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Chelsea's most successful manager -- is sacked AGAIN after a disastrous


start to the football season - just 7 months after he led them


The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde,


is to face trial in France over a multi-million euro payout


to a businessman when she was Finance Minister.


First he was the Special One, then he was the Happy One -


Jose Mourhino has been sacked as manager of Chelsea Football Club


We don't know whether the club's owner Roman Abramovich has


a successor in mind - but officially the search is now on.


Chelsea are currently struggling at sixteenth in the Premier League


table, one point above the relegation places


Let's take a look at the statement Chelsea released about his exit.


It confirms that "Chelsea Football Club and Jose Mourinho have today


And goes on to add: "Both Jose and the board agreed results have


not been good enough this season, and believe it is in the best


interests of both parties to go our separate ways.


The club also pay tribute to him saying: "Jose leaves us on good


terms and will always remain a much-loved,


respected and significant figure at Chelsea.".


In a moment we'll hear the view from Stamford Bridge,


but first our correspondent Andy Swiss has more on the special


It is surely one of football's most dramatic down falls, a few months


ago, Jose Mourinho, celebrating a Premier League title, the is the


Special One, seemed unsackable. But this season, the success turned


sour. Calamities, and now the defeat of the Chelsea rein. Defeat, the


final straw, with Jose Mourinho saying he felt betrayed by his own


team. I have to look at some players, for


one more time, in the eyes, to see if they feel Chelsea the same way


that I do. If they feel our job the same way that I do. If they feel


Chelsea the way that I do, and if they feel being a football


professional the same way I do, for sure, some of them they have to


react in a different way. Jose Mourinho's problems began in the


first match of the season. His outburst at Evo Caneiro, sparking


headlines and ultimately legal action. On the pitch things proved


as turbulent. Chelsea's worst ever Premier League start, prompting


frustration at Jose Mourinho, arguing with the officials. He was


banned from the stadium. As the defeats mounted, Jose Mourinho was a


man struggling for answers. One reason to be easy to fix, it is


not one reason it is a combination of factors.


Now the time for explaining has gone. Over two spells, Jose Mourinho


turned Roman Abramovich's billions into success for Chelsea but now the


rein of one of football's most charismatic and contention figures


is finally over. I asked Joe Wilson what was the


reaction to the announcement among the Chelsea fans and followers.


It is an interesting question. I think as soon as many of us in the


media heard Jose Mourinho almost turn on the players after the defeat


on Monday night against Leicester stir, we assumed that this was


inevitable. We began to wonder why Roman Abramovich was taking his time


when he has such a record of hiring and firing some of the world's most


famous managers at Chelsea. That, embodies their identity with regards


to Jose Mourinho. And talking to people around the ground earlier,


there was not universal approval for the decision to sack Jose Mourinho.


Let's hear from them now. He has been here too long. At the end of


the day he has been a good manager, he has done well, his time is up.


Everyone has their time, that is his time. I think that they have treated


him badly. The players have a lot to do with it, they should be ashamed


of themselves. Shocked. I never saw it coming. If the business managers


give him backing, you would expect it to stay that way. In the normal


weekly conference that the manager would speak out has been cancelled.


That suggests that Chelsea don't have anyone right now to replace


him. Obviously there is money from Roman


Abramovich but this is a club struggling at the bottom of the


Premier League. They are still in the European Champions League. They


will have the knock-out game in February. But I think that the fans


would be yearning for a long-term strategy, some kind of planning and


the manager to put it into effect. Pepe Guardiola would be ideal but


the problem with that is that every big club in Europe wants him now.


Joining us now is Martin Lipton, sports journalist at The Sun.


Is this good news? Well, to lose this man, he has been outstanding.


But this has not been working. There were a series of errors made on and


off the pitch by Jose Mourinho at the club ever since the end of last


season. His working relationship with the squad had become utterly


broken to a degree it could not be repaired.


