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This is BBC World News Today with me, Chris Rogers.


Mission to Mars - scientists send a space probe to the Red Planet.


But they're still waiting to hear whether it's touched


This was the scene at mission control as the mothership went


into orbit around the planet - but a tiny robot probe dispatched


to the surface has yet to make contact.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet in Las Vegas in just a few


hours' time for their third and final presidential TV debate.


Thousands of Iraqi refugees from around Mosul on the move.


As the fight to retake the city intensifies, we'll have a report


We've been coming under heavy fire driving up this road. We had to


reverse rapidly. The vehicle got stuck.


We talk to the man who's letter to the terrorists moved


and he coped with grief by writing more.


Scientist believe they have successfully put a new satellite


into orbit around Mars, and soon they'll learn


whether they've also landed a small craft on the planet's surface.


In a joint mission with Russia, the European Space Agency is testing


out a new landing system ahead of a bigger venture in four years'


The probe has travelled more than 300 million miles on a journey


When it entered Mars' atmosphere, it was travelling


That's nearly 21,000 kilometres an hour.


Our Science Editor, David Shukman, filed this report


Nervous times in mission control. Flight engineers wondering why the


signal from their spacecraft suddenly stopped a minute before


landing. We expected it to continue. Clearly, it did not stop what they


had managed to get an orbiting spacecraft to so-called Mars, but


the lander is key. The tantalising question is whether the great


canyons and craters scarring the surface of Mars might not be as


barren as they look. So this mission is testing new ways


of getting there. An animation shows how the lander


is ejected from an orbiter. A heat shield to cope


with the Martian atmosphere. The parachute deploying


at just the right time, With the final drop


onto the surface. This is a replica of the lander,


it's about the same size. It looks like something out


of Doctor Who, but it is designed to pave the way to a new


understanding of Mars. A lot can be learned by orbiting


Mars. But the key to the search


for life is landing. It's the door to future exploration,


if the door to getting people And if you want to search for signs


of life and find them physically, you've got to get down


to the surface and do it. The plan is to follow today's


mission with a robotic rover It's possible there used to be life


on Mars and maybe there still is. All this is very poignant


for British science. Remember the Beagle II


spacecraft and its charismatic His mission to Mars


in 2003 didn't work. He died two years ago,


but his legacy lives on. For us, I think we've got a great


sense of pride that actually the legacy dad left behind is not


necessarily Beagle 2-macro Amir instruments and technology, but the


fact that he was so inspirational to the people currently involved in


these missions. The big puzzle is whether we are


alone in the universe. And each mission to Mars takes us


closer to the answer. Our Science Correspondent


Pallab Ghosh joins us now Celebrations, but not quite out of


the woods yet? Not out of the woods because we don't know what's


happened to the lander. I have to say at the moment it's not looking


good for a successful landing. We've had 2-macro separate methods to try


and confirm that it landed safely. Neither have confirmed that. Were


expecting another tranche of data in about an hour's time. We'll have a


clearer idea of what happened. With me to talk through what might or


might not happened is a scientist. Can you tell me where we are with


the lander? We lost transmission about a minute before it landed. Did


it landed successfully, or did it crash land? As you said, we don't


know yet precisely. What happened was that when the lander enters the


atmosphere, it sends out a signal which was monitored by a radio Ray


in India. The signal was weak. This was an experimental test to see


whether we can do that. That indeed was where we lost the transition at


some point. It was unclear whether it was just a weak signal. We now


have had the same signal transmitted to us by our Mars express orbiter


and the data is inconclusive. So we just don't know. We will know when


we have contact with another American spacecraft. We are seeing


celebrations of the successful insertion of the orbiter. But you're


saying that the results from the Mars express orbiter, the stronger


