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This is BBC World News Today with me, Philippa Thomas.


A fast developing situation in Ukraine where the Government in


Kiev, in the West, has begun a military operation against


pro-Russian uprisings in the East. Ukrainian forces regain control of a


military airfield after clashes with separatists. Area do it operation


that has gone slower reaction from the US. -- a military operation. We


have a series of eyewitness reports from BBC correspondents on the


ground. I am coming in through the window. Protesters control this


building and now are trying to reinforce the defence of the


building. One year on from the double bombing


of the Boston Marathon the city stops to remember the worst mass


casualty attack on American soil since September 11th.


Also coming up: As Oscar Pistorius finishes giving


evidence the athlete says he was heartbroken at his girlfriend's


death. And how to pack a Tyrannosaurus rex.


The king of the dinosaurs hits the road for a journey 65 million years


in the making. Hello and welcome. The city of


Boston is marking one year since the bombing at the finish line of the


city marathon, a double blast which killed three people and injured more


than 260 more. A policeman was also shot dead during the manhunt which


followed. In the last few hours, a memorial service and concert has


taken place and as we speak, a procession is beginning at that


finish line, a procession which will end with a moment of silence. Let's


hear first from one of those who has paid tribute today, the Mayor of


Boston at the time of the bombings, Thomas Menino. The first holiday


without your daughter. The first July Fourth where the fireworks


didn't scare you. The first step on a new leg. The first sleep without a


nightmare. The first day when you believe that you're going to live


your life in a way that corresponded with your dreams. Those words so


many of us have used to describe the year of grief and recovery -


resilience, courage and strength... Those words have even greater


meaning now, because of what you have endured.


Laura Trevelyan is in Washington for us now. First, just remind us of the


enormity of what happened one year ago.


Really the most extraordinary tragic day, one which is seared into the


memory of this nation. It was a spring day, 23,000 people running


the Boston Marathon. The crowds were at the finish line, ready to


celebrate this huge achievement of all of the runners when ten seconds


apart to different bonds, in pressure cookers, exploded. Just an


extraordinary, out of no moment. Three people were killed, including


an eight-year-old boy. Also a Chinese graduate student. They were


killed in the -- and in the aftermath a police officer was


killed. 260 people were wounded, such was the impact of these bonds.


What happened was camera near the finish line caught on camera two


suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and there was


then a manhunt where the FBI released images of the two men a


couple of days after the bombing. During the manhunt, Tamerlan


Tsarnaev was shot and killed and eventually Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was


captured and they manhunt gripped Boston. There was a curfew in parts


of the city and to personalise was found underneath a keyboard 30 had


been hiding. It was practically a paramilitary operation in downtown


Boston. Helicopters, police, a manhunt which paralysed and gripped


the city. All of this happened just a year ago today.


The trial of the younger brother is still to take place.


Yes, he has pleaded not guilty to more than 30 charges. If convicted,


he could potentially face the death penalty. It has been an


extraordinary series of events leading up to that and there is a


report that Congress is considering which shows that the brothers,


originally from Kurdistan, that the Russians had actually some


information about Tamerlan Tsarnaev which they did not share with


investigators, two years before the Boston Marathon bombing, when he


came to the attention of the FBI here. They followed up with the


Russians and they give some information but not all the


information that they had on him. Questions are being asked is whether


the Russians had been more forthcoming with what they knew


about him, is it possible that investigators in this country might


have been in a position to prevent the Boston bombings. That is a


question nobody will know the answer to. They -- there is still not a


very clear water. Prosecutors say that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev scrawl a


handwritten note inside the boat. -- still not even a clear motive. Still


the prosecutors have not time the brothers to a wider extremist


movement. Tell us what will happen in 45


minutes' time, at the exact moment one year later.


There will be a moment of silence at that finish line in Boston, when the


entire city will remember the three who died at the finish line, the


force who died in the aftermath, the 260 who were injured. The mayor


summed up the mood of the city when he said on Monday those who run the


Boston Marathon will send a message to the world that we will never


yield, America will never stand down, we are Boston, Wii U on the


finish line. Thinking very much for that update.