So, I wanted to ask you who you think is the likely replacement,


looking at what you have been writing, Martin, the name Pepe


Guardiola comes up? There is no doubt, what soever if Roman Catholic


roam to have his choice, Pepe Guardiola would be the next manager


of Chelsea but he does not want to go to Chelsea.


They are not going to get him. So where do they go? I suspect day


aguow Sivilioni. I suspect an imminent appointment as early as


tomorrow, I suspect it could be Guus Hiddink, he took over from call ary


in 2009 and took Chelsea to the FA Cup final, with a victory there and


the Champions League semi-final. What about Jose Mourinho himself?


Presumably he is now waiting for job offers? And they will come. Do not


worry. Real Madrid are looking for a new manager at the end of the


season. Rafael Benitez will not last. PSG, they need a new manager.


Manchester United may decide to get rid of Luis van Gaal. Jose Mourinho


is an observe candidate. Manchester City, were they not to get Guardiola


perhaps may go there. And other clubs, don't worry, he will not be


short of offers. Thank you very much.


The reaction to this story on social media has been quite big -


as you can imagine - Mourinho is trending worldwide


on twitter and some players have commenting as well.


Former Portraguese international player Luis Figo has tweeted


"All the best to my good friend Jose Mourinho,


And Finally, Jan Aage Fjortoft - who is a former Middlesbrough


You might remember the name Martin Shkreli from a few months ago


- he's the young pharmaceutical entrepreneur who sparked outrage


by ordering steep hikes in prescription drug prices,


including one life-saving treatment that went up


Here he is at the time justifying the decision which made him


We are simply charging the right price that the markets have missed


and we are doing something good with the profits, putting them in the


patient's hands. Well now the the 32-year old has


been arrested on charges which don't related to that drug


or the current company he runs, but to two businesses


he was previously involved in. An FBI federal investigation claims


that he was involved in a multi-million


dollar fraud operation. From Washington Jane Obrien told


more about the allegations. Shkreli ran his companies like a


Ponzi scheme. Where he used the subsequent companies to pay off


other companies. So looking to my right and to the left he started out


with a hedge fund in 2009 called MSM B Capital. He took in $3 million


from investors, based on lies, about his prior performance, about his


portfolios, and management funds. We were told about the background to


the case. This morning, Shkreli was wearing a


hoodie. Concealing the person as he himself described as the world's


most eligible batch lower. Now he faces trial.


That drug that leapt 5,000%, did it come down? There was global outrage


about that? There was. Even the presidential candidates for the 2013


election campaign started to talk about it, to say that there should


abcap on pharmaceutical companies doing this sort of thing. Shkreli


said that the price would be brought down but it was not a couple of


weeks ago, it was announced that they would reduce the charge to


hospitals. But patients could still end up when they leave hospital


paying the full price and if they don't insurance companies have to


foot the bill. So the company itself is still being looked into and


someone else is paying the price for the drugs.


A French court has ordered Christine Lagarde, the head


of the International Monetary Fund, to face trial over her role


in a pay-out of some 434 million dollars to businessman Bernard


She was France's finance minister when the big pay-out was ordered --


as compensation for the sale of a firm which he believed had been


We can get more from our correspondent in Paris. Hugh, tell


us more about what has been her role here? Right it is a complicated


story that goes back to the early 1990s, when Bernard Tapi, a famous


business person sold Adidas, the sports company. He thought he was


defrauded in the sale. It was sold to the bank. So the liabilities


ended up being the state's. He took the state to court over many, many


years. Then in 2007, 2008 when Christine Lagarde was the Finance


Minister, she decided Christine Lagarde was the Finance


enough, to put it to arbitration. To put it to private arbitration and


this would be a neutral way of settling the dispute. But the


problem was that the arbitrators ended up with a generous settlement


to Mr Tapi. 400 million euros, there was suspicions that all was not


right. Christine Lagarde is not acuesed of being party to a


stitch-up but she is accused of negligence. That the allegations is


that she should as the Finance Minister have been more diligent in


monitoring this and when the pay-out was so big in reviewing it and


appealing against it. She did not. She says she wanted the whole thing


over and it saved the state money in the long run by doing so. But it has


dogged her. And now, after the last few years, the court, the special


which tries former mshs so she may have to stand trial.