signal, was inconclusive. What do you mean by that? The signal, you


have certain expectations of what you want to see. But we do this is


the first time. We may simply not be understanding the data properly and


that's why we really have too wait of the signal by the American


orbiter. You're hoping that you'll even find out what it landed


successfully. If it hasn't, it really isn't looking good? If we


don't get a signal from the lander then the lander is not functioning


properly. But let's be positive, we still have some time and also the


orbiter works apparently very nicely. Thank you very much. So


still an anxious wait. We'll have more for you in an hour or so. In


the meantime, everyone here is firmly crossing their fingers. Back


to use. So are we. We want to report some good news in an hour. Thank you


for that. If the first two were anything to go


by, this last US presidential debate between Donald Trump


and Hillary Clinton will see yet With three weeks to go,


the final head to head encounter in Las Vegas in a few hours' time


is an opportunity for Donald Trump to reverse the recent losses


he's had in the polls. The BBC poll of polls currently


gives Hillary Clinton Here's our North America


Editor, Jon Sopel. This is a city where you can win big


and invariably, lose even bigger. Most things that Donald Trump has


touched have turned to gold. But in this presidential race,


he has started to fall behind. And whisper it quietly,


he might end up the loser. So tonight, in the final debate,


Donald Trump like never Does he gamble on a scorched earth


policy in an attempt to drag Or does he try to look presidential,


calm and measured, and put his chips Hi, my name is Maria,


I'm a volunteer at the Nevada And this is where Hillary Clinton


is better resourced I was calling to see


if we still have your support More field offices, more staff,


and in South Nevada alone, they have registered more


than 150,000 more Democratic voters than the Trump


campaign have Republicans. The next three weeks


will yield more conversations with voters around the country,


more knocking on doors, more phone calls, more volunteers


getting out the vote. And really the excitement


of the electorate, who are continuing to tune in more


and more every day. This is one of Donald Trump's


only offices in Nevada. His campaign team never


returned our calls. But we caught up with his supporters


downtown as they waited They may not have infrastructure,


but they have a mass Every time I've gone


to any type of rally, They're showing up because


there is a round game. He is not getting a fair shake,


and that is why I'm here. He is going to change our country,


he is going to do really Moments after that, Donald Trump's


convoy swept into the hotel. He needs a small miracle tonight


to turn things round. But Nevada is full of people


convinced their luck We can all have a lot of fun with


the cliches around it being held in Las Vegas, the place where people


gamble. We heard a reporter say there is big winners and big losers.


But actually, this is really serious. Mr Trump has really got to


try and turn things around night. Yes, he really does. This is his


last chance to try to turn around his campaign. His last opportunity


to be on a national stage speaking to millions of voters across the


country. Not just those of his supporters who show up at his


rallies, but millions of Americans who will be tuning into this debate


tonight. We don't expect that the number of people tuning in will be


as high as in the first debate, which set a record with 84 million


people. But still there is a lot at stake. And for Hillary Clinton, this


is an opportunity to try to close the deal. Donald Trump has had a


rough ten days, but she has also had to battle back against all these


e-mails that are coming out. E-mails that were hacked from her campaign


manager's account that shows some of the inner workings of the campaign.


If she weren't running against someone like Donald Trump, who has


had his own troubles, she would be having a harder time as well in this


portion of the election cycle. But she is, on average, nine points


ahead in most polls. She is crucially ahead in battle ground


states, even making inroads in traditionally Republican states like


Arizona. For her tonight it is about closing the deal and putting forward


a positive vision, not just telling people not to vote for Trump.


Briefly, how much should we read into these polls? We know there are


undecided voters. We also know there are possibly silent Trump voters as


well he won't want to admit that they are putting the Donald Trump.


