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The White House says President Trump is not worried about what his former


aide might reveal if he talks to investigators examining his links to


Russia. He believes he should testify and thinks he should go up


there and do what he has to do to get the story out. Guidelines issued


for the EU's Brexit strategy, it was the UK of tough times. A sweeping


probe into tax evasion with paintings, gold and agility seized


in coordinated raids. -- and jewellery.


Welcome. The White House says President Trump believes Michael


Flynn should be able to tell his story to congressional committee is


conducting investigations into Russia's interference in the


presidential election. The American president described the hearings as


a witchhunt and in a briefing his spokesperson said the White House


was not worried about what it might reveal.


He believes Michael Flynn should testify and thinks he should go up


there and do what he has to do to get the story out. With or without


immunity? That is up to him and his lawyer to decide. I will not give


anyone legal advice from the podium but the view of the president is he


should testify. But the president gave legal advice from his Twitter


account. You said in the past the only reason to ask for immunity is


that we have done something wrong. Go get it out there, the president


says. Google just have to do and tell everyone what we have been


saying for a long time. -- go out there. If you realise what the


president is doing as he is saying do what you have to do to make it


clear what happened and segment of a precaution you want or however your


legal counsel advises you. My colleague in Washington told me


the White House will not want to appear nervous about what Michael


Flynn is saying. Whether they are awarded privately or not, they need


to appear they are comfortable with them testifying. He was a senior


adviser to Donald Trump throughout the campaign and serve as head of


his national security Council. Only for a few weeks but it is still a


top-level positions so I do not think they want to put forward an


appearance they are worried. Although I think there is


significant concern. Sean Spicer was not going to be


dragged into the question of immunity but the top Democrat on the


house intelligence committee was saying this is the grave and


momentous step for the former security adviser to ask for


immunity. Michael Flynn's lawyer said he has a


story to tell and they want at story to give out there. What story that


is why he wants to tell it is the big question. He might be seeking


immunity to insulate himself from questions of perjury before the FBI


when they asked about his contacts with the Russian ambassador or it


could be to insulate himself against an investigation into his lobbying


efforts on behalf of foreign dignitaries and officials which he


may or may not have disclosed. Or it could be key has information about


ties between the trunk campaign and Russian officials, that is what


Frank's enemies hoped for but we have no idea what people say yet. --


that is what Donald Trump's enemies hoped. We do not know if he drank --


will be granted that immunity but the fact it has became public like


this suggest it will not be granted because this will be happening


behind the scenes. Can we at least know when people testified?


According to the Senate committee he is one of the people they want to


talk to, not necessarily in front of the full-time committee but this is


an ongoing process and no date has been set. The committee has a


believes some of the planned hearings so I think we can speculate


it will be in the coming months but there is no certain date yet.


When the British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered the UK's


departure from the EU two days ago she stressed Britain was keen on a


trade deal to protect its exports from tariffs. Today the EU responded


and in draft guidelines for negotiations they ruled out trade


talks before outstanding issues were cleared up. Speaking in Malta Donald


Tusk made citizens' write a top priority. -- citizens' rates.


After all the shadow-boxing, now coming into focus


They are guidelines for now, but Donald Tusk made clear the EU


will insist the UK sorts out its exit arrangements first.


So an outline agreement on citizens rights, on financial liabilities,


progress on the withdrawal, can we discuss the framework


Starting parallel talks on all issues at the same time,


as suggested by some in the UK, will not happen.


So the EU is explicitly rejecting Theresa May's position.


No trade talks at first, future ties only outlined during a second


No special access for industries like cars and banking.


The EU excludes a sector by sector approach to its single market,


and the transition would be under EU rules, UK required to accept


Transition periods mean that you are still a member,


or at least you still have access to a membership situation.


If you have such an access, it is obvious, it goes without saying,


that the institutions would have all agreed upon the need


There have been months of preparations and lobbying to draw


UK citizens living in the EU, EU citizens living in the UK worried


about losing their rights, met the EU's chief negotiator.


They are the top priority in the exit deal.


Ireland has been pressing its case about the Irish border,


Gibraltar is a surprise inclusion as a result of Spanish lobbying.