-- we all know the finish line. Ukrainian security forces appear to


have retaliated against pro-Russian gunmen in the East of the country.


The Ukrainian president claims that an airfield has been retaken amid


reports of heavy gunfire. There have also been reports of armoured


vehicles with guns, squads of police, and more helicopters


operating in the region. The White House has described the military


operation against the militants as measured, saying Ukraine is facing


an untenable situation over the separatist uprisings. Russian media


are reporting that up to 11 people have been killed. Daniel Sandford


reports. Ukrainian fighter jets screaming


through the sky above the East of the country. There was gunfire also


at the local air field and reports of casualties as the Government


started trying to reassert its control. On one of the main roads


into the restless Donatsk region, Ukrainian troops - well-armed and on


very public display. After days in which we have seen very little sign


of the Kiev government exerting its authority in Eastern Ukraine,


suddenly the most public display of force that you could imagine. A


helicopter had just arrived to deliver ammunition. I asked one of


the soldiers what his orders were. TRANSLATION: We are cooperating with


the troops so that we can give them back up. We will not be engaging


peaceful citizens. After weeks of people questioning whether Kiev


could still demonstrate power in the East, this was a very public answer.


But less than an hour's drive South, we saw once again the extent of the


problem that confronts them. Outside the main council offices in


Sloviansk, very well-armed men, much more disciplined than we have seen


so far, appeared to be in charge. Men who looked similar to the


Russian troops we saw in Crimea. They had taken over the town's seat


of power and were asking everybody to leave. Staff coming out of the


local council told us they had been ordered to go home, leaving the


building in the hands of the men with guns. Marina, a senior civil


servant, was one of those who had had to abandon their desks.


TRANSLATION: Today we arrived at work. They allowed in three people


at a time so we could take our personal belongings. Now we are


having to work from home. Just 25 miles apart, both sides, both


heavily-armed, were in position. Both claiming to be defending the


rights of the people in Eastern Ukraine.


It's more than 24 hours since the deadline set by Ukraine's interim


government for separatist militants to leave the official buildings


they've been occupying. But most of the protestors have stayed put.


Their actions are attracting crowds of supporters, both inside and


outside these flash point buildings. One of the biggest gatherings is at


Mariupol near Donetsk. The BBC's James Reynolds and Olga Ivshina sent


us their reports from both sides of the barricades there.


These are the barricades that pro-Russian protesters have erected


here in Mariupol in Ukraine. They have done so because they have taken


over this building, have a look. This is a government building now in


the hands of pro-Russian protesters, militants. Just before


we walk in, I wanted to show you that life continues normally in this


city. There are people going about their business. Those who are


curious make their way here, past the tyres and through this field.


Come and have a look with me. They make their way towards the building


here. It has become an attraction for people. Particularly


pro-Russians. There is one man in a balaclava... And a utility belt. He


is checking his phone and does not appear to be armed. There is a


gentleman here waving an Oblast flag. Oblast? Oblast. Let's have a


look here towards the front. Hello. Hello. Here is where the protesters


are. Have a look at those men on the top. Do you see them waving flags?


They have got a selection of flags - the Donbas, the flag of Donetsk. And


this is as far as we can go. This is the entrance to the area guarded by


pro-Russian protesters. They have put sandbags up and obviously they


are trying to make sure that Ukraine itself does not take back this area


and does not take back the other buildings taken over by Russian


protesters... Pro-Russian protesters here in Eastern Ukraine.


We are in the local administration building in Mariupol. Thank you very


much. I am coming through the window from the roof. The roof is


barricaded with tyres. Protesters control this building for a few days


already and now they are trying to reinforce the defence of the


building. Most of the people we have seen are un-armed but at least one


man is armed with an automatic gun. People claim that they were forced


to siege this building because they wanted to hold a referendum and


there was no other guarantee of safety and of their demands being


fulfilled, as they say. People say they are going to stay here for


quite a while, until their demands are fulfilled. And as you can see,


they have organised some places for sleeping, eating and at the same


time, they keep barricading the building to protect themselves


against possible actions. Actions from the Government.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


? Here in the UK, commemorations have been held to mark the 25th


anniversary of the disaster at the Hillsborough football stadium. 96


Liverpool fans died when the terraces became overcrowded during


an FA Cup semifinal match. A memorial service was held at


Liverpool's Anfield ground and church bells were rung across the


city to mark the moment the game was stopped in 1989.


