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The US Attorney General comes under more fire from his boss.


Donald Trump lashes out at Jeff Sessions on Twitter,


just as the investigations into Russia interfering


The parents of terminally ill baby Charlie Gard go back to court,


this time fighting for him to die at home.


Some researchers have put it to the test, and we'll


The Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is being undermined by his boss,


the President, in the most public way possible - on Twitter.


And unlike most workplace disputes, this one won't be resolved


The fate of America's top legal officer hangs in the balance.


And it's not the only story here in Washington.


In a short time, we'll find out whether the Senate will move forward


Well, with so much going on, we're calling in our North America


So, you can actually feel the tension in the air, can chew, in


Washington. The president is mounting a public campaign against


his own Attorney General. Does Jeff Sessions quit Rizzi filed? There's a


lot of reasons why Jeff Sessions will not want to quit. Firstly,


stories and the media saying he has no intention of quitting from people


close to him. Part of that as he gave up effectively a lifetime


tenure in the Senate to take up this job. He is trying to accomplish a


lot in his Attorney General's position as far as advancing Donald


Trump's agenda. He also has friends, not only in the Senate from serving


there, but in the conservative media. Breitbart, the website, has


defended him. He has friends in the Republican base. It will be hard to


pry him away and Donald Trump might still decide to fire him. That is in


his hands. Reminders, is this happening because the president is


furious with his Attorney General because he would not reduce him,


rather did recuse himself from the Russian investigation? Is that what


this is all about? In a recent weeks, Donald Trump said Donald


Trump was -- Jeff Sessions was not pursuing an investigation into


Hillary Clinton. But previously he said he did not want to investigate


Hillary Clinton any more, Donald Trump, he wanted to put that behind.


This is incrementally increased in the last few months. Reports in the


media said that Donald Trump was not happy about the recusal. Donald


Trump told the New York Times last week that he would not have


appointed Jeff Sessions if he knew he would recuse himself. He called


him the legal in that week yesterday. And he said that Jeff


Sessions was very weak. You see as this investigation into Russia picks


up an increasing agitation at Donald Trump, lashing out not only Jeff


Sessions but other people, James Comey, and others. What is gone to


happen in Washington today in the Senate on health care reform? It is


looking like there are enough votes to have a vote. We're not sure what


they will vote on. The original house bill, a Senate bill, straight


up the pool... They will try to get a point where they are on the floor,


wrangling over some kind of something, anything to pass. Once


they get that done, they can negotiate them of the house. There


is a chance of that but it could be a bare-bones Bill that comes from


the Senate. As if there weren't enough high


drama here in Washington, today the House of Representatives


is due to vote on a bill to It would also prevent


President Trump from lifting those The bill has already


gone through the Senate, and if it passes today,


would go to the President's desk. But the White House has


sent mixed messages For more on what's at stake,


I'm joined now by former US State Department official Vali Nasr,


who's now dean of the Johns Hopkins School


of Advanced International Studies. us, how much pressure will President


Trump be under to sign the sanctions bill against Russia if it goes


through the house? It depends on whether the vote in the house, the


Senate is veto proof. If so, you may as well do what is press spokesman


said, except the sanctions and find another way to weaken them down the


road. But he currently, if he vetoes the bill, there is a lot of


political pressure and it puts him on a confrontation path with


Congress on Russian policy. Congress could make it impossible for him to


do so. What possible argument does the White House have at this point


against sanctions on Russia, given their interference with the US


election and behaviour in The White House position is interference in


the election has not been proven. The president says this is the news.


He disagrees with his own intelligence agencies that this has


happened. Secondly, at least not officially, the White House position


is that they wish to elaborate with Russia and build better


relationships Andy Tsang Cinzano and obstacle for improvement of


relations. -- better relationships with Russia. This will make it very


difficult to work with Moscow. What impact with the sanctions being


proposed have on Vladimir Putin and his inner circle? Is there much than


to be upset about? It is a defeat for him. Because he gambled on


interfering in the US elections to get rid of sanctions. We are seeing


the meeting with Donald Trump Junior, when it happened, they


talked about the adoption issue, which is a code word for sanctions.


