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Our top stories: A powerful, life-threatening hurricane bears


As residents prepare for the worst, the state authorities ask


the President to declare a major disaster.


At least 28 people have died in Northern India,


after police used live ammunition on supporters


of a self-styled holy man, who's been convicted of rape.


The US announces tough new sanctions against Venezuela,


branding Nicholas Maduro's government corrupt and repressive.


The United States will target the means with which the dictatorship


can accumulate debt to enrich its corrupt regime insiders and


perpetuate its behaviour. And it's shaping up


to be the biggest money Floyd Mayweather takes


on Connor McGregor in Hello and welcome


to World News Today. Hurricane Harvey has intensified


into a category three storm as it The governor of Texas has asked


President Trump to issue a major disaster declaration,


hours before the state Texas and Louisiana haven't been hit


by a major hurricane Officials say Harvey could also


bring life-threatening flooding As you know, this is a hurricane


that will calm in land and then is expected to hover for a long period


of time. They could be days. During that time, there will be a


tremendous amount of rain. It will be dropped on miles upon miles of


Texas. This is going to lead to what was described earlier in our


conference call as record flooding at multiple locations, ranging all


the way from the Corpus Christi area all the way up to the Houston area.


President Donald Trump has treated President Donald Trump has tweeted


to those in the path of storm to heed the advice


of local officials. Just a short time ago his press


secretary said he will visit it looks like the president will


make plans to go to Texas early next week. We will keep people stood on


details of those as they are formed up.


The storm is expected to make landfall near Corpus Christi -


that's where Don Champion has been watching the Hurricane come


Within the past two hours, we started to feel the tropical storm


force winds move into this part of the Texas golf course -- Texas golf


course to. Hurricaine Harvey is coming into the region. It is meant


to be a catastrophic event. This is the bay at Corpus Christi. This


morning the water is much lower than it is now. I've checked before


coming on air and the storm surge year is already up to feed and the


water is starting to splash over at this wall. By the end of this


weekend, I can guarantee you that this very spot will very likely be


under several feet of water as the storm surge just in on dates these


coastal areas before Hurricaine Harvey makes landfall. The storm is


expected to strengthen even more before making landfall sometime


tonight or early Saturday morning just north of where I am standing.


The big danger that officials are worried about is the flooding that


is expected with the storm. More than 30 inches of rain is quite


possible in parts of this region. Just to give you an idea of how much


that is, the city of Corpus Christi typically gets dirty inches of rain


in one year. They will get that in a matter of the few hours. There are


dire concerns and serious concerns for officials here. As you can see


behind me, remarkably there are still plenty of people here who have


decided to stay put and tried to ride out the storm. A lot of them


coming over to the core still area and taking pictures and ticking in


the site. -- the coastal area. This will become ever more dangerous as


the day goes on. The governor here in Texas has been going on local


media discussing all morning long, telling these folks that time is


literally running out to get out of this region safely. Stay safe. Thank


you. Some breaking news now and reports of a shooting in the Belgian


capital Brussels. Soldiers are said to have shot a man who attacked them


with a knife. The man is in a critical state in hospital. That is


being reported by the Reuters news agency. The man was 30 years old and


not known for terrorist activities. The soldiers were lightly injured in


the attack. We will bring you more from that story when we get it.


At least twenty-eight people have been killed in clashes in India


after a self-styled holy man was convicted of rape.


of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh had gathered in the town of Panchkula


Thousands of his devotees went on the rampage after the verdict,


and police responded with rubber bullets and then live ammunition.


The self-styled "guru in bling" is renowned for his flamboyant taste


He was convicted of assaulting two members of his sect 15 years ago.


Violence broke out almost as soon as the guilty verdict was handed


down by the court in this town in North India.


More than 100,000 followers of the self-styled godman Guru,


had flocked to demonstrate their support.


They went on the rampage, burning cars and attacking the police,


who responded with tear-gas and water cannon.


When that didn't subdue the crowd, they fired live ammunition.


And there have been clashes elsewhere, too.


This train was torched by an angry mob here


in the Indian capital, Delhi.


Elsewhere in the city, buses have been set on fire.


The guru has an absolutely enormous following.


He estimates 50 million people and the fear is,


that violence could spread in North India.


Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is a charismatic figure.


He calls himself the Messenger of God,


sports a huge beard and has a taste for enormous motor cycles.


He has been dubbed "the Baba of bling", and stars in his own


movies and pop videos and, despite his extraordinary


appearance, he's regarded as a living saint by many


This is the latest in a series of scandals here in India,


involving those who claim exceptional spiritual powers.


Guru Ram Rahim says his sect is a social welfare and spiritual


group, but he's been accused of involvement in murder


and it is also claimed he persuaded 400 of his acolytes to have


themselves castrated in order to get closer to God.


It's that kind of devotion that explains the scale and intensity


of the violence here in North India and also why the authorities


A little earlier I spoke to the BBC's Neha Bhatnagar


who told me things were beginning to calm down.


