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This is BBC World News Today with me, Philippa Thomas.


Nicolas Sarkozy lashes out at the decision to place him


under formal investigation for influence-peddling.


The former French president says parts of the judiciary are


Mr Sarkozy - who is keen to run for president again - is giving his


side of the story after appearing in a Paris court over allegations


Clashes in East Jerusalem after a Palestinian teenager is


killed - in revenge, some say - for the murder of three Israeli youths.


Say His mother speaks to the BBC. They told me someone was kidnapped


on the way to the mosque. I telephoned his phone. It was


switched off. Iraq's prime minister,


Mouri al-Maliki, warns that the declaration


of an Islamic state by militants We'll be speaking to Iraq's


Ambassador to the United States. And the dream of winning a second


Wimbledon is over for Andy Murray. The defending champion crashes


out in the quarterfinals. The former French President Nicolas


Sarkozy is fighting back - the day after he was questioned


for fifteen hours by police, and placed under formal investigation


over alleged influence peddling. It's the first time a former head


of state has been held in custody, and it's a big setback for a man


eager to run again for president. Here's what Mr Sarkozy has been


saying in his interview with He says that 'part


of the judiciary is being used for political ends', echoing


his supporters' claims that he is And the former President insists


that he 'never did anything that was against the principles of the


French Republic', From Paris, Hugh Schofield reports on Mr Sarkozy's


legal predicament tonight. A grim faced and exhausted Nicolas


Sarkozy, at two in the morning after He has been placed under formal


investigation, criminal charges of influence-peddling and


corruption are looming ever closer. The former president spent


the morning at his Paris home He had been preparing a political


comeback later this year, but those Everything we know about


Nicolas Sarkozy suggests he will not He has fought off criminal


proceedings before and he is no doubt determined to do it again,


especially as from his point of view, it is all part of a deliberate


ploy by politically motivated elements in the judiciary to derail


his presidential ambitions. Ever since he left office in 2012,


Nicolas Sarkozy has been dogged by a series of investigations,


centring on how he raised money Supporters have said all along


it is a campaign of harassment. Every time Nicolas Sarkozy makes


a public appearance, every time we talk about his return to politics or


give him a chance to speak publicly, As if someone wanted to prevent


his comeback. Speaking today,


Prime Minister Manuel Valls says talk of a left-wing plot


against Sarkozy was ridiculous. I am not going to discuss


a possible political plot. Judges carry out


their work independently Nicolas Sarkozy is no


stranger to struggle. He thrives as the outsider


from the establishment, But this latest blow will test him


severely. If he is to make his comeback,


he must prepare for a long Hundreds of Palestinians have


clashed with Israeli police in east Jerusalem after a Palestinian


teenager was found dead in a forest. It's thought the 17-year-old was


kidnapped earlier today and murdered in revenge for the deaths last month


of three Israeli teenagers. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin


Netanyahu called the Palestinian Christian Fraser reports from


East Jerusalem. Where Israeli police recovered this


morning the remains of a body, a young man who had been beaten


and set alight. He was Mohammed Abu Khudair,


the 17-year-old Palestinian schoolboy that neighbours say was


kidnapped by Israeli settlers. His home is in East Jerusalem


and it now marks a makeshift front line in the running battles with


Israeli soldiers. Inside the house,


the grieving relatives. Among them Mohammed's mother who


had the grim task of identifying They told me someone was kidnapped


on the way to the mosque. The confrontations with soldiers are


treated as an everyday occurrence Young men risking lives, throwing


stones in the direction of snipers. All of these guys are relatives


and they are boiling. The patience wears thin


on all sides. Suddenly,


the house becomes the focus Flash bangs,


rubber bullets and pandemonium. This is the cycle of violence,


that eye for an eye mentality that in this region


can quickly spiral out of control. The Palestinian anger is underpinned


by the feeling on their side that It is incumbent on the Israeli


authorities that they condemn and pursue the perpetrator


of this crime as they would had it Of course, earlier


in the week it was an Israeli child, three of them, abducted


and murdered, say Israel, by Hamas. This cabinet minister told me


he considers today's murder It shames our country, he said,


and if it is proven to be Israelis responsible,


I consider it a terrorist attack. Tonight, there is rising tension in


the West Bank, in East Jerusalem and The Middle East's longest


conflict is simmering again. Iraq's prime minister,


Nouri al-Maliki, has warned that the declaration of an Islamic state


by a Sunni militant group poses Members of ISIS are still


on the offensive, after declaring that they are forming an Islamic


state across Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, military analysts here in


