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More than 800 households and tower blocks in Camden, north London, are


to be evacuated because of safety concerns over cladding in the


aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire. Grenfell changes everything


and I don't believe we can take any risks with our residents' 's safety.


The British Prime Minister Theresa May has been told her offer for EU


My first impression is that the offer is below


expectations and it risks worsening the situation of citizens.


Reports from Turkey say five people have died


after being electrocuted at a water park.


in their row with Qatar, the owner of the broadcast network.


The issue a list of demands in a growing crisis.


Welcome to world leaders today. More than 800 Hollings in tower blocks on


a council estate in Camden, North London are being evacuated because


of safety concern. Camden Council says residents in flat in five


towers and the Chalcots estate will be moved for urgent safety work. It


follows the fire in last week in which 79 people died. The last few


minutes, we have heard from Georgia Gould, leader of Camden Council. She


explained why the decision has been made. Ever since the tragic fire at


Grenfell, we have done everything we can to check the safety of our blog.


On Wednesday we were first in the queue to check the cladding on our


blocks. What we found was the installation was safe but the


external cladding was not up to the standard that we wanted and was not


fire retardant. Obviously this was very disappointed and we share that


disappointment with our residents. We've had a public meeting on


Thursday with residents were they concerned about fire safety that I


hadn't been aware of. I immediately asked council staff and Fire


Services to be in those blocks making the text. They said they


could -- they said they could not confirm


safety. I have made the difficult decision to move residents into


temporary accommodation while we were make urgent changes. I know it


is difficult but Grenfell changes everything and we cannot take risks


with our tenants' safety and have put them first. We made the decision


to move people into temporary accommodation, probably, about two


hours ago, in conversation with Fire Services and staff will we knew that


we could not be sure that people would be safe in their building.


This evening. We have moved incredibly quickly to inform


residents, set up a centre, move people into hotel accommodation or


where they can, stay with family and friends. What time will you move


residents? People are on the ground now talking to residents, working


with them, do you move them to the rest centre. It's happening


immediately. We have Fire Services on the ground to explain what's


going on, do this whole process we have an open and transparent with


our residents, we will continue to be safe. We know it's scary time but


we will make sure they stay safe and that is happening right now. Georgia


Gould there is explaining the urgent evacuation here in north London, of


800 households in one estate. We'll keep you updated on that.


European leaders have criticised the offer to EU citizens


Prime Minister Theresa May after the start of Brexit


It is exactly a year since the Referendum vote which has


The British Prime Minister is now weakened with a minority Government


In her offer, she says EU citizens can stay in the UK if British people


who live in Europe are given a similar deal.


Theresa May says that her plans will see no families split up


EU citizens with five years' residence would have 'settled


status', meaning lifetime access to free health care,


And there would be a grace period for newer arrivals


The BBC's Laura Kuennsberg reports from Brussels


Goodbye to the flag, goodbye to this town.


A year ago today, Britain decided this place would be


But what the picture outside will look like for millions who have


made their lives around the continent is now


We've set out what I believe is a serious offer, a fair offer,


that will give the reassurance to EU citizens living in the UK.


One-two-one attempts to sell her plans.


But citizens who have lived in the UK for five years


And until we leave the union, others could come.


But her EU rivals have plenty of questions.


What about Spaniards now in the UK with family abroad - or anyone else?


Is the cut-off date when the Brexit process started, or the moment


Not until Monday will ministers at home be ready


Are you getting a clear idea of the kind of Brexit


We want to be sure the rights of citizens are protected.


There are a lot of our citizens who are not covered


She might not have gone far enough here, but for many at home


It gives those 3 million EU citizens in the UK certainty


about the future of their lives, and we want the same certainty


for the more than 1 million UK citizens who are living


You've always said voters gave politicians a clear instruction


But under your plans, for nearly another two years,


as many Europeans as they like can still come to live in the UK.


For many voters, do you think that will really sound


What voters voted for when they voted to leave


the European Union was to ensure that outside the European Union,


the United Kingdom could establish our own rules on migration,


on movement of people from the EU into the UK.


Away from home, there is relief that at last the UK's putting


TRANSLATION: It's a good beginning, but not a breakthrough.


We've understood the UK doesn't want to give


They, just as they left together, will decide together with the rest


My first impression is that the UK's offer is below our expectations.


And that it risks worsening the situation of citizens.


Reservation is shared by the opposition.


Who, in contrast, their leader is loving his time in the sun.


We should not be negotiating like this.


What we should be doing is unilaterally saying,


as Labour has said from day one after the referendum,


but all EU nationals should be given permanent residence' rights.


Concerns over these proposals reflects Theresa May's 3-way bind.


A united in opposing front here in Brussels,


clashing expectations among the public at home, and at her back


inside her own party, different strands of thinking and demands.


And even a leader at the peak of their powers would struggle


Prime Minister, did your proposals go far enough?


But relieved, perhaps, too, to be away from hostility at home.


But governing is doing, not just fending off enemies.


Theresa May, at least today, has been doing that.


the US has played down the dispute between Qatar and its neighbour.


