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A political crisis grips Poland over limits on press freedom.


In Poland demonstrators block the parliament in the capital.


The Prime Minister calls it scandalous.


China tells the United States, stop spying around our coast,


Thousands of Syrians wait in freezing conditions


for a new deal to evacuate eastern Aleppo.


And tributes to Henry Heimlich, the man who invented the technique


thought to have saved thousands from choking.


A political crisis is taking hold in Poland


Thousands of people have taken to the streets to show their anger


at Government plans to limit media access to parliament.


Here's the live scene outside parliament in Warsaw.


Demonstrators, with flags are blocking the entrance


They say the media freedom is being threatened.


In the last couple of hours, Poland's prime


She says the protests are scandalous.


The demonstrations have continued into a second day was no sign of it,


right. -- with no sign of compromise.


TRANSLATION: I am here because I love Poland, freedom and democracy.


I want Scotland to be free and democratic. I will not give back


democracy. -- I want Poland to be free and democratic. Opposition MPs


crisis session to a halt, brandishing signs that said, free


media and Parliament. They were protesting against the Government's


plan to restrict journalist access to the building.


TRANSLATION: The journalists will have to sit outside of the


parliament. They will not be able to film the MPs. There will just be a


few chosen correspondence. It calls into question the future of our


work. TRANSLATION: Reporters access to the


parliament Hall will not be limited. What is being practised in many


parliaments around the world will be practised. Limiting the reporters


access to parliaments in either parliaments, including in Europe,


are far more far-reaching. Governing lawmakers eventually went to another


and continued recession. -- continue their session. Outside, thousands


gathered to protest, chanting, we will not give back democracy.


Protesters later blocked the parliaments's boating entrance.


Police officers forcibly removed them. It was called an illegal


attempt to seize power. Let's speak to as the Eastern. The Prime


Minister has been speaking in the last few hours and she is not happy


with the protests. She's not. She's particularly not happy with the


sitting by the other MPs. She called that scandalous. She said that


essentially the opposition is leading the protesters and sprinting


polls against one another. -- rating Polish people against one another.


Promoting conflict in society. Its -- its vertices that they have


popularity amongst the country but there are some opposition Polish


people that seizes particular issue of restricting access to the


parliament building as part of the administration's attempt to roll


back democratic values. They are holding an unprecedented review into


the Polish Government's attempt to neuter the top court. They are


considering whether that will constitute a serious breach of the


law. This has been a year of protests on almost a monthly basis.


That is by the opposition and liberal minded polls. They say that


they have a very strong mandate to introduce serious reform. They say


that they have a lot of support. How unusual is that there has been an


individual in this loan and that she says that this has been a threat to


democracy? Yes, she it to the lack of access to information indignity


ships. -- in dictatorships. He was in a conference. It is reaffirmed to


make statements about domestic politics since he's been the


president of the repealing Council. It is a significant statement.


Having said that, he is the arch enemy of the head of the governing


Law and Justice. He is considered to be the man who wield ultimate power


in this country. There is no love lost between the stable. It is not


surprising that he would make these comments. Thank you very much.


China has told the United States to end spying operations


near its coastline, in a worsening dispute about an underwater drone.


A Chinese naval vessel took the American drone when it was off


But The US President-elect, Donald Trump has already pitched in,


tweeting to say China's actions are unprecedented.


What happened on Thursday is that China intercepted an unmanned drone


that the United States survey ship was just about to collect, off the


coast of the Philippines. It was hundreds of commanders from the


Chinese mainland. On Saturday morning, China admitted that they


had taken the drawn when the states asked for it to be given back. The


Ministry of Defence, in China, issued a statement saying that the


Americans have been carrying out this activity for some time. They


don't want any surveillance reconnaissance activities taking


place off the Chinese coast. What does this say about US and China


relations at the moment? China are testing Donald Trump. Effectively,


China wants to control the south China Sea. It has great territorial


claims that. Since the Second World War, America has been the dominant


paradigm. China is testing American reactions. It is saying that it can


intercept and acts on what you are doing if we see fit to do so. They


are pushing back at Donald Trump, trying to test has reaction. Does


this have anything to do with the row over Taiwan over the last few


weeks? Yes, Donald Trump already indicated that when he becomes


president, she might change the policy with China. They have up


until now acknowledged that Taiwan is part of China. Donald Trump


accepted a phone call from the president of Taiwan. That made China


angry. China is saying that they boards take this lying down. They


are saying, this is a recording of you and these are our core


interests. We will push back. -- this is our core area and these are


our core interests. What are the consequences? It would have serious


consequences but it is the Chinese Government saying to the United


States, we have here, we're powerful, we have own interests and


you'd better be aware of those when you get into power, Donald Trump.


