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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Wilcox.


Rising tensions between Afghanistan and the coalition as the 16 Afghan


victims of a US soldier are buried. The Afghan parliament calls for the


attacker to be put on public trial, in Afghanistan - US officials


promise a full and thorough investigation.


This is not who we are and the United States is committed to


seeing that those responsible are held accountable.


Allegations of a massacre in the city of Homs in Syria as the UN


calls on the international More civilian casualties on a


fourth day of violence between Israeli forces and Palestinian


militants in Gaza. Also coming up in the programme: As


the South African government admits that 80 per cent of state schools


are failing. 20 years on from the end of apartheid, why is education


for black children still so poor? And he danced, he ran and he messed


about on the beach - is Prince Harry the British royal family's


Hello and welcome. In the villages of Kandahar in Afghanistan, they've


been burying their dead today. 16 victims, nine of them children, of


an American soldier, all shot in their homes in the early hours of


Sunday. Hillary Clinton called the attack 'inexplicable', adding 'this


is not who we are.' Local elders though told the BBC that there


would be no further protests, as long as the man responsible for the


killings was brought to justice. From Kabul, the BBC's Quentin


Nine children have now been buried. Translation macro if he did this


deliberately, he should be punished, otherwise it would raise many


questions. The Taleban would benefit and become stronger.


come and Inverdale went to the House of Muslims and massacred


children and women? I feel very sad. Even I am ready to go to the side


of the Taleban to fight against these foreigners.


We know that the killer was a regular soldier who was working for


Special forces. 11 years in the army, he was fully armed and


wearing night-vision goggles when he carried out the attack. He was a


guard at the base, making it easier for him to come and go from the out


past -- the outpost in Kandahar. He left the place at 3am local time.


He walked to these nearby villages and there he travelled from door to


door, some were locked. But he made his way inside one home. There, he


gathered together the family and killed all 11 with a single bullet


each. Then five more in another two houses, the children were mostly


toddlers. President Obama was shocked and saddened by the


killings which he said were not representative of US military


forces. In a call to President Karzai, he promised a full


investigation. This will not affect the mission in Afghanistan for the


United States. The mission is going to suffer and it is very tragic,


but it would be far greater a tragedy to let this affect what we


are doing for the country. In Kabul, others are more sceptical.


President Karzai called the the gimmick -- killings unforgivable.


Many are talking about the damage to relations with America.


Senior officers are questioning whether this attack was pre-planned


and did others know what the soldier's intentions? The Afghan


people are asking an even simpler question? Why did a long serving


American soldier, and I of Afghanistan, commit such a bloody


act? Let's speak to Michael Semple,


until last year a fellow in the State Building and human rights,


Afghanistan Pakistan programme. He joins us from the States. After


such carnage, is the one positive that there hasn't been mass


demonstrations that we saw perhaps after the burning of the holy books


yet? In Kandahar, people already have suffered so much that they do


not have the confidence and the guts to go out and protest. The


public order problem is not quite as grave as it was during the


previous crisis, but there is a lot of damage to be dealt with. What do


you think the long-term impact of this is after the book-burning?


Will it have a very deleterious effect on the relationship between


the Coalition and the Afghan authorities which will not be


resolved? The first people that were going to exploit this are


those Caliban who are involved in preparing the spring offensive.


They know that everyone in Afghanistan today has seen TV


images of young bodies being taken for burial. They will now be using


it those in their propaganda videos to persuade the fighters to go out


and create further mayhem later. Those are the people who were


exploited. In terms of the relationship with the Afghan


authorities, they have little option but to co-operate with the


United States because they are struggling to have some kind of


Garrity and stability of the on the US drawback. What else can they do?


We saw the demand for justice for the perpetrators of the book


burnings. We have heard calls for the soldiers to be tried in


Afghanistan in public, but that will not happen, will it?


Absolutely, if I had had an opportunity to give some advice in


the years of people sitting in Parliament, I would say call for


something that is likely to happen. Calling for something which is not


going to happen will create further frustration. This will not happen.


