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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox. Greece swears in a


new Parliament - but only for one day - as fresh elections loom.


After 16 years on the run and countless months of legal


preparation, the trial of former Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic


is adjourned after just 48 hours. A new row over an old dispute.


Queen Sofia of Spain cancels a visit to Britain over Gibraltar.


Gibraltar is like a colony in Spain and for it's not good business to


have a colony now. Also coming up in the programme:


Handover complete - the Olympic torch is on its way to London after


the flame is passed over to the British delegation in Greece.


And the end of a voice synonymous with the disco era of the 1970s and


'80s - Donna Summer dies at the age Hello, and welcome. As the turmoil


over its economy intensifies, Greece swore in 300 Members of


Parliament today - including 21 members of Golden Dawn - one of the


most extremist nationalist parties to take seats in a European


Parliament since the Second World War. But none of those MPs will be


in power for more than 24 hours - as no party has enough votes to


form a government. Greece's political chaos coincides with


growing alarm about capital flight, with reports of hundreds of


millions of euros being withdrawn from banks. Matthew Price reports.


It is a government with little part in a country with dwindling options.


They swore in a cabinet of technocrats, whose task is to guide


priest to its second election in as many months. This is becoming too


much of a ritual and one which has cost increase time. For two years,


Greeks have been withdrawing large sums for -- from their banks, to


pay bills and also to try to ensure the money is safe if the country is


forced out of the euro. It is not to run on the banks, but some fear


that is not far off. We hear so many scenarios, this man said, we


just don't know what the truth is. I don't have any hope, another said,


things are just going to get worse. This afternoon, is seen yet EU


leaders held a conference call, among them the new French President.