In short it certainly is. I don't foresee this as rocking her


presidency vote. She does have the possibility of running for a second


term from when this ends next year. And this trial if it comes to pass,


as she will appeal against the fact of having a trial would complicate


that second term. France and Germany have


thrown their weight behind proposals for a European border guard force


with powers to intervene in EU member states struggling


to regulate migration. At an end-of-year summit


in Brussels, the German chancellor Angela Merkel said she strongly


supported the plan by The French President,


Francois Hollande, said he agreed The measure would primarily affect


Greece and Italy, the point An EU report said Turkey had


made little progress In a further sign of


thawing US-Cuba relations, the American State Department says


that an agreement has been reached to open up commercial aviation


between the two countries. Officials say that the deal calls


for 110 round trips to the island The news comes a year after plans


to restore relations Speaking on the anniversary,


President Obama said that the U.S. Still has differences with Cuba,


including on human rights, But he said that change


doesn't happen overnight. A temporary ban on the Facebook


WhatsApp messaging service in Brazil A court in Sao Paulo overturned


a judge's decision to suspend it for forty-eight hours


across the country, Almost all cancers are caused


by environmental factors and lifestyle choices -


like smoking and drinking too much alcohol - that's according


to the latest research But the new study is at odds


with a report earlier this year which indicated that most cancers


were down to bad luck and the result Our medical correspondent


Fergus Walsh reports. There are choices we can all make to


cut our risk of cancer. Most importantly not smoking. Having a


balanced diet, and not getting obese, and protecting our skin from


sun damage. But what proportion of cancers are really down to


lifestyle, or just random chance events? The biggest cancer killer of


women in the UK is lung cancer. Victoria Hurd lost her mum to the


disease last year. As with most cases she had been a committed


smoker. It's the second Christmas without my


mum. It is devastating to know that my little boy will not really


remember my mum when he grows up. When I look at young women smoking,


I think that they are absolutely crazy, they will pay the price 30


years down the line. They possibly could get lung cancer.


Every family in the UK has been touched by cancer. There are 2. 5


million people in the UK, living with a cancer diagnosis. When it


comes to bad luck or lifestyle, researchers in New York


mathematically modelled cancer incidents and conclude that between


70 and 90% of the cases are the result of environmental factors and


just 10 to 30% down to bad luck. That contradicts other US research


from January which claim that two thirds of cancers were random.


The latest research teams say that an unhealthy lifestyle is like


playing Russian roulette with your health.


There is an element of luck whether a person gets cancer or not. But if


someone smokes or is exposed to other external factors, that is like


adding two or three more bullets to the gun. So there is still an


element of luck but the odds are stacked against that person.


Old age is the biggest risk factor for cancer. While we cannot hold


back time, a healthy lifestyle will lower our odds of getting cancer.


And a host of other diseases. When it comes to public angry


denunciations there are few better And when it comes to Turkey,


Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, In his marathon annual end


of year news conference, the Russian leader used crude


language to describe the shooting down of a Russian jet over


the Turkish-Syrian border. The event was not held


at the Kremlin, but at Moscow's World Trade Centre


because it's one of few places in the Russian capital


which could accommodate the 1400 Vladimir Putin's end of year news


conference is a marathon event with hours of carefully vetted questions.


The President, who has ruled Russia for 15 years, often uses it to speak


out about international disputes. There is no more pressing issue than


this, the crisis sparked by the shooting down of a Russian fighter


bomber last month by Turkey. A member of NATO. Today, Vladimir


Putin made it clear that the crisis would not end until there were new


leaders in Turkey. TRANSLATION: I think that the


actions of the Turkish government against our planes is not a


friendly, it is an enemy act. Our people have died. We are really


enraged by the fact if it was really an accident, as Turkish government


claims that they did not know it was a Russian plane, what happened? Did


they pick up the phone to explain? The President went tonne use crude


language to criticise Turkey's close relationship with the United States.


