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Our top stories: Donald Trump insists he has the authority


to issue pardons for wrongdoing - amid reports he is


considering pardoning members of his inner circle.


London's Great Ormond Street Hospital says their staff have


received death threats and online abuse in relation to


The East-West split within the European Union grows over


Poland's controversial new judicial reforms.


Tonight there are more protests in Warsaw.


We report on how the Italian government is trying to disperse


migrants among towns and villages across the country; but some


And Chris Froome looks all but certain to win this


Hello and welcome to World News Today.


President Trump has insisted he has complete power to pardon people.


It comes amid reports that he's been looking at ways


of pardoning himself, and his family, should


investigators conclude there was collusion with Russia


Next week, his eldest son and his son-in-law are due


But there was no mention of the controversy -


when the President spoke at a naval ceremony in Virginia.


From Washington, Laura Bicker reports.


Donald Trump is gearing up for what could be one


He's clearing the decks to try to fight off claims


the Kremlin helped him win the White House.


His core message has become engulfed by the many investigations -


as he launched a new aircraft carrier in Virginia,


he gave the kind of sales pitch he'd prefer Americans to hear.


American steel and American hands have constructed a 100,000 tonne


Donald Trump is reshaping and upgrading his team just


as the scope of the investigation into Russian meddling


in the US election widens to include his finances.


And that has infuriated the president.


The focus of the enquiry is also no longer outside


the White House gates, it's focusing on his inner circle,


his own family, who will give evidence to Congress


Mr Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is one


Seen so often at his side, but rarely heard.


He has done some talking, though, to Russians during the campaign.


He'll be asked about that in Congress on Monday.


Donald Trump Jr is also in discussions about testifying


after it was revealed he met with a Russian lawyer,


who'd offered incriminating information about Hillary Clinton


White House spokesman Sean Spicer often struggled to convey


the President's message, amidst a barrage of


If the president puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight,


He's now saying farewell, making way for a new face,


the slick Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci.


I just think it was in the best interest of our communications


department, or of our press organisation, to not have too many


He's described the enquiries into his campaign's links


He's getting combat ready, just in case investigators


And we'll be speaking to Laura live from Washington a little


The London hospital treating the terminally ill baby -


Charlie Gard says its staff are being subjected to intimidation


All this as a court case continues over whether to withdraw life


The hospital's chairman - Mary MacLeod said that Charlie's


And she understands emotions are running high.


But she said that there is no excuse for such behaviour.


In a statement she said "In recent weeks -


the Great Ormand Street Hospital community has been subjected


to a shocking and disgraceful tide of hostility and disturbance."


"Staff have received abuse both in the street and online.


Thousands of abusive messages have been sent to doctors."


She went on to say "Many of these messages are menacing,


We in close contact with the Metropolitan Police".


Laura Trant has been following the case.


We know that Charlie Gard is 11 months old, he is terminally ill,


he has a rare genetic condition and has brain damage.


He is currently subject of an intense legal battle


between his parents and the medics over how exactly


The hospital does say of course, they know this is heartbreaking.


But they recognise the sympathy that people do feel for him


In recent weeks, the level of abuse directed at the doctors and nurses


at the hospital is just not something they can


They referred to it being disgraceful,


and the fact it has had an impact on other parents are


seriously unwell children who are being treated


They say they recognise emotions are running high that there can be


no excuse for patients and families to have their privacy and their


and their peace disturbed in this way.


They also referred to the fact that they are in contact


with the Metropolitan Police and will hold anybody


to account who behaves in what they term a deplorable way.


This does echo interestingly the words of Mr Justice Francis,


who yesterday at the High Court at the procedural hearing urged any


campaigners and protesters who were outside the hospital


to respect the needs and wishes of those children


who are being treated and their parents.


The parents of Charlie Gard, Connie Yates and Chris Gard,


have responded in a statement made via a spokesman.


They say "We don't condone abusive or threatening behaviour


to GOSH staff or anybody in connection with our son"


"We too get abuse and have to endure nasty and hurtful


"People have different opinions and we accept that


but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed."


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news...


Israel has indicated that it is willing to consider


alternatives to the highly controversial metal detectors


that it has installed at the holy site in Jerusalem.


It follows several days of protests in which three Israelis and four


The metal detectors were put in place after two Israeli policemen


were killed on the site, known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif


Congress in the Philippines has voted to extend martial law


on the southern island of Mindanao, where the military is battling


Politicians overwhelmingly backed the president's request to extend


army rule until the end of this year.


The Armed Forces have been battling Islamist fighters


in the southern city of Marawi for the past seven weeks.


A German prosecutor has confirmed a 16-year-old German girl,


suspected of joining Islamic State in Iraq, was arrested last week.


The teenager, simply known as Linda W, was arrested in Mosul.


The German magazine Der Spiegel is reporting that she was captured


along with three other suspected Isis brides in a tunnel,


where weapons and explosive belts were discovered.


Let's move to Poland - where the conservative government


has dismissed criticism that a law reforming


the Supreme Court would undermine the independence of the judiciary.


Protests are taking place now in the capital, Warsaw.


