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attempt to reduce the flow of migrants. Last year, Sweden accepted


more than 150,000 new arrivals. Denmark in turn has decided to


tighten their borders with Germany. Richard Lister reports.


It is the bridge that had a TV show named after it. Since it first


linked with this edge-mac Sweden with Denmark 50 years ago, the


Crossing has been a potent symbol of European integration and free


movement. But not any more. Because from today, anyone crossing the


bridge to Sweden by train is diverted here to a Danish airport


for an ID check. Those without proper papers are turned back.


Yesterday, half a kilometre of fencing was built at the station to


reinforce the border and I knew controls at every other crossing


into Sweden. I will probably be delayed by


minutes to get to work and another 40 to get home. -- last year 163,000


refugees requested asylum in Sweden. Compared to its population of 10


million it has taken in more people than any other European country and


says it can't cope. Now only refugees with identity papers, about


40%, will be allowed in. It is a government the -- a decision the


government took difficultly. In November the Deputy Prime Minister


was in tears talking about the change. Those crossing to other


was in tears talking about the life harder. Norway is expelling 400


was in tears talking about the number is set to increase. Denmark


says it is tightening its border with Germany. If the European Union


can't protect there external borders, you will see more and more


countries which will be forced into introducing temporary internal


border control. Freedom of movement has long been one of the mainstays


of the European object. Germany said today that principle appears to be


in danger. -- the European project. Gunilla Fritze is a reporter


with Swedish Television, About 10,000 people across this


bridge every day and there will be delays and traffic as a result of


the ID controls. When I took the early morning train we were


the ID controls. When I took the minutes after schedule when we


arrived at the airport and many travellers were frustrated and


irritated. Everybody has to show ID or passport to staff at the airport


platform and today the Danish Prime Minister said that they will have


similar border controls between Denmark and Germany. The Swedish


Immigration Minister said that he thinks the Danish government has


taken the right decision today, even though the Danish Prime Minister


said it is not a happy moment for Denmark.


Earlier, the BBC's Jenny Hill joined us from Berlin.


I asked her for more on Denmark stemming the migrant


My understanding is that as of today, for the next ten days or so,


the Danish government intends to carry out spot checks at Denmark's


southern border with Germany. If they find people without valid


passports they will be asked if they are willing to apply for asylum in


Denmark rather than travel on to Sweden. If they are willing to do so


they will be allowed to register in Denmark and carry on. If not they


will be turned back at the German border. A very fluid situation.


Denmark's concern is that it is caught in the middle. We have been


told that in the last three months or so some 90,000 people have


travelled through it from Germany. The vast majority have gone on to


seek asylum in Sweden. Denmark's concern is that if many of those


people are turned away at the border they will end up in Denmark looking


to seek asylum. This is all about Denmark looking to reduce the number


of people coming in to reduce a bottleneck situation. -- what will


it mean for Germany if Denmark shuts down or titans that border with


Germany? Ineffective the effect could be negligible because those


people could go on to Sweden. The decision has caused dismay in Berlin


for political regions. Angela Merkel has been leading calls for Europe to


try to solve the refugee crisis and take a coordinated approach and that


scenario seems to be diminishing fast as countries like Denmark and


Sweden are acting in their own national security interests.


If the first trading day of the year is anything to go by,


US stocks have joined a global sell-off, on jitters about China's


economic slowdown AND escalating tensions in the Middle East.


In China itself, trading on the Shanghai index was stopped,


after it plunged seven per cent, its biggest decline since August.


Japan's Nikkei tumbled more than three per cent.


with Germany's Dax tumbling 4.3 per cent.


Well, let's focus on what's happening in the US.


Michelle Fleury is at the New York Stock Exchange for us.


Good afternoon. Can you tell us the latest of what is happening? Looking


at the indexes now both the S and P and the Dow Jones are down around


2%. We are talking about the first trading day of the year, the last


time the Dow Jones has been this bad was about 80 years ago, which gives


you a sense of how much investors have retreated at the start of 2016.


