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Another arrest has been made in connection with Manchester's suicide


bombing. British police believe they have


made "immense progress" in the Manchester suicide bombing


investigation with many They are very significant, these


arrests and we are very happy we have got some of the key players we


are concerned about but that is The Egyptian president says


the army has targeted a jihadist training camp,


in retaliation for an attack on Coptic Christians


which killed 28 people. We understand the president said


the government will take the utmost measures to guarantee the safety of


Christians but a lot of people here Tough talks at the G7 as leaders


reach agreement on extremism - but no deal on climate change


as the US mulls over its position. The BBC gets exclusive access to


incredible footage showing what young Western explorers discovered


nearly 100 years ago. British police have made another


arrest in connection with the terrorist attack in Manchester. A


total of 11 people have now been arrested. Despite progress in the


investigation the terrorist threat in the UK remains at a critical


level. And already vast investigation,


still expanding. Each day counter-terrorism


detectives raid more properties in Manchester,


cutting through the shutters of this It was run by this man,


a cousin of the Manchester bomber. Forjani was arrested earlier


in the week with at least Police also raided another house


in the middle of the night, bringing the number of people


in custody to eight, all men, mostly Libyan


and aged between 18 and 38. They are very significant


these arrests. We are happy we have our hands


on some of the key players There is still a little


bit more to do. The bomber, Salman Abedi,


came back to Manchester Renting a flat in this


block, he had bought many of the ingredients


for his device. It was here he spent his last


weekend, putting his bomb together, making the final preparations


to attack a concert Detectives say they have made very


significant finds and crucially believe they have captured a large


part of his terrorist network. We have hundreds of officers that


are working on this investigation from across the national


counterterrorism police network and we have seized


thousands of exhibits I think it is fair to say there has


been enormous progress with the investigation


but still a lot of work to do. I understand the finds include


bomb making chemicals but because of concerns


about what might be still out there, the threat level


will remain at critical. The Home Secretary says people


can expect much higher security at the 1,300 events


across the country this I hope that they will take comfort


from that, be able to feel more secure because we must not let this


terrible terrorist incident Let us carry on this bank holiday


weekend with our family and friends. Already people getting away


for the weekend can expect to find armed officers patrolling trains


outside London for the first time. As the investigation


into Salman Abedi's atrocity continues, we learn more


about his father who was detained He is believed to have had strong


connections to this man, Abu Qatada, who was suspected of being a senior


Al-Qaeda member in London. This businessman says the bomber's


father was always seeing He was one of his supporters


this man told us. Whenever he went to London,


they used to meet up. Detectives do not pretend


to have the full picture yet, they are growing in confidence,


but for now, going into one of the most important


weekends of the summer, Daniel Sandford, BBC


News, Manchester. Ariana Grande has issued a fresh


statement. All of those who died in Monday's


attack have now been named. Megan Hurley, who was just 15 years


old, is the 22nd victim. The BBC's Danny Savage


reports from Manchester on a community grieving for lost


family and friends. People queued to buy flowers


in remembrance of strangers. It was inconceivable to try


and understand how hard the families are feeling,


especially with the children. Martyn Hett was murdered


on Monday night. The outgoing Coronation Street


Superfan was well known online. As these possibilities got less


and less you still had some hope there would be something


and when we got the call that confirmed he had died in this


explosion it is indescribable, The final and 22nd victim was named


today, 15-year-old Megan Hurley. Her brother was also


seriously injured. A note on the family


business only hints A picture of a horror which faced


first responders has also emerged. On the right is paramedic


Adam Williams who is worried about the long-term effect on him


and his colleagues. That is a big concern for us all,


possibly myself, there will be some And I do worry my colleagues


will suffer the same. There is a sombre and


respectful atmosphere here. It may be four days since


the atrocity but that is the blink of an eye and people are trying


to come to terms with what happened 22 lives lost, countless


others changed for ever. Families left with just memories


of those who will never come home. A development from Egypt, the


president says the Army has targeted at jihadist training camp in


retaliation for an attack on Coptic Christians. Six air strikes were


directed at a camp in Libya. This is where the Egyptian Government


believes that militants responsible for the attack on Coptic Christians


were trained but as yet no group has claimed responsibility for the


attack in which at least 28 people were killed, including many


children. They were pilgrims. This is the third major attack on Coptic


Christians in Egypt in recent months.