He went completely bonkers according to an eyewitness, this


man had a nervous breakdown. Is there any sense that President


Karzai will be able to sell that to people in Afghanistan, that this is


just one at lone rogue individual who just went berserk? There is a


real question as to whether it you will be able to sell that to


President Karzai himself. Afghanistan is the land of


conspiracy theories. When they rock night raids conducted by the US,


multiple versions of them circulate. In a strange way, that also


explains why the reaction has been somewhat muted, because even if


this is the first time that we have seen someone go berserk like this,


stories like this have frequently circulated. The difference was the


previous ones were invented whereas this one was real. NATO advisers


have not gone back into the ministry's following the book-


burning. Does this delayed that return yet further? Again there is


an issue of what can people do? Some of the mentors who were


working inside the ministry's were not necessarily doing important


jobs, but an awful lot of them were doing vital jobs. As the US moves


towards a draw down, it involves more co-operation with Afghan


counterparts rather than less. There is no way the US can do what


it must over the next two years by hanging out in their own bases and


going out on patrol by themselves. They will have to work closely with


the Afghans, trying to piece together the trust which has been


badly hurt by the incident of the book-burning and now this massacre.


Thank you very much for joining us. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki


Moon has described attacks by the Syrian Government on its civilian


opponents as "shameful" and accused it of failing in its duty of


protecting its own people. Speaking during a meeting of the UN General


Assembly, Mr Ban called for unity from the international community to


persuade President Assad and the opposition to end the violence and


start negotiations. Deeply disturbing images said to be


from the Syrian town of Homs. Evidence of a massacre by pro-


government gunmen, including children. Damascus blamed on the


terrace. There is no disputing there is a -- this month-long siege


has left neighbourhoods bombed-out. Such scenes have spurred calls for


the world to act yet piloted the impotence of the deeply divided


Security Council. This council has so far failed. At this special


session called by Britain, Western states denounce the brutality of


the regime, but they were countered by Russian warnings about the armed


resistance. TRANSLATION: There is no doubt that the Syrian


authorities bear a huge responsibility for the situation,


but one should not ignore the fact that for a long time they have been


fighting combat units such as the so-called free Syrian army and


extremist groups including Al-Qaeda which have lately committed a


series of murderous to act -- murderous acts. Russia also spoke


about an agreement. The Americans are also watching these


developments closely. We took no to the fact that this past weekend in


Cairo, the Arab League and Russian minister agreed on the necessity of


We believe that now is the time for all nations, even those who have


previously blocked our efforts, to stand behind the humanitarian and


political approached start out by the Arab League. Even if the


Security Council could finally agree to something on paper,


getting changed on the ground would still be a daunting task. Now a


look at some of the day's other news.


At least 100 people have been killed and hundreds more are


missing in South Sudan after renewed ethnic violence. Armed


attackers from the Murle ethnic group stole thousands of cattle


during raids in Upper Nile state. Violence between the Murle and Lou


Nuer peoples have left thousands dead since South Sudan became


independent last July. There's been a deadly raid in the


Iraqi capital Baghdad. Gunmen killed at least nine people when


they stormed a row of goldsmiths at a market. Police said some of the


attackers shot at passers by while others stole jewellery from the


shops. The head of Brazil's Football


Association has stepped down from his post. The man who led the


Brazilian Football Confederation for 23 years had been under


pressure to resign under corruption allegations which he has denied.


Here in Britain a High Court judge has decided that a man with what's


known as "Locked-In Syndrome" should have his case decided by the


court. Tony Nicklinson wants doctors to be able to end his life.


He is physically paralysed from the neck down although his mind remains


Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in Gaza have clashed for


a fourth day in a row, in the worst cross-border violence in over a


year. At least 23 people have been killed and dozens wounded by


Israeli air strikes since Friday, while two Israelis have been


injured by rockets fired from Gaza. The violence was sparked by


Israel's killing of a top Palestinian militant leader on


Friday. From Jerusalem, Rupert Another day and another funeral in


Gaza City. This time it is for a 65-year-old man and his 35-year-old


daughter. More than 20 people have been killed here since Friday. It


is now the worst violence between Israel and Gaza in three years.


Like these two, more casualties are civilians. A ragged cheer and a


pool of blood marked the spot where they were killed this morning,


caught in an Israeli counter-strike. A few minutes' drive away, the


debris of another fresh bomb site. The smell of burning is still


pungent in the air. Israel says it's only striking back


at militants who are firing rockets out of Gaza, but that is not the


weight things work and last night, one of their missiles hit this


house in the North of Gaza where 30 members of the same family were


sleeping. Amazingly, no one was killed in this destruction. 25


members of that family are in hospital, including nine children.


