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I'm Ros Atkins in Birstall, West Yorkshire, where an MP has died


after being shot in the street outside her consituency.


Jo Cox, a married mother-of-two and former aid worker,


was shot and stabbed by her attacker.


A 52-year-old man was arrested close to the scene.


He's been named locally as Tommy Mair.


This picture of Jo Cox was posted by her husband


Tributes are being paid at the highest level


We've lost a great star, she was a great campaigning MP,


huge compassion, with a big heart, and people are going to be very


Our other headlines: President Obama arrives in Florida


to offer his condolences to the relatives of the victims


Breakthrough as the cockpit voice recorder from the Egypt Air crash,


British political leaders have been paying tribute to Jo Cox,


a Member of Parliament who's been who's been killed


I win this as they sure shot and stabbed. -- eyewitnesses said she


was shot and stabbed. An elderly man was also injured


in the attack. All referendum campaigning


has been suspended The area behind me is cordoned off


and there are many people from the town are standing on the pavement in


the early evening sunshine are trying to comprehend the devastating


murder of their local MEP, Jo Cox. Jo Cox was attacked on a pavement


just in front of the local library just a few metres behind where I am


talking to you from. Let us begin with a story of what happened in


this report from the BBC's Ed Thomas. This morning, Birstall was


acquired Yorkshire town and now it is full of armoured police, fear and


unanswered questions. Why was the local MP, Jo Cox, shot and stabbed


in the middle of the day? I saw him up the gun out and then he went like


that with it fired a shot. This man watched the attack on his local MP.


It never crossed your mind that she would fall on the four, bleeding. Jo


Cox had been stabbed and shot. She was rushed to Leeds General


infirmary, but today at 5pm, West Yorkshire Police confirmed she had


died, despite the efforts to save a life. Just before 1pm today, Jo Cox


M P or the tags in market Street, Birstall. I am now sad to have to


report that she has died as a result of her injuries. My heart goes out


to Jo Cox's husband, Brendan, their two children and their family and


friends. The pain they must now be enduring is unimaginable. Our


thoughts and prayers are with them at this terrible time. Within


minutes of the attack, this footage was filmed close by. The BBC


understands that the man being arrested is: Tommy Mair. All day,


police forensic teams searched his home. Neighbours are struggling to


understand what has happened. Did you see him this morning? Yes. Did


he appear calm? Yes, you just walked straight past. He's normally quiet


person who likes gardening. Is he a friendly neighbour? A man of few


words, really. Jo Cox had only been an MEP for a year, but her


reputation was growing. Accessible and always willing to listen. Just


before the attack, she was in the local library talking and trying to


help the local constituents. She was very down-to-earth, a loving, caring


person. You could ask any question and she would answer you honestly.


She was lovely. Now, police need answers. Why did it happen? What was


the motivation? Tonight, Jo Cox's husband releases picture of his


wife. Not just an MEP, but also a mother to two young children, a


reminder of what has been taken. Well, Jo Cox had only been a member


of Parliament since the general election of 2015, but she had


already forged a formidable reputation. Here is the BBC's Carol


Walker. Jo Cox was 153 Labour MPs newly elected in 2015. She swiftly


made a name for herself as a rising star, is hugely popular. Friends and


colleagues of all parties are shocked and deeply saddened at the


news of her death. Tonight, the Prime Minister led the tributes.


