newt


Gingrich but he is right in one respect that we are spending time


away from a bomber. I think that is a good thing. -- Barack Obama. At


the appropriate time, we should start bombarding the nation with


the facts about him and I think that is the problem for the left is


that he has no way to run and hide. I will ask the question and I know


the answer, there are no people on the right to are saying now, I


would love to vote for Barack Obama because he has done such a great


job. There are many defectors on his side. Isn't the uncomfortable


truth that the tea party movement has Pete? No, people like to say


that but it is far from the truth. The movement has evolved into


something interesting. We have gotten away from the valleys and


people thing that is the way to judge the movement. But that is


like asking a senior to be judged from a show rather than an album.


Quite frankly, the talk of Capitol Hill on a daily basis... 10, --


team. That is their problem for them. They won the political


argument in 2010 and they got the energy for the Republicans to get


control of the house. But what does it do next? It has to rely and the


establishment. The tea party has not provided us with any serious


presidential candidates. They have peaked politically in the sense


that it now has to rely on the t o p to deliver and it can't. The tea


party refuses to compromise, doesn't it? Tim believes the tea


party has picked because we do not have a candidate but Mitt Romney


should have had be sown at given that he has other Republican


machine behind him for some time. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich...


As far as issues go, but he party is the reason why it politics in


America has changed. We have thwarted much of the legislation.


None of these Candy It's, after this long war, are going to be able


to challenge Barack Obama and is it time to bring in a white knight to


come around from behind a boulder? No one knows who that will be.


Chris Christie, it won't be him. Jet Bush has calculated rightly he


is too moderate for the Republicans now. The any candidate in the last


24 hours who has said they will not rule themselves out his Sarah Palin.


If there is a white knight, it has to appeal to the tea party base and


not someone who moves the Republicans to the centre but can


reach out at a convention. How does the return of Sarah Palin strike


you? I don't think it is a possibility. What will tips this


process more than anything is the selection of the price -- vice-


presidential candidate on the side of the right. Names being kicked


around dark Alan West, and pundits here say that the vice presidential


candidate doesn't have that type of impact but I would disagree. This


election will be so different in so many ways. The other thing people


haven't conceded is that Barack Obama will appear to be stale bread.


Nobody really has a lot of respect for one the vice presidential


candidate. There is not a cabinet position that one nominee they have


I cannot wait for this to shift. That the pattern have to confront


the Republican machine. -- the tea party. The any side we can side


with is the Republicans at this moment. Trust me, that Paul is


coming. Kevin Jackson, we must leave it there. Thank you. Tens of


thousands of people have marched in South Africa protesting against key


government economic policies. The marches, organised by the Congress


of South African Trade Unions, or COSATU, took place in more that 30


town and cities with the largest in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.


Demonstrators are angry at plans for more expensive tolls on roads


between Johannesburg and the capital, Pretoria, and also want


authorities to rein in the practice known as labour-brokering, under


which agencies offer workers short- term contracts at lower pay. From


Johannesburg, Milton Nkosi reports. Today is the day the city of


Johannesburg came to a standstill. These protesters are sending a


clear message to government. These scenes are reminiscent of the anti-


apartheid demonstrations of the eighties and nineties, except today,


they are marching against their own government. We are in the centre of


Johannesburg. We are surrounded by thousands and thousands of poor --


of protesters. These big laugh from the Congress of South African Trade


Unions. They are here today to make a statement against the


government's programme of electronic tolling systems. Today,


COSATU is saying, enough is enough. I live in Pretoria. I work in


Johannesburg and I use that route every day. I pay a high tax rates.


It is ridiculous. I cannot afford it. I am here to make my mark.


protest is about the gap between the haves and have-nots. They also


came to protest against labour brokers. They are the


intermediaries who hire staff on behalf of companies, and they do


not want to pay benefits. The police were out in full force to


make sure the match goes slowly and swears lay. Surely this must come


as a wake-up call for the governing ANC? These people are not from the


opposition parties. Opponents of Vladimir Putin have


branded his election victory on Sunday as an insult to the Russian


people. The League of Voters say they'll press on with


demonstrations against him despite his triumph in Sunday's election,


and the detention of hundreds of people at post election rallies.


