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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


The headlines: Day two of Euro 2016 - in France,


and day three of violence involving England fans in Marseille.


Police use water cannon and tear gas, as trouble flares between rival


football fans in Marseille, ahead of England's opening Euro 2016


At least 12 people were killed in suicide bombing near Syria's holiest


Shia shrine. This is the scene live


at the fanzone in Marseilles. Police in Florida try


to find a motive behind the murder of a singer -


shot dead as she signed autographs. The suspects travelled to Orlando


apparently to commit this crime and then had plans to travel back to


where he came from. And a right royal celebration


for Queen Elizabeth in London For a third day in a row,


there have been violent clashes between football fans in France's


second biggest city Marseille. They took place in the old port area


- hours before England's opening Police used tear gas as they tried


to break up fighting fans - a number of people have been


arrested and several hurt. One English supporter is reported


to be in a critical condition. But France's minister of sport


appeared to play down Whatsapp and here is very


unfortunate and damaging but it cannot overshadow the farty. --


TRANSLATION: What happened here is unfortunate. National police and the


police in they are looking well together.


Lucy Williamson reports from Marseille.


They came almost unnoticed. Handful of rival supporters looking for


trouble among the English fans. It started with some chairs. A flag


torn down, some unlucky targets. Tear gas spread the news of trouble


to every corner of the square. Rivals turning to rioters


in minutes, as people fled. They took the fight


into the surrounding streets, We watched from a nearby


car park is this man, thought to be an England supporter,


was brutalised and left with broken The violence has been getting worse


each day in the run-up All along the port area groups


of England, France and Russia supporters have been clashing


with each other and with the police. France has invested a lot


in security around the stadium and the fan zone, but securing


the city itself, with its rival groups of supporters,


is proving to be the biggest Police told us there


were at least five people injured in the clashes and six arrests,


but the grim numbers that have graced this match won't change


the score that matters on the pitch, nor lessen the risks


of what might follow. Lucy Williamson, BBC News,


Marseille. Let's cross to Ros


Atkins is in Paris. Is the balance overshadowing the


tournament so far? -- violence. I don't think so, it's important news


because the violence of this type is shocking as, I should say, with the


misogynistic and anti-German chance we heard from England fans. This is


one part of one of the host cities, ten cities hosting games across this


month of Euro 2016. As far as I'm aware of the other parts of


Marseille have not had this trouble and there's been no trouble going


into the stadium because it's in its second half and there is no trouble


in any of the other nine cities. I am with you from the biggest fans of


next rival Tara, it is a breathtaking scene as another sunny


day comes to an end at the lights took -- twinkle away on the tower.


