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There's further upheaval for Donald Trump as White House


press secretary Sean Spicer resigns after a disagreement with


the President over the appointment of a new communications director.


Torn apart by civil war, Yemen is now in the grip of what aid


agencies say is the worst outbreak of cholera in the world


A BBC investigation into online abuse reveals children as young


as nine are being groomed using the Periscope app


Searing lyrics and musical curiosity...


We look back at the life of Linkin Park singer


Chester Bennington, who has died aged 41.


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


Donald Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer,


one of the most recognisable faces of the White House


It follows the US president's appointment of a former


Wall Street banker as his new head of communications.


Mr Spicer, famous for his angry outbursts at reporters


during media briefings, hasn't been as visible in recent


weeks, prompting speculation he'd been sidelined.


He said he will stay in post for a few weeks to help the transition. We


are expecting a live press conference shortly, but first up


macro I'm now joined in the studio


by our Washington Correspondent macro Correspondent


Rajini Vaidyanathan. and not above evil. Sean Spicer was


the Faith -- a lot of up evil. Sean Spicer became the face of the White


House. He became the story. He gave a frosty news conference when he was


talking about the number of people who came to the inauguration and at


the end, he stormed out. It set the tone for the relationship between


the White House and the media. He became well-known in popular culture


because he was parodied on Saturday Night Live, a popular comedy show.


He became the story. One of the biggest issue is when it came to the


relationship that we have with the president is that President Trump


thinks on his own and does not always communicate what he is


thinking to his own press secretary. Often you saw Sean Spicer having to


say, the Tweet speaks for itself because the president was


circumventing his own communications team. So there was speculation for a


while that his days were numbered but we did not expecting to go in


this manner. It's a surprise that this new person is going to be the


head of Kevin occasions. Sean Spicer did not have the easiest job in the


world, but the New York Times say that he resigned because he opposed


the new appointment. What does this say about the White House


administration? Let's just explain about the new man. He is in New


York, Wall Street financier. He owns Skye Bridge capital, he is a hedge


fund man and teen owes Donald Trump from his New York -- and he knows


Donald Trump from his New York days. He spoke out in favour of Donald


Trump. Donald Trump will feel that he has his loyalty. That is so


important to be president. He likes to surround himself who is saying


from the same in sheet as him. But in many ways it is an interesting


appointment. He has no experience. It says that other people like the


chief of staff oppose him. This is Donald Trump draining the swamp. A


nonpolitician bringing in another nonpolitician to the White House.


Sean Spicer is an establishment politician. He was press secretary


for the Republican National committee. An establishment


politician who understand the mechanics of it. That sums up what


is a divide in the White House, the establishment people like Sean


Spicer who have come from the Republican National committee and


seasoned political operators, and other people without political


experience who have been hired by the president. The president prefers


those who are more loyal and perhaps tell him what he likes the year. We


will have to wait and see but we are expecting a press briefing shortly.


We are expecting the deputy press secretary, who has been increasingly


more visible recently, Van Sean Spicer, she will say a few words.


