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This is BBC World News Today, with me Zeinab Badawi in London.


And I'm Jon Sopel, in Paris, where campaigning is coming to a close


and voting is set to begin on Sunday for the first round of the


presidential election. Also coming up in the programme...


A chilling account of mass murder in Norway.


Anders Breivik tells an Oslo court how he shot dead 69 people on


Utoeya Island. Hopes fade for survivors, after a


passenger jet with 127 people on board crashes near the Pakistani


capital Islamabad. A senior Chinese journalist tells


the BBC that the police covered up the murder of British businessman


Neil Heywood, because of his links to a powerful politician.


And we say farewell to the man who taught us to Play In A Day.


Guitarist Bert Weedon has died, at Hello and welcome. There are only


five hours of campaigning left for the first round of the French


Presidential election and the two top contenders, Nicolas Sarkozy and


Francois Hollande, are campaigning up until the last moment. Polls put


Hollande just ahead of Sarkozy for the first round on Sunday and


predict he will win in the second. Sarkozy's camp says it is still all


to play for. Let us speak now to the BBC's Jon


Sopel, who is in Paris. He Nicolas Sarkozy people saying there is


still a lot to play for. Absolutely. He is a great campaigner and it


would be foolish to count anyone out at this stage. I remember that


decade ago, there was an utter shock when we got the first-round


results and saw that the socialist campaigner had not even made it


through to the second round. The latest polls show that between 25 %


and 40 % of French voters have still to make up their minds of how


they will vote on Sunday. So, is there everything to play for? Yes,


you bet. There is uncertainty and that makes it even more fascinating


as to what will unfold. In French politics, on Friday evening,


everyone stops to draw breath. There is no more campaigning to


more or polls and all that matters is what happens on Sunday. A not


since 1981 as the Socialist challenger won the French


presidency. Last night, he dare to believe. Francois Hollande knows


that the first round fought will be close, but the polls suggest he


will win the run-off against Nicolas Sarkozy in a fortnight's


time. One Sunday, the President's appeal to the revolutionary spirit


of the country. Unemployment has risen and working class resentment


has surrounded the President and he is sensitive to accusations that he


he is not helping. He gives the impression that the more you work,


the more you will get, but most people do not see it that way.


think he is helping the rich people. Critics say that both main


candidates have been keeping quiet about the cuts which will be needed


whichever one is elected. The real issue is that there will be strong


noises coming from any party from the left on the right. A that is


why perhaps up to one-third of the French people will vote for up to


political extremes - on the one side D Communist Party and on the


other, the equivalent of a of the National Front. The two extremes do


become part of the event. The National Front has built Nicolas


Sarkozy to the right to an Francois Hollande has been built to the left.


And he if the left is to win on a fortnight time, there could be big


changes on the way, with changes to the Eurozone situation with Germany.


But other parties are very keen to get the young vote, which is seen


crucial in this election. Let us speak to E three young people who


will be voting. You are supporting a one? You are supporting the


Centre Party candidate and you are voting for or Francois Hollande?


Now, at Nicolas Sarkozy appears to be unpopular and at the centre of


so many problems, so why are you voting for him? I think he has


dealt very well with the crisis. The Eurozone crisis? Yes, I think


he did very well and I appreciated it. Every politician can recognise


that he dealt good with it. At where you supporting someone who is


likely to come nowhere in the election race? My politics are


generally to the centre and I have not been convinced by any of the


other candidates. A do you think it is interesting and French politics


that the centre parties in France, whereas in Britain they are the


third party, they may even, in 5th, be behind both the main parties of


the Left and Right and the two extreme parties of the left and


right? Yes, but that ensures that there is a way forward for the


Centre Party in France in the future. So, what are the


differences which mark you out from the Socialists or the right wing


parties? Well, it is quite plain that you can make alliances with


other parties and Kate policies which will appeal to our voters.