The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been ordered


to help the elderly for his tax fraud conviction. The Supreme Court


had initially sentenced him to prison but because of his age this


was reduced to either house arrest or community service.


Judges at the International Criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia


have rejected a move to drop some of the most serious genocide charges


against the former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic. Mr


Mladic is accused of having commanded the forces that killed


more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys in the town of Srebrenica in 1995.


Oscar Pistorius's girlfriend told him she loved him in a Valentine's


Day card on the day she died. The athlete was asked to read out Reeva


Steenkamp's message in court as his five day cross-examination came to


an end. Pistorius denies murder, saying he thought he was shooting at


an intruder. Our Africa Correspondent Andrew Harding was in


Pretoria. One final morning in the witness box


for Oscar Pistorius. Soon his fate will be back in the hands of others.


Five days of remoteness cross-examination ended with the


story is trying to explain what was going through his head as he killed


Reeva Steenkamp. I was overcome with terror and... Despair. You were not


screaming at Reeva Steenkamp because she was hiding in a toilet? No, my


lady. The story is, not shown on the court cameras, has struggled all


week with the question of who is to blame. We should blame you -- not


blame you? We should blame somebody, who should we blame? I am not sure,


my lady. The prosecution are still battling to prove that Oscar


Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp on purpose but I am told that they are


fairly confident that they have now shown that he fired at this were


intending to kill whoever was behind it. The defence then tried to limit


the damage of the past two days, asking the stories about this, the


Valentines card Reeva Steenkamp had given him that night. She says, "I


think today is a good day to tell you that... And love you." With


that, he drained the story of lift the witness box, is forensic team


taking over, seeking to show that the evidence supports his claim that


it was all a terrible accident. The U.S. Navy has told the BBC that


under water drawn has found no sign of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370


during its first mission deep in the Indian Ocean. -- drone. It was able


to gather several hours worth of data that has revealed no trace of


the missing aircraft. A hunt that once spanned almost 7.5 million


square kilometres. It now centres on those five metre long unmanned


submarine. It has begun mapping the sea bed, looking for tell-tale lumps


of wreckage. It is diving down, roughly where the search team heard


this noise. It is the metronomic signal from the bottom of the ocean


which experts are convinced comes from one of the airline's black-box


locator beacons. The submarine only saunters along at walking pace,


disappearing for 70 hours at a time. It can plunge to 4.5 kilometres but


the ocean around here is even deeper. They may need machines that


can dive even further. This -- these remotely controlled vehicles on the


end of cable can scan the sea bed, take photographs and pick up debris


with their pincers. But it is the black boxes which are the big


prize. For larger pieces of wreckage, they will need larger


crane ships with substantial cables. This is the chilling moment


that they used similar kit to grab the black box from a French airliner


which crashed into the Atlantic four years ago. One black-box record


sounds from the cockpit. It only keeps the final two hours of any


thing, so it may not yield clues. The other records technical data. It


should tell investigators if there was a mechanical problem. .


