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How this is BBC World News today, this is Ben Bland. Projections in


the French election so President Macron has Marco Gottardi is an


course for a majority. From an attack on a resort in Mali, hostages


are afraid. Forest fires kill at least 60 people in Portugal. Also,


Pakistan thrashed India in one of the biggest sporting classes of the


year. Hello, and welcome to BBC World News


today. Projections in France indicate that President Emmanuelle


Macron's new party has won a majority of the seats in parliament.


Lab Republic on Marsh -- on Marsh will be the biggest party in the


National Assembly. After a second and final round of parliamentary


elections. Interestingly, more than half of the party's and that it's


have never been elected before. We cross now, live, to our


correspondent in Paris. So, Hugh, just how big an achievement is this


for Emmanuel Macron's party. Well, if you look at the big picture you


can only say that it's an extraordinary achievement. We have


said it so often now, and we've said it ever since he began this run


victories, that it doesn't feel quite so amazing.


So there's no question it is the most money men to live achievements


and one that gives us both to wonder how it is possible to do this.


Macron has pulled a blinder. He spotted what could be done and


needed it. The projections suggest that the majority they are going to


win in the assembly is not as big as some had predicted. There are also


some other interesting elements, with Marine Le Pen looking like she


has got a seat. Well, your first point is well made. There were signs


of it could've been a pulverising majority with Macron winning up to


up to 470 seat of a 577 seat assembly. It's not get to be that


much, there's still no question that he's got a majority by a long way,


but it's not that absolutely massive crossing into the ground of the


opposition which some feared. That is good news for Macron, of course.


Too big a victory can spell problems down the road when the opposition


starts getting its opposition together again. When they can speak


in parliament, it starts filling out onto the street. Some opposition,


especially from the right, means that he can say that the Democratic


system is being observed and so on. Yes, we do have Marine Le Pen


getting a seat for the first time, she has been a European MP before,


but that means are both well-known voice will be heard in the National


Assembly with half a dozen other National Front MPs. We also have the


firebrand of the fire left, a strongly watched seat down in


Marseille, studies of the two leaders if you like. Anyway the


populist left and the populist right will be represented in parliament


and again that is probably a good thing in the sense that these forces


which represent would have spilled out


with great mass protests in the last year or so will now be channelled


democratically. One of Macron 's ideas is to produce an element of


proportional representation in the coming elections. That means at the


far right may get more of a representation in parliament, but


there is a feeling that they represent a force that has been


excluded from the assembly until now. OK, Hugh, thank you Ray much of


that. According to Ipsos, President Macron's they have won at least at


least 355 of the 577 seat in the National Assembly for stop gives


them the assembly of first terms of driving


through The party's nearest rival,


And Marine le Pen's far-right National Front


its been reported that two people have


It's being reported that two people have been killed after militants


attacked a tourist camp close Bamako, the capital of Mali.


People living nearby said they heard shots fire and saw smoke rising.


Malian soldiers, as well as French troops, managed to free


One of the people killed is thought to be French.


Let's speak to our correspondent Thomas Fessy who is in Dakar


what's the latest you can tell us about this? The details are very


unclear about what's happening, but the resort is popular with foreign


tourists and wealthy Malians hit with swimming pools and cocktail


bars and communing activities. Children playing around at the


weekend. You can imagine that there was a little bit of a crowd there


when gunmen stormed the place in the late afternoon. We don't know how


any of them there were. It's not exactly clear whether there was a


hostage situation or not. Security forces are still deployed there and


we are told that special forces of the Malian troops are there as well


as UN peacekeepers and French soldiers on the ground. So, it's an


operation that is underway and of course Bamako is no stranger to that


kind of attack. It obviously echoes what happened nearly two years ago


now at the reticent blue hotel -- Rattus in blue hotel were 20 people


were killed. What is the situation, because as you suggest, this has


happened before and they are fighting this insurgency. Is there


any sense that they are making any progress? Well, you have a variety


of different armed groups that are still operating in the north of the


country, but also in the centre of the country. As a matter of fact,


soon after the French liberated quote unquote the North from Islamic


militants, the situation actually deteriorated quite rapidly and we


see regular attacks on UN peacekeepers in the north and on


Malian soldiers grow on the French who are stationed in the country, so


this is a country that is still battling with that insurgency and is


still under a state of emergency and it is clear that those kind of


attacks were going to happen again. It was just a matter of time thank


you very much Thomas. Hundreds of firefighters are trying


to control a large forest fire in central Portugal which has killed


more than sixty people. Many died in their cars


while trying to escape from the district of Pedrogao Grande


where's dense forest. Portugal's Prime Minister has


declared three days of mourning. A desperate sometimes hopeless


battle against nature. Searing heat, strong winds and low humidity, the


worst possible conditions. Large areas of central Portugal now


ablaze. This mountainous area is no stranger to forest fires, but these


are some of the deadliest ever. The speed and ferocity of the flames


catching people in their cars and homes. A woman screams for her house


as the fire rages on several fronts entire villages have been evacuated.