The man who owns the house does not deny he supports the militants. One


of his sons has been killed fighting the Israelis. TRANSLATION:


I have another two sons and I am ready to sacrifice them as well.


After what the Israelis have done, I will keep resisting more strongly


until the last drop of blood. above the Israeli drones circle.


Their powerful cameras hunt for militants, ready to call in a new


strike. This began on Friday when Israeli missiles Tora Park this car.


Inside was the leader of a Gaza militant group. Israel says an


attack by the group is imminent and the Killen justified. Since then,


militants in Gaza have hit back, sending more than 130 rockets into


towns and cities in southern Israel. In response is where has brought


out its latest high-tech answer to the Gaza rockets. It is called the


iron dome and its job is to shoot down the rockets before they can


hit Israeli towns. The iron dome missiles may make Israelis feel


safer, but on both sides of this conflict, a new generation is


growing up learning to hate an enemy that it has never seen.


Yossi Mekelberg is Associate Fellow of the Middle East Programme at


Chatham House. Hamas itself is not involved in is, is there a risk


that this could escalate into something more serious? 22 people


have already been killed. It always starts with more limited operations,


in this case targeting two leaders from the smaller group. The


response is firing into Israel of rockets, which is series, but the


Israelis reacted disproportionately and we have more than 20 people


killed. There is pressure on the government and they must protect


These two groups, are they being sanctioned and armed by Hamas


choice mack are the Independent ques mack it is Hamas pos mac


There is a process... There is almost an opportunity to start the


process with Hamas and by having this kind of tit-for-tat, it is


almost an opportunity for the Israelis to say, you see? You are


seeing that even though country macro is being attacked by rockets


from Gaza, there is an element of Be ironed and system is being able


to take out these rockets as they take over. Correct. A signal to


Hamas that we are looking at Iran. The talk is about Iran, if it is


going to happen, we are still looking at what happens in Gaza or


in Lebanon and preparing a case of all in Iran. If you think this


would be an opportunity the to attack, we would -- we are prepared


for this opportunity. Where do you think we stand in the time frame


for attack against Iraq. --? The I have also been hearing that he has


been influenced by his father. Explain a bit about that and


whether that represents a much more hawkish prime minister now than a


Netanyahu is more of a PR person than the Statesman. Last week it


was celebrating the victory of the saviour of the Jewish people from a


Persian ruler, to this way you are having a strong reek of the saving


of the Jewish people back in Persia, many many many years ago. More


importantly is this beach in a -- is his speech. The minute that


Israel, a Jewish leader, talks about Iran in relation to Nazi


Germany and Auschwitz, he locks himself into not a very big


diplomatic space. If this is the same analogy it means either Iran


stops their nuclear programme or there will be a war. This is very


dangerous. Thank you. In South Africa, almost 20 years after the


end of apartheid, the state education system is so poor that


5,000 children are switching to private schools each year.


Ministers admit that 80% of state schools are failing, with appalling


infrastructure, a shortage of teachers and appalling exam results.


Getahead High School, and low-cost private school in Eastern Cape.


Most of the children are black and good results and discipline are a


top priority, but far from been children from the elite, their


families are scraping together the thousands of dollars in fees, let


down by state schools. Need 17- year-old Panjwayi and his aunt,


Nokwezi. His parents are dead. She cares for him. Swapping their nice


flat in a house in a township in order to send him to private school.


She is among a growing number of adults are worried that strikes and


insecurity of undermining state schools. There is no security for


the children. We find out that others are doing drugs, carrying


weapons at school. Another day, another class. About half a million


youngsters now go into schools like these, a dramatic response in a


country where half of all youngsters leave without a


secondary school certificate. Affordable private schools are


being established right across South Africa. 5,000 children are


making the switch every year, and yet the irony is, many of their


parents are teachers from struggling state schools. This is


Khumzi Madikane, their principal in the school in the Eastern Cape, but


despite his best efforts, the head teacher struggles with appalling


conditions at his state school. This is a typical example of a


toilet that we have in the school. Latrine system. What impact does


the poor are infrastructure have? The port infrastructure on the


school makes the teachers not to be so interested in teaching in this


school. Good afternoon, class. Absenteeism and staff shortages are


faced by many state schools. By its own admission, the government says


80% of them of failing. Nearly two met for decades after the end of


apartheid, corruption, maladministration and neglect are


taking their toll on the classrooms, turning the poorest into an


underclass, as more black families opt for private education instead.