The new law, gives the Polish government the right to replace


Supreme Court judges, now needs presidential approval.


Well, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has also weighed in.


He says he will use all legal options - to support Poland -


if the European Union attempted to penalise them.


TRANSLATION: Concerning the Polish judicial reform, here we face case


of double standards. The Polish did not do anything. They did not change


anything on their justice system that does not fit the mutually


accepted and shared the spoils and ideas of the European Union. This is


unfair. And just on principle. This is what the principles are doing


today. That's why an honourable person not only because real


Hungarians, but because we are honourable people, cannot accept


something like this. In these kinds of cases, one should always stand by


the side of the attacked. So I send my word to Mr Scholz, we stand with


Poland in solidarity. Let's get more we can speak


to Kataryna Volczuk - she is the deputy director


for Russia and East European studies Thank you for being with us. How


significant is it that Victor Aubin is siding with the Polish government


on this? It is not surprising at all, but Hungary has been rather


smug about not going against the EU very openly, despite the problem


with the rule of law and the problem with democracy in Hungary. Now


because of Poland, he is adopting an anti-rhetoric position. How


significant is it that this law has passed the Senate, is Poland now on


a collision course with the EU? It's difficult to see how the EU would


not respond. If it was just one bill, one law, that would be


understandable. Perhaps things were not considered properly. But what we


see rushing through Parliament and the houses is a packet of bills


which basically subordinates the court system from the very top of


the Supreme Court, to the ruling party, at Parliament and the


Minister of Justice. From that point of view, Poland has been playing


with a various aspects of democracy, in end the EU has been trying to


intervene. But what has happened in the last week and especially in the


last couple of days, concerns have been raised about the way Poland is


going, to the extent it is actually difficult for the EU not to act one


way or another. European Commission 's vice president has threatened to


withdraw Poland 's voting rights, is that possible without Hungary's


support? It would be very difficult. That support was actually requiring


anonymity in the European Council and Hungary has, within hours of the


vote, already this morning pledged support to Poland. Having said that,


this is Article seven of the treaty of the European Union, with that


article the EU is in charge of democracy. It has not been used


actually, is the procedures are to be developed. The EU is the


community of space united by law. But there are created ways in which


the EU could actually develop their way to discipline Poland one way or


another. Thank you. Stay with us, still to come we will


have all the sport and Chris Froome is all but certain to win the Tour


de France. This is BBC World News today. The


latest headlines: President Trump has asserted his


absolute power of pardon, amid reports that he has been


looking at ways of pardoning himself and his family,


should the findings of a special London's Great Ormond Street


Hospital says their staff have received death threats and online


abuse in relation to This year, more than 80 thousand


migrants have landed in Italy - a 16% rise over the same


period last year. Over the last four years,


the country has received 600,000 migrants, a figure


which is causing rising anger. The government is aiming


to disperse migrants across the country -


but some smaller Our correspondent James Reynolds


reports from Sicily. the town council has cold an


emergency public meeting. The states has ordered this town to take in


around 20 migrants. I want guarantees, says this retired


teacher, they need medical and criminal checks. They were already


checked when they landed, argues another. I don't think they will


damage our country. The next morning, the regions Mayers get


together to oppose the plans to take in so many migrants. They have come


to the regional capital of the Cena to persuade the government to


reconsider. Wearing a tie may help. The Italian government is struggling


to find a solution that works. It wants to scatter migrants as soon as


they land here in big ports, but that just shuffles the problem from


built-up areas to the depths of the countryside. The semiderelict


Kangaroo hotel in the small town here is now home to 50 migrants. Six


times the number the government recommends for a town this size.


TRANSLATION: It's not good, it's not good because these here have not


been checked by a doctor. We do not know who they are, it's no good. The


town 's mayor of returns with news of a victory. The state has agreed


that half the new arrivals will go back to Messina. TRANSLATION: I


certainly don't want to become their hero. They need someone else to


defend them. Our town is too small. At nights, amid cheers from


volunteers, migrants are escorted out. They barely know where they are


going. I was told I'm going to Messina. Do you know where that is?


No sir. Italy's relocation plan, improvised and haphazard, has to


start again. James Reynolds, BBC News, Sicily.


Returning to our main story, that President Trump has


asserted his complete power to pardon people.


Laura Bicker joins me from Washington.


What has been the reaction to this statement that Donald Trump has made


that he can pardon people? Many legal experts have come forward this


afternoon, saying no, it's not constitutionally legal for him to


pardon himself. It would not work. However, when it comes to Donald


Trump, I think this is one tweet that we have to take into a little


bit of context. Early in the week, there was a story in the Washington


Post and the New York Times which suggested he had been asking about


whether or not he does have the power to pardon. When it came to


that question, he was asking around, that was just according to White


House aides talking to the New York Times and Washington Post. This


morning he tweets on the back of all about, saying when it comes to the


power of pardoning, everyone agrees I do have it. This is a bit of the


showman coming out, playing to his best. And it was part of a massive


Twitter storm. With subjects ranging from Obama cared to his former rival


Hillary Clinton. It needs to be taken into some context. I'm not


quite sure whether or not the president was entirely being serious


when he said, he would pardon himself. Laura, this is all in the


run-up to another extraordinary week in Washington where we are expecting


Donald Trump's sun and son-in-law to be questioned by Congress. Give us


an idea of what is going to happen. When it comes to the enquiry into


whether or not Russia modelled in the US presidential election, this


week could be crucial. Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law


has an very active with the president, very active behind the


scenes, he has been seen a lot, but not really heard. We will not get to


hear his testimony in public, but he will be talking to members of


Congress about his contacts with Russia, which came to light. When it


comes to his son, Donald Trump Junior, the questions will be about


his meeting with a Russian lawyer, to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.


