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This is BBC World News Today with me Lucy Hockings. A nightmare


scenario in Texas. The search for survivors continues in the United


States as daylight reveals the incredible damage caused by a huge


explosion at a fertiliser plant. Up to 15 people killed and hundreds


are injured. An emotional ceremony in Boston


remembers the victims of Monday's bombing as the President promises


to find those responsible. Also coming up: In an exclusive


interview, Israel's Prime Minister tells us that his country has a


right to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands in


Syria. It is clear that this is a serious challenge, not only to us,


if chemical weapons fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda, that is a


challenge to Britain, challenged to Europe, a challenge to the Middle


East. And no more Your Majesty. The Dutch


Crown Prince adopts a more informal approach ahead of his coronation as


A search and rescue effort is continuing in the US state of Texas


after a huge explosion at a fertiliser plant killed up to


fifteen people and injured hundreds. A local sheriff said the scene in


the small town of West resembled a war zone, with many buildings


flattened. The blast, which is believed to have been started by a


fire in the factory, produced a tremor equivalent to a small


earthquake. From Texas, Alastair Leithead reports.


The first sign a fire filmed on a mobile phone from what seemed to be


a safe distance away. This was a huge explosions. You OK? Are I


cannot hear. Let's get out of here! The blast before 8pm was felt many


miles away. Voluntary fire fighters were among the dead. Stark was


complicated the rescue operation as the extent of the damage became


clear. Fire queues a riot. -- crews. Areas were levelled by the blast.


An apartment block collapsed. was a major explosion. The windows


came in on me, the reef and the ceiling came in. I worked my way


out to try and get some more help. We lost all communication because


the power went out. The force pushed me back and there was


shrapnel flying everywhere. Many people were injured. The local


sports field is used as a staging period for treating people that


needed help. They picked up people to get them to hospital to treat


the injured. And nursing home was within the radius of the blast.


Some were trapped as the building collapsed. I saw the rest home and


people were buried under the rest home, it was calm. There Wroxham


top of them, we had to remove that. The ceilings were down. -- there


were rocks on top of them. We evacuated one of the wings as fast


as we could. The plant was in that small Texan town of West, a short


distance from Waco. The blast was felt fortified miles away. On the


edge of the town, there was a school, homes and a care home. It


is thought there were 20 tonnes of ammonia stored in the storage


facility. The damage around the area is a shocking with the


explosion tearing through homes. They had been going door-to-door


looking for survivors. There is nothing out of control there at the


moment, meaning the fire is not that of control. There is no


chemical escaping from the fertiliser plant that is held to


have control. -- that is out of control. They are doing a fantastic


job in harass circumstances. This is what is left of the fertiliser


factory come up what is smouldering behind us first caught fire and


exploded sending a fire ball across this neighbour would, destroying


homes, killing and injuring many. Investigators are now looking


through what is left of the factory trying to establish the cause of


the fire and explosion that had such a devastating impact.


And we'll be speaking to a reporter at the scene in just a few minutes.


Barack Obama has attended a memorial service for the victims of


the Boston bomb attack today. Scores were wounded in the blast


and three people died. The National Security Adviser has spoke about


CCTV footage and wanting to speak to those responsible.