Earlier today, the Saudis backed by Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt, issued


13 demands that Qatar must meet within ten days.


It's the worst political crisis in the Gulf region for decades. Now


Qatar has been given just ten days to comply with a list of demand if


the blockade is to be listed. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt and Bahrain


accused catarrh of funding the powerless groups and fostering


instability, with the demand. What is on the less? According to a list,


Qatar has been asked to curb trade relations with Iran. And close the


Turkish military base, something Ankara is willing to do. And then


there is Al Jazeera, supported by Qatar's government, one of the most


widely watched Arabic channel. Qatar, according to the demand curve


must shut down the channel and its affiliates including an it English


network. It has been subjected to weeks of sanctions. Earlier this


week, the US expressed its frustrations, saying Qatar must set


up a reasonable and actionable conditions for listing them. Now it


has been two weeks since the embargo, we are mystified the Gulf


state has not released to the public or the Qataris the details about the


claims they are mating towards Qatar. The list has been made public


but we are waiting for a response from the Ojha. That includes demands


that Qatar has already insisted it would never be willing to make.


As we heard that, closure of Al Jazeera is one of the main demand. I


spoke to the Mark Bell Shabbat, a young senior journalists and


spokesman for Al Jazeera and said if they are worried about closure. Not


at all. We have grown accustomed to this pressure that has been exerted


on us ever since the inception of Al Jazeera, more than 20 years ago. We


were the first Independent news network in the Arab world, as a


result because we continue to speak truth to power and provide


information to the citizens not only now of the Arab world but the entire


globe, there are governments who have probably the worst track record


of human rights, the worst track record of respecting freedom of


expression and information, and all other human rights. They insist on


cracking down on us. We have grown accustomed to that. We will continue


our message which is clear, to provide balanced, quality


information and news to our viewers wherever they may be. It is their


right, enshrined by the UN Charter for human rights, the Freedom of


information, it is something we held sacrosanct regardless of what other


political developments are going on, those are four different countries


to deal with between themselves. As Al Jazeera, as journalists, the


message is clear and that is sacred. It is a message we will continue


regardless of what happened. Have you reported the criticisms of


Kabsa, made not only by the Gulf states but also by others


previously, that it has funded militant groups from sunny or Shia


side? We have reported news whenever it has happened. I myself have done


report on the board treatment of migrant workers in Qatar and the


need for the Qatar government to improve the condition. But reports


in other Qatar funded groups are not providing any evidence from less


time of the journalist perspective, they are meaningless. It's a duty of


institutions and the journalism industry that they don't announce


propaganda that is being pushed by certain Gulf countries either


through e-mails of ambassadors in Washington or other institutions


they have bought out or to correspondence like we saw who was


sacked from the Wall Street Journal in the past 24 hours, that we


shouldn't be peddling out that propaganda. At the risk of showing


these props is not so great, here are some of our internationally


recognised awards. This is the Peabody award which Al Jazeera one.


This is the Royal television Society award. Al Jazeera is acknowledged by


all the major institutions, by all our viewers as being quality


information and quality news. There has beenbeen a terrible


incident at a water park Its thought three children,


and two adults who tried to rescue Ozge Ozdemir from the BBC


Turkish gave more details. Three children right now, while they


were swimming in the pool, though of electricity and the owner of the


pool and his son tried to jump in the pool to save the kids, so


unfortunately five of them have died. There were a couple of other


people trying to help them, they were also trying to jump to be pool


but they understood there was electricity in the pool, so they had


some minor injuries. But the thing is that unfortunately five people


have died. We don't want to speculate about exactly what has


happened here, it is absolutely tragic obviously. Do we have any


idea about the safety precautions that were in place there or the


safety record Germany? The news agency, one of the biggest ones in


Turkey, they are reporting about the cables around the pool, I guess


there were some restoration that was going on over there. So


unfortunately right now we don't know the real reason, but the


speculation is that there were some cables and that was one of the


reasons for that. Is that those kind of accidents, everyone right now on


social media are talking about the neglect in that kind of event.


Beforehand, maybe not that kind of an accident but we also know that


there was such were some accident and funfairs, some children died


because of the precautions not being taken so seriously. So those kind of


accidents can be talked about in Turkey.


Stay reverse here on BBC World News. Still to come, I speak to a rugby


legend ahead of the first Test match between the British and Irish Lions


and New Zealand in Auckland. Members of the neo-Nazi resistance


stormed to the World Trade Center armed with pistols and is shot down.


We believe that according to national law that we have a right to


claim certain part of this country of our land. I take pride in the


words, blocks. Ich bin ein Berliner. He pleaded


guilty to murdering John Manning. Research Council say that the great


increase in line cancer is due may leave that to smoking tobacco.


Closing time for checkpoint Charlie which has starred on the border as a


mark of our determination to defend the city. -- Allied determination.