How significant is it for the New York Stock Exchange when China has a


trading day like it just has? I think it is not just here on Wall


Street that it makes a difference. We are talking about China as the


world's second-largest economy so what drove that downward as fears of


a slowdown there which could have a knock-on effect on global economic


growth. China is about demand. If it is slowing down will people around


the world want to sell as much to China as they have been, that


spooked investors. The time on the New York Stock


Exchange there is 2:08pm. I am just hearing right now that


Rafa Benitez has been sacked by Real Madrid football club. Let's listen


in for a bit. Zinedine Zidane, some people have said they expect him to


be put in place and he is speaking at the moment. We will bring you


some details as they come in. I can tell you that this was scheduled,


people were instructed to tune in, and the president, Fiorentina


Paredes, says it was a response to the rumours that Rafa Benitez would


be fired, to be replaced by Zinedine Zidane. I will bring you details on


what he is saying. A diplomatic crisis is spreading


across the Middle East following Saudi Arabia's execution


of a prominent Shia Muslim cleric. The death of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr


prompted an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and similar


protests by Shia communities Adel al-Jubeir told Reuters


that the execution of Nimr al-Nimr We will be cutting off to placate --


diplomatic, air travel and commercial relations with Iran and


we will have a travel ban. The rings and there allies have been pushing


and noting terrorism and recruiting people, inciting, providing weapons


and explosives to people and Nimr al-Nimr was one of them. He is as


much of a religious figure as Osama Bin Laden was, he is not. He was


agitating and organising cells, providing them with weapons and


money, he was involved in attacks against Saudi security forces. In


short he was a terrorist. We will not allow Iran to destabilise a


region, we will not allow them to do harm to our citizens or those of our


allies so we will react. A number of Arab nations have joined


Saudi Arabia in taking diplomatic Here's our International


Correspondent, Lyse Doucet. In Tehran today more angry


protests over the execution Sheikh Nimr's image now arises


from the growing crowds filling the streets across the region


in Shia communities. The cleric was known for fiery


speeches in defence of minority He was executed on Saturday


for sedition and violence. A verdict the Saudi


justice ministry defended He speaks with


simultaneous translation. TRANSLATION: As a spokesman of the


judicial power of Saudi Arabia I am not concerned with other voices. As


a judicial branch we apply the Sharia law according to the facts


that we see in front of us. But the voices grow larger. In Iraq the


follow up was violent. Two Sunni mosques attacked and retaliation


killings. But rain has followed Saudi Arabia in ordering all Iran


and diplomats to leave. -- Bahrain. The UAE is limiter limiting --


limiting their numbers. The roots of this go back to a seven setter --


seventh century battle over who should lead the Muslim community


after the death of Muhammad. The faith was divided into two branches,


Sunni and Shia. The question of leadership became intensely


political with the 1979 Iranian revolution. Iraq has pledged to


export its revolution, threatened its neighbours, but last year's deal


to dislike -- dismantle its nuclear programme they were returning to the


diplomatic fold. They had just been accepted by the Americans into the


plan to solve the Syrian crisis. If this escalates and there is some


kind of war directly between Iran and Saudi Arabia - currently it is a


proxy war- then we have to worry hugely. Iran and Saudi Arabia are on


opposite sides in the border in Syria and Yemen.