That is a live shot their of the White House. That is where we are


expecting the press conference to take place. Now a reminder of what


has been going on with Gavin Hewitt. Sean Spicer, the White House


press secretary, and one of the faces of the Trump


administration, has resigned. Spicer has been involved in a number


of high-profile controversies. Early on, he found himself having


to defend the crowd size at Donald Trump's inauguration,


compared to that of Barack Obama. This was the largest


audience to ever witness an inauguration period,


both in person and around the globe. The pictures clearly


suggested otherwise. Then there were Sean Spicer's


about comments Hitler and the use of chemical weapons that


drew international criticism. We didn't use chemical


weapons in World War II, You know, someone as


despicable as Hitler, who didn't even think to the,


to the using chemical weapons. Sean Spicer found himself


under close scrutiny from Donald Trump, who prizes


good on-camera performances. In particular, President Trump began


looking for a strong defender as his problems mounted,


in particular with the investigation into whether there was collusion


between the Trump campaign and Russia during last


year's election. So today the president


appointed Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Street financier,


as his communications director. Shortly after, Sean Spicer abruptly


resigned, suggesting some turmoil In recent times, there


were indications Sean Spicer He was giving fewer and fewer


on-camera briefings. But his allies say there


was a deeper problem. He was out there defending


White House policy only for the President himself to issue


a tweet later that seemed Today's moves indicate that


Donald Trump, under pressure, sees the need to have an able


communicator who will both defend Yemen is now facing


the worst cholera outbreak The aid agency Oxfam says this


is the worst outbreak ever And, according to Oxfam,


there are hundreds of thousands Yemen has been torn apart


by a brutal civil war The BBC's Nawal Al Maghawi


is in Yemen's capital Sanaa. People here question how


much more they can take. War and poverty have combined


to mean cholera swept through this Unless treated quickly,


this waterborne disease can kill. Most have walked hours to get


treatment, but may be Aid agencies are doing


what they can, but the magnitude of this outbreak is outstripping


their ability to respond. One person dies in Yemen


every hour from cholera. This is the world's largest


humanitarian crisis, And civil servants like the doctors


and nurses here haven't received There's one thing that people


here keep telling me, and it is that they feel completely


forgotten by the world. People face the biggest


threat in rural areas. In this one village alone,


20 people have died Hours from the nearest town,


it was impossible for people Together with his sister


Hind, they can't afford The truth is that for many


in this country there Here on the edge of the village


is the only source of water. The people know it is infected,


but with no other options, Let's take a look at some of


the other stories making the news. The US Secretary of State,


Rex Tillerson, says Washington is satisfied with Qatar's efforts


to implement an agreement to halt Mr Tillerson said that in response,


Qatar's neighbours should Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain


have plunged the Qataris into economic isolation


after accusing them The United States says it has


withheld remaining military payments to Pakistan for this year


because the Secretary of Defence, Jim Mattis, could not certify that


Islamabad was taking sufficient Pakistan has already received more


than $500 million in military aid this year and the decision


by Mr Mattis means $50 million An official report in India says


that food served on board the country's trains and at railway


stations is unfit The annual audit report


said its inspection had found that some food was contaminated,


while packaged and bottled items Palestinian authorities say three


people are dead and dozens more have been injured as running battles


continue to erupt with Israeli The violence was sparked after tight


security restrictions were placed on one of Jerusalem's


most holy sites. The Palestinian Health Ministry


attributed two of the deaths to Israeli gunfire but


the circumstances surrounding Tom Bateman is following events.


People have been trying to get past these police lines.


There is a crowd made up entirely of men. They have been at this


barricade where they have been held back as metal security gates. In


this very large crowd, what has been happening is occasionally a woman


has come through, the crowd have led them through and the police are


allowing them through. Police are allowing them as well. Because women


are allowed. There is a situation of tension with people trying to come


through and the police pushing them back. A few moments ago, we see


people running from officers, pushing back and tear gas being


thrown. Our correspondent doesn't is in


Bethlehem and sent this report. Palestinian worshippers


across the West Bank aren't praying inside their mosques today


but they have come outside here in Bethlehem, there on the streets


under the hot sun with their prayer mats and this is a symbolically


important location because just along there is the road to Jerusalem


and it's now blocked You can see the Israeli military


watchtower over there. The Friday sermon has been


about the need to protect the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome


