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Highway from hell: Canadian police and military lead convoys


of people to safety, as there are warnings the fire


My name is Sadiq Khan, and I'm the Mayor of London.


Sadiq Khan of Britain's main opposition Labour Party takes office


as the first Muslim mayor of London.


Inside one of the world's most repressive regime's.


North Korea holds a party congress, a chance for it's leader


And one of the greatest achievements in English football history,


Leicester City finally get their hands on the


Officials in Canada say the massive wildfire that's been raging for five


days in the province of Alberta could double in size by the end


The fire - which is being fanned by strong winds and scorching heat -


already covers more than 1500 square kilometres around Fort McMurray,


and there are warnings that it could burn to the edges


of the Sun-cor oil sands facility Changing winds have forced


of people, who had already been forced to leave their homes.


The Premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley, appealed to those


We can speak now to Andrew Bond - he and his family fled the fires


earlier this week and are staying at Grey Wolf Camp just


They were making sure that everybody knew that the fire was coming. This


isn't the first time my family and I have seen them. You can't just


evacuate everybody for every single risk. I think they did an incredibly


good job of getting people out. Finally, just tell us about the act


of kindness that you have seen. It is mind blowing. We are very


fortunate that we know our house is still standing, at least so far.


Even as we were coming down the highway there are people stop at the


side of the road from communities all across Canada, individuals who


have come up here. Great support. Fuel, food, clothing. The Legion has


just provided clothing for my family, toys for my children to make


it more normal for them. It is incredible what people are doing. We


just cannot be more thankful for what people have done. As I have


said too many people, it feels like -- felt like we were standing on the


deck of the Titanic watching it burnt, but we will recover. It is a


very strong community. People will pull together. We will make it


strong again. Thank you so much for sparing the time to speak to us


here. Our reporter has been to a support centre for evacuees and


spoke to volunteers there. This is where hundreds of people have been


bringing donations. We have children's clothes, adult clothes,


food, food for pets who have had to flee the fire. 80,000 people have


had to flee Fort McMurray. With BR to volunteers helping to coordinate


this. Britney, it is incredible the amount of things that people have


brought. Yes, it is. It has been very good. Lots of generosity. Why


do you think people have reacted in this way? There is a sense of giving


and just making sure people know they need. They are having terrible


time. Some people didn't have the money to just leave and run away to


a different city so we are helping how we can. One of the things we


have been hearing is that they just left with nothing and they just


don't know when they will get back. Is that seeing? Yes, we are packing


up duffle bags, making sure they have enough of the week. They will


know with the film is going to be usable again. Taylor, why did you


volunteer? The same reason that she did. Seeing people in need of help


and coming together as a community and having that compassion. It makes


you feel really good. Have people got homes to go to while they are


here? A lot of hotels are helping out around here. A lot of locals


have opened up their houses. You are allowed to park your trailer on the


side of the road. It has been very nice. Lots of help from this book.


Social media seems to be something that is really helped. It is. London


has a new mayor. City can from the Labour Party. He is the first Muslim


to hold the post in the European capital.


In the splendour of Southwark Cathedral, a standing ovation for a


London's first Muslim mayor. They deliberately chose the venue to


celebrate diversity. That is what the new mayor promised to do when he


set out what and whom he will stand for. To represent every single


community and every single parts of our city as mayor for all Londoners.


In the sea of faces, some famous, one was notably at -- absent, Jeremy


Corbyn did not attend, but the former leader was on the front row.


Jamie was obviously supporting temp one. I know how important it is to


support candidates. It is a win for Sadiq Khan and the Labour Party.


Sadiq Khan ran his campaign at arms length from the Labour leader. Was


it a vote for Sadiq Khan or four Jeremy Corbyn? I think it was a vote


for a London. It shows that we are far better together. London is proud


that the bus driver -- the son of a bus driver from a council estate can


be the Mayor of the great city. His opponent was accused of a divisive


campaign to link to link his rival to Islamic extremists. Critics say


temp two Goldsmith damaged his party on race and religion. He was


tight-lipped this morning, leaving others to defend his back recs. In


an election for one of the most important elected offices in


Britain, it is right that people are scrutinised as candidates, the past


associations on the policy positions, but he hunted them. That


is over now. Meanwhile, Sadiq Khan is in high spirits after this win.