Turkey is under attack from terror organisations -


that's the claim by the country's President


This time 13 military personnel died in an explosion


which the Government is blaming on Kurdish militants.


The blast was aimed at a bus in the central city of Kayseri,


The Prime Minister said a suicide bomber struck the bus carrying


The latest target in Turkey's wave of terror.


It was hit this morning as it waited at a traffic light


a suicide bomber pulling up in a car.


On board were off duty soldiers, enjoying their weekend leave,


Some of the wounded were taken to intensive care


Kayseri, a largely peaceful industrial city


It is a week since Turkey's last attack.


Twin bombs in Istanbul that killed 44 and injured dozens,


Kurdish militants said they were behind those blasts


and the PKK, again the prime suspects today.


President Erdogan referring to them as he blamed the


Kurdish militants have hit police and military over the year


since the ceasefire with the Turkish state broke down.


So-called Islamic State have bombed Turkey but have tended to strike


Arguably the most turbulent year in Turkey's history has


as Turks ask which corner is really safe from the violence?


In neighbouring Syria both the Government and rebels say


details are being worked out on a new deal to allow more people


Thousands of civilians and fighters are waiting in freezing conditions.


The evacuations were suspended on Friday after both


sides accused the other of breaching the ceasefire.


Here's our correspondent in neighbouring Lebanon Lina Sinjab,


on what we know about the evacuation.


An agreement has been reached between the government


and the opposition on resuming the evacuation.


Of course, the Syrian government has put priority to evacuate


loyalists to President Assad from the Shi'ite villages


The details are the ones that are difficult in


The Syrian government made it clear that first,


we will evacuate the loyalists to President Assad and then


Now, we've learned from the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights that


more than 20 buses have actually departed the city of Aleppo.


But then there were disputes, disagreements on how many people


The government wanted 4000, but the Syrian Observatory said


the numbers have been dropped to 1500.


We're still waiting to see the actual evacuation of people


from Fua and Kefraya, who are not living in conditions


that are comparable to the residents of Eastern Aleppo,


And since yesterday, since the evacuation was on hold,


they've been out in the cold waiting to be evacuated.


Many children, women, elderly and wounded as well,


in really difficult conditions, waiting to leave.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come:


Thousands gather in Ohio to pay tribute to American


space legend John Glenn, who died last week aged 95.


After eight months on the run, Saddam Hussein has been captured.


Saddam Hussein is finished. He killed our people and our women and


children. They brought a formal end to three and a half years of


conflict. Conflict that has claimed more than 200,000 lives. Before an


audience of voltages, the president is put their names to a peace


agreement. -- an audience of world leaders. The mania has cut itself


off from the outside world. This is in order to prevent the details of


the presumed massacre of looking at. The Lewinsky affair has guaranteed


Bill Clinton's place in history as only the second president ever to be


impeached. In Poland demonstrators block


the parliament in the capital. The Prime Minister


calls it scandalous. China tells the United States stop


spying around our coast Pollution in the Chinese capital,


Beijing, has reached ten times the level considered safe


by the World Health Organisation. That's on the first day


of a five-day smog alert which will see traffic restrictions


and other measures aimed To give you an idea of the scale


of the problem, these are air quality readings taken


at the top of the American As you can see, pollution


there has been building up. They have already reached


hazardous levels today. Friday evening in northern China.


Police enforce a ban on vehicles, taking half of them off the streets.


According to an even, odd number plate system. Earlier, factories,


schools and construction sites were ordered to close. The measures


followed the first modern red alert and will last five days. They have


prompted mixed reactions from the distance.


TRANSLATION: If the situation is really that bad, it is good to


implement measures like suspending skill classes and vehicles. It is


good for the physical and mental public health.


TRANSLATION: I don't quite agree with Rogic this kind of their too


often. It brings in a lot of trouble to our daily light. It is difficult


for people and makes it difficult to make Christmas. -- to make


arrangements. TRANSLATION: Going out is


inconvenient. I will just take a rest and not go outside. Some 20


cities across China are adopting similar measures. Religion is an


issue of increasing public concern in the world's's second-largest


economy. Pollution is annexed issue. There is -- pollution is an


increasing issue. Let's go to import them.


Chelsea have stretched their lead at the top of the Premier League


to nine points after a one nil victory at Crystal Palace.


The result was Chelsea's 11th win in a row under


manager Antonio Conte - equalling their club record.


Diego Costa got the crucial goal just before half time.


Chelsea have gone on to win the Premier League every time


they've been top of the table at Christmas.