of the Rock that lies Palestinians see themselves


as the guardians of these places, the third holiest site in Islam,


and emotions are Palestinians took a decision


to fight for their dignity. All the people who are coming


here came here to raise their voice. Jerusalem is a red line,


we will not allow occupation Now those unusual prayers are turned


into protest very quickly. Already there has been skunk water


fired, a sticky liquid, by the Israeli soldiers,


they are using stun Now I want to take you back to


Washington where we are waiting for a briefing. We are expecting the


deputy press secretary to give us a little more detail on the breaking


news that Sean Spicer has quit. Reportedly in protest at a shake-up


of the communications team. He was reportedly unhappy with the


appointment of a new communications director, effectively a boss for


Sean Spicer. That is Anthony Scaramucci, who has been picked for


the role that Mr SpicerSpicer partially filled. We will bring you


the briefing when it happens. Holidaymakers have been describing


scenes of panic as a powerful earthquake struck the Greek


island of Kos. Two people have been killed


and at least 100 people injured. The quake, with a magnitude of 6.7,


also caused floods in the streets Our correspondent Mark Lowen reports


from the Aegean coast. 1:30am in the Turkish


resort of Bodrum. A night out turns to panic


as the ground shakes. Footage from nearby shops showed


the impact as the earthquake The epicentre, the Aegean Sea


between Bodrum and the As streets in Bodrum


were flooded, residents ran, fearing for their lives,


and for the after-shocks. A Turkish and a Swedish tourist


were killed as the roof of a Bar collapsed and scores were injured,


some jumping from 200,000 holiday-makers were said


to be on the island, We were literally


ripped from our sleep. The bed shook uncontrollably,


the room shook from side to side. At first light, the damage


in Kos was clear. Parts of the cathedral


were turned to rubble. It was rebuilt 80 years ago


after the one that stood Nature is striking again,


crushing what lay in its path. We heard glasses coming


off our shelves. We heard all the bathroom glass


smash from the living room, so we got up and you were swaying


from side to side, literally. In Bodrum, fishing boats


were upturned by the tremor. 200 Turkish nationals


were evacuated from Kos, including some of the injured,


taken by ferry to Bodrum The earthquake was shallow,


but was lessened by the sea, Greece and Turkey are


seismically active - both are on significant fault lines,


and have suffered huge With the ferry port in Kos damaged,


the airport was under pressure. Some taking refuge from the heat


as flights were delayed. A holiday idyll turned to terror


as dozens recovered in hospital and Greece takes stock


of a traumatic night. Mark Lowen, BBC News,


on the Greek coast. A BBC Investigation has found


evidence of children as young as nine being groomed on the live


streaming app Periscope. Launched just two years ago,


it allows its millions of users to broadcast live from their phones


- and can reveal their location. But our team found children


streaming video live from their classrooms


and even their bedrooms - and clearly being groomed


for sexual abuse. Despite this, Twitter -


which owns the app - claims it has "zero tolerance"


for this kind of conduct. Lots more on our website about that


investigation. We have been given a two minute


warning for the briefing at the White House. We are expecting the


deputy secretary. Now we are not surprised that Sean Spicer has


resigned, but he was so loyal to Donald Trump, he took so many hits


for him and now he feels compelled to resign. There has to be something


behind that. What this reveals is the split in the White House. Sean


Spicer used to be the spokesperson for the Republican National


committee and used to work for the White House chief of staff. He was


somebody who opposed Anthony Scaramucci getting a White House job


in the past. So there is the Sean Spicer faction, the establishment


faction and we are hearing that Jarrod Kushner and Ivanka Trump


really supported Anthony Scaramucci but people who came from a right


wing media outlet, Breitbart, he opposed it. But Donald Trump... Here


to criticise for the last six months because the message has not been


clear and some people are saying that by appointing Anthony


Scaramucci, the message will continue to be all about Donald


Trump. There are some people in the Republican party, party people, who


are concerned that policy and the agenda is not getting out enough.


This is a finance man, no experience in communication, part of the New


York establishment, that tells us something? It does. Donald Trump ran


on a promise to drain the swamp. He extolled the virtues of being a


nonpolitician. He has appointed another nonpolitician to his White


House. In his cabinet there are a lot of other people who come from


highly paid corporate jobs who are now sitting in Cabinet roles.


Obviously, this is not a cabinet role, but it is important. President


Trump is aware that his approval ratings are low although he has a


devout bases support him. But he doesn't like criticism and he


doesn't like the idea that people might be criticising and mocking his


presidency. So he wants to reset the way that messaging comes out of the


White House. And when you look at who the support -- when you look at


who has supported this appointment, he might be sending a message to his


chief of staff that his days could be numbered. And as we wait for this


press briefing to take place, we have seen Sean Spies are getting up


at these awkward briefings. The first one was quite, two, he became


a caricature. Yes, and usually as White House secretary, you are not


the story. And he became parodied on shows like Saturday Night Live and


his status became a far more -- far more reaching than the Washington


people who watch these briefings. In fact back in fabric, people said


that he got ratings like a soap opera. People tuned into his


briefings like you have never seen before. But in many ways, with the


president tweeting his messages directly, Sean Spicer was often


unsure of what the message was. Survey paints a picture of the


confusion in terms of what message the White House once the project


into the presidency -- two months into the presidency.


Let's cross live now. The president will welcome survivors


of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Other messages are about the made in


America label but the most prized thing to have come out of our


country are the brave men and women who have risked their lives


protecting the freedom of Americans and our allies around the globe. If


you minutes ago, the prizes and signed an executive order to ensure


that these men and women will have the supplies they need to keep us


safe in years ahead. This order commission is the first ever hold


government assessment of America's defence industrial base, the first


time since President Eisenhower that an American president is investing


personal attention into this. President Trump is committed to


maintaining the secure supply chains and robust workforce that will


support our nation's heroes fought decades to come. Next week we will


be highlighting American heroes like the World War II veterans, the first


responders, and the boys and girls who will grow up to become the next


generation of leaders. On the topic of the men and women who protect us,


the President commended the house yesterday for voting to reauthorise


the Department of Homeland -- Homeland Security. That also


authorises Customs enforcement for the first time. Secretary Kelly has


already made big progress in ending illegal immigration is and enforcing


the laws of the United States. This bill represents the President's


strong desire to make progress continue. Republicans this we


continue to work towards our shared goal of saving Americans from the


disaster of Obamacare. The secretary of health and human services posted


representatives from several grassroots organisations to take


action -- to call the president to take action. These groups want


lawmakers to know that their members want lawmakers to follow through on


their promise to the American people. Finally, a statement on the


resignation of Sean Spicer. The president says he is grateful for


the work of Sean Spicer and wishes him continued success. Just look at


his great television ratings. Sean Spicer will continue to serve the


administration through August off-macro we are watching a press


briefing from the life -- White


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