It is a boost for Labour in an otherwise disappointing set of


election results. The fact that the nude London Mayor has distanced


himself from Jeremy Corbyn instead is a limit to the credit that the


Labour leader can take for this win. For now it belongs to the new face


of London. Police have used tear gas and flares


again several hundred protesters at the Brenner pass on the border


between Austria and Italy. The demonstrators were protesting


against Austrian plans to introduce stricter border -- border controls.


If more migrants arrived the they want to reduce the number of


migrants heading north from Italy. Let's get some other news. He


remaining members of the Nato mission in Afghanistan have been


killed in the south of the country. They died when two attackers wearing


the uniform of Afghan security forces opened fire. The shooters


were killed at the scene by other members of the international


mission. Tens of thousands of people have


marched through the Polish capital, Police estimate 30,000 people


demonstrated against the policies of the governing, conservative Law


and Justice Party. Protesters say it's


violated European values. Earlier, Polish nationalist


and religious groups Amid a display of mass


unity and obedience, North Korea is holding


a Workers Party Congress, The Congress is the country's


highest political gathering and the young leader, Kim Jong-un,


is thought to be using it Our correspondent John


Sudworth is in Pyongyang. North Koreans are allowed


mobile phones these days, it's just they can't connect


to the Internet. This is a country that has defied


history, under a government that There is, of course,


a message behind this party congres. Kim Jong-un, like his father


and grandfather before And, like them, he will expect


to be worshipped. At a shrine to the ruling family,


I find myself in a bit of trouble. The guides at the museum have taken


great offence to my having taken I think they are objecting


to the fact the photo I took has cut off a small portion of the face


of the young Kim Jong-il. We do get to see some


real North Korean life - a surprise kickabout


with a factory football team. Conversation, though,


takes place under the watchful eye TRANSLATION: We follow only


Marshall Kim Jong Un, In most countries politics is about


changing the system - not here. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: We look at the deliberate


targeting of hospitals Officials in Canada say the wildfire


that is raging near the oil town of Fort McMurray will double in size


in the next 24 hours. Sadiq Khan has taken office


as the first Muslim mayor of London. Deliberate targeting of hospitals


and medical professionals But a study by the International Red


Cross has found that within the last three years 2,400 attacks


against patients, health care personnel, facilities


and transport occurred That's more than two


attacks per day. A rally took place in London today


demanding the end to targeting of health care services


and workers in war zones. I asked Widney Brown,


director of New York based organisation Physicians


for Human Rights - They started with the Nile. They've


changed their stories about five times in that it really clear that


they were not going to really take it seriously. Then there was a lot


of pressure so the government did undertake an investigation. That was


positive. What is bad is that despite finding so much negligence


there is only going to beast minor sanctions against the 16 people


known to be accountable, no criminal accountability without that, if sent


the message that impunity reigns. What message would you like to see


scent of those people? To those people whose recklessness led to the


level of criminality digit pin of war crimes prosecution. Bob Dudley


issues in Syria given the fact there are so many warring parties on the


ground? In this case we have not had trouble figuring out who was


responsible. In part because the Syrians and Russians with a group


that had aeroplanes and most of these bombings of hospitals. Barrel


bombs from hospitals and air strikes from fighter jets. The opposition


groups do not have an air force so it is very easy to attribute


responsibility for these attacks because of that. Given the fact that


medical staff have protection under humanitarian law and that is not


being respected, do you think that medical staff should start


withdrawing from war zones? It would be interesting to see. I think there


is a huge quantity per doctors and other health professionals because


they see the desperate need and awards are some of the need is much


greater than it is in peacetime. They feel an obligation to do


whatever they can to help. When I red Crescent -- a red Crescent


becomes a target as opposed to The Shield, you can understand people


wanting to move. Now, the sport. There have been jubilant scenes in


the city of Leicester today as they played their first match since being


crowned Premier League champions. In front of their own fans Steve worthy


a lifelong fan one the right to present the trophy to Claudio


Ranieri and Wes Morgan, the captain. There were given a guard of honour


and a rendition of Nesson Dormer. Still not really sunk in. It was


nice to get it done in such a convincing fashion.


