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00 This is BBC World News Today. Iran gets a boost from an Arab


neighbour in the gulf, just a day after an interim deal is signed


between and world powers. The Tom of Sheikh Mohammed Bin


Rashid Al Maktoum says it underscores the need for diplomacy


with Iran and says doesn't believe they are building a nuclear bomb. We


have an exclusive interview where he says sanctions against Iran should


be lifted. Nuclear is a threat for me, if but if they are not, should


we lift it slowly and firmly. Peace at last for Jasmine Shariff, but his


legacy is still alive -- Ariel Sharon, he's buried.


France's First Lady is suffering from a severe case of the blues,


after revelations of President Hollande's affair. She may be there


for some days to come. Want to know the secret to happy


marriage, one answer is don't have children. We talk to the coauthor of


a new report of how couples can make love last.


The ruler of Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE has


made comments in an exclusive interview with the BBC, coming day


after Iran signed an interim agreement with the permanent members


of the Security Council and Germany, known as the P five plus one. The


deal which lasts six months, takes effect on the 20th of January. It


means Iran will have to implement significant constraints on its


nuclear programme and allow inspectors daily access to its


enrichment facilities. In return Tehran will receive more than $4


billion in cash from frozen assets and the relaxation of a limited


number of sanctions. The Iranian Foreign Minister spoke to the BBC


about the deal. I believe that the agreement that we reached in Geneva


is the beginning of a long and difficult road in order to address


this issue and in the process create a bit of confidence, particularly in


Iran because there is a very serious issue with the west in Iran, our


people believe our peaceful nuclear programme has been dealt with in a


totally unfounded way. That was Iran's Foreign Minister. Well one


regional voice, backing the lifting of sanctions against Iran, as we


said, is the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He


rarely gives interviews, but with Dubai hosting Expo 2020, and signs


its economy is rebounding strongly after the global financial crisis he


spoke exclusively to my colleague. Very nice to meet you, thank you


very much indeed for seeing us. Welcome to Dubai. This is Dubai as


you probably don't imagine it, but it is where it all started. Because


this is where Sheikh Mohammed was born and grew up. No electricity in


the city when I was born, only this lamp things. And no water. We then


went inside and he showed me the family album. This is also my


grandfather. And that's my grandfather.


And this is Dubai as you probably do know it. Brash, bright, big. Sheikh


Mohammed drove me himself out of the city to his desert hideaway, where


he spoke about the state of the world. Progress has been made in the


talks about giving access to Iran's nuclear facilities. Do you believe


the time is now right to lift sanctions against Iran? I think so,


to give Iran space, you know, really if Iran is our neighbour and we


don't want any problems and they don't have any problems, but if the


peace, you know, and the agreement with the Americans and the Americans


agree and lift the sanctions, everybody will benefit. With Ariel


Sharon being buried today, he looked forward to the benefits of a peace


deal between Israelis and Palestinians and what it would


bring. After the peace process we will do everything with Israel, we


will trade with them and we will welcome them and everything. But


sign the peace process. Shakespeare mum is proud of his Bedouin roots


and he loves these hunting birds. He has an eye on keeping Dubai as an


economic powerhouse, after its flirtation with danger during the


economic downturn. As we reported earlier the Iranian


Foreign Minister was speaking at a press conference in Beirut, our


correspondent was there. You actually put a question to the


Foreign Minister. He's very, very keen on the back of this interim


deal signed at the weekend to ensure those sanctions are lifted. No doubt


he would welcome strongly those comments from Sheikh Mohammed? I


think he would. In fact he has been to Dubai and he has quite a good


relationship there, knows the people in Dubai especially are just waiting


for the starting signal to go to resume trading on a big scale. They


have a huge interest. There are many Iranians living in Dubai or people


of Iranian stock, there is a huge amount of traffic normally between


Dubai and especially the offshore duty-free islands on the Iranian


side of the gulf. So I mean there is a huge interest there in having this


abnormal situation lifted. So Sheikh Mohammed was absolutely clear that


he would very much like to see it lifted and it is a kind of rather


ano mam Luis situation, where -- anomolus situation. Although the


Gulf states act as one, they have very different agendas, Dubai would


like to move very swiftly on restoring proper relations with


Iran, the Saudis and perhaps others like Qatar, who are much more


dedicated to the downfall of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, of course Iran is