opposite sides in the border in region is being dragged into an even


greater The British Prime Minister has


dismissed a video featuring a British Islamists as propaganda. An


English-speaking child is also seen in the video before five captives,


thought to be Syrian, are shot dead. The latest propaganda video from the


group calling itself Islamic The latest propaganda video from the


A masked killer cut -- taunting Britain and addressing its Prime


Minister in a British accent. How strange it is that a leader of a


small island threatens us with planes. Today the Prime Minister


gave his response. It is desperate stuff from an organisation that


really does do the most utterly disk you -- despicable act and people can


see that again today, but this organisation is losing territory and


ground. This film is not that unusual. It is part of a stream of


big and directed at different countries. The videos are often


brutal and sometimes featured children. The child as young as


five, who also may be British, is also in the latest video. IS has


lost ground recently, for example here in Ramadi, but experts are not


sure that this new video is a sign that they are in retreat. Islamic


State is very much part of the landscape in the Levant, it is going


to be around for a few years yet, and the idea that it is desperate is


to be around for a few years yet, misleading the situation. Here at


MI5 headquarters analysts will have spent the last 24 hours poring over


every detail of the latest video, comparing it to the details they


have on file about known jihadists to try to confirm the killer's


identity. Hundreds of Britons are in Syria but speculation focused on


this man. He fled Britain whilst on police bail in 2014. Tonight a


former associate told the BBC they had no doubt the voice was his. His


sister told the BBC she at first thought it was him but is now less


sure. I was in a bit of a state of shock because I believed the audio


to resemble the voice of my brother, but I think, having viewed the short


clip in detail, I wasn't entirely convinced, which sort of put me at


ease. Whoever he is the mast man seems to be emulated and Hadi


Emwazi, Jihadi John, killed in a joint strike in November. He may


have been tracked down here at the heart -- with the help of informers.


Five men alleged to be spies are shown killed, another sign of the


brutality of life under IS. The US Justice Department is suing


Volkswagen over the emissions scandal. Last year Volkswagen


device. device.


One of Poland's deadliest-ever cold snaps killed a


Temperatures fell to minus 18 degrees centigrade.


The freezing weather's made conditions especially


difficult for migrants living in temporary accommodation.


High winds and heavy rain are battering Scotland,


with dozens of flood warnings in place across the country.


Aberdeenshire is one of the many areas to be affected.


The latest high winds and downpours came as Scotland continues to clean


There's a big standoff underway in the US State of Oregon -


Federal agents are trying to bring a peaceful end to the occupation of


a wildlife refuge by self-styled militiamen.


It all follows a rally in the town of Burns in support


of two ranchers - a father and son - jailed for lighting fires on federal


About 100 armed protesters occupied the headquarters


of the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve.


Let's get some more background now on the militiamen


This will be a base for Patriots across the country to be housed here


and we plan to stay for several years.


I am 100% willing to lay my life down to fight against tyranny in


this country. I don't know what to say, it seems


like over reach for having burned 127 acres.


That is what we are up here for, the constitution.


It is sort of frightening when there is people making threats.


This is the power of America right here, people gathered together. It


doesn't need to stop here, we need you to get arms and come to this


wildlife refuge. Let's hear from James Cook, based


just outside the National wildlife refuge.


The situation is that some of these men, some of them armed, have taken


over this wildlife refuge. It is a curious target haps on the face of


it, it doesn't seem like an obvious symbol to the outside world of


government oppression. It is a bird century which has been here since


1908, but they say it is a crucial symbol, really, of what the federal


government has been doing in terms of its interactions with local


ranchers. They complain the federal government has been interfering in


their affairs come has been tampering with their rights in this


land, and that is at the heart of all this, an argument about who has


the right to the land. The ranchers insist the federal government has no


right to be involved on this land whatsoever. As for what has been


happening today, it has been relatively quiet. A number of people


are down in the buildings below us, we were strongly discouraged from


going down to speak to them. We were told that their leader, whose father


was involved in a full -- former stand-off with the government in


Nevada, says he will come and speak to us but in the meantime we have


been strongly discouraged from going down to the site. Interestingly,


there has been no sign whatsoever of the police or any federal agents


here. They were formed 55 years ago


and have already won four Grammys. I started while I was young,


about 12, making noise. And when I stopped she said, oh,


carry on, carry on, my boy. When we met Paul Simon,


because we first met So we stood behind


microphones and we started to sing, so there


was many people trying We practised until 12 midnight


and then we went to sleep. When we got into the studio


and sang the whole song, he said, this is what


I was looking for. So it's finished, we are


going to repeat this. When we are on stage


singing it is easier, it was a wonderful moment


to receive the Grammy Award. And a reminder of news breaking, the


but we say thank you to all people, And a reminder of news breaking, the


Spanish football giant Real Madrid has fired Rafa Benitez, its manager,


after seven months, replacing him with former player Zinedine Zidane


Zidane. The club president made the decision -- announced the decision


at a news conference. Zinedine Zidane has said it is the best club


in the world. That is all from me for now. Goodbye.


Another day for the umbrellas tomorrow. We needed them today,


shower after shower, some sunshine and then another shower. Some


rumbles of thunder, a big area of low pressure parked across the UK,


ever so


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