There are signs that Francois Hollande is prepared to be bowled


in reshaping Europe's response to this crisis. British prime minister


David Cameron, before that call had told the eurozone to find a


solution at, and fast. Five that Europe has a effective eurozone


with an effective fireball, as system of fiscal burden sharing and


supportive Monetary Policy, for we are in uncharted territory which


carries huge risks for everybody. In New York, the President of the


European Commission address the United Nations Assembly. He called


for continued economic reform in Europe but also for renewed


investment in transport, energy. P caution those predicting the break-


up of the EU. The EU is more than just a construction, it is the


product of peace which is... It political project is what unites us


beyond momentary difficulties. in Spain today, those momentary


difficulties were increasing. The government had to pay more to


borrow money. Not helpful in a country where the banking system is


in need of massive government funding to stay afloat. Spain's


leaders believe the longer the great crisis goes on, the greater


the chance that they and others will be dragged down further. This


is a slow-moving story. No one knows where it is heading. It is


that which is so unnerving. Panagiotis Gripios is a Partner at


a Greek company, Solar Production, in Athens. He joins me now via a


webcam. How worried are you today? I am not


as worried as every creek that lives in the country, but I believe


all European people of forehead as well because this crisis is a


global phenomenon. Is it better for Greece to be in or out of the


eurozone? I believe that we should state in the European Community,


with the EU -- with the euro currency. The banks need to help


the people and they need to communicate and co-operate with


each other among the European countries. So, you are prepared to


take the austerity, but Europe needs to be more patient with


Greece? Of course. Greece has proved that it can do whatever it


needs to get better and better. However, we all need to be together


as one European team, I believe. How is this crisis affecting your


business? I do find it difficult to raise money, or to pay your


employees? It is difficult to get the funds from the banks. They do


not give as easily as they used to give money to people. We now


construct small plants for production from electricity. So


banks need to provide the necessary money, that funds, for that. But


they don't. They are very suspicious of the project, even


though this project is a renewable energy project which is the future


of the world, I believe. It does seem as if hundreds of millions,


maybe even 1 billion euros has been withdrawn from banks by a Greek


people, worried that about what might happen. Had he taken cash out


and transferred it to bounce outside Greece? No, I have not. I


believed in Greece and I want to believe that the banks will change


their attitude to people and we all need to help Greece get better. You


may as well, the British and other European countries. Thank you very


much indeed for joining us. Now a look at some of the day's


other news. Ministers in France's new Socialist government have cut


their own pay by 30%. President Hollande, whose salary is also cut,


had promised the reduction during his election campaign, saying it


was intended to set an example. At their first cabinet meeting, the


new government made its main concern to tackle the European debt


crisis. Two days after his controversial


re-election, the head of Syria's main opposition bloc, Burhan


Ghalioun, is resigning. He led the Syrian National Council by


consensus rather than being elected, since it was founded in October


last year. Ghalioun was re-elected as the main opposition group's


chief in a vote held in Rome on Tuesday.


In Georgia, three people have been arrested after a gay-rights march


in the capital Tbilisi turned violent. It was the first such


protest in Georgia and marked the International Day Against


Homophobia. But dozens of members of a conservative religious group


blocked their way and a fight broke out.


Medical experts in Britain have suggested everyone over the age of


50 be given the cholesterol- reducing drugs known as statins.


The move comes after a new study in the Medical Journal the Lancet


found they could reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by such a


margin that even healthy people would benefit.


Just two days after it started, the war crimes trial of Ratko Mladic


has been delayed indefinitely through a prosecution error. The


presiding judge made the decision after it emerged that the


prosecution had not passed some 7,000 pages of evidence to Ratko


Mladic's lawyers. The defence has asked for six months to process the


material. Mr Mladic faces 11 charges of war crimes and crimes


against humanity arising from the Bosnian conflict. This report from


the BBC's Allan Little in the Hague. Today was devoted to the most


notorious massacre of the entire war, the killings in Srebrenica in


four days in 19... They swat and will remain genocide. He listened


we ate reaction as the prosecutor said that the facts of the crime


had not been in dispute. The case would focus on his criminal


responsibility. The Srebrenica on Clive had been surrounded for three


years. By the summer of 1995, 40,000 people were crowded into the


town. Serb forces overran the wrong place on July 11th. The court saw


video of the main street. 7000 Muslim men and boys were rounded up.


In three days, 7000 were murdered by firing squad and their bodies


disposed of in mass graves. The B R S carried out then murderous orders


with incredible discipline, organisation and military


efficiency. The court heard that in January this year for the employers


submitted a plea of alibi on the Srebrenica massacres, claiming that


when the massacres took place, at the general what in Belgrade at a


wedding. The prosecutor said it was inconceivable that killing on that


scale could have taken place without his knowledge and advice he


gave authority. General Mladic sat passively, listening carefully,


listening carefully throughout. It's a tiny outcrop of rock on the


southernmost point of Spain, but the issue of who should own


Gibraltar has sparked another in a long series of diplomatic spats


between Madrid and London. Gibraltar was handed to Britain by


Spain as part of the Treaty of Utrecht almost 300 years ago, but


many Spaniards believe it should be handed back. The latest dispute has


caused Queen Sofia to cancel a visit to the UK on Friday for a


lunch celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. The BBC's Tom


Burridge reports from Madrid. It is eight years old Royal


celebration in Britain. And Queen Elizabeth will next host fellow


heads of state for lunch this Friday. But Spain's Queen has now


pulled out at the last minute over a growing row between London and


Madrid. The dispute is over a tiny slice of land on the southern tip


of Spain. Spain and Gibraltar to Britain in 1713. People here tell


you they are very British and if you are from mainland Britain, it


can seem like home. However, the Spanish government believes the


land should be handed back to Spain. That is why when British royals


planned to visit the territory, it angers Madrid. Spain's foreign


minister had publicly criticised the trip of Princess Ed -- Prince


Edward then next month. Some think the Government should have other


priorities. TRANSLATION: It is not something I get worked up about.