It has been a week that Boston will never forget, from early morning,


the crowds gathered at the cathedral. They were waiting to see


their President. They wanted to remember the dead and wounded and


share thoughts of what happened that day. It is terrifying and


terribly sad. I personally know somebody that was hurt and is in a


critical condition. It is terrifying and it hits close to


home because you feel like it is in Harrow and backyard and Boston as


that experienced anything like this before. -- it is in our own


backyard. The President came to one of the victims and comfort those


whose lives were never be the same again. Once again, he is having to


speak for the nation in a time of mourning. You resolve is the


greatest rebuked you will ever committed this he must act. --


committed this devastating act. If you want to terrorise us, shake us


from those values that were described, the values that make us


see we are as Americans, while it should be pretty clear by now that


they picked the wrong city to do it. APPLAUSE Investigators are saying


they have a strong lead, a potential suspect. They have CCTV


footage of a man dropping a bag off at the scene of one of the


explosions. And they are analysing this, a photograph that shows a bag


next to a post box close to the finish line. This is the same scene


a seconds later, one of thousands of Leeds that the FBI has junior


sift through. Today he is an opportunity for the people of


Boston to come together to pray and reflect. It is a moment to remember


those who lost their lives and the many that suffered terrible


injuries and a chance to thank those who selflessly rushed to the


scene. Like Natalie, a paediatrician and marathon runner


who despite the dangers, dashed into treat the wounded at the


finishing line, Gabriel he wrote whose emotions today are of guilt.


-- a real hero. So much these people died because of me, and I


mean, they were there cheering for me at the finish line and they were


there to get me through, and they lost their lives and they lost


their limbs and I have such sorrow. Was it my fault? Was it because of


me? Had they not been there, they would be alive. In a country where


people often feel immune to the dangers of the outside world, the


bombings have left many people feeling less sure, at less safe, as


they struggle to make sense of the attack on the Boston Marathon.


Now a look at some of the day's other news. The head of the IMF,


Christine Lagarde, has been summoned to appear before a French


court investigating alleged abuse of office during her time as


finance minister six years ago. It concerns a case where Ms Lagarde


ordered a panel of judges to arbitrate in a dispute that ended


with a payout of more than 350 million dollars to the businessman,


Bernard Tapie. She denies any wrongdoing.


A man's been arrested in Mississippi in connection with a


letter sent to President Obama containing the deadly poison, Ricin.


The letter was discovered at a mail screening centre before it got to


the White House. The FBI says there's no indication of a


connection to Monday's attack on the Boston Marathon.


A leading campaigner for justice for the victims of the Hillsborough


football stadium disaster, has died. Anne Williams was 60 and had been


suffering from cancer. Mrs Williams fought to get the original inquest


verdicts overturned for her son Kevin and the 95 others who died in


the 1989 tragedy - a campaign which succeeded in December.


The most successful Olympic cyclist ever, Britain's Chris Hoy, says


he's retiring after 13 years at the top of the sport. Sir Chris, who's


won six Olympic golds and eleven world championships, said he'd


committed every last drop of effort and couldn't give any more.


The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the BBC that


Israel reserves the right to prevent weapons from falling into


the wrong hands in Syria. In a rare sit-down interview with the BBC's


Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet, he warned that the


flow of arms from Syria could change balance of power in Middle


East. We have Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah,


remember, Hezbollah at his firing thousands of rockets into our


cities and committed to our destruction, so is Al-Qaeda. There


are others in addition to them, inside Syria. They have the worst


radicals in the world, so we are concerned that the weapons that are


ground-breaking could change the balance of power in the Middle East


and fall into the hands of these terrorists, and we always reserve


the right to prevent that from happening. A like when in January


when Israel struck Syrian government at weapons, a convoy


heading to Hezbollah in Lebanon? am not confirming the news reports.


I am Ehud Barak confirms this, he said that when his real says


something, they mean it. I am the Prime Minister, and I will tell you


that I prefer to just stayed our policy, and that is our policy, and


it is clear that this is a serious challenge not only to us. If


chemical weapons fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda, that is a


challenge to Britain and Europe and the challenge to every Arab country


in the Middle East. Watch duty say to David Cameron, deja or urge him


not to lift the arms embargo in harming the rebels? I can ensure


that we see eye to eye with the British government on preventing


further terror and bloodshed in Syria. It is complicated because


you have got bad fighting the bad. They know you do it on to reveal a


private conversation, but teacher or urge him to be cautious?


arms in Syria, these chemical weapons, they are very, very


dangerous weapons. I what happens next? There are reports that Israel


has reached out to some rebel groups and reports you are even


harming some of them? I'm not confirming that we did. If we were


in touch, it would not make sense to talk about it, even on the BBC,


and I am not confirming that we have done that. The arming of


rebels presents a question of which rebels and which arms which is a


very complicated question for every country, including my country.


