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This is BBC World News Today. Police in Spain stay terror network behind


Thursday's attack was planning a much bigger atrocity. This is the


scene live in Barcelona. Hundreds of candles mark the spot where the


biggest attack took place. Side by side for a minute's silence, the


king of Spain and the Prime Minister. Two people die and at


least six others are injured in a stabbing in Finland. Police say it


is not being treated as a terrorist incident. President Trump fires his


chief strategist Steve Bannon. Welcome to World News Today. Police


in Spain say that the Jihadist who killed 14 people in two vehicle


attacks had been planning a much bigger atrocity involving


explosives. The police say the plot seems to be disrupted by the


explosion of a bomb factory. 13 people were killed and scores


wounded yesterday when a van was driven into crowds in the centre of


Barcelona. During the night, five suspected terrorists were shot dead


in a coastal town of Cambrils after they drove a car into people killing


one. Four people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. My


colleague is in Barcelona. Across another European


city touched by terror, one minute of stillness filled


the space that words could not. A void with a single


burning question - why? Then, as King Felipe


and Prime Minister Rajoy looked on, No tinc por!


No tinc por! But the previous 24 hours


of violence were shocking. This, a street in the coastal


town of Cambrils. A terror suspect is cornered


and is wearing what police They decide there is only


one course of action. The dead man was one of five


who tried to mow people down All the attackers were shot


by police and investigators now believe they were part


of a terrorist cell of eight to 12 people,


some of whom were in this house, 120 miles from Barcelona the night


before, when a blast killed one It's thought explosive devices


were being prepared, as well as the blueprint


for Barcelona's Las Ramblas attack. Nick Mouncey and Stephanie Walton


from Lincoln were caught up in the panic as a white van ploughed


into the path of hundreds of people. They ran for cover


into a nearby cafe. The only thing that was going


through my head was the Paris, and the London attacks,


where the attackers would come through restaurants and bars,


shooting and stabbing people. I just thought, oh, my God,


we're going to get shot, Nick, It just felt like it was


never ending, wasn't it? When we turned around,


on that first bang, everybody on the floor,


bodies everywhere, there were kids I can't seem to shift that


from my mind at all. It is absolutely heartbreaking,


what people have gone through here. You run in in sheer panic and terror


because you don't really understand what's happened for probably


about a minute or two. And then when you see the people


on the floor, you realise Police have released this


image of four suspects. A young Moroccan man,


Moussa Oukabir, and three others. His older brother, Driss Oukabir,


was arrested yesterday. This evening, more details


are emerging of the victims, Like Bruno Gulotta, who was 35,


from Rome, on holiday with his wife and two


young children. A little boy


and girl, now left fatherless. And there are concerns


for Julian Cadman, who's seven and thought to have dual Australian


and British nationality. He hasn't been seen


since the attack. 24 hours after the blood-letting,


this is Las Ramblas. Where a few hours ago bodies lay,


now there are flowers. And on the boulevard where the white


van eventually crashed, So many have told us


life must go on, But lives have been


changed here forever. Later on we will speak to a


terrorism expert. Now Finland, where police say that two people have been


killed and at least seven have been injured in a stabbing attack in the


city of Turku. A young man has been arrested. He is thought to be the


only suspect. Authorities say they're increasing security. The


European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker said:


I spoke to a journalist from Finland who was near by when the attack


happened. I asked him what he saw. I was at the bank in the central and I


just saw people panicking outside the window. People running towards,


after another, I don't know the reason they were doing that. When I


come out I seen they were shouting, catch the terrorist. Just a few


seconds later I have seen that the two ladies have been stabbed in


front of bank and I just ran into one of the worst one, a little bit


older lady, just around the corner from the place I was in and I tried


to give her first help and at the same time tried to call the police


and the ambulance. It was really chaos at that time. This was one of


the people that had been attacked? Yes. Yes, then we tried to


concentrate on that lady, to save her life if we can and at the same


time call the police and the ambulance and then after that for


after about ten minutes, the ambulance came there and tried to


give her treatment and take her to hospital. So sit was very, very bad


situation especially for this lady, because it was... We thought that


I'm quite surprised if she survived. I know you then went to the press


conference that the authorities gave. What points of information do


you think stood out from what they said? Not so much. You know what we


are talking about the country that has been very peaceful for a very


long time. One of the best civilised countries in the world Finland and


outside people in Finland are generous and civilised and they


always come to help. People were shocked in every where of this


country, because we thought that this might not happen. We have seen


the TVs in Barcelona and in France and Belgium, but we thought Finland


might be a bit different. We are not a colonised country. When I see the


police today in the press conference, the things you can see


from there is that everything is about the beginning. They don't want


to give anything away. They don't think, they don't want to say this


is terrorism or a terrorist act. The only thing we got from there is we


tried to find out, there was eight people, there was nine people


altogether, two has been dying and seven injured in total today. So


everything is about just trying to find out what was the motives, who


was this guy, why he did what he has done. Is that resulted to Barcelona


or whatever it happened. That is all the questions that haven't been


answered. A journalist from Finland speaking to me earlier. Now


President Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is out. The white


house chief strategist, who helped the president win the election is


the latest to get the push. Let's get the latest from Gary O'Donoghue.