There are thousands of people here supporting all manner of teams from


across the six groups, I haven't even seen across word let alone a


star for anything more serious and all of the exchanges with the many


security personnel, all of the I've seen between fans and officials have


been incredibly good-natured. Paris where you are, the target of those


awful terror attacks last November. What has been the reaction from the


police to this violence? The reaction of the police in Marseille


is in line with how the French police tend to deal with commotions


involving sporting crowds. All of the people who monitor French police


behaviour said that this is relatively restrained compared with


what they've done in the past, they've used tear gas as busy and


riot police have been involved. If you are speaking about the border


policing approach, one word would be thorough. When I came into the fans


on all of our TV get was searched twice and I was patted down twice


and every time I moved from one reader area into a general file area


and back again a security guard carefully checked all of my


accreditation details. That attention to detail goes far be


anything I've seen it either international football Germans I've


covered. In terms of the atmosphere, the security guards are calm. There


are a lot of them, I was mentioning earlier just before the Wales game


started, I went over to one gained as he was the situation was, not a


single file was queueing to come in and there were 24 security


personnel. We can discuss how France has approached executed per --


situation but no one could accuse them of not committing enough


resources. Thank you. And we'll have a full sport round up


including the latest and a report on Wales' victory


over Slovakia a little At least 12 people have been


killed in suicide attacks on a suburb of Damascus -


home to Syria's holiest Shia shrine. The so called - Islamic State group


said three militants - used explosive belts and a car


bomb in the attacks. In the shock and the chaos,


in the smoke, in the rubble and the blood, the effort begins


to save the wounded Officials say one suicide bomber


was in a car packed with explosives. Another detonated


a belt he was wearing. People in this suburb have been


through all this before. These battered streets are not far


from a religious shrine, It's of huge importance


to Shia Muslim believers in Syria and far beyond,


and that makes this neighbourhood a target for the Islamic State group


which regards the Shia as heretics. Its bombers have struck


here in the past repeatedly. And as they clear up in this place,


these people know they might be hit Let's look at some of the day's


other main stories. Forces aligned with the new Libyan


government say they've repulsed a counter-attack by Islamic State


militants in the city of Sirte. The government side captured


the port overnight. According to government sources,


the IS fighters are now besieged Hundreds of Hindus, Buddhists


and Christians have marched through the streets of Dhaka


in protest at the recent targeted killings of minorities and secular


citizens in Bangladesh. The protest comes a day


after a Hindu monastery worker Police say they've now made more


than three thousand arrests in a nationwide hunt for the Islamic


extremists who've claimed An American pop singer, who rose


to fame on the US talent show - The Voice, has died


after being shot at a concert Police say the man opened fire on 22


year old Christina Grimmie - During a struggle with the singer's


brother - he then shot himself dead. Here's Orlando's Police Chief -


who gave these details The suspect in this case


is not from Orlando. The suspect travelled to Orlando


apparently to commit this crime and then had plans to travel back


to where he came from, so what we're doing at this point,


we're not identifying his name right now, but we will have that shortly


for you near end of the day. What are detectives are doing right


now is they are going through the suspect's cell phone


and computer to see if they can find The suspects had two


handguns on his person. He had two additional loaded


magazines for those handguns, I've been speaking to local reporter


Julie Salomone and she told me more about exactly what happened outside


the music venue. She was out there signing


autographs, meeting with fans. A man walks up to her, shoots her,


ends up killing her, and it was her brother


who ultimately attacked that suspect, took him to the ground,


tackled him and that's when the suspect turned


the gun on himself. What was the security like at this


event that Christina Grimmie was at? Basically you walked


through the door. If you had a bag they would check


your bag or your purse, but there were no armed police


officers, no off-duty There were security guards in polo


shirts, but they were Police did point out that they've


never had an issue with this venue, this concert hall in the past,


which attracts young kids, It's a heavily populated area,


shopping complexes around. But there were no armed police


officers, no pat downs, either. Huge crowds have lined


the streets of London - to mark the 90th birthday of Queen


Elizabeth. After a procession along the Mall,


Britain's longest-reigning monarch attended the traditional military


"Trooping The Colour parade". Here's Our Royal Correspondent,


Nicholas Witchell. It was unmistakably her day,


and she was unmissable in a hat and coat of almost Day-Glo


vividness, but regardless of the fact that this


was the Queen's official 90th birthday, you can guess who rather


stole the show when it came to the appearance on the Palace


balcony to watch an RAF Trying his hand at some aircraft


spotting, encouraged by his father As the aircraft flew over London,


a certain amount of squinting For the first time, George's sister


Charlotte was brought Fly-pasts are a bit lost


on you when you are one-year-old. They are best left to your brother,


who seemed by now to be There had been lots of that -


saluting, that is - earlier, when the Queen arrived


on Horse Guards for her official She inspected the ranks


of her foot guard regiments. The Massed Bands marched and among


the military music there was a variation


of an appropriate birthday melody. Being trooped this year,


one of the colours of the Coldstream Guards,


borne past the most experienced pair of eyes on the parade ground -


the Queen first attended Trooping of the Colour


as Princess Elizabeth in 1947, the first parade after


the Second World War. Your Majesty, this year,


on behalf of all ranks of the Household Division


and the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery, may I wish


you and His Royal Highness the very Your Majesty's Guards are ready


to march off, Ma'am. The Queen boarded her carriage


for the journey back to the palace, along a Mall


crowded with spectators. 90 - she is fantastic and I wouldn't


miss it for the world. Being an American we don't have


this, and when the British put She is a head of state who always


seems slightly surprised to encounter clearly


expressed popular feelings. Today, the crowd seemed


bigger than at any time since the Diamond Jubilee


and from them, as from her Armed Forces, there was not merely


an expression of respect for a long serving monarch, on this official


90th birthday weekend a good many people seem to have come


to show their affection. Nicholas Witchell, BBC


News, Buckingham Palace. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: Here in Britain the former owner