The mission of his previous ambassador here was to engage the


new administration coming in to get rid of sanctions. The reason they


did not want Hillary Clinton is because they did not see any path


where they could get rid of sanctions. Their own actions have


not only made it impossible to remove existing sanctions and this


is a pretty chic... -- strategic defeat for flooding you put in. What


you make of the spectacle of the president meeting against his top


legal officer in the land? The only way to read it is he does not want


to get his own hands dirty by firing him. You would like to get into goal


by publicly humiliating him and telling the world that the president


has no confidence in his Attorney General. The reason is that the


president would like to use the office of Italy general in a very


direct way in manipulating and managing the Russian investigation.


-- the office of the Attorney General. Or any other investigation


down the road. Essentially, it is either Jeff Sessions goes or stays.


That is what is being fought on Twitter. Thank you for joining us.


For weeks, we've watched the agonising case of baby


Charlie Gard play out in public, and today the terminally ill child's


Yesterday, the parents abandoned their battle


to keep Charlie alive, and now they are fighting


But lawyers for the hospital where Charlie is being treated say


there are real problems with that proposal.


A final decision is expected tomorrow.


Our medical correspondent Fergus Walsh reports.


The legal battle over this desperately sick boy now centres


Charlie needs a mechanical ventilator to breathe.


Yesterday, his parents give up their fight to take him


to the United States and agreed no more treatment could help him.


But Charlie's mum, Connie, was back at court this afternoon


to make it clear she did not want him to die in the intensive


care unit where he's been since October.


The parents' lawyer said it was their last wish that


Charlie dies at home, for a few days of tranquillity


The hospital says it won't stand in the parents' way and yet,


Lawyers for the parents said they would pay private nurses


to take over his care and later seek to recover the costs from the NHS.


But the court heard there were practical


issues to be resolved, for example, whether Charlie's


ventilator would fit through their front door.


Great Ormond Street Hospital said it wanted to honour the parents' wishes


but the care plan must be safe and spare Charlie all pain.


Charlie is a child who requires highly specialised treatment.


It must be provided in a specialist setting by specialists.


The dispute over where and how soon Charlie should die


typifies the utter breakdown in the relationship between


The judge said this was a matter crying out for mediation.


Great Ormond Street said it offered that but the parents refused.


The judge said the parents were entitled to decide


where they spent the next few days but this should not


That would be unacceptable as it would simply extend


This woman lost her son, Guy, when he was five.


He was profoundly disabled and tube fed.


She, too, had searched for a cure for his condition.


They've got to learn to let him go at all sorts of levels.


Stuff happens and they must not be bitter because it


What they've got to do is look at all the positive things.


The hospital has offered a compromise for Charlie to be


transferred to a hospice, where doctors from Great Ormond


Street would supervise his palliative care and death


Charlie's parents said they want days, not hours, and a hospice


Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has said he will keep up the freeze


of relations with Israel even after Israel removed metal detectors


from the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City.


They'll be replaced with CCTV cameras.


The new security measures were put in place after two Israeli


But Palestinians feared that Israel was extending its control


and days of deadly violence followed.


Our Middle East correspondent Yolande Knell reports.


Relative calm restored at the gates to the third holiest site in Islam.


Palestinian worshippers now hope to enter soon.


They are waiting for religious authorities to give their view


after Israel changed its security controls.


So Israel's removed the metal detectors that were just there.


Instead, it says it's going to do what it calls "smart checking",


using more surveillance around the old city.


It follows over a week of violence and tensions that


prove that they were not needed for security.


It was a political measure by Israel to impose on the ground


Guns were taken inside the al-Aqsa Mosque grounds and used


to kill two Israeli policemen at the gate.


When the mosque was re-opened with new metal detectors,


Palestinians continued praying outside, accusing Israel


of using security as an excuse to extend its control over the site


which is also the holiest place for Jews and known as Temple Mount.


In clashes with Israeli Security Forces, five


And in this West Bank settlement, a Palestinian stabbed to death three


Then an Israeli embassy guard killed two Jordanians,


Jordan is the custodian of Jerusalem's mosques.