His reputation was that of the party prince so some palace


officials might have been forgiven for feeling a little nervous about


how Prince Harry would shape up on his first official solo trip abroad.


Pretty good seems to be the general opinion. The third in line to the


British throne visited Belize, the Bahamas and Jamaica to mark the


Queen's Golden jubilee, before flying onto Brazil on behalf of the


British government. How carefully reined in was Harry by his PR team?


Or is Harry quite naturally turning into the royal family secret


weapon? In a moment we'll discuss the Prince's Progress with royal


biographer Ingrid Seward, but first those images that will be making


the royal household very happy. has been an emotional trip, 10, 12


days, I am exhausted, but the warmth of the reception of every


single country we have been two has been utterly amazing. -- we have


been too. He cheated! Honest! need every match! Me and you!


have to check, I might be busy! Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief at


Majesty magazine. He has not put a salt wrong? No. -- foot. I know


this sounds pompous but the army has made Prince Harry and that is


what his brother has said. It has given him the confidence. You would


never believe that somebody as a brilliant as Harry lacked


confidence but he did and having that background and then going off


on this trip, I think he feels that he can do anything, and he has.


have to be a performing monkey, and that can be quite difficult to do


sometimes when your energy levels are down. Not another photo


opportunity! But he seems to do it naturally. In the way that his


mother did as well. You could not be taught that rapport with


children. There seems to be quite a lot of his mother about him.


Obviously he is his mother's son, but he does seem to enjoy it. I am


not saying he will forever! But that is infectious. He is very


charming. He has always been very charming, he has just been a bit


naughty! Who are his advisers? Some reports are that Prince William has


been in daily contact with him as well. Who other backroom boys?


William and Harry share an office in St James's Palace, so he has a


small team there, and I am sure William has been on Twitter with


him. I don't know if William has been very busy in the Falklands.


is probably quite envious of where his brother has been? Absolutely!


What about the long-term prospects for somebody like Prince Harry.


When you look at Prince Andrew, for example, he had a pretty bad press,


maybe does not have the same ease of manner. Is there the risk that


the spare to the air of the throne can fall into bad habits if he is


not carefully managed? There is very much a risk and we are not


seeing it now because Harry is so dedicated to his Army career and


whether he stays in the army, we do not know. He probably doesn't know


either. There is always the risk that he will have all the goodies


and not have the responsibility and I think that had we need to have a


defined role. What it will be, we don't know. His relationship with


the press, which Prince William shares with him, is extremely


wearing, but do you think he has relaxed on that as well? Apparently,


he has relaxed. He has been very charming to the press on this trip


and Harry naturally doesn't like the media, nor does William,


because they still blame their mother's death on the media, with


quite good reason. Henry is one of the boys. There is no point were


picking on a few people saying it is their fault. He has been very


wide and has made friends with the people on this trip with him, which


is great. Ingrid Seward, thank you. The main news: The Afghan


parliament has passed a strongly worded resolution about the killing


of 16 civilians by a US soldier. He said people had lost their patience


with the actions of foreign troops and that the soldier must be tried


publicly in an Afghan Court, which is pretty unlikely given immunity


from prosecution that the United States demands. That is it. From me


and the rest of the team, goodbye. On Monday we had warm sunshine for


some of us, but much more cold and cloudy conditions elsewhere.


Tonight we will see a lot of cloud around but tomorrow we will start


to break the cloud up. All the while, it is staying drive


underneath a big area of high pressure. The weather system is out


in the Atlantic. On Tuesday, we will see a lot of cloud around. The


cloudiest weather will be across the north and west of the country.


To the east of the Pennines, we should see brighter spells.


Slightly more cloud for the south- east corner compared to Monday. As


a result a few degrees down on what we have had in recent days. Lloyd


winds across the country. Cloudy skies across the south and west of


the country -- like winds. Across Wales, where we have got cloudy


skies, the temperatures will struggle and for Northern Ireland,


it is going to be overcast but dry. The Western Isles of Scotland will


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