The EU says no future trade deal can apply to Gibraltar


This will require the agreement of 27 members.


If that was a shock for the Foreign Secretary,


he didn't show it as he arrived for a meeting at Nato HQ.


He sought to calm fears the UK might Thai security into the deal.


The security of this region, Europe, is unconditional.


It is not some bargaining chip in any negotiations that may be


taking place elsewhere in this capital.


Now Article 50 has been triggered, it is the EU who can determine


They want to control not just the sequence,


One day into negotiations and there are all the tensions over this


document. They relate to Gibraltar, and overseas British territory on


the Spanish mainland the rule of which has been long contested by


Madrid. Britain's future deal will not apply to Gibraltar without the


consent of Spain. Gibraltar's Chief Minister says this is unacceptable


and I asked him if he was surprised by this move by Spain.


I am not surprised by it at all but what I am saying it is unacceptable


to see it singled out in the week has been in the draft. The four


surviving Chief ministers of Gibraltar, including myself, warned


during the referendum this is what we could expect to see if the result


was to leave. I appreciate that but given Spain has wanted this for a


long time, there was always going to be a high chance that they would get


this clause into this initial draft. It is what they have been doing


already. Remember matters including the EU's agreement with the Ukraine


for flight between the two entities has been vetoed by Spain because of


its application to Gibraltar. It has been ready for five years and not


signed because Spain will not agree to it because it applies to


Gibraltar. This would have happened because Spain is one of the 27


remaining nations and the agreement on the future relationship with UK


and the EU would have had to go to all those parliaments and would


likely require agreement from all so this is the spelling out what would


have been issue we were facing but it singled out Gibraltar and an


unfair and unnecessary weight and clearly discriminatory but I am


grateful Spain has been foolish enough to play this, very early on


and not five minutes to donate when the agreement is already in place.


-- five minutes to midnight. Should this not been flagged up much


earlier, given we are now in the process of Brexit?


This is an issue we have been fighting up from the moment of the


referendum and one we talked about throughout the referendum and


campaign and one I have spoke about to the British Government since the


Prime Minister took over. I have seen a statement and she stayed fast


in her support of Gibraltar and I am pleased to see of her squaring off


against this particular point in the negotiating draft parameters and I


spoke to the Foreign Secretary this afternoon who confirmed the UK


remains implacable and ruthless and the defence of Gibraltar's interest


in negotiations. Lots more still to come including


the Oscar-winning Hollywood director joining us to talk about his latest


film about the Armenian massacre. The Republic of Ireland has become


the first country in the world to ban smoking in the workplace. Anyone


lighting up in offices and restaurants will face a heavy fine.


The president was on his way out of the Hilton hotel where he addressed


a trade union conference. The small crowd outside included his


assailant. It has become a symbol of Paris, 100


years ago many wished it had never been built. The Eiffel Tower's


birthday is marked by an re-enactment of the first ascent.


Welcome back. Our main headlines this hour, President Trump's


supporters former national security adviser as he seeks immunity from


prosecution in exchange for testifying about alleged Russian


interference in the US election. The EU insists it will not negotiate


its future relationship with the UK until that has been sufficient


progress towards agreement plans for Brexit.


Authorities in Europe and Australia have announced a sweeping tax


evasion probe. A series of coordinated raids in several


countries including Britain, France and the Netherlands. But


investigators say the received information about 50,000 suspect


accounts in a Swiss bank and they are reporting the seizure of


paintings, a gold bar and jewellery. They have arrested two people. A


Swiss bank said its properties had been contacted.


Geneva correspondent gave us more details this investigation.


It is Switzerland's second-largest bank but also a huge player in


global finance and it has admitted its branches in Paris, Amsterdam and


London were, the Dutch say raided and Credit Suisse say visited and


they are cooperating fully. We know the Dutch also visited or raided


homes in Holland and confiscated not money but goods. This is a classic


trick with trying to hide your assets, invest in gold bars,


jewellery, paintings and they even release photographs of some of the


seized items. It looks like a very, very big investigation and one which


could have some pretty widespread ramifications. It is a huge


investigation, 50,000 suspect accounts. That is absolutely


massive. It will be a huge blow to Credit Suisse which has already paid


fines to the USA for allegedly helping American clients to hide the


money and avoid paying tax. There is a must see this angle to this, it is


apparently not just your classic tax evasion, it is a money-laundering


which is what the Dutch have said and that suggests some of the money


involved came from criminal activity. This is huge, over 50,000


accounts, and with very serious implications in terms of the type of


crime this investigation might reveal.