It's 65 million years old, it weighs around seven tonnes and it's coming


to the end of a four-day road trip across the USA. The most complete


T-Rex fossil discovered so far arrives in Washington later. Jane


Orion reports. In a basement at the Museum of the


Rockies, one of the most delicate packing jobs is underway. This is


the pubis, this large bone here, part of the pelvis of 80 wrecks. 16


boxes filled with dinosaur bones. The remains of the Wankel T. Rex,


bound for a museum in Washington. This sort of thing does not come


around very often. It is a moment to be packing up a Tyrannosaurus Rex


and then ship it around the country and put it on display. Most museums


get one shot at that. It is named after a woman, a branch of the found


the bones in 1988. We could tell, when it was fully exposed, it was


one of the most fully complete skeletons. It is an example of a


complete tyrannosaurus forearm and it is one of the most documented in


the world. But the signs of discovery can be basic. At the end


of the day, I'm usually walking a wrong -- walking along with a


pickaxe, there's -- that is my tool. Montana is dinosaur country because


of its geology. But how do scientists know they have found a


fossil? Just put your tongue on it. It sticks! Try your tongue on the


rock. It doesn't stick on the rock. You can tell dinosaur bone from rock


by putting your tongue on it. Many dinosaur bones have left Montana,


but few have been packed with such care. It has taken the best part of


a week to get to this stage. Hundreds of TREC 's bones, some of


them tiny fragments, individually wrapped for shipping. The question


is how to get them to washing -- to Washington. The bones are being


transported in a huge climate controlled a truck. It has security


systems and the journey is under satellite surveillance. Knowing that


that skeleton is packed well, is on that beautiful truck, on its way to


Washington. I can't wait to be at the other end. This bronze cast of


the skeleton gives an idea of how it will look. The first time in 66


million years that the nation's TREC 's will stand on its own two feet.


An exhibition that is being billed as one of the biggest art shows in


years. When ill health stopped the French


artist Henri Matisse from painting he began to cut out paper shapes to


create stunning collages. Around 130 of his stunning cut-outs are going


on display at Tate Modern later this week in an exhibition being billed


as one of the biggest art shows in years. David Sillito has been to see


them. This is the great master, when he


was fearing death. He lacked the ability to paint but he began


cutting out paper shapes. It was the beginning of this, a new art form,


an explosion of creativity from a man in his 80s, bed bound in his


studio. This is his own personal garden. And this is where it began,


on the walls of his studio. Some people thought it was all over? He


definitely proved them wrong. He was an incredible man through to the


very end was a great painter. This shows it. They are such famous


images, these. When you see them in books, they look so perfect. This


allows you to look close up and see jagged edges, a reminder of how he


worked, with shears, cutting the pig out, working quickly. The idea of


feeding an enormous pair of scissors and slicing people -- pieces paper,


that was a revolutionary thing and people could not take it seriously.


They thought he had lost it. How wrong they were. We can now see the


full force of his late flowering. An Indian summer, a celebration of


life. Images of a different nature now.


And finally, sky watchers in the Americas, the Caribbean, and


Australia have witnessed a rare celestial show. The Moon appeared to


change colour, first to orange and then to blood red, in a total lunar


eclipse. The so-called blood Moon happens when the Earth's shadow


passes over the Moon. And it'll be repeated three times this year and


next. Let's take a look at some of the striking images of the blood


Moon. Those images of the blood Moon. We


will take you back now to look at pictures of what is happening in the


city of Boston, a year since that double bombing. The finish line of


the Boston Marathon. Watching these images for us, Laura Trevelyan. You


covered the aftermath of the blasts? Yes, and this is a very emotional


moment. You can see the people gathering at the finish line of the


Boston Marathon. In about 19 minutes' time, there will be a


moment of silence to remember that moment exactly a year ago when two


home-made bombs in pressure cookers exploded at the finish line of that


Marathon, killing three people and injuring 260. Leading to this


dramatic manhunt which shut down sections of Boston and ended up with


two brothers who, one was killed after a shoot out, and a police


officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was killed.


Prosecutors said it was by the brothers who wanted to steal his


garden. The other brother -- wanted to steal his gun. The other brother


was found hiding in a boat in downtown Boston in a backyard. This


story gripped and horrified Boston. You can see an official delegation


coming to the finish line. There will be a musical performance of God


bless America followed by a moment of silence. This is a day when


Boston is remembering a tragedy which shook the city. One of the


survivors of that day, a dancer, who lost her lower left leg, has been


talking about that experience. She says that this survivors' club is


not one she ever wanted to be part of. But on Monday, the Boston


Marathon will be run. 36,000 will be running it. 9000 more than last


year. Joe Biden said that they will be sending a message to the world.


We are Boston, we are America, America will not stand down, we own


the finish line. Laura Trevelyan, thank you. You were


looking at pictures coming from Boston, one year from the double


bomb blast which hit the annual Boston Marathon at the finish line.


They queue for being with us on world -- on World News Tonight.


Hello. We have had another day of largely clear skies. Long spells of


spring sunshine. It reached 70 degrees in some places. More of the


same to come on


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