This is tragic and a dreadful news and my thoughts are with her


husband, Brendan, and their two children and wider family. We have


lost a great star. She was a great campaigning MP with a huge com


passion, a big heart and people will be very, very sad at what has


happened. Dreadful, dreadful news. It is a year since Jo Cox was sworn


in as MP. Border raised locally, she had been to Cambridge and was the


first in a family to graduate from university. Before she entered


Parliament, Jo Cox was a passionate charity worker who once spent a


decade in a variety of roles with the aid agency Oxfam and at


Westminster, she continued to campaign on international


development and foreign policy. This is somebody who had spent her whole


career not in a bubble somewhere, but out in the field, working for


Oxfam and absolutely understanding how things work out there in the


real world. I share an office with the and Parliament will be a much


poorer place. She described herself as a proud Yorkshire lass. In


London, she lived with her husband and children on a barge on the


Thames. I will be zipping down to the House of Commons which is about


half an hour from where I live on a boat. From the outset, her honesty


and determination won her a huge amount of respect. I decided to


approach being an MEP with a decent, healthy chunk of cynicism. It is


very humbling. It's an amazing building, but I won't be


intimidated. Can the Prime Minister tell the house whether he thinks he


has led public opinion on the refugee crisis or followed it? Away


from Westminster, constituency surgeries and open meetings of an


essential part of the work of MPs. The referendum campaign was


surrendered -- suspended today as a mark of respect and several MPs have


said the tragic death of young and colleague must not be allowed to


harm the process of democracy. Well, as Carol has been telling us, Jo Cox


represented the constituency of Batley and a member of Parliament in


between 1983 and 1987 was Elizabeth Peacock and she is joining us live


now in a Birstall. Elizabeth, what are your emotions today? Looe-macro


great sadness, shock, I couldn't believe when I heard the radio this


afternoon. I had to stop my car and pull over, I just felt so sick. I


felt so sick of it could happen when a member of Parliament is going


about their business that she is elected to do, meet her constituents


and take up their problems or views on their behalf. It is a huge loss.


She was a bright, lively, very experienced and experienced in


different walks of life. She would have been a great asset to


Parliament. Europe is that the Conservatives, she ripped out of the


Labour Party, but it is striking today at how people across the


political spectrum helper her in such high regard. I think Parliament


does that, and politics does it. You wouldn't think so when you see what


is up in an hour over the referendum and people fighting almost. But


Parliament is like that, it comes together when something happens and


I can understand why everybody has, together to speak highly of her,


even though she had only been in Parliament for one year. She had


made her mark. I saw her make her maiden speech, she was presentable,


she made her speech well, it was well crafted. I was very impressed


and I sat down and wrote her a letter and said well done. A maiden


speech is quite awe-inspiring for the first time and she did write


back to me, so we were correspondence. But you don't


believe this tragedy. She was here in Birstall to hold a surgery which


is something that all MPs do on a regular basis. Would you ever think


about your safety when you did them? I didn't, but my husband reminded me


a couple of hours ago that we had about four occasions when the police


were needed to be in eye surgery, because they knew somebody who was


attending, so they were always hidden, I would not have them into


view, because people had to feel they could come and see me privately


and speak frankly. I held my surgeries in the library down the


road where she was today. If members of Parliament can't do that, then I


do believe they can fulfil their duties as a member of Parliament. I


was going to ask you about that. The zoomable, one of the core elements


of being a member of Parliament that you relished was in direct contact


with the people you're a present, whether they voted for you or not?


Yes, I made it clear. This being a Labour seat for 50 years, I made it


clear when I was elected that I represented everybody, not just the


people who voted for me and I reinforced that fairly regularly for


the first 12 months, because people thought that wouldn't happen and it


did and I didn't represent everybody. That is what she was


doing. Just a few metres away from us, flowers are starting to be laid.