very much involved with him. They have got quite a different kind of


song sheet that they are singing from. So the difference is, at the


end of the day, they kind of pull together but they have distinctly


different orientations. Precisely because of that do you suppose there


might be any fall-out for Sheikh Mohammed, given the comments are


being seized on now? I doubt it very much, I don't think we are going to


see Saudi tanks rumbling into Dubai or anything like that. I think these


things are sorted out behind closed doors. Because the nuclear agreement


seems to be well under way, it is supposed to start actual


implementation a week from now and then various tranches of money or


frozen funds will be released to Iran, amounting eventually to


billions. That process is under way. In a sense he is leading the way,


but the Saudis aren't that far behind. I suspect in the coming


weeks and months we may see a bit of a thaw between Tehran and Riyadh,


the Saudi capital. The former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel


Sharon, was finally laid to rest today, he died on Saturday after


being in a coma for eight years. Israeli and world figures paid


tribute to Mr Sharon at a memorial service. He was a towering presence


on the political stage, but derided by Arabs as much. With prayers and


tributes outside parliament, Israel and its friends said a final


farewell to Ariel Sharon, eight years to the month after a stroke


removed him from power. Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, said


Sharon would go down in history as one of Israel's greatest military


leaders, who restored a lost legacy of Jewish bravery. To Ariel Sharon's


sons and grandchildren, Joe Biden, the US Vice President said Sharon's


passing felt like a death in the family to many Americans, even


though at times he had profound differences with American leaders.


From my observations he was a complex man, but to understand him


better I think it is important that history will judge, he also lived in


complex times. In a very complex neighbourhood. The coffin was taken


away to be buried at the Sharon family farm in southern Israel.


Ariel Sharon is as controversial in death as he was in life, for many


Israelis it was his military qualities, his strength and his


capacity for ruthlessness which made him a desirable Prime Minister at


the time that he was elected. Ariel Sharon owned a house in the old city


of Jerusalem, where most residents are Palestinians. For many years he


led the drive to settle Jews in the Occupied Territories. Jewish


settlers who live here in the Muslim quarter have armed security guards.


This man, a prominent Palestinian who believes in nonviolent


resistance to Israel, said Israelis should move on from Sharon's legacy


He thought he could deal with Palestinians and Arabs and the rest


of the world only through force. What Israel needs is a different


kind of political generation. People who understand that they themselves


will not be free as Israel is from the system of apartheid and


occupation unless we the Palestinians are free. As a soldier,


Ariel Sharon ignored orders if he thought his plan was more effective.


Often it was. Many Palestinians and some human rights campaigners think


he should have been put on trial as a war criminal. But he goes to his


grave mourned by Israelis who felt safer when he was around. The


tangled love life of the French President, Francois Hollande, likely


to overshadow his press conference in Paris tomorrow. France's First


Lady, Valerie Trierweiler, is expected to stay in hospital for the


next few days. She was admitted last Friday after a magazine printed


claims that President Hollande has been having an affair with an


actress. We have more on the story. The night of the presidential


election, centre stage Mr Hollande's girlfriend, his partner of seven


years, Valerie Trierweiler. A journalist with a keen eye for


politics and one who had played such a significant role in his campaign.


And yet, she's always been kept in the background, even the kiss on the


night was an awkward one, but of late it has been all too apparent


the distance between them has been growing. On Friday, the First Lady


was admitted to hospital with a severe case of the blue, said her


staff. She's in need of rest and may be discharged later today, they


added, before deciding what to do next. It is a mark of the cultural


difference between Britain and France that even today the French


media is teetering around the issue of Mr Hollande's private life. Even


the right-wing Le Figaro talks about his big speech tomorrow and problems


in the French economy. Make no mistake it is the silence of the


Elysee Palace on these issues that overshadows the main agenda. Even


the British media think there are issues. She writes for the Paris


Match, she's described as the First Lady, and she has been office at the


Elysee Palace. The French thinking about the ambiguous role that she


has makes it of relevance. This President always has problems


asserting his authority, not helped by pictures of a crash helmeted Mr


Hollande sneaking out of a lover's apartment. Now some of the day's


other news in brief, the interim President of the Central African


Republic, gripped by sectarian violence, has declared that the


period of anarchy in the country has ended. Hundreds of deserters from


the army have been reenlisting and policemen are once again on patrol.