But this the, Francois Hollande is ahead in the polls at the moment,


but he does not appear to create a lot of excitement? I would


disagree! I think a lot of people in France, particularly young


people are looking for change. We are still having the problems of


the economic crisis and with unemployment and we need dramatic


change. But during the time of crisis, is a not best they you


stick with someone who showed great leadership through it, Nicolas


Sarkozy? Not, I do not agree with that. He did not have good results


from this. We are hearing from the International Monetary Fund that


that was not the case. Nor, at the economic growth was 1.7 % at the


end of 2011, which is not bad, given the economic crisis. But we


have the trade deficit of 70 billion euros. Is it not a hard


message to sell to people opposed to Nicolas Sarkozy, when you say


unemployment has gone up by one million, but it could have been so


much worse under somebody else. do not know, it is very hard to say.


It is hard to say whether it would have been worse a better if


Francois Hollande had been President at the time. But I think


he showed leadership and the degree job. I used struggling to find, are


all your friends going to vote on Sunday? Yes, they will, but some of


them will be abstaining. Why is there such disaffection? That is


the interesting thing about French politics. I think it is linked in


with the Fifth Republic. People feel a little bit lost, because


they're not sure what we can do. think a lot of people do not feel


affected by the political system and a lot of them were are not


going to Fort. It is evidence that young people do not really believe


in politics. I do not think people want to have a fight. I do not want


to fight for anything, but maybe we are not a generation who want to


fight for some stuff, but just want to have jobs and get on with our


lives. Thank you very much for joining us and I wish you all good


luck. I know that not all three of you will be happy after the


election. May well bring you coverage of these election results


on Sunday on the BBC news channel. They do very much for joining us


and was that not three very articulate young voters in Paris?


Now a look at some of the day's other news. South Sudan has ordered


the immediate withdrawal of its troops from the disputed border


region of Heglig, which it seized last week from Sudan. The incursion


had prompted fears of a return to full-scale war between the two


neighbours. A statement issued by President Salva Kiir in South


Sudan's capital, Juba, said the withdrawal would be completed


within three days. Formula One teams have been


practicing in Bahrain today, despite ongoing protests in the


kingdom. Standing firm against demands to cancel Sunday's Grand


Prix, the country's Crown Prince said that calling off the race


would play into the hands of "extremists".


Thousands of Egyptians have been gathering in Tahrir Square in Cairo,


in a new protest demanding the handover of power to civilian rule.


The demonstration, one of the largest in recent months, follows


the disqualification of several leading presidential candidates.


In the United States, a neighbourhood watch volunteer who


shot dead unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida has been


granted bail. The judge has set bail at $150,000 for George


Zimmerman. During the hearing, Mr Zimmerman told the teenager's


parents that he was sorry for the loss of their son.


Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has made a rare


appearance at the Milan court, where he is on trial for allegedly


paying an underage prostitute for sex. He is accused of paying for


sex with a 17-year-old, then abusing his powers by getting


police to release her when she was arrested for stealing. Mr


Berlusconi, who resigned over the economic crisis, denies the charges.


The man on trial for the murder of 77 people in Norway last summer,


shocked the courtroom with grisly descriptions of his massacre on


Utoya Island. Anders Breivik claimed he deliberately dehumanised


himself in order to carry out the killings. The at mishear it caught


change to be. The country braced itself although few could have


imagined what was to come. Threw out his detachment that is what has


been most disturbing. Today he taught his killing speak as if it


was the day at work. Under normal circumstances, I am a nice person.


When he reached the island, he said, I do not want to do this, but then


he thought, this is now or never. He killed 66 -- 67 on the island


and to other people drowned trying to escape. Anders Breivik went


through a catalogue of what happened on the island. The details


where horrific. At one point, he said that people where paralysed


with fear in front of them. By putting more ammunition will Major


stood there. I then shot them in their head. Then, he tricked people


by asking if they had seen the terrorist. When they get close


enough, I'd shot the first one in their head. Many who survived the


attacks left the courtroom in shock. It's is really hard. I want to get


angry, but I just feel empty inside. I cannot explain the feeling.


way's newspapers chose not to pay the trial on the front pages today.