What about the fact the Dutch had not consulted the Swiss on going


ahead with this. Any reaction on that? The Swiss issued a statement


saying they are disconcerted by that. Disconcerted as the Swiss ward


for absolutely furious. They are very angry and upset they were left


out because they would say they have been working very hard to crack down


on tax evasion and make their banks complied and introduced all sorts of


new laws, sign up to Europe wide regulations on tax evasion, they


share information, and yet when Switzerland's second-largest bank


has been the subject of investigation since early 2016


Switzerland was never informed and quite surprisingly for the usual


quite tranquil Swiss their statement suggests they have been deliberately


kept out of this investigation. They are very angry and upset because


they do think the Kurds have actually contributed their own


valuable expertise -- and they could have contributed. The do not want


the image of this to be left with something that affects such a big


Swiss bank and look as though maybe they are not on side when they


really feel they are in tackling money laundering and tax evasion.


Let's bring you up-to-date with the other news today. Most members of


the union of South African nations condemn the Venezuelan Supreme


Court's decision to take one legislative powers from opposition


led Congress. Protest went on for a second day in Caracas. The mark on


the Supreme Court welly scuffled. The Nato Secretary General has


praised the US secretary of state Rex Tillerson for his strong


commitment to the transatlantic alliance as Nato foreign ministers


gathered in Brussels for the first meeting with him. The US is calling


on all Nato states to meet their defence spending targets.


The Indian state of Gujarat have passed a law which increases the


penalty for slaughtering cows from seven years to life. And that the


new law India's strictest ever, Carl Stalker will also become a


non-bailable offence. -- slaughtering cows. They are widely


considered sacred by -- considered sacred by India's Hindu majority.


And now the sport. A big weekend of Premier League football. A


particularly famous fixture, the Merseyside derby. Liverpool and


Everton have met over 200 times, they are grounds and metres apart


and domestic football returns across Europe and what a match to start us


off. Both managers understand the


significance. Everton are a good team, they have a very good run, did


not lose a lot of games recently, good results, confident but we're


Liverpool, we play at Anfield and nobody should underestimate the


power of Anfield and whenever we played that we have to create a


special atmosphere. It is a new season, a new game, a new manager


for Everton and I do not know why, I heard a bit about the last two


seasons of Everton that maybe they were too afraid to play against


Liverpool but you do not need to be afraid to play against Liverpool.


Something a bit different. Schoolchildren are to get help with


their numbers and letters from the favourite footballers. The Premier


League has launched its most ambitious community programme to


date as it attempts to boost learning by linking it to football.


It will provide lesson resources to 10,000 primary schools by 2019.


This is a lesson you should heed. The Premier League is reaching out


from the pitch to primary schools as it tries to provide some learning


inspiration and help children be more active. Football has a power


and energy and motivates people and young people in particular and


because we can we should and that is what it is about. Free online


resources are being made available for teachers to download. Those in


classrooms seemingly keen to combine their studies with sport. It will


help me with reading because I don't really like reading but if I use


football I will have lots of fun reading. You learn about different


new summer assignments from players. We do not live like maths so maybe


when football is combined with mouth it will make maths seem way more


appealing than it did a few months ago. -- football is combined with


maths. To do this they are rolling out an advertising campaign across


the nation, using its full star power to try and win hearts and


minds. Try it. Try again. Premier League clubs hope the popularity


will help foster a love of learning amongst children and perhaps also an


early love for the lead that once to aid in their educational goals.


-- for the league. The second round of the first woman's golf major of


the season is underway in California. This is the leaderboard.