And yet relations between Vladimir Putin and the United States seem a


little better at the moment, at least over the attempt to push


forward with a peace process for Syria.


TRANSLATION: I spoke with John Kerry, our position is unchanged, it


is a principle position. The Syrian people must decide who will rule


them. people must decide who will rule


By which standards, and in general, and an important thing, with


support, with the initiative of the United States namely to increase the


efforts of the United Nations. By the end of this marathon news


conference, Vladimir Putin stressed how Russia and the United States


agreed on the need for a new constitution for Syria and the need


to find ways to oversee future elections there. Tomorrow Russia


will support a draft UN resolution endorsing the Syrian peace process.


How does an artist follow a world-wide mega-hit?


Back in 2012, the Korean singer Psy produced and starred in a video


It's now been viewed on the internet nearly two and a half billion times.


Steve Evans has been talking to Psy about his new release.


# Gangnam Style # Gangnam Style. Gangnam Style is


the most watched video ever, with at least 2 billion hits. It was slick,


catchy and immensely popular around the work. I met Psy to discuss it.


He said that the success had been a dream and a nightmare.


Honestly, I didn't even dream about being global something... Or being


recognised by so many countries, or working with so many artists all


over the world. But at the same time, what I meant by nightmare was,


OK, if this party is over, I got to release a new one. How can I top


this? That was the nightmare. Gangnam Style is a trophy in my


life. So, let's say, if we are getting a trophy from somewhere, we


are just putting it in a great place in my house in the livingroom and


every time we see it we are happy, right. That is my trophy and then


move on. right. That is my trophy and then


# I got it from my right. That is my trophy and then


# I got it from my daddy right. That is my trophy and then


# I got it # I got it


# Hey, where did you get that from. He moved on with another striking


video, Daddy. There used to be a song called I Got


It From My Mama. That is a man asking where did she get the


beautiful body, she said from her mama. One day, I thought about the


beautiful body, if ladies are asking me where I get the body from, I say


I got it from my daddy. So I thought I could make a video, a favourite,


Austin Powers, we have Dr Evil and Mini Me, right? So I thought I


wanted to shoot the really weird daddy and son.


Gangnam Style was amazingly successful, how do you keep your


feet on the ground after that kind of success? You seem like a regular


guy. How do you keep your sense? Thank you for saying that, that is


my private agenda, to try to live as a normal person, as a citizen. As


hard as it is but as a father, or as a husband, or as a human being. I


think that artist and singer is not that special a thing but just one


kind of a job, that's what I'm thinking. So when I stepped down


from the stage, or when I'm not working with my job, I really try


hard to live as a normal guy. With that recognition issue, outside of


Korea, it is really easy. The only thing I have to do is take off my


sunglasses and no-one is recognising me, so it is fine!


Imagine you're faced with having brain surgery -


the last thing you might want to do is put on a musical performance


from the operating table - but look at this.


seemingly happily playing his saxaphone, during an operation


to remove a tumour at the Regional Hospital of Malaga.


The unusual musical surgery, which took place two months ago,


was orchestrated to minimize any damage to Carlos's musical ability.


The 27 year old has now spoken about how relaxed he felt


It felt like lying on a beach. I could not imagine it until later


when I saw the videos. Two months ago, I was laying on a


hospital bed. Now it is like I was born again.


What an incredible man and an incredible team of doctors as well.


Well just in case you didn't recognise the tune -


That's all from the programme. I'm Philippa Thomas, thank you very much


for being with us on World News Today. Goodbye for now.


Hello. After mild night for many parts of the British Isles, it looks


like the new day on Friday is a cloudy, mild affair and then some


rain to be had over the western parts of British Isles. That comes


as the weather systems in the Atlantic close on the north-western


quarter. A blustery day in many


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