What is true is that in historic terms it is Spanish territory.


me it is a good idea not to go to London for the celebration because


Gibraltar is like a colony in Spain and for me it is not a good


business to have a colony now. TRANSLATION: In cities response to


a pass provocation from the British government or the royal family, in


normal times it would be the right way to react, but I think Spanish


people have something bigger to worry about witches unemployment


and the financial situation. Now a row over fishing in the waters


surrounding Gibraltar has escalated the dispute, with Queen Sofia


announcing she will not attend the lunch at winter council. It seemed


the Queen was leant on by Spain's government because it felt the trip


to London was not appropriate. The Interior Ministry says Spanish


police will escort Spanish fishermen in the water around


Gibraltar. People living in Gibraltar will welcome the royal


visit but some people here in Spain wished that they would stay away.


We can speak to Stephen Constantine, who specialises in Gibraltar at the


University of Lancaster. It is the latest in a series of disputes but


do you detect a hardening of attitude under the new government


in Spain? I think the new government also coincide with the


worsening of the situation inside Spain so it is reasonable to


suppose that the government, in that situation, is ratcheting up,


just as Franco had done in the past, the differences that Spain and


Britain have in relation to Gibraltar. We should relate the two


things very closely together. Britain says it is up to the people


of Gibraltar to decide and it seems the people of reporter are adamant


that it should remain British. Does that cut any ice in Spain, up when


you consider other islands on the I think the reference is often


raised by people from Gibraltar. They have a very specific identity.


There are many people from Britain but a considerable number of people


go back centuries. There has also been a strong relationship between


Spain, the mainland and Gibraltar. That relationship was rather more


intimate than people care to remember. There has been an


association with Gibraltar before which many of the Spanish


dignitaries had attended. The people of Gibraltar and the


Governor of Gibraltar were close to Spain but things changed


dramatically after the Second World War. 1958 was the first time that


Frankel indicated displeasure. That became obvious when the Queen


herself in 1954 it made a visit to Gibraltar as Queen of Gibraltar,


that did spark off a massive dispute between Britain and Spain.


The people of Gibraltar were caught in the middle of that. The


strangeness has always been there. Princess Anne visited end 2004 and


that caused another controversy. The King of Spain did not attend


the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. Are there issues of


Conservatives been about smuggling, cigarettes and other contraband?


There are. That has always been an issue between the people of


Gibraltar and Spain. There is a long tradition of smuggling across


the frontier. The police here themselves try to control that. The


there has been co-operation between the police forces on either side


but when the politics of this situation hot up they find that the


controls over the passage of people to and from Gibraltar and Spain


becomes more intense. At the Mall and there is a lot of searching of


the vehicles going to and from. A lot of time this is genuinely


searching for contraband. Sometimes it is just pressure. We are out of


time but I'm due for joining us. The Olympic flame is now in British


hands. It was passed to the Princess Royal, Princess Anne,


herself a former Olympic athlete, at a ceremony in Athens. The BBC's


Chris Eakin is at the Panathenaic Stadium. The Olympic flame better


get used to this. It was an damp send off from Athens. Despite that,


the London 2012 delegation insist it will not dampen the impact of


the arrival of the claim in the UK. This is an amazing moment for us,


it is blighting the touch paper of the 70 defuse that is going to


detonate with the great pyrotechnics of the opening


ceremony. As the president of the British Olympic Association the


Princess Royal has been a central figure in the preparations for the


London Games. Back in 1976, Princess Anne became the first


member of the Royal Family to compete in the Olympics in Montreal.


She is known as a fierce competitor, proud of her sporting heritage. I


presume you would have loved to have competed in a home Olympics?


would have found it very difficult I suspect to do it on my home patch.


I would take to be doing it now, it has gotten worse. Because of the


pressures? I think so, so much, for many, the pressures. I think it has


got into some of the athletes. Tomorrow, the flame starts its


journey back to the UK now in British hands. Could this be the


moment when the Olympic Games really take off? The Queen of Disco,


Donna Summer, famous for such 70's classics such as Love To Love You


Baby, has died in Florida. She was 63. She became a star just as disco


was taking off, and came to define the era with a string of hits.