How else would you like this town and this constituency to remember Jo


Cox? I think they will remember her, I'm not sure at this stage how, but


there is a service tonight in Saint Peter's church and I think there


will be others. So many people are still in shock. It is not easy to


think other than take flowers and that is just the start. There will


be a service, I am sure and people will remember her. She made her mark


in such a short time. , Elizabeth, thank you. Elizabeth Peacock was


member of this constituency between 1983 and 1997. Let us go live to Tom


Bateman in Westminster. I'm sure there has Libya model but the


conversations is the terrible news started to come through. Tell us


what you have heard from MPs? There is a rare moment in politics causes,


comes to a standstill and simply reflects. And here in Westminster


tonight, it is a mark of the magnitude of the events, but also


the shock, members of Parliament, politicians from across ability to


divide have been feeling about this. There was an impromptu vigil taking


place and getting under way at the moment in Parliament Square beneath


Big Ben where candles are being licked and flowers are beginning to


be laid. We've heard in the last few hours that flags will be lowered to


half-mast at Downing Street and Government departments and right


across Westminster. I think it is a sense of the way in which Jo Cox was


regarded, despite the fact she was a new MEP as we have been heard. She


was elected only last year, describing herself as a proud


Yorkshire lass and wanted to represent the seat in which she was


aboard. She media Limited mark in Parliament and it is striking the


number of MPs, but Conservative, Labour and across various colours


here in Westminster of different parties, the way in which people are


being being tribute. One called her outstanding. Another called a rising


star. And it was the work as a humanitarian aid worker before she


came to Parliament that helped her make her mark in that very short


time. She was the co-chair of the friends of Syria Parliamentary group


and took that fight about her concern for Syrian refugees to


Parliament. She felt passionately about it and she was noticed for it


in that short time she was an MP. Would I be right in thinking that


most MPs will go about their day-to-day work with no security? Is


it an issue that is often discussed? We have heard from at least one MP


tonight in the way -- about the way in which a decade ago, there was no


thoughts about security when it came to constituency surgeries. In the


last 16 years or so, there have been at least two incidents in which one


member of polymer was attacked and another in which an aide to a member


of polymer was attacked. I feel there's more conscious thought was


security. We now that MPs take some advice on the police about how to


hold their surgeries and the fact members of the public will be coming


in. We heard from one Conservative MP who was threatened by a


constituent and call the police and this person was found to have a


knife on him. I think it tells you about the fact that of course, when


people are meeting members of the public on a regular basis, some


level of risk, but it really hasn't been a concern I think until today


and I think that is why we have had such a shock that these appalling


events. You have to go back 20 years or more to find the last time an MP


was killed as the result of a criminal like so now was at the end


of the dark days of the Troubles of Northern Ireland, but there will be


focusing of mind is now about how MPs think about their security. Tom,


thank you for joining us from Westminster. Well, he in Birstall in


West Yorkshire, the local parish church will be holding a vigil for


Jo Cox. The Reverend Paul Knight spoke to me earlier on. She was


public, lively, determined to work for her community. A lovely person.


When you talk about politicians, they are divisive figure. But I've


heard nobody say anything negative about her character or personality,


regardless of their politics. I'm not aware of anything. As I say, she


was determined to help this community, individuals and groups


alike. People watching us all around the world, here in Birstall. Can you


tell us about the place? It is a community of 15,000 people, it has a


retail Park it has Jacobean houses and gardens. There was the major


factory and there are churches here. It is full of good, Yorkshire people


with good hearts. Here we are in the market. What would have been


happening here around lunchtime on the attack happened? It is market


today and that is one of the reasons Joe was here doing her surgery,


meeting people in the community. They have the market stalls set up


and they would have been doing all the different kind of things and


they, once a week and people come to it and the local shop around. Just


to explain to viewers, behind any of the local library and that is where


she would have been holding her surgery and meeting constituents?