Israel planning a more aggressive military operation in Syria? We are


not aggressive, we do not seek military confrontation but we will


defend ourselves if the need arises. It would be both measured and


serious. What does that mean?It means we are measured and serious.


A have a new plan? Be constant plan to defend our country.


Lyse Doucet is here with me. What to see me when he will defend


against Syria? They mean they will have to have an interventionist


approach because it is right on their doorstep. In recent weeks


there were more incidents of gunfire, mortars landing on the


Israeli side of the border, some from the Syrian government, some


from the brambles. Israel feels threatened from the growing


strength of Islamist groups linked to Al-Qaeda. We know from his radio


officials that it was an Israeli airstrike on weapons had for


Hezbollah. He said that the terrorists had to understand that


if this happened with them, they would not hesitate to act. There


are reports that they are considering arming rebels, he was


quite careful about that. recognises and he discussed with


David Cameron that there are growing calls for the arms embargo


to be lifted and to harm the rebels. He said if we are going to do that,


it is very complicated. Which weapons and which groups? The


problem is, Syria is falling apart and in this chaos, how can you


control them. The message is, they will do everything possible because


the risks are too dangerous. worried are Israelis? They are not


as focused on what is happening in Syria, because it is far away, in


the Golan Heights. They have a Prime Minister talking about an


existential issues. There talking about Israel and the dangers that


they pose, so it has not really registered. There have been


comments by the Israeli chief of staff painting that this is the


most pressing concern. It is right on Israel's doorstep. Did you press


him on what is happening in Iran? He seemed a bit more relaxed about


that. Last September he true world attention when there was this


cartoon bomb and said its Iran across as this, if it him riches


enough uranium two rapidly acquire a bomb, that Israel would strike.


After the visit by Barack Obama last month, at the feels that they


have Israel's back and there has been unprecedented co-operation on


this issue. But the international community is clear that Iran is


arrest on a group of judges. Rather than accept the court order, the


former president swiftly returned to his heavily guarded farmhouse on the


outskirts of Islamabad. And among the throng, she left the


High Court moments after the order for his arrest. The former military


ruler managed to beat his bullet-proof car and get away. One


of his bodyguards clung to the side. There were cheers from lawyers who


called him a traitor but there was no move by police. It is a far cry


from his glory days as army chief Watson says return from exile last


month, she has been barred from running for office and looks like a


spent force. A party official told us he is a little upset but not


giving up yet. We will fight it and he is a brave man. She will prove to


people that he is not guilty. remains inside his heavily security


farmhouse. There are police raid outside the door but they are there


to protect them, not to take him into custody. There has been no


attempt by the authorities to place him under arrest. Pakistan once


all-powerful military dictator is now a wanted man. Judges might agree


that he remained there under house arrest but this is new territory for


Pakistan. The military has been untouchable, now a former army chief


is at the mercy of the courts. Let's return to our top story. The


explosion at a fertiliser plant in Texas. We are joined by our


reporter. We have seen some incredibly dramatic pictures as


daylight has come to the town of West. Can you describe the scene?


Very dramatic. Unbelievable when you look at close. Were being kept about


a mile away because investigators say it is still not safe for us to


go and and gets the kind of respect that we are seeing now. They


continue to search for people trapped in the rubble. The


explosions went off overnight in Texas and firefighters first


responded to the scene because there was a report of a fire. They were


trying to evacuate the area at this fertiliser plant and they had no


idea that minutes later there was going to be a massive explosion.


Several people are still missing right now. Authorities do not have a


death toll just yet. They believe from five to 15 people were likely


killed. More than 160 injured and taken to hospitals. There are still


a number of people missing. Homes were completely levelled in this


explosion. We saw a video of a little girl with her father. The


work recording it on their phone. -- they were to recording it. Her


father believes she likely suffered some sort of ear damage from the


magnitude of this explosion. Our investigators seeing what caused


the explosion? No they aren't. They lead


investigators on the scene are federal agents who are coming in to


see if a crime may have taken place. Right now they are treating it as a


crime scene even though they have no evidence that it was a crime. Until


they go through, they do not want to deem it as an industrial accident.