The broken windows and scattered belongings are testament to an


attack that was merciless and highly co-ordinated. There were multiple


gunmen who escaped across the sand in the off-road vehicles. Relatives


of the dead said the authorities should be doing more to protect


Christians who are obviously at risk. This was the scene just last


month after Church bombings in northern Egypt. A nationwide state


of emergency was announced and security was stepped up but many


Coptic Christians say the authorities provide more lip service


and proper protection. Dozens of churchgoers have been killed in


recent months by the so-called Islamic State. It says that


Christians are its favourite prey and has vowed to keep up the


attacks. As well as the new threat from Islamic State many believers


complain of an older problem, discrimination. Among members of


Egypt's Christian community, the largest in the Middle East, there is


anger and fear, and once again there is great.


We are going to discuss those attacks further with a bishop from


the orthodox Church in the UK. We are hearing about the air force


carrying out strikes on the jihadist is that they believe carried out


those attacks south of Cairo. The Coptic Christians in Egypt still


feel that they are not being helped, that they are not being helped


enough by the authorities, they feel targeted. It is not a matter of


wanting to be helped. We are not looking for privileged treatment but


we are looking for security and citizenship that embraces everyone


and holds everyone accountable. I am sure of the details of these


strikes. It is a strategic decision. What is more important is to deal


the mindset in Egypt that has become such a fertile ground for things


like this to take part in. A mindset that is so exclusive and narrow that


it not only doesn't think that Christians should be equal, it is


intolerant of their presence. That this right they become so


dehumanised and objectified, that even children going on the monastery


pilgrimage can become means to an end and can become targeted, on such


a day of family joy and a spiritual experience. They were in an isolated


area. From the previous attacks. There have been so many attacks.


They have been targeting churches, and here we have this pilgrimage


with children on that. It was a very isolated area. Should the half and


guys with them? What is the solution? Monasteries are one of the


pivotal part of spiritual life in Egypt, they are all isolated. On any


given public holiday you may have up to 10,000 pilgrims at any given


monastery. Armed guards would not be able to satisfy all that. But again,


we saw a tragic event here in Manchester just last week. We have


seen things across Europe. Trains will happen. There are those who


will devalue human life. What we need to do is deal with the


education and the poverty and the things that have two cure illness


that is so intolerant of a sizeable community. We are talking about


13-15 million people in Egypt, 15% of the population. The president has


declared a three-month state of emergency. What else can he do? How


do you achieve a change of mindset? This is a generation long exercise.


You cannot expect things to change immediately that we can expect a


more robust investigation, holding people to account, so it becomes a


deterrent to those who may want to follow this end this or any other


way. Thank you for talking to us. At least 80 people are thought


to have died in Syria following what activists claim


was a US-led coalition airstrike. The attack is said to have taken


place in a town The Syrian Observatory


for Human Rights claims the victims are relatives of members


of the so-called Islamic State group The Observatory says it's


the second strike on the town after more than a dozen people


died on Wednesday. Our Diplomatic Correspondent James


Landale reports from Sicily. There is a new package of measures


they have agreed, identify, remove, block extremist material that is


seen to foster hatred, but also material that is used to organise


terrorist plots. The question there is hope internet companies respond.


Can they put pressure on these companies that will make a


difference? They also agreed to do more to tackle the problem of


foreign fighters. Note that so-called Islamic State is losing


territory in Syria and Iraq it means they say that this threat is now


evolving. More foreign fighters are now coming back to other countries,


what more can the G7 do to share expertise to help countries in the


region identify these people, share intelligence, all of those kind of


things. They also agreed to do more to try and tackle terrorist


financing. They have agreed a fee package of things to do.


On a lighter note, one relationship seems to be blossoming between two


particular world leaders. The interesting thing about this


summit is it is a new era because four of the seven leaders


are here for the first time, one was Macron and


he got on very well, apparently, with the


Canadian Prime Minister. A lot of photos of them engaging


together has led a lot of people to say this is the diplomatic


bromance of the summit. But it illustrates the purpose


of these events which is to give leaders an opportunity to engage


without the usual encumbrance of the officials and things that


come with other summits so they can have a few private moments to sit


around a table and develop Those that will matter


in the future when, for example, they might disagree,


it means they have that personal relationship which they do not have


at the moment because many of them Lots more to come, including this


remarkable film that has not seen the light of day for nearly 100


years. The BBC gets incredible -- get exclusive access to this


incredible footage. This is World News Today. Our main


headlines. British police have detained another person in


connection with the suicide attack in Manchester, saying they have


arrested a large part of the network behind the bombing.