London have told the BBC that Iran has supplied Iraq with jets to help


it push back the Islamist threat. Lukman Faily is the Iraqi ambassador


to the United States Welcome to the show. What does the


Iraqi government need militarily and it's getting it from the USA? We are


getting a lot of support from the United States in relation to some of


the logistics. However, remain game changer had been in relation to


drones and we want to work to defeat this terrorist organisation. Are


drones being used, American drones, to hit jihadi targets? At this


moment, no. They are for data collection. There is cooperation


going on in trying to understand the scale of the operation. We have been


working strongly with the United States. We have said thank you for


all of the help, we appreciate it but we require more to deal with the


urgency and to drastically change the situation on the ground. What


more do you need? Primarily a supremacy, for example the cat


intelligence and understanding the targets. We are concerned ourselves


but we think there are enough targets which the United States can


influence and significantly change the situation on the ground. To the


benefit of the democratically elected government. You have said in


the last few days that what we see now is the aftermath of the slow


response to the situation in Iraq. Are you partly blaming the United


States for not helping you earlier? No. We are not blaming the United


States. This situation has been going on for some time in Syria.


Syria is a complicated geopolitical problem to the region. And globally.


What we are seeing is that the United States can help us to


significantly change the situation on the ground and we have a strategy


with the United States and with no one else. They are our strategic


partner of choice. But if they do not give you enough of what you


think you need to defeat ISIS? Where might Iraq turn? We have not shied


away from stating that we have a threat to the integrity of Iraq


which means we as an elected government are obliged to seek


support from whomever is available on the ground to help us to defeat


these terrorist organisations. Everyday patted by, it will


strengthen their narrative in the region and we want to eliminate that


narrative. So that might mean turning to President Assad for more


help? No. Syria have conducted their own straight. We certainly do not


want to have close collaboration but we both have a common enemy in ISIS.