of the BHS department store chain, Sir Philip Green, has threatened


to boycott a parliamentary inquiry into the collapse of the retailer,


unless the chairman of the investigating Work


and Pensions Committee resigns. Sir Philip says the Labour Member


of Parliament, Frank Field, Our Business Correspondent,


Joe Lynam says it is not the first time that the clothing tycoon has


called on Frank Field to resign. I've seen quite a few angry


letters from Sir Philip, but this was pretty angry and quite


personal towards the Chairman In his letter he said


to Frank Field, you have used your position as Chair


of the Work and Pensions Committee to do your very best


to destroy my reputation. I am not prepared to participate


in a process which has not even the pretence


of fairness and objectivity. So basically he is asking


for an elected official to resign, or he may not appear before MPs


conducting an enquiry into Violence has flared in Marseille


between rival fans ahead of England's Euro 2016 match against


Russia. At least 12 people have been killed in suicide bombings in


Syria's holiest Shia shrine. Sweden's foreign minister has warned


that if Britain votes to leave the European Union in a referendum


later this month, it could ultimately lead


to the break-up of the EU. In an interview for the BBC's


This Week's World programme, the former European Commissioner,


Margot Wallstrom, said Either way it's a loss for Europe,


because I think that the spill-over effect will be unfortunately


felt, deeply felt. It will either mean that the UK


actually leaves and that will be the start of a two-year negotiation,


and that might affect other EU member states as well,


saying well, if they can leave, if they can leave, maybe we should


also have referenda so maybe we should also leave,


maybe it's better that we leave. Or if they stay, it will also mean


other countries negotiate and ask and demand special treatment,


so why shouldn't we? And I think it will break up,


so it will be bad either way. But of course we're hoping


that they will stay because that would be the worst alternative,


and Swedes, 90,000 Swedes living in the UK, with so many companies


investing with the UK being a trading partner to Sweden,


a very important one, of course this will mean


there will be big changes and they will have to negotiate


different trade deals and it will be just a matter


of insecurity and investors We start with Euro 2016


and an historic win for Wales - who are playing in their first major


tournament since 1958. They beat Slovakia in their opening


game of the tournament. 2-1 the final score in Bordeaux,


as Nick Parrott reports. Wales 58 year wait for major


championship football finally over. They belted out their National


Anthem might never before. Their hopes rest on the shoulders of


Gareth Bale well Slovakia looks towards their start. Twisting and


turning like an eel, there was no stopping him until Ben Davies got


his way. Moments like that can set the tone and the missed opportunity


was to be rude soon after by Jonathan Williams was brought down.


It was perfect range for bail. And he duly said Wales on their way.


Bail for Wales. It is in! He's done it again. They might have had


another at half-time had Martin Skrtel been punished for this. The


second half reflected the first, this time initially in Slovakia's


favour. Bail was tortured and maize later there was no stopping Ondrej


Duda. For a while they threatened to go on to win. Substitute Hal


Robson-Kanu, currently without a club, put himself in a shop window


in the best possible way, to save Wales's day.


In the same group England are taking on Russia in Marseilles.


In the first game of the day at Euro 2016, Switzerland beat


Five of the Albanian starting eleven were born


or brought up in Switzerland, while two brothers lined up


against each other for the first time in the European Championship.


The brothers Shia blood but not commission. Children of a time when


Albanians find reference in Switzerland, making nationality


decision, not a. It was an ethnic Albanian Joe Durant Shaqiri who took


the corner that is Abbey share met to put Switzerland ahead. Albania's


time at a major tournament had not yet passed five minutes. They


settled and occasionally threatened, this was in this Sadiku's moment. It


made Yann Sommer is. The game twisted away from Albania again and


in desperation logs are used his hand, the decision ended his match.


