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Broadcasting in the UK and around the world. A week of tragedy in the


Mediterranean Sea. Up to 700 migrants are feared drowned in three


separate ship wrecks off the Libyan coast, according to the UN. In


Britain, two senior Conservatives tell the primaries that he must


admit he cannot cut immigration as long as Britain remains in the


youth. And the French and German leaders mark the Centenary of the


bloodiest battle of World War I. The heart stopping moment a child was at


the mercy of a gorilla at a zoo in America.


Good evening and welcome to BBC World News Today.


The UN refugee agency say the number of migrants who drowned in the


Mediterranean in the past two days could be as high as 700. The


information comes from survivors who have been taken to Italy. Our


correspondent has been following the story. The end of a terrifying


ordeal as the Italian navy ship brings people ashore. On board, 629


people who were saved. They were picked up just in time. Many are too


weak to walk. Also, those who did not make the journey alive. 45 Ortiz


brought ashore. By interviewing survivors officials have got more


information about the extent of the tragedies at sea. The UN refugees


agency says it now believes around 700 people died last week. It could


have been worse, rescue teams were working flat out, the UN says a


staggering 15,000 lives were saved last week in the Mediterranean.


What is happening is that this is the new normal.


It is awful, but basically the central Mediterranean route


has been confirmed as the most dreadful.


It is very much needed to open some legal way for those who have right


otherwise they will continue to get on these really flimsy boats.


And the smugglers, the survivors told us,


that there are smugglers literally pushing them onto the boat,


Those desperate to reach Europe are at the mercy of smuggling gangs who


value money more than lives. A terrifying capsize. This happened on


Wednesday. Now we learn that at least 100 of the passengers are


missing. People rescued say that another entire boat officials knew


nothing about sank off the Libyan coast. There is no record of names


of precise numbers of the victims of this tragedy which looks likely to


continue into the summer. Two senior Conservatives have called


on David Cameron to accept his failure to cut migration, saying the


goal is unachievable unless Britain leaves the European Union. Downing


Street said it was an attempt to distract voters from the economic


case for membership. In further signs of divisions in the party is


some backbench MPs suggested that the time Mr could face a vote of no


confidence. A moment of unity, even triumph,


before the referendum began. Now, there are bitter rivals


in the ranks and David Cameron has been openly confronted


where he and the campaign he leads to remain an EU


member is most vulnerable, the tricky issue


of migration control. Boris Johnson's been close


to David Cameron - they both know he wants his job -


and Michael Gove has been even Now they have combined


to tell their PM openly the Tory pledge to cut migration into Britain


isn't worth the paper In an open letter, they write:


"The promise net immigration could be cut to tens


of thousands is not achievable. Failure to keep it was


corrosive of public trust." A fellow campaigner to get out


of the EU wants to calm the confrontation but


stands by the warning. This needs to be a campaign


that is relentlessly reasonable. What we are doing from the Leave


side is saying, Everyone involved in this debate


needs to accept that if we vote to remain in the United Kingdom,


in the European Union, we cannot set limits on the number


of people who come and live and work Away from Westminster's war games,


to people with better things to do I don't know what is going


to make me vote which way. I don't know which way


I'm going to vote. The amount of people


coming over now, it is... to a small country like ours,


I think we need to have You have got 200,000 people trying


to get into Britain, say. If you are in the EU,


whether you are out of it, Between warring politicians


it is getting personal. Remain campaign leaders,


who include the PM, are too privileged to understand how mass


migration hits the poor. Downing Street says the Leave side


is losing arguments Big names in the Remain camp say


the Leavers are plain wrong. I'm completely sensitive


to the issue of immigration. And you have to be


in politics today. What I'm completely opposed


to is their answer to it, Among Tory MPs, the chatter over


coffee is about mutiny There is no sign it's spread out


of control yet, but Eurosceptics feel it is David Cameron's side


that won't play fair. One of the most militant has broken


cover and gone public. I think there's at least 50


colleagues who are dissatisfied with the way that the Prime Minister


has put himself front and centre of a fairly outrageous


Remain campaign. They would demand a vote


of no confidence? And now the Prime Minister may also


need a win for his Remain campaign - and a big one - to see off his


enemies and stabilise his party. The leaders of Germany and France


have stood side-by-side at a commemoration of the longest battle


in World War I. It lasted almost ten months and 300,000 lives were lost.


Our correspondent is following the events of the day for us. A day of


solemn remembrance. At the German cemetery, they laid a


wreath. Accompanied by four children, two from France, two from


Germany. Verdun, one of the most brutal battles of the First World


War. A savage war of attrition for just a few square miles of land.


Tens of millions of shells were fired. Hundreds of thousands of


French and German soldiers lost their lives. The trauma of the


conflict was so great that it took many years before the two countries


were able to hold a joint commemoration. But in 1984, the


French and German leaders met and were photographed holding hands


there. The gesture became a symbol of French and German reconciliation.


Angela Merkel says the lessons should not be forgotten.


TRANSLATION: The name Verdun stands for incomprehensible cruelty and the


futility of war, as well as the lessons learned and the


Francoise Hollande, saying the town had become a symbol of peace.