Real Madrid and footballer Ronaldo has won the balancer for -- Ballon


d'Or again. He saw off all the competition. This


week Egyptians will vote in a referendum on a new constitution,


the previous one, brought in under the Islamist Government a couple of


years ago was nullified. It is the first test at the poll force the


interim Government after the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood President


last July . A slick production, with a stirring beat. This army video is


drumming up support for the constitution. The military is used


to calling the tune here, and it wants a resounding yes vote. It is a


one-sided campaign. Plenty of yes posters and no sign of a no, people


have been arrested for putting them up. The veteran diplomat cheered the


committee that drafted the constitution. He said the current


chaos imposed some limitations. I must We have everything in the


constitution to preserve and promote democracy. But there are articles,


and situations that need to be dealt with, bearing in mind the security


of the state and the security of the people of the country. On the


streets a hard sell about the benefits for the people. The


authorities say they will get more rights and more freedom, but they


can still be tried in military courts. This woman has more


immediate concerns, like survival. "Shall I feed my children from the


rubbish bin? " She asks. There is plenty of heated discussion going on


here, this referendum is about more than adopting a new constitution.


When Egyptians go to vote on the document, it will be the first time


they have been to the polls since Morsi was ousted last July. For many


this vote will also be seen as a referendum on a coup. For this woman


the vote is all but irrelevant The. She recalls the revolution which


seemed like a new beginning. But now Egypt has returned to the old


handbook. Why go into a whole process of deciding on a


constitution when actually the institution of the law itself is


being eroded. The only thing that this constitution does is that it


legitimises the very powerful and unquestioned position of the army in


Egypt today. Liberals aren't the only ones unhappy with the


constitution. There are calls for a boycott by the Muslim Brotherhood


and its supporters. It is now classed as a terrorist group.


Brotherhood protests continue, and the referendum may not deliver the


stability the authorities are promising.


Britain is getting fatter. Half the British population will be obese by


2050 the figures estimate, but could be underestimating. Unless there is


a significant change in habits the number of people classed as obese


will continue to rise. Our health correspondent reports. 27 years old


and 27 stone, Katie has battled weight problems ever since she was a


child. She has tried diets and wait weight loss clubs but still


struggle, she feels it is a fight she has to do on her own. I have to


do it myself, if I don't help myself I will end up dying or have serious


health concerns. Obesity increases the risk of conditions like


diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The numbers seem to have plateaued


in recent years but millions are struggling with their weight. We are


in daily touch with clinicians around the country who aring


disastrous levels of admissions into hospitals and clinics, not just for


obesity by itself, but some of the conditions enbeginedered by obesity.


It is thought 26% of adults are thought to be obese. Previous


reports thought up to half the population could be obese, this is


an estimate. The National Obesity Forum argues that figure could be


opt minx. Today's report says unless there is concerted action from


individuals, businesses and society and Government, we will be lucky if


only half the population are obese by 2050. It goes on to add while


there are no quick fixes there are things that could be done. For two


years Gloria has been visiting her local GP surgery to help her manage


they are weight. And family doctors are well placed to provide advice


and support. We see our patients all the time arcs pregnant ladies, our


children, I think in our conversations we should be


encouraging patients to go down the healthy lifestyle. Recent figures


suggest the number of overweight and obese primary school children in


England fell for the first time in six years. Grounds for hope then.


But the UK still faces a sizeable weight problem. Let's go to


Tinseltown were the 71st Golden Globes have finished. The Best


Picture is Twelve Years A Slave, and Best Director for Gravity. We have


more on the glittering prizes from Los Angeles.


Supposing, potting and playing to the crowd. It is the first major


awards show of the year and the biggest names in the business were


out in force. It was overlooked in several categories but Twelve Years


A Slave won the night's top award. It took the film's British director


Steve McQueen by surprise. Little bit in shock! What can I say.