Reckoned yellow, red. A free kick to Switzerland that nearly settled it.


To merely can hardly have gone closer. As it was, the door remained


a Jaffa Albania and suddenly it yawned wide open. Gashi had time to


place this but couldn't do it. Two nations with so many Thais are


divided, but not by much. England's rugby union team made


history as they beat Australia Owen Farrell scored 24 points


as they ran out 39-28 Our Rugby Union reporter


Chris Jones has more. This was an astonishing game of


rugby and I historic win for England, their first victory over


Australia here in Brisbane and they've taken a major step towards


winning a series down under for the first time ever. After 20 minutes it


looked bleak for England, Australia blitz them with two quick tries but


England regrouped and dominated after the break. Some late Australia


pressure, they were stitched to seal the win with a try from Jack Nowell.


Eddie Jones visited his side hadn't played pretty well and said all the


focus is now on next weekend in Melbourne. An England side hasn't


won with such conviction in the southern hemisphere since 2003 and


we know what that team achieved. New Zealand marked a 27th


consecutive win over Wales, The world champions came from behind


to score 21 unanswered points Ireland beat South Africa meanwhile,


despite having a man sent off. And Italy are taking


on Argentina at the moment. England's cricketers are on top


at the end of the third day of their final Test


against Sri Lanka at Lord's. Replying to England's 416 all out,


the tourists were dismissed for 288. Captain Alastair Cook was unable


to bat after being hit They finished the day on 109-4,


a lead of 237. England lead the


three-match series 2-0. Finally, before we go Lewis Hamilton


beat Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg to pole position


for Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel


was third fastest, with Red Bull's Daniel


Ricciardo fourth. Large scale vegetable farming is not


something you would normally associate with cities,


but in the Netherlands a Scottish farmer has opened Europe's largest


urban farm in an abandoned factory. It started life as a television


and telephone factory, built for the electronics company


Philips back in the 1950s. When they moved out,


this building was left empty, The new residents


have just moved in. We are now seven


storeys above the city, we've escaped


from the exhaust fumes, and we are inside


a lush urban oasis. Surrounded by sweet-scented


tomatoes, silky aubergines, If you can be here


and smell and feel and see and taste


everything all at once, then you're totally consumed


with what you're doing. You're not just shoving a tomato


in your face The farm is designed


to be self sustainable They might not realise it,


but these are playing a vital role. The fish are doing


two things for us. They are producing fertiliser


for our plants, which is really important, because in the


city you don't have cows and pigs and sheep to produce nutrients,


so we do that with fish. is creates a source of protein


in the city as well. Mark's ambition is to supply


1000 families a week. His initial challenge will be


to convince those customers to swap their comparatively


cheap supermarket produce. I think it's a little bit


more expensive, therefore it really


has to differentiate itself from what we now already find


in the supermarkets. So it should be


ultra-fresh, ultra-tasty. And the other thing


is it has a hi-tech nature, therefore some consumers


will like this, but others will probably prefer the traditional


agriculture out in the field with light from the sun


and water from the rain. This enthusiastic chef was


the first to buy into the concept. If this pioneering project


is a success, the team are hoping to inspire people in places like


Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff to cultivate their own urban


farmlands in the sky. Anna Holligan, BBC News,


in The Hague. The solar-powered


plane, Solar Impulse, has completed the latest leg of it's


attempt to fly around the world. Here it is passing over the Statue


of Liberty in New York. The Swiss-made plane -


has a wingspan greater than a Jumbo It began its journey


in Abu Dhabi in March last year. A reminder of our main news: Police


in Marseille have intervened in street-fighting between football


supporters ahead of the European championship match


between England and Russia. Officers used tear gas and water


cannon to break up running Several people have been arrested,


one fan is reported to be in a critical condition. If you want more


on that story go to our website. More on the act as well. Thank you


for joining us. Goodbye for now.


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