TRANSLATION: Verdun is a city that represents the worst - where Europe


lost itself 100 years ago, but also the best -


where the city has been able to invest, to unify for peace


and for the French-German friendship.


In the afternoon both leaders visited the cemetery from the French


soldiers. They lit a flame and briefly shook hands. Hundreds of


children from both countries took part in a performance recalling the


events of the battle and expressing the hope for peace in the future.


A look at some of the day's other stories. 18 Albanians, believed to


be migrants, are among 20 people rescued from a boat in the English


Channel. It is understood some of the passengers phoned relatives in


Calais to say there were in trouble after their boat began taking in


water. French authorities were then alerted and contacted the UK


coastguard. At least 17 people have died in a fire at an elderly peoples


home in Ukraine. It broke out in the early hours of Sunday in a village


north of Kiev. The authorities say the building was used as an illegal


temporary house for 35 elderly people. And Lufthansa has announced


it will suspend flights to Venezuela, suffering a deepening


economic crisis, saying currency controls make it impossible for


airlines to convert their earnings into dollars. It is an awful dilemma


for a zoo keeper to face, what to do if a visitor gets into the same


enclosure is a potentially dangerous animal. That is exactly what


happened in Cincinnati in the USA when a young boy fell in to a


gorilla pen. Screams of disbelief as people


watched the four-year-old boy being His mother calls out to


reassure him. The child has just crawled


through a barrier at the zoo, The gorilla weighs almost 30 stones,


but moves fast. The staff at Cincinnati Zoo had


a difficult decision to make. Harambe, our 17-year-old gorilla


male, is a great big animal, 400lb, went down and got him,


carried him up into the moat, was moving him around and it seemed


very much by our professional team, our dangerous animal response team,


to be a life-threatening situation. The four-year-old boy was taken


to hospital but was not reported The zoo staff said they couldn't


have tranquillised the gorilla instead of killing him because that


would have taken several They thought that was too long as


the gorilla appeared agitated. The team did a good job


and they made a tough choice and they made the right choice


because they saved that The zoo had hoped he would help


father of the guerrillas to help preserve a rare and endangered


species, the enclosure will be closed until further notice.


Earlier, I ask an expert in wild gorillas at the University of


Cambridge weather staff at the zoo made the right decision.


It is extremely difficult to have a good sense of how much the child was


at risk. It is unfortunate. They did what they thought they had to do.


This has happened before in zoos in the United States, in a case before,


the adult male silverback actually protected the child from other


gorillas. Contrary to the ferocious look, adult male gorillas are really


sweethearts, gentle parents. I don't think the child was in that great


danger. You are talking about what happened in 1986, the silverback in


the island of Jersey who ended up protecting their child. It is a


difficult call. Gorillas are very human, quite nurturing by nature.


You watched the footage, I presume. What do you make, when you look at


it? How do you perceive the mannerisms of the silverback? He was


excited, as you can understand, it was an unusual experience. I do


think there was mayhem in his heart. I think he was just a jazzed up by


the fact it had happened. He was excited, then you heard people


screaming in the background, the child is upset, etc. So he was


excited. And the mother was excited, she was shouting whilst watching as


well. That was the danger that they gorilla could have, by accident, but


the child. It all raises the question as to whether the animal


should be in a zoo at all. That is an extremely thorny issue. On the


one hand I am a wildlife guy, I love animals in the wild, but there is an


educational role that zoos play, it was eventually what motivated me to


conserve in the wild. I don't have a good answer whether it is the right


thing to do or not. Still to come, what is stuck down this whole? A


baby elephant. The next dilemma, how to rescue it?


In the biggest international sporting spectacle ever seen a


million people have taken part in sponsored athletic events to aid


families in Africa. The first of what the makers of Star


Wars hope will be thousands of Jews started at seven a.m..


The scuffles built into fighting, the fighting into a full skill riot,


as Liverpool supporters broke into the Juventus enclosure. The police


had lost control. The world will mourn at this tragic


death today. The father of the Indian people on the day of


independence. The Oprah Winfrey show comes to an


end after 25 years and more than 4500 episodes. It made her one of


the richest people on the planet. Geri Halliwell, known as Ginger


spice, announces she has left the Spice Girls.