Daniel Sandford reports. A man walks up to a ballot box and stuffs


them at least 10 ballot papers. One of many examples of intellectual


fraud last Sunday. In the early hours of Monday morning, Moscow's


polling station Number 2247, the election count was going well. The


voter looked close. Observers thought the pars for Vladimir Putin


and his rival looked about the same. It was what we thought just a


technical procedure of counting how many vote on each pile. That is


where it turned out to be very different from hour visual


understanding and our counting. When the chairman formerly filled


in the result, the official count gave Putin twice as many votes. No


matter how many -- how much the observers complained, there were


not able to get it revised. It is stories like this that led Russia's


new monitoring group, the League of Voters, to say it would not


recognise the election result and that it was an insult to society.


TRANSLATION: Our country finds itself in an alarming situation, in


which a large and active part of society had the doubt or refuses to


acknowledge the legitimacy of the parliament and the President.


woman from the polling station were only 230 residents were registered,


but almost 1,000 voters were added to the list less than 24 hours


before the poll. She film them arriving large rooms. The station


recorded one of the highest vote of Vladimir Putin anywhere in Moscow.


TRANSLATION: I was on the verge of crying when I saw such complete


lawlessness. At the same time, I realised there was no law to stop


it. They lead of 30 his estimate that the official 63 % that


Vladimir Putin was awarded was wrong by about 10 percentage points.


They believe he got 53 %. That means he still won the election in


the first round. Should a nation which has its own


nuclear and space programme and a growing economy receive generous


international aid? It's a question being asked about the British


government's policy of donating $450 million to India. The UK is by


far the largest donor, spending nine times more than the United


States does. But as David Loyn reports from the state of Bihar,


Britain's International Development Department says it's moving away


from providing handouts and into investing in the private sector and


public services. This is a scheme to help Indians


apply for Indian government services. It is paid for by British


aid money. It is even paying for a call centre. Estate helpline. This


approach has its critics in India, who said that if Britain wants to


help, I should give money to charity, not to fund Indian state


services. India does not need British aid. There are Indians who


need British aid. One solution could be for the British government


to give aid directly to charities that are active on the ground,


working with people. The complex dilemmas of India need more than


charity. A country of great inequality, and are merging its --


an emerging nuclear-armed superpower, but still home to a


third of the poorest people in the world, malnourished children. Until


recently, the government here Bihar was infamous for corruption. It has


cleaned itself up and welcomes British technical support in making


this work. I think it fulfils a very important role, which other


government programmes does not. It is very worthwhile. In the


countryside, most of these farmers earned less than $1.25 a day, below


the globally defined poverty line. Transports gobble up their costs.


This man's son died of polio. His earnings are Robson's a small


production company emerged to buy his vegetables. It is hoping to win


investment from British aid money. Soon, about half of Britain's large


aid budget to India could going to projects like this. Investing in


vegetable production. It is a radical departure from more


traditional aid priorities such as health and education. It is paid


but not as we know it. The test will be whether it cuts the number


of India's poor. Prince Harry has scaled down his


activities in Jamaica as a mark of respect to the six British troops


killed in Afghanistan. He spent part of the day with the Jamaican


Defence Force, watching them abseil and taking part in target practice.


Peter Hunt sent this report. This was Captain Wales rather than


Prince Harry, at a Jamaican army base. A serving officer had been


told about the latest losses in Afghanistan. At the camp, a chance


for a reunion with a fellow Sandhurst trainee. The Jamaican


army was keen to show the Prince their new tower for training


soldiers in at saving. Prince Harry was meant to be joining in here. In


the words of one of his officials,... The British deaths in


Afghanistan have, understandably, changed the tone of the visit.


Harry still went to the firing range. Anyone with a camera want to


stand at the other end? He is the soldier prince who has recently


qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot, who wants to serve again in


Afghanistan. Last night at a state dinner, the Prince paid tribute to


the woman who is still Queen of Jamaica. She combines all her


virtues as a leader and as the head of state with those of being a


wonderful, caring grandmother. Their grandchildren are utterly


devoted to her. It was Harry the Royal representing his wonderful


grandmother who visited this youth project. Into the groove, he was


soon on to the dance floor. A reminder of our main news:


The United Nations humanitarian chief, Valerie Amos, has visited


the Syrian city of Homs, including the devastated district of Baba Amr,


after earlier meeting Syrian officials in Damascus. Syrian Red


Crescent officials say Baba Amr is mostly deserted, with many


residents having already fled to areas where they could get


humanitarian aid. After what has been a pretty cold


day but frequent showers, tomorrow is looking more settled. They will


be brighter skies around. Still breezy but with winds slowly easing,


it will feel milder. High-pressure is starting to build through the


next few days. It will block a lot of our weather fronts. Through


Thursday, we will see a weather front feeding in a fair bit of


Fairly grey skies for Scotland. Damp and drizzly for western


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