We were not sure whether he was push Orde resigned, but we know now he


has been fired? Yes given the big heave hoe by President Trump and


speaks of speculation. Some suggestion he may have tendered that


resignation a couple of weeks ago, but officially today now we know


that he is out, out for a number of reasons. He made some enemies in the


White House, in the national security advisor and the president's


son-in-law. He had been accused by Donald Trump himself of being behind


some of leaks from the White House and he has been given a bunch of


unauthorised interviews, including one in which he said North Korea was


a side show for the administration. That is totally at odds to what this


White House thinks. Will it matter that he goes? He does represent the


right of centre, the alternative right as it is sometimes called. He


is accused by critics of being a neo-Nazi sympathiser, something he


has denied. But he is popular with that right-wing base that helped get


Donald Trump elected. The sort of poor, white, working class, voters,


so his departure will not be welcomed by them. We have seen on


one particular right-wing web-site, some warnings to Donald Trump that


he shouldn't become a hostage to the sort of mainstream traditional


Republican views, otherwise some of his base may well turn on him.


Donald Trump was criticised for being slow to condemn the far right


protest in Charlottesville. This isn't why Steve Bannon has been


fired. There hasn't be a change of direction from Donald Trump? I don't


think so, to some extent getting rid of Steve Bannon may ease some


pressure on Donald Trump and lead some people to think, well, you


know, he is trying to send a bit of an indication about the way this


thing has been handled. But in the majority of this situation, Donald


Trump has inflicted the problems on himself by coming out firstly and


saying there was violence on many sides. Then appearing to sort of toe


a more traditional line and condemn the neo-Nazis and then go back do


his original line in that extraordinary slanging match with


the press. So I don't think Steve Bannon can be blamed for what


happened this week. But his departure may ease some pressure. I


would be surprised if you see a massive ideological gear change as a


result of his depart when you are. Because Donald Trump know what is


got him elected. Thank you very much. Stay with us here on BBC world


News. We have more to come, including didn't he do well? The


king of British Saturday night TV entertainment has died at 89. We


look back at the life of Sir Bruce Forsyth.


Washington is today assessing the political health of world's most


powerful man. I did have a relationship with her that was not


appropriate. In fact, it was wrong. In South Africa, 97 people have been


killed today in one of worst days of violence between rival black groups.


Over the last ten days, 500 have died. Russia is observing a national


day of mourning for the 118 who died on board the Kursk. We are with them


in our hearts. The Pope has celebrated mass between two and a


half million people in Poland. Stay with us, chanted this ocean of


humanity. Well, well, joked the Pope, so you want me to desert Rome?


Welcome to BBC World News Today. The headlines: Police in Spain say that


the Jihadist behind Thursday's van attack had planned a much bigger


atrocity involving knives and explosives. President Trump has


fired his chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Now let's return to our top


story and Barcelona is the latest European city to suffer an attack


where vehicles have been used to mow down people. For the authorities,


such attacks are difficult to prevent and many have been wondering


what more can be done to stop them. Let's cross live to speak to a


lecturer in politics and terrorism in Madrid. When it comes to this


particular area of Spain, it has been known as a hotspot for this


type of activity for some time. Just tell us about the area itself. It's


the region which has the biggest Muslim community in Spain. It also


has the highest rate of detention related to Jihadism in the latest


year. And it has been known for the activity of radical preachers and


very importantly of organisations which are legal like Tablic that are


also known for extolling a type of ideology which is very close to


violent Jihadism. Sometimes this type of organisations can act as...


Fire walls for Jihadism. But sometimes they act and play the role


of convoyor belts to Jihadism and Catalonia has been known for this


activity. Just two years ago a number of businesses were cracked


down upon for financing terrorism, money was being sent from Spain to


the Middle East? Yes, there has been some detentions, arrests because of


activities related to terrorism, among them the ones you described.


Some years ago, there was a plot foiled in Barcelona. It is in fact


the only plot that has been attempted since the terrorist


attacks in Madrid on March 11th 2004, although it has been a high


activity of Jihadist in Spain, very few plots, only the one that I


described in 2008, which was foiled, an attempt to attack the underground


in Barcelona and the one attack we have seen in the last couple of


years. I know it is Arley in the investigation -- early in the


investigation, but do you think it was an inspired attack by Islamic


State or was there something more direct? Yes I think it is a very


important issue. Because some of the media are accepting the


interpretation of events from Islamic State, the body of the


Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. But we are we have


to bear in mind this has occurred in the past and it has been proven


there was no links to the terrorist group itself. It was basically


previous terrorist attacks in Europe like in London or Berlin, they were


perpetrated by individuals who were definitely inspired by this type of


ideology of the Islamic State, but without any concrete link with the


organisation. So in this case, the second hypothesis seems at the


minute more plausible, which is that these individuals did not have


direct contact or didn't follow orders from the terrorist group,


which is quite weakened at the minute, the Islamic State, but they


were inspired by their ideology and perpetrated this terrorist attack


trying to acquire as the means fairly rudimentary as we have seen.