Firstly I would like to thank the whole of the foreign press. I would


like to thank my wife, Bianca, for finding the book, Twelve Years A


Slave, thank you darling. The space shuttle disaster film, Gravity, made


in the UK, had four nominations but it won in only one category, for


Best Director. A Mexican director. This is for the hundreds of people


that made the film possible. Because of my thick accent they ended up


doing what they thought I said not what I really said. Sandra I'm going


to give you herpes, when I really meant was to say "Sandra I'm going


to give you an ear piece". American Hustle won three awards for Best


Comedy and two of its stars Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Other


winners were Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club, and Leonardo di


Caproi, named Best Actor for The Wolf of Wall Street. Martin


Scorsese's tale of greed, strangely listed in the category for comedy. I


never would have thought I would have won for Best Actor in a Comedy.


Congratulations my fellow comedians, Christian Bale! It was a night when


no movie swept the board, and the acceptance speeches went on and on.


I just wondered can people at home hear this music or do they suddenly


think you are getting really fast because you are having a panic


attack, which I'm probably having. Most critics have thought the


standard of films is higher than ever, it means it is still all to


play for at Hollywood's most prestigious awards, the Oscar


nominations are out on Thursday. Now what is the secret to happy


marriage? According to a new study the answer, partly at least, is not


to have children. Researchers from the Open University here say those


without children have happier marriages than those who do. Nearly


5,000 people were interviewed for the study called Enduring Love. We


will give awe you a quick crash course from one of the co-authors of


the research. I know we like the glittering headlines of couples


without children being happier, it is partly true but not entirely? It


is not entirely true. Couples without children were reporting they


were happier in some ways. But in terms of relationship maintenance


that may be true, but in terms of the quality of life and the things


that they were feeling happy about more generally that isn't the case.


The group that were reporting feeling the most relationship


don'tment might be childless couples, but the ones -- don'tment


might be childless couple, but the ones reporting most happiness is


women with children. So woman who don't have children are not as happy


as those who do have children? It is interesting, what fathers were


saying is they are happy with their relationships and lives, what


mothers seem to be saying is their children were giving them something


more that was bringing them an individual sense of their worth or


satisfaction with their life and relationship more generally. It


certainly seems like for women, having a child is meaningful in a


different way. And women who have children are they happier than men


also who have children? We didn't really, looking at happiness in that


way, it wasn't a happiness and well being study, it was more about the


processes and practices of being in a relationship. We focussed more on


relationship maintenance. You said relationship maintenance was easier,


that is obvious, if you don't have children around, does it simply come


that you have more time for each other or is it that children


actually themselves by their presence create some difficulties in


a relationship? The qualitative data, because we also interviewed 50


couples as well, what was that was showing is there is definitely less


time, but it also might be that we are not very good at recognising


what couples are doing, which is helping a relationship to work. The


relationship work, if you want to call it, that couples might be


doing, might be small gestures for each other, it might be sitting and


watching a TV together. We might think of that as a passive activity.


Our couples were saying that is positive and affirming for their


relationship. It is doing something together and investing in a TV


narrative together. They have done it for 20 years watching this


programme, it is meaningful to them, the same as doing activities, it


might be that those with childr weren't reporting in the same way.


They might not be doing as many things but it doesn't mean their


quality of relationship was poorer. This was a UK study, but you have a


bit of an idea about how couples operate outside the UK too? The


survey itself was on-line, it was predominantly UK, but we had 1,000


or so people take part from outside the UK. But it might be some of the


things that are mentioned are peculiarly British, like the cup of


tea, that doesn't necessarily translate to other cultural context,


there may be something in those contexts that might be specific,


something in the context of America or different countries which, is the


symbol in the UK. When it comes to relationship management it is a


challenge for me, I have four children Jackie. There you go. Thank


you very much for taking us through your study. Now let's remind you of


the main news. The path of diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear programme


has been boosted by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of


Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, his commends


in an exclusive interview with the BBC came a day after Iran signed an


interim agreement with the permanent members of the Security Council in


Germany. That's all from the programme, next the weather. Goodbye


from me and the team. Good evening, quite a bit of


sunshine across the British Isles today, a bit more tomorrow. But


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