Yes, it was advertised surgery and anybody could go along to speak to


her about whatever their concerns were. Just a moment ago, the record


all of 12-year-old girls staring through the cord and to where she


was attacked. It is hard to know what to say to them or any of the


other teenagers or kids who have been looking on are today. It is a


story that is hard to explain. Or to comprehend. So often we are talking


about gun crime in America, but when it comes into your own community,


the whole issues of life and death are brought home. And those of you


watching BBC News I must also remind you of you want to follow the story


on line, the BBC newsroom is winning a life page on the front of the BBC


News website and also the BBC News app. We will return to Birstall in a


few moments. Let's look at some of


the day's other news. In the last hour, President Obama


has arrived in Orlando to pay his respects to the victims


of Sunday's shootings 49 people were killed,


and some of the injured Our correspondent Laura Bicker has


been speaking to friends The people of Orlando are trying


to mend their broken hearts. # Forever he will reign,


my God is awesome.# I tried to talk to Luis


about what happened in the early hours of Sunday morning,


but he just couldn't I later discovered he lost


five of his friends. He lost five friends


in there This is a tragedy we never


thought would happen. This community is hurting and


the president is arriving to say he President Obama has seen


a more mass shooting during his tenure


than anyone before him. Orlando has the grim


notoriety of being There's a real need


the laughter amid the tears. A chance to forget, if just


for the moment. A waiter at this gay-owned


restaurant used to DJ at the Pulse. He is overwhelmed by the level


of support he has received. And now everyone is


throwing rainbows out One act of violence


does not And sometimes, just sometimes,


it can help people realise they have The Egyptian team investigating last


month's airliner crash in the Mediterranean say they have


recovered the plane's The search team said the instrument


had been damaged but its The Egyptair flight came down


during a flight from Paris to Cairo. Sally Nabil has been telling us


what it means for Yes actually, this is a major


breakthrough in the search What we understand now


is that the black box has been retrieved and will be transferred


from the search vessel in the Mediterranean to the Egyptian


coastal city of Alexandria where it will be picked up by members


of the investigation committee. After they receive it,


they will start analysing the data stored


on the voice recorder. The statement issued


by the committee a short while ago did not say how long this analysis


is expected to take. It did not say if the


recorder will have to be transferred outside Egypt where


there are people who can specialise The investigators now


have a much better clue into what exactly happened


and caused this plane to crash. Perhaps the black box will not say


exactly what caused the plane to crash into


the Mediterranean but at least it will lead the investigation team


in a much better direction so they can find out what was the reason


behind this tragic plane crash. Last night as well


the search vessel managed wreckage and we understand


the search teams are drawing a map of the wreckage which has been


spotted in different areas of the


Mediterranean. Both sides in the European


referendum have suspended their campaigns after a British MP


was shot and critically wounded in her constituency


in the north of England. Back to my colleague


Ros Atkins is near the scene of the attack in Birstall,


West Yorkshire. There is disbelief and all around me


are TV news reporters, but also groups of locals talking to each


other, some of them eating pizza, all of them trying to comprehend


what took place just behind where I'm speaking to you from, because in


front of the local library where Jo Cox was going to be holding a


surgery to meet constituents and hear about their concerns, she was


attacked. She was shot and she was stabbed and she subsequently died of


her injuries. Well, Jo Cox represented the opposition Labour


Party. Its leader is Jeremy Corbyn and he has been paying tribute to


her. The whole of the Labour family are devastated to night. Jo Cox has


been killed doing her duty, her work as a constituency MP. She is


somebody who dedicated her life to human rights and justice. She worked


for anti-slavery campaigns, she worked for Oxfam and she became an


MEP for the area where she was born and grew up and loved. -- MP. In


polymer, she was respected across the house is somebody with deep


commitment and passion for human rights and justice. Sadly, today,


she died. She was killed on the streets of her constituency, doing


her duty as a local member of Parliament, helping people. She


leaves behind a husband, a wonderful man who, likewise, spends his life


campaigning for human rights and justice. And she leaves behind two


young children. Two young children who will never grow up to see their


mother again. They can be proud of what she was, they can be proud of


what she did and they can be very proud of everything that she stood


for. We come together at a time like this to support the family and to


mourn. And also to reflect that the violence is not an answer to


anything. We need to come together and express our deepest condolences


to Jo Cox and her family. We've lost a wonderful woman. We've lost a


wonderful member of Parliament. But our democracy will go on. Her work


will go on as we mourn her memory, we will work in her memory to


achieve that better world she spent her life trying to achieve. Earlier


in the afternoon, Jo Cox's husband, Brendan, posted a picture of her in


London and then a couple of hours later, he released a statement in


which she talked about her zest for life and the joy and love that he


brought in to his family's life and he repeatedly emphasised the need to


bring up their children with the love which she showed them and he


reiterated his commitment to doing that. Meanwhile, the police have not


commented in any way on a possible motivation for this attack. They


have both said they are not looking for anyone else as part of their


investigation. Remember, they are already holding a 52-year-old man


who was arrested shortly after the attack. I will also remind you that


if you online as you are watching the coverage here on television, you


can get a life page from the BBC newsroom which has collected all the


very latest information on the story. You can get that through the


BBC News app or through the BBC News website. The main story here from


Birstall in a west Yorkshire is that this town's local member of


Parliament has been killed. Stabbed and shot in the street.


Good evening. Scotland and Northern Ireland have


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