Some people do not want to hear from him again, others feel. For


nine more weeks, they will pick a The scandal and controversy


surrounding the mysterious death in China of the British businessman


Neil Heywood deepened today. A former senior journalist working in


the state media has told the BBC that the police in Chongqing knew


that Mr Heywood was murdered but they covered it up. He claims the


authorities panicked because of Neil Heywood's close connections to


one of China's most powerful politicians, Bo Xilai. Earlier this


month Bo Xilai's wife was detained as a suspect in Heywood's murder.


From Chongqing, here's Damian Grammaticas.


It is the question the point go away. How did Neil Heywood died


here at this hotel in a secluded villa last November? The Communist


Party and meshed in the scandal has promised the role of law will


prevail. The party has said that the 41-year-old British businessman


may have been murdered. His once powerful friend Joan Chen's chief


Bo Xilai has been sacked. The word is his wife ordered the killing or


was there when cyanide was slipped into Neil Heywood's drink. The area


is home to more than 20 million and the rule was ruthless. Bo Xilai's


signature policy was a crackdown on crime and he cracked down on Mafia


gangs and many were arrested including businessman who were


forced to hand over their wealth. This man was a billionaire and was


accused of crimes he did not commit and was tortured by henchmen. The


police took this photo of him after he secured his own freedom by


paying millions. When he fled to China he says his family were


arrested as well. I was tortured for six days and nights he says. He


is in a sum but was sentenced to 16 years in prison. There are


thousands like him. The Bo Xilai and his deputies killed people to


silence them. He deserves to die. Before Neil Heywood's deaf, Bo


Xilai's disregard for the law did not bother the Communist Party. He


was charismatic and populist and feted as a rising star. He spent


billions on popular projects in the areas such as cheap housing for the


poor and made it the fastest- growing population in China. He did


great things for the people this woman says. She supports him and


wants him reinstated. As you dig down through this story it seems


that Bo Xilai's popularity had become a threat for the other man


at the top of the Communist Party. He was building his own power voice


and the death of Neil Heywood has provided them with the opportunity


to bring him down. Will China Open not just Neil Heywood's case but


hundreds more. This is the smack -- this businessman says he is too


scared to come back until China has the rule of law and democracy. For


now it still has the role of the Communist Party. Many say they are


victims too and they wonder if they will see justice. Police in


Pakistan say there's little chance anyone could have survived after a


passenger jet crashed while trying to land in bad weather near


Islamabad. The Bhoja Air flight from Karachi was carrying 127


people. Are we to assume that everybody on


board was killed, where their injuries on the ground? We have


been receiving ambulances from the site. We have counted six in the


last 15 minutes. Unfortunately no wounded. They have all been the


remains of those who have been killed. Of 118 passengers and nine


crew were on board the plane and it came down in bad weather just


before it was due to land, just minutes before it was due to land.


Eyewitnesses say it exploded on impact but others say they thought


it was struck by lightning. Experts think it was either caught in a in


a cute down draft during a very violent storm which was over the


area at the time or it could have been struck by lightning. There are


questions about the aircraft itself. We hear it was an old aircraft. It


was a 737 that had been bought from another airline. We hear it was


flight were free but as yet there are no real details. We have seen


distressing scenes here of relatives to a waiting for


something to be able to bury now because they have been told by the


doctors that they do not expect to have any survivors. Every time one


of those ambulances come we hear Wales and cries going up from the


relatives. Thank you very much. The world's biggest prizes for


conservation, known as the Nobel Prize for the environment have been


awarded to six activists. Each Goldman Environmental Prize comes


with $150,000. And this year it has been awarded for work at the


grassroots, ranging from cleaning up Chinese industry to protecting


the Arctic from oil exploration. One of the winners is the Kenyan


activist Ikal Angelei, who is leading a campaign against the


building of a huge dam in Ethiopia that she believes threatens Kenya's


Lake Turkana. She joins us now from Washington.