It is mental. The hard work that has gone into it, having a team-mate to


run me that I've got is unbelievable. When you look at


Leicester, it is everyone. What can I say, it is unbelievable!


Coming to Leicester, winning the Premier League, it is an


unbelievable moment. One of the best days in my life.


Sunderland came from behind twice to beat Chelsea 3-2 and move out of


Jermain Defoe got the winner which sees Sunderland go


above their North East rivals Newcastle.


One win from their remaining two games will be enough


I suppose he starred on the point that it is the first time that we


have come from behind to win a game of that role this season. That shows


the mentality, desire and the quality of our players against a


very talented Chelsea squad. The character and the determination and


the desire from the players has shone through today to help us win


this game of football, along with the quality of our finishing, at


Newcastle could only manage a goalless draw against already


relegated Aston Villa - who had lost their last


Rafa Benitez and his team are one point behind Sunderland,


but their local rivals have a game in hand.


Norwich City also appear to be heading for the Championship.


They were beaten by Manchester United 1-0.


Louis Van Gaal's side remain fifth, one point behind Manchester City.


Realistically, only two wins and none for their


Meanwhile, Middlesbrough are celebrating promotion


TO the Premier League.Their game with Brighton was the decider


A 1-1 draw was enough for Boro to clinch promotion and a return


to the Premier League after a seven year absence.


Another man who'll be competing in the Premier League next season


is Bayern Munich's coach Pep Guardiola.


His side won an an unprecedented 4th straight Bundesliga


Robert Lewandowki scored twice in the 2-1 victory


Guardiola is leaving to coach Manchester City next season.


Belgium captain Vincent Kompany has confirmed he will miss this summer's


European Championship in France because of a groin injury.


He's confirmed on Social media he won't make the tournament saying


He was substituted after 10 minutes of Manchester City's Champions


League defeat at Real Madrid last Wednesday.


Defending champion Andy Murray is into the final of the Madrid Masters


after beating Rafa Nadal in straight sets.


It's only Murray's second ever win over Nadal on clay,


the last coming in this event last year, as he won the trophy.


Murray will play either Novak Djokovic or Kei Nishikori


who are playing their semi-final right now.


One of Africa's largest slums has become the unlikely


home to a community of child citizen journalists.


Young residents of the Kibera slum in Nairobi are being taught how


to make DIY magazines known as zines which paint


an intriguing picture of their lives outside the Kenyan capital.


I am lucky and I am the editor. It is a magazine that you make yourself


so your voice can be heard. A good story is a true story. We did not


have money so it is important to make our materials go far. My name


is Leonard. I am a photographer. It is basically a method of teaching


people how to make a magazine in seven days, using photocopies, which


is always the way it was done. It is quite fun and anti-authoritarian. We


taught them how to take photos, interview people. It is pretty wild.


How UK cheque into quite an interview people, they are so


empowered they come like a bit of a weapon! They went to interview an


alcoholic, then they followed that story to the lady who made


moonshine. She explained the financial difficulties that she had.


Then the interviewed the pharmacist about the kinds of sicknesses and


illnesses and how she treats them. They were basically following a


narrative from the beginning to the ends and they were completely


disarming. One of the stories that the kids told us was about the Nike


runners. They are this crazy group that are always basically practising


what is basically believed to be witchcraft in the Skandia. They


strip off at night, run around a knock on doors and disturbed people.


It is a cultural thing, it is accepted. He would never ratified


somebody who was night running. The kids told us that. The focus of the


magazine became county interview and Micron, and why do they do this? To


that extent I don't know whether it is journalism or fiction but it is


definitely storytelling. 25 degrees today, it could be even


warmer tomorrow. It is not all about the sunshine. There has been a lot


of cloud around


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