The Egyptian president says the military has attacked a jihadist


training camp following the deadly ambush on Coptic Christians. No one


has claimed responsibility for the attack.


At least 91 people have died in Sri Lanka after monsoon rains


Officials say more than 100 people are still missing.


They started the day before yesterday, we have been told.


Torrential downpour in the southern and western provinces


The meteorological department has forecast another 24 hours of rain so


it has been a consistently serious rainfall.


91 people have so far been killed, ten people are missing.


It is happening because Sri Lanka has consistently been


These are sensitive environmental issues.


Not enough attention is paid to these issues.


With these early monsoons, when the early monsoons can


of the deforestation that has happened in the country.


Sports news. Pep Guardiola's Manchester City are spending $55


million to sign Ben and also that from French champions Monaco. The


22-year-old will join the club at the start of July. He made more than


50 appearances for Monaco this season including two appearances


against Manchester City. He has featured 12 times for his country.


He was integral to the Monaco side that reached the semifinals of the


Champions League before they eventually lost to Juventus.


She has recovered from a serious stab injury. There is flash


photography coming up. She is also set to compete at Wimbledon this


summer. She has not laid competitively since the attack. She


will be seeded 15th fax to her protected ranking.


This weekend Monaco hosts their latest Grand Prix. Nico Rosberg the


reigning champion will not be involved, he retired after winning


the championship last time. Our correspondent caught up with them


and asked him if he would miss racing. I am completely fulfilled in


that sense. That chapter is closed for me. I am looking forward now. I


am excited about what is to come. Even excited, to be honest, looking


back. For me it was the perfect ending, the perfect career, what I


wanted to achieve. I am very happy and Blackie also to have that


feeling and nice to have the opportunity at 31 to open up another


three. It is the oldest trophy in


international sport but Britain has never won sailing's America's Cup,


this year and Ainsley hopes to change that. He and his team are


hoping to win it. Qualifying has been delayed by 24 hours because of


high winds in the North Atlantic. Ainsley was part of the team which


won the last competition four years ago. It becomes a life of session.


It is a complex game, setting up a new team. You need to raise funding,


find the correct skill set, bring all that together, it does take


time. It is hard as a new team to get into a dominant position in the


America's Cup. That is what we are aiming to achieve. We have come a


long way in the last 30 years. Whether or not they can achieve that


in this particular cup remains to be seen. The biggest achievement if we


can pull this off would be to win the America's Cup for Britain to


stop look at our sporting maritime heritage, it is the one thing that


is missing. It would be huge. BBC News has been given exclusive


access footage taken by young adventurers exploring parts


of the world that were completely These remarkable films,


from the frozen mountains in the Himalayas to the searing


Libyan Desert, have not seen the light of day


for nearly a hundred years. This report by our Science


Correspondent, Pallab Ghosh. This is the first ever view


of Mount Everest from the air. It was shot in 1933 by a group


of pilots who risked their lives to help create an aerial


map of the mountain. The film is part of


the Royal Geographical It includes the very first


attempt to climb to the The climbers are treated to a ritual


dance at a Tibetan monastery. aprons made from a lattice


of human bones. His daughter recalls how her father


filmed the expedition. He had a purpose built


tent he'd taken with And at night, using water


from the glaciers and yak dung as a source


of heat, he processed Conservation specialists


are painstakingly restoring 138 films of some of Britain's greatest


explorations frame by frame. One of them is of


a young army officer crossing the vast expanse


of the Libyan Desert by motorcar. Ralph Bagnold and his friends


drove thousands of miles for weeks on end into the blistering


heart of the Libyan desert. His son has read stories about these


incredible expeditions, but it's the first time


he's seen them. He even wrote scientific papers


about how sand moves. His research is helping space


agencies to this day, to develop rovers that can drive


across the surface of Mars. To see this film makes me


feel very proud of him. We can all now relive these


extraordinary adventures, stories from a bygone age when


the world held so many mysteries. Our top story, British police have


made another arrest in connection with the Manchester suicide bombing.


Officers say they have made immense progress in the investigation and


that most of the network believed to be linked to the killing of 22


Ariana Grande fans have now been detained. That is all for now.


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