I don't believe it, girl power. Why? A warm welcome back. This is BBC


world News today. The latest headlines: the United Nations says


that around 700 migrants are feared to have drowned off the coast of


Libya in the past week. In Britain, two senior Conservatives tell the


Prime Minister he must admit he cannot cut immigration as long as


Britain remains in the EU. The Iraqi government says it has


made significant advances in its effort to drive out Islamic State


extremists from the city of Fallujah but there is growing concern for the


50,000 civilians still trapped in the city. Jim Muir travelled with


Iraqi forces. Around-the-clock, heavy


artillery shells blasting Fighters from so-called


Islamic State are still dug in there nearly a week


into the campaign. The attack on the city itself


still has not begun. This is the centre of the town


of Garma, which until recently was held by IS, the militants


from the so-called Islamic State, now firmly in the hands of Iraqi


security forces and a strange mixture of Shia militia,


mixed in with the government forces and so on, also some Sunni elements,


so it is a whole coalition moving You can still hear gunfire


here but that is celebration, The ground carpeted


with spent cartridges. A suspected car bomb taken


out by an air strike. The only sign that IS was here,


a hastily-torn-down black banner. Safe enough for government ministers


and top brass from Baghdad The interior minister said there had


been only a limited number of civilians in what was a battle


zone, but that some had made their way to safety


with the security forces. Many of those who fled are clearly


traumatised and terrified. The UN says more civilians are being


executed by IS for trying to escape. TRANSLATION: We have been hiding


from them for the past three days. If they had caught us,


they would have killed us. Although camps have been


set up to receive them, their ordeal is not


over once they flee. Men of fighting age are separated


out for interrogation as possible extremists,


leaving their families worried. As the noose tightens around


Fallujah, there is growing concern for an estimated 50,000 civilians


still trapped in the centre. The IS fighters aren't


letting them out. They have constructed


tunnels and other defences. The battle for Fallujah could be


long, hard and devastating Let's catch up with the latest


sport. Defending Formula One world


champion, Lewis Hamilton, has won his first race of the season,


snatching the Monico Grand Prix from Daniel Ricciardo, starting from pole


position in the first time in his career, but the Red Bull mechanics


were caught off-guard during a pit stop, costing Ricciardo the lead.


Hamilton has cut the lead of Nico Rosberg at the top of the


championship to 24 points. Thank you to my team for providing me with a


great car that saw me through to the end. I am honestly lost forwards. I


prayed for a day like this and it came true. I feel truly blessed.


From the outside we put on a show. But it should not have been as


exciting as it was, to be honest. But this two' I have been screwed.


It sucks, it hurts, but thank you everyone for sticking it out, I


appreciated. -- that is two weekends in a row I have been screwed. Andy


Murray defeated the American John Isner after a rain delay, he will


now play the ninth seed, Richard Gasquet. He is the only French


player left in the singles draw. Defending champion, Stanislave


Wawrinka also booked a quarterfinal place, he will play a Spanish


left-hander who is not Rafa Nadal. Last year's Wimbledon finalist,


Muguruza defeated the final French Open champion and will now play the


world number 108, Shelby Rogers of the USA. There are only five players


ranked lower than Rogers who have reached a quarterfinal of the French


Open in the last 30 years. Sri Lanka prevented another England victory


within three days in the second test. The hosts had forced the


tourists to follow-on after bowling them out for 101 but Sri Lanka


showed fight, the captain Angelo Mathews led by example, they


finished the day on 309-5, trailing England by 88. England's Rugby union


team have defeated Wales 27-13 in an international match at Wigan.


England ran in five tries in their final match before heading on tour


to Australia. George Ford had a day to forget, missing six kicks. Wales


visit New Zealand for their Test match tour next month. Time to tell


you that a former Formula One test driver is the winner of the


Indianapolis 500, Alexander Rossi managing to stretch his fuel to the


finish. In India African students are


planning to hold an antiracism rally in the capital to protest against a


spate of attacks. But local police say they do not believe the attacks


were racially motivated. I spoke to a lecturer at the University of


Northampton earlier about his experience at the Delhi School of


economics. People do not like to talk about it,


because it is very uncomfortable to be a guest in a country and raise an


issue of such ugly, yet magnificent proportions. I did my doctorate at


Delhi University. I lived there for seven and a half years. It is


covered with fair skinned, fair skin cream advertise and the summer. For


Africans, we see it as the other side of the coin of the races we


face in India. Can you give me specific examples of


racist attacks you suffered during your time in India? Did you report


them? Complain to the university? The police? Was anything done?


Who do you report to when you with a property dealer and one of the


landlords says, I do not want to rent to blacks? That was a common


occurrence I heard from students and I also faced it myself. I was in


shock. As a student I did not know what to do. Remember, we're talking


about students. Any of the Africans who, to Delhi are students, coming


with a specific purpose, they are not there by chance. So who do you


report to when people will not serve you, or push you out of the way


because a European person is behind you? Who do you report that too?


A team of wildlife officers in Sri Lanka have come to the rescue of a


baby elephant after it fell down a drain.


Stuck inside a small drain, this baby elephant made desperate


But the gap was too narrow and attempts at first


It was part of a herd that had wandered into the area


near Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka.


The mother elephant wouldn't leave the calf alone and the authorities


had to use firecrackers to chase her away so


After four hours of struggle, the baby elephant was pulled out.


The terrified baby elephant had no energy to stand on its own.


While the authorities believed it has a broken leg.


It is estimated that about 300 to 400 elephants inhabit


With more and more forest land being cleared, elephants are running


A German opposition leader has had a chocolate cake shop in her face in


protest at her stance on the migrants. The prominent member of


the German far left party is calling for a limit on the number of


refugees Germany should accept, putting her at odds with others in


the party. A group calling itself the antifascist initiative


distributed flyers pointing to her position on migrants as a motive for


throwing taken her face. Thank you for watching.


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