First of all, congratulations. Thank you very much. Tell us, why


were you so opposed to the building of this down. Our Government did


not mention to us about the construction of the dam so the


communities that depend on the river were not aware and then later


on inquiring and talking to experts who work in the region and experts


in the field, they helped us to understand how the control of flow


or the stop of flow from the river would affect the lake and the coast


is some -- ecosystem and damage the way of life of the people.


important is this lake to the people, are we talking about


hundreds of thousands in a? Hundreds of thousands of people.


First, it is their identity. People there I able to identify with the


lake and the livelihood and their culture and access to water. In


that region especially the have problems just accessing water and


the Daily date -- in the day-to-day life of communities. People have


livestock and animals and over time that the change of climate we are


looking for other ways of lively had to support the existing people


who are suffering from the climate changes that we are experiencing.


When you began your campaign, you found yourself fighting against


many vested interests, government officials, business and so on, did


you ever think you would succeed? Did you think you would have such a


hard time? We did not have an option but to fight on. Our only


option was to believe that we would succeed. Along the way, the belief


in the success was greater. It grew. There were vested interests from


the governments and development banks but we kept believing, step-


by-step. In principle, you were not put -- opposed to development. The


idea was to build a Hydro-Electric dam which would provide much-needed


power to communities everywhere and you accept that sometimes there has


to be a trade-off between maintaining the traditions and old


lively goods in order Prew progress. We respect the need for energy, not


just in Kenya and Ethiopia and with enough -- Africa but we also


recognise we have alternatives. At what cost should we be looking for


electricity or energy. We have alternatives, we have geothermal


power, so energy, wind power. These options that governments should


look into before they look at his story ecosystems. We have seen a


humanity depending on these ecosystems for thousands of years


and we needed in the future. the Carl Angelei, congratulations


again and thank you very much for joining us live from Washington.


The guitarist, Bert Weedon, has died, he was 91. He became famous


in the 1950s for his books called, Play The Guitar In A Day. The books,


were popular with the likes of John Lennon and Pete Townshend and are


still in print today! Lizo Mzimba looks back at the life of the man


who taught the world to play the electric guitar. Good evening


ladies and gentlemen. I want to play you a tune that is 1,000 years


old. His name might well be instantly recognisable but he is


regarded as many as one of music's most influential figures. The list


of those whose early grounding in the guitar reads like a Who's Who


of music. It Brian May, Pete Townshend, this lesson was not


learned from him. Even Eric Clapton said he did not know any player who


had not learned from these books. The book first came out in 1957 and


sold millions and is still published today. It made the claim


that people could learn to play the guitar in a day. I just do not know


what it is about the guitar but to my mind it is the loveliest


instrument of all. The violin is great, the hop is great, the cello


is great and I love all those instruments but the guitar is


number one with me. The DJ Mike Read had and regular spot dedicated


to him on his Radio 1 show and he says it is hard to overestimate his


importance. He marched on through their it generations inspiring


generation after generation to play. His name came out again and again


and even children today know him. He inspired so many people. He is a


fantastic man. He will be remembered as someone who helped so


many begin a lifelong relationship with the guitar. From professionals


at the top of the industry to the thousands to his book are taught


how to he simply play for pleasure. Lizo Mzimba on Bert Weedon who has


died at the age of 91. That tends the addition of the programme but


from me and the team, goodbye and from me and the team, goodbye and


enjoy your weekend. It is a different day but the story


remains the same. April showers are set to continue across the country.


Some of those showers are heavy and slow moving. It is a similar story


on Saturday and Sunday. There is still an area of low pressure


drifting off into the North Sea with weather fronts spiralling


around the low. On Saturday we may start of dry and Keat mist and fog


across central and southern areas but showers are developing and they


will be widespread in the middle of the afternoon. They will be


particularly in northern England, in Lincolnshire and East Anglia. If


you get caught in one of the showers, the temperatures will drop


away quite suddenly. The further west you come, maybe those showers


will be fairly isolated away from the area of low pressure so much of


Cornwall and Devon, you will see a few showers but they will be


isolated. The same in west Wales. In Northern Ireland a few showers


drifting on to the north coast with brighter skies. Some of the showers


in central and southern areas of Scotland will be pretty heavy and


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