Overnight, amid fears of a wider escalation, the metal detectors


This came after the US envoys following. Israel announced its


diplomatic row with Jordan was solved and it agreed new ways of


securing the site. We are trying to coordinate about the new ways Israel


is going to be... We have to make sure the balance is made. Tensions


with the Palestinians appear to be subsiding. But many years after the


old city of Jerusalem was occupied, recent days have showed how it


stands at the heart of this conflict.


Fires raging across the South of France and Corsica


are being fanned by high temperatures and strong winds.


Some 2,000 firefighters have been mobilised and dozens of homes


The BBC's Sophie Long has the latest.


Firefighters battling a fierce blaze on the holiday island of Corsica.


It ripped through 900 hectares of forest.


People left their houses and could do little more than watch


as the fire came threateningly close to their homes.


TRANSLATION: We were woken up by the smoke.


It was stifling, so we stayed in the house,


the children and my sister-in-law, who is pregnant.


A combination of heat and high winds are making the fire


A BBC journalist on the island says people are becoming


increasingly concerned about their homes and businesses.


It's still burning, pockets keep lighting up as this wind continues.


There is a real sense of worry that perhaps they won't be able to get


this under control and livelihoods and lives could be threatened.


In Carros in the hills above Nice, planes sprayed water from the air.


And crews the ground damped down amid the damage.


TRANSLATION: We were up to 70 hectares of fire.


The particularity of this fire is that we had hundreds and hundreds


of houses that were threatened in the forest areas.


Elsewhere in France, fires also raged near Lubron


Another battle to stop fires spreading just ten kilometres


from the seaside resort of St Tropez.


This mobile phone footage gives a sense of the high winds feeding


the fire's intensity, winds that are not expected


Let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news.


An international arrest warrant has been issued for a man who carried


out a chainsaw attack in Switzerland on Monday.


Five people were injured in the attack in the town


of Schaffhausen, one of them seriously.