We need to remove the tumour and we need to work closely with the


international community including the United States. United States,


John Kerry said he wants to see President Malachy moving towards


unity government. What do you say about those conditions that are


being set? -- President Maliki. We have had extensive discussions with


the White House. We are always having these discussions. We support


the United States' position. We are asking for a quick formation of the


government to reflect that what we have in Iraq is not an internal


issue. We have a terrorist organisation invading and therefore


the quick formation of a government will help. The United States are


supporting that call and we are working strongly together in that


objective. You have said this is a war of survival. You must fear that


your state, the Iraqi state, is falling apart. We have been seeing


that this is the largest threat Iraq has faced since its foundation. We


are seeing that this is a threat to Iraq and the region. And eventually


globally because of the geopolitical importance and the wealth of Iraq in


changing the energy sector. The stakes are very high. Thank you very


much for your time. A teenager,


believed to be one of three men from south Wales who've become


jihadists in Syria, has told the BBC The 17 year old left Britain


in February to join his older brother in Syria; he says


he has no plans to return home. A quiet, shy teenager,


just a few months ago, Aseel Muthana was living in Cardiff


and studying for his A-levels. We have people


from all over the world here. His brother Nasser left home


for Syria in November. This video shows him appealing


for others to join him. His brother did so in February, now


a man we believe is Aseel Muthana "I never planned to return to the


UK." He defends ISIS?s killing


of others saying if the state uses Abdul is a close friend of Aseel's


family. He cannot believe the casual way


that he talks about killing people. Well, I was a bit shocked that Aseel


as a 17-year-old, saying the way that we execute and


removing heads from bodies, we are He talks about seeing dead bodies,


is that the teenager that you know? An 18-year-old man has been arrested


as police investigate links to Aseel,


and the other Cardiff jihadis. What many people here


in Cardiff are still struggling to understand is exactly how these


young men came to be radicalised? Could more have been done to stop


them The Advisory Board of Mosques today


called for tighter checks on who was Some feel those controls have


been missing in Cardiff. Maybe we need to be


a bit more careful Either it be in our place


of worship or an event we organise. Are we checking who we are


allowing into our mosques? That needs to be done


by the community. The police cannot do that for us,


we need to do that as a community. The police have been trying to track


radical groups in Cardiff for years. The Home Secretary suggested greater


surveillance powers may follow. But officers say they simply


cannot keep hold of everyone. 50 years ago today,


after an epic political battle, President Lyndon Johnson passed


the Civil Rights Act into law. It faced huge opposition


from politicians determined to maintain segregation in the Southern


states of America, and from groups like the Ku Klux Klan who took to


the streets that summer. Half a century on,


the group still has the ability to make its presence felt, as Aleem


Maqbool reports from Arkansas. The Ku Klux Klan is alive


and well in America today. They may still be a around,


but KKK rallies That is not to say they are not


still dangerous We hate the Jews, and


if you support them and sympathise Of late, white supremacists have


shown that they can still terrorise. What happened to this


family is proof of that. She turned up at a horrifying scene


outside a local Jewish centre. I said, that is my son


and my father lying there are dead. When I looked at the doors,


there were bullet holes. And it hit me.


They had been shot. Both her father


and her son were killed that day. They weren't Jewish


but were attending There is no doubt


the gunman was motivated by hate. Police say a man with


at least one shot gun... At his arrest, Fraser Glenn Miller


screamed Nazi slogans. He had never hidden his views


before and at one point he had been a so-called


Drand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan. One God, one race, one nation, so