Those revelations. There may be a lot to come this week.


A small digital company in London, is developing a system which uses


cameras to accurately recognise human faces.


The idea is that it'll help keep tabs on terror suspects.


The technology is already being trialled.


The leader of the London Bridge rampage last month, on the radar as


a known extremist, but not someone considered to be a priority. MI5 say


there are 23,000 people on Britain's terror watch list, but now a


company, Digital Barriers in Suffolk has developed a system which uses


artificial intelligence techniques to identify suspects using fixed


surveillance cameras. We here is to say that record what we see here is


someone on our list, picked up by our surveillance cameras. What we


see now is the identity of a person coming through a doorway, and that


alert will go to the right place. This could be one of many thousands


of such cameras in use every day of the week looking for people against


that database. The conditions down there are extremely difficult, but


they are proceeding as quickly as they can... Antony Trotter was the


deputy of the police transport police at the time of the London


bombings in 2005. He has no doubt that using the latest technology and


intelligence gathering is essential. The dreadful events of the last few


weeks should stick in our minds forever. They should not fade away.


We have to be vigilant all the time, and must not let our guard down. We


must use the latest technology to take that fight to the terrorists.


But the balance between intruding in our lives and security is one which


is being seriously questioned. We need to interrogate whether we are


willing for something that can be very invasive, that can have a real


impact on innocent people's freedoms every day, whether we are willing to


have that installed in our society. Even the developers except that


advanced facial recognition will never replace conventional


intelligence gathering. But its use, if the public accepts it, opens up a


whole new area in surveillance. Let's start with the Open


Championship and the American Jordan Spieth will go into Sunday's final


day with a three shot lead. Spieth carded a second bogey free


round of 65 at Royal Birkdale, he's That's three shots ahead


of his fellow American Matt Kuchar. But the round of the day came


from South Africa's Branden Grace - he carded a 62, the lowest ever


round in a men's major. Grace took advantage of the ideal


conditions on Day three to move But his achievement


took him by surprise.. I had no idea. Both of them said


congratulations, I knew it was a great round but I didn't know it was


the history books. Then they said, you're in the history books now, I


said what you talking about? They said lowest round ever. That was


great, makes it even more special. Makes it even better doing it at the


British Open, at the Open. This is my eighth one, it's definitely one I


am liking far. So let's take a quick look


at the leaderboard now and as we mentioned,


Jordan Spieth leads the way. Also in with a shout


is the young Canadian, Austin Connelly, he's on five under,


six shots behind Spieth. Defending champion Henrik Stenson


is eight shots off the pace while Rory McIlroy is nine shots


behind on two under par. Britain's Chris Froome is all


but certain of securing his third straight Tour de France title -


and fourth in all - when the race concludes


in Paris on Sunday. Remarkably, he'll take the yellow


jersey without having won a stage. He had to settle for third


place in Saturday's time trial in Marseille -


a stage which was won But crucially Froome


extended his race lead to 54 seconds over Rigoberto Uran,


with Romain Bardet now third. Sunday's final stage is,


by tradition a procession, with Froome being crowned champion


on the Champs-Elysees. Coming into the stadium with Romain


just ahead of me, knowing if I had navigated the last two corners


correctly, that would be it for this There have been ups


and downs over the past three weeks but


I think it has been very much a grand tour,


in the sense it has been really


about the three weeks, and doing this three weeks,


in the most conservative but On to football, where France


are taking on Austria at the Women's European Championship


in the Netherlands. We're into the second


round of group games. An impressive low drive from


Lisa Makas gave Austria the lead. But France equalised through


Armandine Henry after the break. So 1-1 the latest score,


with 15 minutes left to play. Earlier, Switzerland


beat Iceland 2-1. Monaco say they've agreed a fee


with Manchester City for Benjamin Mendy -


which would take their spending on two full-backs this summer


to more than 120 million dollars. The left-back will cost City


around half that amount. And he'd be their second


signing from Monaco, following Bernardo Silva


from the club that knocked them out Well the new English Premier League


season starts in less And champions Chelsea


have put down a marker. Michy Batshuyai scored twice


in their 3-0 win over London rivals, Arsenal, in a preseason friendly


at the Bird's Nest Thank you very much. Don't forget


there is plenty more on our website, and you can get in touch with me on


twitter. That's it from me and the team. Goodbye for now.


After a day of hefty downpours, most of them will gradually fade


overnight, but there will still be either a few


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