They are treating it as a crime rate they as they sift through the


evidence. We are not even 24 hours since the explosion took place and


are still smoke and fire in different areas. They are being very


cautious as they go in. Five blocks and radius around this plant. It is


going to take them quite some time to get to the bottom of it.


I can only imagine the shock that people are experiencing. Most


families must know someone affected by it. You seen the community coming


together? -- are you seeing the community coming together?


Unbelievable amount of support. President Obama set out a message


saying that his thoughts and prayers were with the community. These


people have rallied around each other. We had people who were making


fit and bringing it to help feed these people. When we spoke to some


people here on Main Street, they were very sad but they also said


that this town rallies around each other like no other town in Texas.


They believe they can help each other get through this.


The Dutch Crown Prince has set the tone for what could be a hands off


monarchy. King Willem-Alexander says that his subjects will not have to


address him as "Your Majesty". A man soon to be king but this


future monarch is proper thing a more laid-back style. In an


interview ahead of his inauguration to the Dutch throne, he said that it


begins with what will he will be called. Firstly my name is William


Alexander. I would find it strange to have to abandon that because I am


King. His mother is abdicating after more than 30 years on the throne and


there have been calls in the Netherlands for the future monarch


to strike to ceremonial duties. the lawmaking process is democratic


and constitutional, I will accept everything. I have no problems with


that. If my signature is needed, I will sign. With the new King will


come a new queen. His glamorous Argentinian born wife is the most


popular Royal in the Netherlands. Her popularity comes in spite of her


family background. When she married him, her father was not on the guest


list. That was because of his links to the military dictatorship of old


Argentina in the late 1970s. He served as an agriculture minister


and he hasn't been invited to this month's inauguration either. She is


fluent in Dutch and said becoming Queen will not change her. I will


not act differently. My background is Argentinian. I love to dance, I


love music and I will keep on doing that. I will stay the same. King


Willem-Alexander says he is ready to take on the role he has been blamed


for. An American women will make history


at the world's largest and longest-running music festival that


the BBC Proms. Marin Alsop is to be the first conductor of the "Last


night of the Proms" concert at the Royal Albert Hall.


The mass celebration of classical music that is the "Last night of the


Proms". This year, for the first time, it will be a women holding the


baktun and leading the orchestra. The American conductor Marin Alsop.


I am very proud to be the first women to conduct but I am also sad


that it is 2013 and there still can be firsts for women. I think we have


to create more opportunities for women to be seen in these types of


leadership roles. It is here at the Royal porthole in London were later


this year, Marin Alsop will take to the stage. She will once again be an


exception that proves the rule. When it comes to professional conducting,


it is a man's world. Almost all the great orchestras at led by men. Why?


There are lots of reasons why composers and conductors who are


women have been slow to come through. You can only work with what


you got. What is encouraging is that there are so many women composers


and conductors beginning to come through. She thinks that education


is partly to blame for the lack of female representation. In the


institutions, we don't have very many women who are teachers,


professors and so on. I think if that changed, it may help to inspire


women composers. Highlights include the return of Nigel Kennedy, Marin


Alsop's first last night at the Proms.


I met to look forward to. A reminder of our main news stories: Up to 15


people are thought to have died although police have so far been


unable to release exact casualties figures. A local sheriff said the


scene in West resembled a Warsaw and with many buildings flattened. The


blast is believed to have been caused by a fire in the factory.


classic mixed bag. We had thunder and lightning in some places.


Tomorrow, lighter winds it still 12 showers around. This evening and


overnight, there will be some rain around across the country. First


thing in the morning there will be some rain across the South East and


a story of sunshine and showers tomorrow. I think the showers during


the course of Freddie will be much lighter compared to what we had


through Thursday. -- through the course of Friday. 12 to 13 degrees.


It will take that chill away. One April showers around. Good sunny


spells from time to time. Across Scotland, some lovely weather across


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