help us God Almighty, white power! The police say until the shooting,


he had not done anything to warrant arrest


and had a right to express himself. There are thought to be over 650


different white supremacist To some extent, civil liberties


groups protect their right to exist. As you drive into the town


of Harrison in Arkansas, this is the huge sign that you see


by the roadside put up But the sheriff says there is


nothing he can do about it because of the rights to freedom


of speech and expression. In the town, I met one


of the men really helping to shape He told me those of us who weren't


white were little more than animals. And I asked him


about the recent anti-Semitic attack Even though I teach that ultimately,


the people that we call Jews today are the terrorist that will be taken


out, it is the angels' job, I see them to be


as adverse threats of our race, Those views are exactly what


the shooter talked about. That is because it is true


and the people realise it. In America, inciting racial


hatred is not a crime. In fact,


the KKK is offered protection by the law, but however low the numbers


these days, angry rhetoric turning to violence is a problem this


country still has the deal with. Colombia have been one of the bright


sparks of this World Cup, with a quarter final match against the


host nation coming up on Friday. But the euphoria of their current


success is also tinged with sadness, Fans have been paying tribute to


the defender Andres Escobar, who was shot dead on this day 20


years ago after scoring Latin American football expert


Tim Vickery explains what happened. So many guns in Colombian society


at that time, so many murders. At that time, the murder


statistics were extraordinary. He got into a row with some people


who may be bodyguards linked to the drugs trade, but I don't think


there's any great conspiracy theory. It was just


a row that ended up with a gun being Initially, it was very,


very hard for Colombia to deal with It was called by some citizens,


the crazy country. The absolute banality of violence


of which Escobar was yet another statistic, but this time, appearing


in front of the whole world. So,


it was Colombia's very dirty linen Escobar is still represented


in this squad here. Faryd Mondragon,


the Colombian reserve goalkeeper, he came on for the last few minutes


of the group game against Japan. He is now


the oldest player ever to play So, Mondrogon is here, not only


as reserve goalkeeper, but also as a link between this generation


and that fabulous generation with a So in one form or another,


Andres Escobar is represented here in Brazil as Colombia reach


the quarter finals for Thomas Sparrow is BBC Mundo's


correspondent in Washington, he is from Colombia


and is a huge football fan. You remember this happening, what


did it feel like them to be in Columbia? I was only young at the


time, I was ten, but I can clearly remember the shock, the sense of


hopelessness that was felt among Columbians when they heard that one


of their biggest heroes had been killed. I remember reading in the


newspaper about how many journalists said they felt ashamed for the first


time in their lives by the fact that they were Colombian. It was the


shame, the sense of deep, deep sadness. It was shame that Escobar


had been killed. So now, as we watch teams progress in the World Cup, how


much extra hangs on this game, this team? It is an interesting


coincidence that Colombia is marking these milestones, the anniversary of


the death of Escobar, and then the first quarterfinal appearance ever,


and the first one reminds us of the worst days of the Colombian


violence, and the second one, the match this week, that reminds us of


the extent to which Colombia is feeling proud and feeling hopeful of


a country that it is still violent and has many problems, but


nevertheless, things can be different. This is a time when


people are talking about a peace process? Yes, and obviously, the


violence in the 1990s, this is part of all that, and Colombia is trying


to learn from that experience to not forget what happened in those days,


but to show that Colombia is a new country, to a certain extent, a


different country. Can Colombia beat Brazil? Colombia is extremely


hopeful that they can keep being a surprise in this World Cup. Colombia


is paralysed by football now, it is basically the only thing the


Columbians are talking about, and I cannot start to imagine how they


will feel if Colombia managed to achieve what many people think is


impossible and that is to eliminate the host nation of the World Cup.


We'll finish on tennis, with Andy Murray who's finished


at the tennis, at the Wimbledon championship, that is.


Last year he was Wimbledon's golden boy, the first British singles


Today his fortunes have turned around dramatically.


Let's go over to our Sports reporter John Watson.


He lost to Grigor Dimitrov, a man seeded a lot higher than him. The


defending champion admitted that he worked a bit harder on court, tried


a little harder to get Grigor Dimitrov to make some more mistakes.


We have seen two huge upsets in the last two days, the first was Rafael


Nadal going out to a player ranked 144 in the world, the young


Australian, and today, Grigor Dimitrov knocking at Andy Murray.


The younger players are looking to be coming through. Andy Murray will


return to the hard court in the United States, looking to return to


action as soon as possible, but it is a huge upset as far as Andy


Murray is concerned. Novak Djokovic, he was in action today, he would


move to the semifinals, it was quite a tough match for him over Marin


Cilic, but we will not see the top four seed competing in the


semifinals, Novak Djokovic is through, Roger Federer is through,


the seven times Wimbledon champion, he remains on course for a record


eighth Wimbledon final. We will see who will make up the final spot in


the semifinals, the 19-year-old from Australia, he is up against Milos


Raonic at the moment, there into their fourth set, it depends on who


goes through from that match. Tell us about Andy Murray?s diagnosis of


his own performance, he had to go in front of the cameras immediately and


explain himself. Yes, it is always very difficult coming off to face


the cameras immediately, but he was very honest in his assessment of how


he played. He wished that he had worked a bit harder in forcing


Grigor Dimitrov to make some mistakes. The nature of the defeat,


it was almost as if nobody would really expect him to go out in


straight sets as he did, and perhaps he could have pushed harder against


Grigor Dimitrov, but as it is, Andy Murray will have to think long and


hard about his performance here at Wimbledon. We had lots of home


support, but it is difficult to try and retain your title. Out of


21st-time winners, only four have gone on to defend their title the


following year. That would show how hard it would be on Andy Murray, but


with that home environment and playing Grigor Dimitrov, Grigor


Dimitrov has made it this far in a Grand Slam, so a big disappointment


for Andy Murray. Don't forget you can keep


across all the latest action There you'll find all


the match stats and analysis on the quarter final matches,


including Andy Murray's shock exit. A reminder of the top story, Nicolas


Sarkozy?s television interview after being arrested by police.


Good evening, tomorrow, a change on the way, for many of us, cloudy, but


bright and also an increasing breeze across the Atlantic, so fresh. In


the next few days, ferries weather fronts coming in this direction, so


that will


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