That is the big unknown. Of course, the Clinton campaign will be looking


closely at that. Donald Trump says that he has a lot of enthusiasm on


his site. That he will bring out a lot of new voters to the polls as


well. But his allegations that the system is rigged, that the election


is rigged, is also risking to depress voter turnout which is a


problem for both candidates. Kim, you are in for an interesting night


tonight. Much more from youth rugby next two hours no doubt in Las


Vegas. -- much more from you throughout the


next 2-macro hours. You can see the third Presidential


debate live from Las Vegas There's also plenty of campaign


analysis on our website. One article looks at whether a US


election could be rigged Thousands have escaped the city


and surrounding area, since a major Iraqi offensive


against so called Islamic State militants got under way


three days ago. And the numbers are only


going to increase - with the UN preparing for,


what they fear could be the biggest man-made humanitarian


crisis in recent times Our correspondent Jonathan Beale has


been with an Iraqi rapid reaction unit and sent this report


from near the town of Qayyarah. There was a brief pause and a chance


to regroup before the Iraqi army Around 70 villages still have


to be cleared before We travelled with General Abbas


as he prepared to advance. So-called Islamic State or Daesh


fighters, had already been spotted. I'm going to put my troops


to the left side After that the coalition forces


will attack these guys Our goal is to let


the citizens be safe. Three suicide truck bombs


were approaching at speed. They put their foot down,


taking evasive manoeuvres. Two attackers never


reached their target. The Iraqi army finished off


the third. Are you worried about


truck bombs, the threat I will be ready,


because they are my men. Reinforcements arrived with reports


of more Islamic State While some of them were killed,


most managed to escape. Back on the move, but it wasn't long


before we were halted in our tracks. There were repeated


harrying attacks. In one afternoon, they had barely


moved forward a mile. And the fight is expected to be much


tougher in Mosul, As we hastily pulled back,


our Humvee crashed. We have been coming under heavy


fire, we have been travelling up The vehicle got stuck and we had


to come running back Our stranded Humvee and a trail


of destruction suggests this Our correspondent Richard Galpin


is in the Iraqi army's airbase in Qayarrah itself -


south of of Mosul. He explained that the Iraqi army is


making slow but steady progress. What we know is that the Iraqi army,


this is the operations command here at this base. Obviously a lot of


troops around here and a lot of equipment, although most have gone


up north from the road towards Mosul. We know that the Iraqi army


had been pushing this offensive. They've been trying to move further


up those roads towards the city. Certainly one of my colleagues was


with one Iraqi army unit there. They came under pretty fierce fire. The


Islamic State militants were using mortars and rocket as well as


machine guns. And there was panic at one stage when the soldiers believed


that three vehicles which have suddenly appeared from a village


nearby were driving toward them. They assumed that they were suicide


bombers and panicked and started to run away. Obviously, that will be of


concern for the Iraqi command if that kind of incident is repeated.


What the Iraqi army is saying officially is that they are making


slow, steady progress up the road towards most. Right let's have a


look at some other news. The UK Government has ruled out


using dental checks to verify the age of child migrants


arriving from Calais. There is concern that some of those


entering Britain are adults. A call from the conservative British


politician David Davies to carry our dental checks


to establish their age had been Indonesia's President


says his government's new policy of chemically castrating paedophiles


could "wipe out" sex crimes. Speaking exclusively to the BBC,


Joko Widodo said he respected human rights, but there could be no


compromise when it came In the first case of its kind


at the International Criminal Court, the former Congolese Vice President


Jean-Pierre Bemba has been found guilty of bribing witnesses


at his war crimes trial. Judges ruled that Mr Bemba and four


of his aides offered money and other inducements to fourteen witnesses


and coached them in what to say In Hong Kong pro-Beijing politicians


blocked the swearing in of two new lawmakers who want a split


from China, the latest incident in an increasingly


divided parliament. It comes as fears grow


in the semi-autonomous city that Danny Vincent reports -


and just a warning, there is some Another week, another Hong Kong


swearing in ceremony. Last week, three lawmakers both to the


government were rejected. Today was their second chance to pledge their


allegiance. -- lawmakers' oath is. Today, instead, chaos ensued. This


time, a mass walk-out triggering the end of the session. Inside, a mini


parliament was paralysed. The one who should apologise to the


whole of Hong Kong should be the pro-Beijing campus. Because they're


the ones who are be -- who are betraying Hong Kong. Last week, the


activists used the swearing in ceremony at the state-run protests.


Today, a protest against the would-be lawmakers. TRANSLATION:


They can't be our legislators because they are the running dogs of


Japan. We are China. The way they called China is an insult to China


and the people living in Hong Kong. It is an insult to the 1.3 billion


Hong Kong people. Hong Kong is moving into new political territory.


Some want more independence from the Beijing government. Others see


China's rise as an opportunity for Hong Kong. They really have gone too


far. They owe us an apology. I think they provoke a lot of Hong Kong


people and also they are simply provoking Chinese people. They do


owe us an apology. Fournel, Hong Kong is in the middle of a political


deadlock. Two weeks, two suspensions of the council and the future of two


political activist hangs in the balance.


300 years ago, the first Russian Orthodox church


This week, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church,


Patriarch Kirill, travelled to the UK to mark the anniversary.


He is a controversial figure and a strong supporter


of President Putin -calling his tenure a "miracle of god".


While in the UK, he'll be meeting Queen Elizabeth.


It's almost a year since the world watched in horror


In the aftermath, the words of one man seemed to capture


His wife, Helene, died in the Bataclan theatre.


His letter, addressed to the attackers, titled


You Will Not Have My Hate was viewed by tens


He discussed his new book and the impact of that letter


with our Europe Correspondent - Damian Grammaticas.


On Friday night you stole away the life of an exceptional being.


The love of my life, the mother of my son.


I do not know who you are and I don't want to know.


Today, Antoine Leiris remains defiant, dignified,


For me it is the only way to not fall in craziness.


Yes, sometimes it's difficult, sometimes hate comes and knocks


on my door and says hey, I'm there, and simple,


You can go with me, it will be easier for you.


But I just let her out of our house and yes, I think it was


How he dealt with the loss of his wife Helene at the Bataclan.


When you close a dead person's eyes, you give them back a little


She looks like the woman I watched wake-up each morning.


I want to lie next to her languorous body, warm her up, tell her she's


It was like the walls of my room when I was alone were


And I was like suffocating, but writing was an open door


So writing has been Antoine's escape.


A way to keep alive his connection with his wife.


He buried Helene here in Montmartre and while he bears no hatred


towards her killers, there is one thing Antoine has


Because it's a connection to your wife?


Because it's a testimony, like even a physical


You felt it inside you, very strongly.


If the testimony of how I loved Helene.


That's all from the programme. Next, the weather.


That's all from the programme. Next, the weather.


There is a slow evolution in the weather pattern at the moment,


rather than radical


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