Thank you very much for sharing your expertise. Now all the sport and the


sporting world has been responding to the attacks in Barcelona. Yes on


Friday, Spanish football was united in reflecting on the terror attacks.


Many clubs held silences ahead of training and players will wear black


arm bands this weekend. Barcelona led the tributes. The same as


Madrid. And there was a front-page that say, today we cannot speak


about sport. As well as black arm bands, there is a minute's silence


ahead of the matches in the La Liga. Barcelona don't play until Sunday


and later that day Real Madrid start their campaign. For a third time,


Liverpool have turned down an offer from Barcelona for Philippe Coutinho


believed to be in the region of $146 million. Liverpool say the Brazilian


is not for sale. Barcelona consider Coutinho a replacement for Neymar


who, left to join Paris in a record deal earlier this month. Tottenham


have signed a defender Davidson Sanchez from Ajax. The Columbian


will be the club's first summer signing. He will ease anxiety for


fans who have been concerned about the club's lack of summer signings.


The deal is subject to a medical and a work permit. Chelsea boss Antonio


Conte has been speaking and laughing about Diego Costa's situation. He


had told the striker he had no future at the club and since then


the pair have had a bitter relationship. Antonio Conte has


managed to see the funny side when asked about the striker, saying he


would be treated like criminal. LAUGHTER. It's great. It's great.


I'm not interested to continue this issue and I repeat, for me, he is


the past. Stop. Rain stopped play on the second day of the first Test


between England and the West Indies with England in control. Alastair


Cook struck a double century as England declared on 514. The West


Indies reply got off to bad start, losing Brathwaite for 0. But they


reached 44-1 before the rain set in for the evening. In the Solheim Cup,


an impressive performance from Team Europe mean they lead day one. After


the foursome play, the Europeans managed a two and a half lead to a


one and a half lead. Going on is the four ball and the Americans are


fighting back. That is all for now. Thank you. One


of Britain's best known entertainers, Sir Bruce Forsyth has


died at the age of 89. He was famous for his catch phrases and his


dancing. He entertained generation after generation. We will leave you


with David Sillito looking back at his life.


Live from London, this is Strictly Come Dancing.


When it comes to TV history, Bruce Forsyth was simply


Strictly Come Dancing, the last hurrah in a career that


The Boy Bruce, The Mighty Atom was just the beginning of a life


Business, that's exactly what he had.


There are things he could call on, he could handle it.


And when things went wrong, he could step in and put them right.


That's when he was in his pomp, live.


Sunday Night at the London Palladium in the '60s was his big break.


Beat The Clock showed that he could make a game show


must-watch TV and turn members of the public into


And nowhere showcased the talent better than


The catchphrases became part of national life.


Among the tributes today, the director-general of the BBC


Lord Hall said he was one of our greatest entertainers.


After that, Play Your Cards Right on ITV -


Tony Blair insists that weapons of mass destruction


Well, it would be nice to see them, to see them...


On Have I Got News For You he reminded TV what a pro he was.


If he had a regret, it was not making it in America,


in films and his main love, as a song and dance man.


It'll be like The Generation Game, all right?


You're never quite prepared for the end, are you?


He was such a remarkable, iconic figure.


There's no more remarkable in all of television


history in this country, that's the kind of man


He first appeared on the BBC in 1939.


70 years later, he was still there - still the king of Saturday night.


Hello I would like to start by telling you about our tropical storm


that formed last night in the Atlantic. That is Harvey and there


could be more. For Harvey, through Friday it has been moving into the


wind ward islands, and for the likes of Martinique, up to 100 millimetres


of water could fall and it could give large waves and currents and


some damaging winds before it moves away and heads towards Mexico. Now


further north we have got lumpy cloud showing a showery day on


Friday across the United States and Canada. The showers will continue


through Friday and into the weekend. That just poses the risk of a lot of


cloud for those hoping to take in the solar eclipse on Sunday. If you


have plans to go, stay tuned. The risk of wild fires is high in


western Canada and the winds are not light either. This week has been


dominate bed d by the floods in Sierra Leone. More rain is expected.


We have had a brief respite, just a few showers. But the showers have


been gathering in intensity and in area as you can see. They're not far


from the Freetown area and we expect more intense rain to come about and


last into next week. So that may hamper the clear up operation here.


In India, to the north, where we have had severe flooding, it is at


least slightly drier. The energy is making its way across central and


eastern India and there are warnings for here where we think the focus of


heaviest of the rain will be through the weekendment but still more rain


to come down. So expect further severe flooding in places. It has


been a windy end to week in south-east Australia and it looks


windy to the south-west and it is windy into the weekend. A nasty area


of low pressure for New Zealand will keep things unsettled and


temperatures will drop as that windy weather moves in, bringing some snow


to the hills. Some showers developing late on Friday and


lasting into the weekend across the Alps could give problems for Poland


and Germany. It is hotting up in the south through the weekend and next


week. Cooler further north. But Darren will have more on that for


you later.


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