That is all the sport for now. Hollywood film stars Christian bill


and Oscar Isaac have taken on new rule set against the highly


sensitive subject of the Armenian massacre. The promise is depicted by


Oscar winner Terry George and depicts the last days of the Ottoman


Empire and the eventual massacre of RM 1.5 million Armenians. -- of


around 1.5 million. Where were you? We just took a walk. You see Did?


A perfectly innocent gifts. The Promise. The director came to


tell me about the film. We received finance from an Armenian American


businessman who was anxious to have the story told and I co-wrote and


directed what is essentially a love story, love triangle set against the


backdrop of the Armenian genocide, which in most countries and most


historians recognised as such and those that do not generally, other


than Turkey, do so for strategic or political reasons. We wanted to


create a film on an epic scale. That was the intention. That is something


you were very keen to do, make this into a love story at the centre, is


that what humanises what is quite historically a very difficult time?


That has been my strategy in doing the role and the genocide with Hotel


Rwanda and the troubles in Northern Ireland with In The Name Of The


Father. I like to pick characters in the audience can identify with. Your


films have such difficult subject matter is and it is extraordinary so


few people really know about this, we happy 100th anniversary of the


Armenian massacres around two years ago and yet it is still not very


well-known. It speaks to the success of the


Turkish Government denying this and having it suppressed. There were two


films that tried to be made in the 1930s and 1960s in Hollywood and the


Turkish Government intervened times. Turkey is very much saying that this


is 1.5 million people who lost their lives, they dispute that and see it


was not as many. -- they say it was not so many.


Their argument is that it was a civil war and they had to drive the


Armenian community out that region. If you presented that argument in


the Second World War, the Nazis said there was an uprising in the Warsaw


ghetto and we had to move these Jewish people to somewhere we could


handle them, it is nonsense and most people recognise this slaughter of


these people by their own Government is genocide by any definition. You


spoke about Hotel Rwanda, you have such historic moment you have


captured, how do the audience react to something which is quite a hard


watch? I always try to make it not be hard


watch in terms of the visuals that go on, you cannot retrieve the


horror of these events and therefore I zoom in on characters and a lot of


the audience to imagine what took place and at the same time find


characters that are inspiring. That was director Terry George


speaking to me about his new film The Promise. Thank you for watching


BBC World News. It is the time of day we look at


some interesting weather events around the world. First in North


America will be haphazard some severe storms and tornadoes through


the midwest. That system clears toward the north-east and suffer


Saturday still snowfall across New Hampshire and heavy rain further


south pushing into the Atlantic soon. Heavy showers them out of the


central Rocky Mountains towards Texas. Some thunderstorms possible


in Dallas. Toward the north-east 's snowfall lingering in Boston and


Montr al. The cold Bay on Saturday and by Sunday most eastern cities


getting drier. Heavy rain continues in Peru where we recently had


flooding and some other picture in Colombia and Ecuador. The key has


been building across India through this week and by Saturday we still


have temperatures around 42 Celsius -- the heat has been building. Not


quite as widespread as early in the week and heavy rain in some areas


where we might not usually expect to see it. Parts of Vietnam, Cambodia


and Thailand you can see the wet weather developing. It could lead to


some flooding. Further north across Japan and the rain is pushing away


towards the East on Saturday saw and improving day in Tokyo. After the


ruminants of that cyclone have cleared the east coast of Australia


it is looking much quieter for the likes of Sydney and Brisbane. Not as


windy as recent days and certainly drier. Some rain on the West Coast


of the South Island of New Zealand. Europe, we are low-pressure moving


in from the Atlantic bringing a change for the UK, France and


Germany, not quite as warm as recently and some showers pushing


through the central Mediterranean. Through the weekend, quite a lot of


dry weather around, some rain in London at times. For the UK for this


weekend, scattered showers, particularly on Saturday, still we


all see some sunshine during one of the days of the weekend but Saturday


showers cropping up almost anywhere. Some drier and sunny intervals in


between but some showers could bring thunder and lightning. Drier towards


the south-east. Sunshine and showers heading through Saturday night most


of the shop at ease away as a ridge of high pressure comes in. Miss in


his first thing Sunday but Sunday the better date for most of us for


the weekend. More on the weather for the week ahead in half an


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