Police have identified the man and warned the public that he is highly


dangerous. The two main rival leaders in Libya


have reached a joint agreement to try to bring stability


to their country. After talks brokered by the French


President Emmanuel Macron, and leader of the so-called


Libyan National Army in eastern Libya


committed themselves It's the first time the two leaders


have signed a joint agreement. At least eight people have died


after a four-storey building collapsed in the Indian


city of Mumbai. Emergency workers are still trying


to find others still thought to be Local reports suggest


part of the building was used as a nursing home,


and was being renovated at the time. On Wednesday, one of the Pope's most


senior advisors is due to appear in an Australian court,


facing charges of sexual assault. Cardinal George Pell has returned


from Rome saying he's innocent, As our Sydney correspondent


Howell Griffith explains, the case is the latest controversy


for the Catholic In George Pell's hometown,


people have become used to confronting the past,


and dealing with Ribbons mark the places


in Ballarat where members of the Christian Brothers Order


sexually assaulted Dozens ended their


lives prematurely. Phil Nagle was abused


as an eight-year-old. It took more than 20


years for his abuser Decades on, he still feels


the Catholic Church has not acknowledged


the suffering of victims. They don't make any admissions,


they make it as hard You know, when you go


to court, they're putting They're backing the guys,


the perpetrators, they don't Cardinal Pell was brought up


in Ballarat and became As an Archbishop, it


became his responsibility to deal with the allegations of abuse


against Ballarat's bretheren. Now, he is the one accused of sexual


assault, allegations As they wait for the legal process


to unfold, there is a feeling here in Ballarat that


people need answers. The details of the charges


against Cardinal Pell won't be made public


until his first court hearing. A moment which is likely to put


the spotlight back on this town. Those who work with abuse survivors


say every headline has an impact. Coverage over the last few years


has already caused more It was really difficult,


because it was exhausting. It would be in the local papers,


it would be on the local Across Australia, nearly 2,000


figures from the Catholic Church A four-year Royal Commission enquiry


has helped to break the silence. It has also made the head


of Ballarat's Catholic College speak out, giving a formal apology


to the victims and striking the names of convicted


abusers from its walls. There's no question that,


as a Church, we've got an enormous amount of work to do to build trust


with victims and survivors in the wider community,


but also within the Catholic And the only way to do


that is to come to the table to say that we acknowledge this openly,


we are so very sorry. That can only happen when people


here feel they have found the truth. They hope that is what


the courts can deliver. Now, it's long been said that money


can't buy you happiness, but now scientists in Canada have


put the saying to the test. They questioned 6,000 people


and discovered that it can, but only if you use the cash


to free up time. They found that spending money


on chores like cleaning, cooking or gardening is more likely


to make you feel happy than spending Jon Kay has been sorting


through the findings. Plenty of smiles in


Plymouth this afternoon. Psychologists have been all over


the world, asking thousands of people from all kinds


of backgrounds one simple question. If I was to give you ?30,


what would you spend it on? Hotdogs, ice cream


and a bottle of wine. Whether she spends it


on a meal out or a yacht, the study found that it is not


material things that make us She said she would sacrifice pretty


much any other luxury to pay for a cleaner to come once


a week week. She does extra shifts so Rachel can


blitz the house from top to bottom. Even though it is often a stretch,


she says the extra time it buys her with her family is far more


than any holiday or handbag. I make do with what I've got and any


spare money goes on Rachel. You wouldn't rather


have a handbag or a meal out? Back in the 90s, Mike,


on the riight, won millions of pounds on the lottery


and could afford almost Two decades later, he is back


selling antiques in Plymouth and he says he is much happier doing


things for himself Some people are used to having


things done for them. So they've got the


money, it's easier. But I have had things done


for me over the last 20 years, different things,


gardening and whatever. But a lot of the time


I prefer to do it myself. Critics say paying others


is all well and good, if you are comfortably off


in the first place. But the researchers behind the study


say investing in time, rather than possessions,


makes us all happier, whatever our And for more on the best tips


to finding happiness, I'm joined now by an expert


in the field - Caroline Adams Miller, author of Getting Grit


and Creating Your Best Life. Does the finding of this study


surprise you, that spending money on a cleaner rather than a handbag and


make you happier? No. We have known in the field of us that psychology


for ten years or longer that money does not buy happiness. Investing in


things does not make people happy. Experiences make people happier. The


interesting thing behind this study is it is a perception of time. That


is what really matters. What we think about the time we have


available? What if you are actually buying cleaning, gardening and other


things but not spending the time it gets you on anything meaningful.


That is where my concern would be. But you can fill it with anything.


Is it meaningful, however? Is this particularly applicable to women, so


often the head of the household and do so many chores and maybe don't


feel that they can pay someone else because they see it is their


responsibility? Should they go for that? The answer is yes. With women,


we see this worldwide phenomenon on the women dying at middle age


through despair. Sometimes this is because they do not feel purposeful.


If you have time, what are you going to do with it? What are you waking


up and what you plan to do that is meaningful to you? If you free up


time and you're not ready to answer that question, and you don't have


goals, particularly hard goals in place, you can just take that time


and threat of it away. When you have multitasking going on, you can


perceive that you don't have time and so simply been distracted crates


this innings 80. -- anxiety. What should we do with our goals? If I am


looking back on my life, I would ask, what have I done? If I don't


have a plan now... Women in particular, there we have this could


have, should have, would have phenomenon. If you don't go after


things now, the risks you take no other things you do not regret. The


ones you don't take other ones that make you less toxic. You have to


have this quality of great. Hard goals rings is the greatest joy and


the other most important to us. You have to have that you will not be a


finisher. With our current culture of instant ratification fuelled by


social media, that works against a long-term great culture? We cannot


pay attention to things now. Technology takes us off task. We as


human beings cannot even focus as long as a goldfish any more. Human


beings can focus for seven seconds and goldfish for eight seconds. So


we do have an instant gratification culture. I have written a lot about


this because we have to learn patience and self-regulation but we


have to have our goals ready for ourselves. Wonderful advice. Thank


you so much for joining us. Great advice. You can get in touch with me


and some of the team on Twitter. Thank you for watching, and we hope


to see you back here tomorrow. In the meantime, think about your


long-term goals and how you can be happier.


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