This is BBC World News today. 800 households in tower blocks in


Camden, north London, are being evacuated because of safety concerns


over cladding in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire. And other news


today, a cool response from the EU's top bureaucrat to Britain's's first


bid to the divorce talk. he says the offer about the status


of EU citizens here Trump's health bill is facing


criticism. He said he was happy with it. Earlier I spoke to a


correspondent to say what this would affect the bill. This Republican


senator has said he will not support the bill in its current form. That


means that this bill is in its current form will not pass the


Senate. This would be an embarrassing and major blow both to


Donald Trump and to the Republicans who have had several goes at writing


this legislation, this key piece of legislation which was a campaign


promise. To put it into perspective, when you look at the Senator's state


of Nevada, it is one that Hillary Clinton won, he is up for real


action next year, and many of people in the state rely on Medicaid. It is


for the poorest in America. Under this legislation, it would be


heavily rolled back over the next three years. Many people fear that


the likes of Nevada, there would be a number of people who would not


survive with regards to getting the health care that they need. And in


one meeting, town hall meeting, that he had when he went back, he was


bombarded with questions about health care. Within the last hour,


he has said he will not reported. The fifth Republic and to do so. On


the right flank of the party, you have those who fear that this


legislation does not go far enough. They want more of this Affordable


Care Act swept away, it's a party that is currently not looking United


and certainly not on the same page. Donald Trump said he was in a right


to deliver to bring change, but is crucial. On the other foreign policy


flank, Trump is facing fire and the Russian investigation. Bring us


up-to-date about that and Robert Mueller. When it comes to Robert


Mueller, we have heard from the White House secretary Sean Spicer


that he won't be firing Bob Miller, -- Robert Mueller, and whether or


not Russia meddled in the election and collusion between Russia and the


US. It looks like he's not going to be fired. But he certainly the kind


of president in that interview and the clip you heard, is throwing some


doubt as to how independent Mr Miller may be. He seems to have been


friends with Britain -- with James Kelly. The FBI director gave


testimony about conversations about what he believed in place in which


emit James Comey said dropping -- asking to drop investigations into


Michael Flynn, the former security adviser. Then there was that the


battle about whether or not there were tapes of that conversation.


Trump hinted they were, yesterday we got the news that there are not.


When it comes to the account of these conversations, President Trump


does not have the backing of a tape, James Comey has those


contemporaneous memos that he took after each visit. By throwing,


perhaps, some shade and Robert Mueller, perhaps he's trying to say,


look, hang on a second, Robert Mueller will take James Comey's side


on this Only a few hours to go now before


the first Test match between the British and Irish Lions


and New Zealand in Auckland. The bookies make the All Blacks firm


favourites for the game, but many analysts think it will be


tight - with the set piece The All Blacks also


have a formidable record at Eden Park and haven't lost


there in over 20 years. David Campese won the World Cup with


Australia in 1991 and also played He gave me his thoughts ahead


of the first test on Saturday. I think there's going to be a very


interesting Test match. I think the first couple of games, the Lions


struggled. But to beat the Crusaders, who are leading Super


Rugby down here, and then beating the Chiefs, was a bit of a blow to


the all Blacks. It looks like it. Looks like an interesting game and I


spoke to one gentleman at the Hong Kong sevens, at the airport, you


said you are lucky, you have four teams he played well in the six


Nations and you have a lot of players to choose from. I think


tomorrow, it will be a surprise. The Lions, if you look at the way


they've been playing, they have some good players. Sam Warburton was the


captain, he's on the bench. That shows you the players are standing


up to be counted. I think the all Blacks last week 170 80, but it's


not really a great sort of warm up to a British and Irish Lions team


that has a good defence, good set pieces, and good attacking players.


I will be interesting. I think the all Blacks win by five


or ten points. The all Blacks have not lost a game at the stadium since


1994. For those of us who are not rugby legends, can you explain to us


why this is such an incredible moment? It is. I was fortunate in


1986, going back a few years, we won the cup against the all Blacks in


New Zealand. It's not an easy feat to do and we haven't won since. It's


a bit like to the English or Cardiff Arms Park to the Welsh or


Murrayfield in Scotland. That is a tradition, that's what Eden Park is


to the all Blacks, where they win everything, why they play games


there. There's something about the ground. Some sort of tradition or


this is where we started, this is where we have laid our bodies on the


line to win. That is why it is such a hard place to play. But again,


anything is possible. The French did it in 1994. So in that year, the


Springboks had a draw with the all Blacks. It can be beaten but again,


you have to play your best rugby on the day. The all Blacks are a great


team, the best in the world. They've got great skills, and great


individual playmakers, guys who can create something from nothing. But


in the Lions you also have great players as well. It's one of those


Test matches where you'll sit there and watch on the edge of your seat


for 80 minutes. But I think that's the tradition of rugby, why the


British Lions get so much attention around the world, is the only chance


from players from Ireland who beat the all Blacks but the Welsh and


Scottish have a chance to beat the all Blacks in one team. Sam


Warburton was left out, what do you make of that? I think that shows you


the of players he has. When you have players who are performing, it


doesn't matter who is captain, the coach will have players on form. He


has a good scrum, a great set of back rowers, and that what happened.


If you don't perform, you get kicked out. Stay with us.


Hello there. World weather stories seem to have been dominated by


extreme heat. More on that in a


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