David Sillito looks back at her life and her music. It was in 1977


the sound of the future. The synthesisers with Donna Summer's


voice was the birth of electronic dance music. Donna Summer had grown


up in Boston and then moved to Germany. It was there she met a


music producer experimenting with synthesisers. This song was, for


its time, more than racy. It was sexy, and fabulous to dance to.


became known as the queen of this goal. She had one of the key


records in electronic dance music. She had 29 hit singles and today


her family said she was a woman of many gifts, the greatest being her


face. Her Christian faith help her recover from the pressures of fame


during the disco era and made her uncomfortable with some of her


older songs. There was some anti- gay controversy but as the years


went on all was forgotten and she performs some of her old songs


again. She would remain the Queen of this goal. Donna Summer who has


died at the age of 63. For the first time in the United States


ethnic-minority babies make-up the majority of those born in the


country. They made up more than half of the babies born in the


first half of 2011. Birth rates are falling sharply among white


Americans who had 10% fewer babies than in 2010. That is compared to a


decline of 6% for minorities. All were all, ethnic minorities now


make up more than 36 % of the US population. We are joined by the


Corps Director of Immigration Studies at New York University. How


important a tipping point is this, do you think? It is significant in


terms of a symbolic moment pointing to a very different American future.


That is in terms of demography, ethnicity and in terms of the


immigrant origin groups that now it will very firmly constitute the


American majority, moving forward. What is white now, then? When we


read that white babies are in the minority, who are we talking about?


We are talking about the old European origin and United States.


The English, Irish, Scots, Germans. Those were really be big immigrant


groups over the last 200 years. Their descendants came to enter


this broad category that we call quite. I think we are seeing an new


America that is increasingly off quite with the New ethnicities and


immigrant origin groups constituting a larger share of the


population. You look at, for example, Hispanic birth rates and


they do seem to be rising, don't they? Yes, they do. However, half


of all Hispanics in the US consider themselves white. Also, the story


in the US is that immigrant groups, over time, their fertility rates


tend to gravitate towards those of the majority population. Hispanics


now have larger families but this is true warmly of one generation.


Moving forward, they will, like all other Americans, have similarly


declining fertility rates. Do we see that in the black American


fertility rates as well? The black American fertility rate is


relatively stable. The most fascinating story in terms of the


black American evolution is that today, here in New York City, half


of all black people are immigrant origin. Over the last two


generations twice as many blacks have come to the US as immigrants


as during the entire slavery period. Looking ahead, we are not looking


at a dominant non-white adult population yet but what do you for


a seat for 50 or 100 years down the line? We need to be careful because


there is a difference between science and science fiction.


Predicting what will happen to populations 100 years of -- 100


years from now, that is just imagination. Today's Gate shows


that in deep child and emerging adult population it is already dead


case but America will be the Orly post-industrial democracy in the


world where shortly have of the adult population will be applauded


city of languages and graces. -- plus city of languages and braces.


That is all from us here for now. Goodbye. A low. Plenty of rain


across the country tonight. There will be a killer feel in the


freshening easterly breeze. This weather front will give damp


conditions to parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern


England. To start Friday the north England. To start Friday the north


England. To start Friday the north of Scotland and England will be


bright but cloud will be thickening as we go on into the afternoon.


Still some damp conditions in the North of England in the afternoon


but further south it should be drier and brighter. Some sunshine


in the east. There will be rain moving up from the south after 4


o'clock. Cloud will break in the South West to bring brightness or


sunshine. Plenty of cloud in Wales but again hence of sunshine if you


are lucky. For Northern Ireland it is mainly dull and damp with


disappointing temperatures. The far north of Scotland will continue to


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