Officials are still much what remains. We were inside the house,


the fire was all around us. The firefighters gain to get us out,


because we can hardly breathe. As to whether the house burned, it must


fire on the right-hand side of the fire on the right-hand side of the


car and with in 10-15 seconds at the most, he went that the fire created


let across to the other side and within 30 seconds it was to the


right left and back of the car. You had no option but to keep driving


into the fire. Have at at times it's been chaotic, hundreds of


firefighters working since yesterday. Some people say they had


been left to themselves while their homes burned. Thick low-lying clouds


of smoke are making it hard for a firefighting aircraft to work


effectively. France and Spain have sent their brains to drop. -- planes


to help. As the death toll mounts, the government has declared three


days of moment Luiz mummy. Morning. Bodies of US sailors have been found


The bodies of a number of US sailors have been found -


after they went missing when their ship collided


with another off the coast of Japan on Saturday.


The USS Fitzgerald was hit by a Philippine cargo ship.


From Tokyo Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports.


this is the US Fitzgerald today, safely tied up at a time porting


Japan but lying low in the water. The damage to the shipside is


obvious to see. What is hidden from view is the damage below the water


line. The commander of US forces in Japan today said damage below there


was worse. The damage was significant, it is not a small


collision. It was right TV pilot's out, there was a big puncher


underneath the ball water line. The water rushing into the ship


overwhelmed seven sailors, probably as they slept in their bunks. This


morning you are staying -- US Navy divers went on the compartment and


found their bodies. For some hours after the collision on Friday night


it was touch and go, the water rushed in so fast, senior officers


admit that the ship was in danger of sinking for a time. The heroic


efforts of the ships crew prevented this ship from foundering or even


thinking last night. There isn't much sadness here at the loss of


life. Most are now focusing on this Philippine cargo ship. The damage to


its power tells its own tail. Satellite tracking appears to show


the ship made a series of Huw Jones in the busy shipping lanes just


south of Tokyo Bay. -- U-turns. The last came just before the collision


with USS Fitzgerald. Investigators will want to know why and how to


such modern ships fail to see each other on a calm, clear night.


Other stories this hour, the Iraqi army says it forces are preparing to


enter Moselle in part of a final assault on the city. The UN has


warned that the IS fighters may be holding thousands of people as human


shields. Officials in Yemen say that an air strike read by Saudi


officials. Has killed several Al-Qaeda leaders. Official in


Afghanistan say five police officers have been killed and about 30


people, most of them civilians say at a controlled in a suicide bomb


attack in the city of gardeners. -- gardeners.


You're watching BBC News, still with us to come. Pakistan thrashes India


in the ICC Champions Trophy in London.


The South African parliament has destroyed the foundation of


apartheid by abolishing the population registration act, which


are 40 years forcibly classified it says and according to race.


Germany's parliament, the Bundestag, as voted by a narrow majority to


move the seat of government from Bonn to Berlin. Berliners celebrate


through the night but the decision was greeted with shock in Bonn. The


then new prince was taken earlier this evening to their apartment in


Kensington Palace. The real focus of attention at today was Valentina


carrots over that the world's first female cosmonaut. ...


Hello, this is BBC World News today. The latest headlines... The polls


are closed in the final round of parliamentary elections in France,


with projections showing President Macron's party on course to win. An


attack on a tourist resort in Mali leaves two people dead. Reuters is


reporting that security forces managed to three 332 hostages. Here


in the UK, the is bringing in 18 -- 18 to improve the response to the


Grenfell Tower tower fire. Residents are complaining they got little or


no help while it happened. Police have issued new photos from inside


the tower block showing how badly the fire destroyed the building.