That's what are going to be this year. My players are deserving this.


I see them every day every single moment they are committed. The way


that we prepare, the way that they fight in every game and its


syntactic. I think that we can improve. I am pleased for the fans.


It looks like Chelsea's former manager Jose Mourinho is beginning


to turn things round at Manchester United.


They're now level on points with fifth place Spurs after a 2-nil


Both goals were scored by former Swedish international


When he decided to come to England to the most difficult championship


in the world, I think he's proved that he is Superman in his


mentality. He is doing fantastic. What he's doing at the age of 35 is


a for everyone at 25, every striker of 25 to arrive in the Premier


League and impressed and with that he is doing.


Elsewhere, there were wins for Middlesbrough, Sunderland


and West Ham Leicester came from behind to force a draw at Stoke


despite having Jamie Vardy sent off midway through the first half.


England are still in with a reasonable chance of a consolation


They recovered from a poor start to the second day in Chennai


to reach 477-477 all out - debutante Liam Dawson


and Adil Rashid both making half centuries.


In reply, India were 60 without loss at the close of play.


I didn't expect the call up. I was very happy to get it and to do well.


66, not out in your first innings, terrific. Tell us about your nerves.


May one 20 balls were nervous. I think that is natural. Any player


would go through that. After that, you can relax. Thankfully, I got to


that point. Rafa Nadal has turned to fellow


Mallorcan Carlos Moya in an attempt Moya is also a former world number


one and will join team Nadal, Moya will work alongside Rafa's


uncle Toni and Francis Roig. The Spaniard withdrew


from the French Open and missed But he finished the season


ninth in the rankings. Former world champion boxer


Bernard Hopkins will enter the ring for what he says will be the last


time later today - at the age of 51. The Executioner faces Joe Smith


Junior in a light heavyweight bout. Here he is at the weigh-in,


not in bad shape for a man who's He holds the record for the oldest


man to win a world title - that was when he was 46 and again


at 48 in a unification bout. Hopkins made his professional debut


in 1988 - before his The fight in Los Angeles


will be his 65th. the crash that killed most


of his team in Colombia last month says he changed


seats at the last minute. Alan Ruschel says a team mate


encouraged him to sit beside him. The Chapecoense player


is recovering from a back injury but says he hopes


to play football again. TRANSLATION: When we arrived in


Bolivia, we were going to take the chartered flight. Our football


director asked as to move to the front of the plane. I was sitting


more to the back and he asked me to move to the front so that the


journalists could sit at the back. At the time, I didn't want to move.


Then I saw over goalkeeper who insisted I sit next to him. I left


the back seat and sat with him. That's what I can remember. A very


emotional survivor of the Colombian plane crash.


Henry Heimlich, the man who gave his name to a technique


he created to save choking victims, has died at the age of 96


He came up with the Heimlich manoeuvre in 1974.


It's believed to have saved the lives of thousands of choking


David Campanale looks back at his life.


Doctor Henry J Heimlich. His name will be forever linked with saving


lives. Doctor Henry Heimlich, seen here giving a 1970s education videos


shown across America at the time, demonstrates the anti-choking


techniques that he had recently created. Still effective today, the


Heimlich manoeuvre has saved countless lives. The traitor should


millions how to do it. He came up with the technique after reading


about the amount of people killed by talking on food. -- the inventor


showed millions hardwood. He had to do it for the first time in a kiln.


She was sitting on a chair and turned around so that her back would


be exposed. I put my arms around her and pressed on the abdomen below the


rib cage and did three conversions. She just started breeding. --


started breathing. This patient was thankful to be alive. The next thing


I knew, I couldn't squeeze. When I bought my thank you note, I said,


God puts me in that seat next to you so that you could save my life.


Anyone can be a key role with the Heimlich manoeuvre. It requires no


equipment and only minimal training. She's never had to do it in real


life and I think it's amazing that this circumstance happened that he


got to perform it. For any artistic should all strive to be able to get


up and react and perform a first it never is impressive, but for the guy


who invested to do it is incredible. In a statement, the family said that


he had saved untold numbers of lives using what they called common sense


procedures. A public more real service was held


on the campus of Ohio State University for John Glenn. This is


the state capital. This is where he toured during the latter part of his


life. It can solve two days of public events that commemorated him.


He was the first American to orbit Earth. He was described by Nasa as a


true American hero. He was also the first senior citizen to venture into


safe. The Polish Prime Minister Beata


Szydlo has strongly condemned opposition protests against what it


says are restrictions on the media. She said people were free


to demonstrate, but she called her The opposition is blocking


parliament over plans


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