There are now questions being posed about materials used for the


refurbishment. Friday we pray for those who are


suffering loss. The Luther tower, people of all faiths are trying to


heal. It continues to be a time of the welding and, of anxiety and


anger. Some of the dead and missing are known in this congregation and


even in moments of Heaven knows what the nextr few


weeks, if that death toll keeps What is going to happen,


because I have never seen anger like It is terrible and they are


mad about everything. At a nearby mosque, more donations


for the bereaved and displaced. The community response


remains overwhelming. But five days on, some feel


they are still having to do what the authorities


should be doing. No one knows that they are


here, they are sitting at empty desks, I don't


know who is coming down, The local gym is a rescue centre


for those who have lost After criticism of the Council,


a neighbouring authority I would say, small


steps of improvement. have told me there


is progress but it 24 hours ago, government said


that they would get a grip. There does not feel like there is,


they are not here, central For us to feel that


there is a grip, the government needs to remember that it


is on the side of the people. The extra foot patrols


promised by Theresa May are now on the ground,


brought in from other parts of London to provide


reassurance and information. The leader of Kensington


and Chelsea Council says he understands the criticism his


authority has faced, he has also Yes, of course, there


is more we can always do, and we are attempting to do that


but this was an enormous disaster, firefighters, who are searching


for the lost, night and day. There is a growing


sense here that all the emotion unleashed by the fire


must lead to change. Angry, angry about the poor


response, but also, the years of neglect


from the council and While politicians talk of the legacy


and of lessons learned, for some the British finance minister Philip


Hammond has said that if Britain leaves EU without a deal it would be


a very very bad outcome. Talks begin on Monday and are likely to include


issues like the rights of using citizens living in Britain and


British citizens living in EU. The British spy minister, Theresa May,


has previously said she be willing to walk away -- Prime Minister,


Theresa May, has BBC said she would be willing to walk away. It was a


pretty reason for the election. Every vote for the Conservatives


will make me stronger when negotiate with Presidents chancellors and


prime ministers of the European Union. On the campaign trail,


repeated promise... Strengthened my hand in those negotiations... On


Brexit, those prime ministers red-faced pressure from all sides.


-- face pressure from all sides. Philip Hammond is a one of those


pressing for a moderate reproach. Today he upped the stakes on getting


a good deal from the EU. No deal, would be a very very bad outcome for


Britain. But there is a possibly work outcome and there's a deal that


is deliberately structured to punish us, to suck the lifeblood out of our


economy. He said that the UK would leave the single project -- market


and Customs union but there has to be a transitional arrangements to


keep the finances flowing. He even attacked the financial Tory election


campaign about the economy -- for not talking enough about the


economy. Whatever the reason this is the result. Anger from some, but


lacking enough MPs on their own and the Tories have tainted the DUP


party of Northern Ireland for support. There it take on Brexit


will have to be considered too. Theresa May is facing tough battles


here, there are a whole raft of laws associated with Brexit the need to


be passed, Parliament has been extended to two years to give them


more time but without the views of political opponents, they will need


a lot of help. Labour is its political muscle, suggesting that


Britain could stay within the print market which allows free trade


within the EU. So we could stay inside the customs union. No deal is


what happens when we get to the individually using our unable to


reach an agreement, you get pushed over the cliff. Extracting the UK


from the EU is not going to be easy. There is still no clarity from


anyone about what breakfast shed or will look like -- Brexit should or


will look like, but there's no question that the Prime Minister is


facing a tough night. Time now for the sport... We will start with the


Goth, the final round of golf in Wisconsin. Eric Carmen took a


1-stroke lead into the last round of 18 holes. Brooks capture has birdied


the first two holes and Harman is still at 12 under par after the


first. Rickie Fowler, who led after the first round is left with Justin


Thomas at nine under round of 63 on Saturday. Now moving to cricket,


Pakistan has shocked the world by thrashing India in the finally the


ICC Champions Trophy on Sunday. Pakistan, ranked bottom of the teams


in the Jordan, the their rivals by a massive 100 and 88 runs in the


final. It's their first tournament victory over their rivals since the


World Cup in 19 92. South London neutral territory for rivalry. A


relationship, but cricket is common ground. This match, the sporting


event to be. Costlier thousand pounds for a flight returning


tonight, and ?250 a ticket. Even online is going to ?500, thousand


pounds. Know the expected Pakistan to be here, next up the Oval.


India's's first wicket wasn't. Whatever the line, not out. The man


was the Ripley batsmen -- reprieved batsmen. His 114 was a foundation


for Pakistan. Play until he's 100 and it may never reach that feeling.


The two countries don't each other at the moment thanks to the


political climate so this final was like a summit meeting. Of sport.


Want to watch? Find a route. -- find a route. Remember Ramadan era?


Corrupted jailed rehabilitated. He starved India before they could


start including captain the holy and -- thereat Kohli and MS Dhoni. Full


stop India are wealthy, mighty, that doesn't mean you always win, that's


sport. 158 all out. Pakistan, world cricket's unpredictable, improbable


champions. In athletics, the diamond league move to Stockholm on Sunday


where Muriel Padraig made up for losing. She was given victory over


the Daphne skippers on Thursday, but with skippers missing Stockholm


overrate cruise to the win. Just let you know, you can keep up-to-date


with all the final round US Open on the BBC sport website. Coutinho


thanks very much. -- good to know, thanks very much. Plenty more news


for you on the website, and that's it for now, thanks for watching.


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