At the moment because it has night-time in India, the situation


is under control but very tense. It looks like there is not any large


scale violence but small instances that are being. Large parts of north


India are under lockdown which has affected the train and bus services,


people were leaving their offices early. The capital, Delhi, which is


not next-door with all this happened. The tension is quite


palpable still there. A lot of security forces on the ground. More


than 2000 people have been arrested in quite a large part of north


India. There is a prohibiting order that means more than 45 people are


not allowed to gather together. We do fear this could lead to more


violence and clashes. We are still waiting for the whole of the weekend


and the sentence will only be given on Monday, that could be delayed. A


lot for the security forces to deal with the given his massive and


future following. He is a very, very popular man, isn't he? Tens of


thousands, millions he says around the world. Was that violence to be


expected in any way? Where the Government for warrant for this?


This was expected. Most news reports start with just as expected, given


his following. There is criticism that the administration where


underprepared. They were not caught unaware that could be have prepared


better? The Prime Minister treated saying he is distressed with that. A


lot of people have said, the Government should have done enough


to make sure that there is enough security on the ground. The Chief


minister of that state has been heavily criticised for this. If you


look at what is happening on the streets and these pictures of


violence, if you turn to social media and Facebook and Twitter,


people are coming out and criticising massively. Here is a


person who has been convicted of rape of two women and this is the


kind of support that India and people in India show for him. There


is anger amongst people. What is the image that the country is


showcasing? What is the Government doing? How come 28 people have been


allowed to die in this kind of perhaps preventable situation?


A court has found two white South African farmers


guilty of attempted murder after they forced a black man


into a coffin and threatened to burn him alive.


The judge said it was clear Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson


had intended to kill Victor Mlotshwa.


The two farmers were arrested after a video of the attack


The video of the assault caused outrage here in South Africa. It


highlighted racial tensions in farming communities. Two white


farmers shoving a black man into a Coffin, threatening to bury him


alive. The accused him of trespassing on their farm. The two


men were arrested after the video of the attack was widely circulated on


social media. We said the only wanted to teach the victim a lesson


and meant him no harm. But the judge is missed their claim, saying it was


clear their intention was to commit murder. In relation to this, I find


you both guilty. With attempt to cause previous bodily harm, I find


you both guilty. I find you both guilty. Shortly after the verdict


was delivered here in court, the visibly emotional victim told me he


was relieved that justice has finally been served. As mother


welcomed the verdict. All I am asking is for harsh prison sentences


for these men. The ordeal left my son deeply traumatised and I am


happy his attackers have been found guilty. Various political parties


supporters protested against racism outside the court. The convicted men


will be sentenced in two months' time. Many he attended the trial are


hoping the judge will deliver lengthy jail terms. Let's have a


look at some of the other stories making the news now.


At least fourteen people, including five children,


have been killed after an air strike hit a residential area


Witnesses said two buildings in the south of the city,


which is controlled by Houthi rebels, had been destroyed.


The former Thai prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra,


has fled the country, hours before a verdict was to be


delivered in her trial for criminal negligence.


She faces up to ten years in jail over a rice subsidy scheme.


More than 20 people have been killed in an attack on a Shia mosque


in the Afghan capital, Kabul, as worshippers gathered


The incident began when a suicide bomber blew himself up


Two gunmen then stormed the building.


They were killed by special forces after a siege lasting several hours.


The United States has announced new financial


sanctions against Venezuela, designed to further isolate


The measure bans dealing in the bonds of some


Venezuelan public companies, including the state-owned


Earlier this month the US imposed sanctions


on President Maduro himself - and some of his closest aides -


A short while ago President Trump's national security


H R McMaster explained the latest sanctions.


This order demonstrates more clearly than ever that the United States


will not allow an illegitimate dictatorship to take hold in the


Western Hemisphere at the expense of its people. Through the President's


strong action, the United States will target the means with which the


dictatorship can accumulate debt to in rich its corrupt regime insiders


and perpetuate this repressive behaviour.


Our correspondent Will Grant has been following the latest


It is a tough one. On the one hand, it is clearly targeted exactly where


it is going to hire the Venezuelan utmost, it's crippled economy and


flailing energy sector. For an oil giant like Venezuela, attacking the


state run energy company is a serious step. Many people have


advised the Trump Administration to not take that route. I am in Cuba


which has been under economic sanctions for a decade and the


argument by the previous administration in the White House


was that it was not working. There are a lot of observers that suggest


a similar thing could happen in Venezuela, in fact what the


sanctions would end up doing is hurting the tourists the most and


conversely strengthening his hand. -- the purist the most. What has


been the reaction? The vice president has come out and say they


are analysing it. There has not been a huge amount yet. That is waiting


in the wings. We can be sure that he will come out with the normal


firebrand vitriol against the Trump administration. We can expect them


to throw it back to Washington and say it as an example of imperialism,


neoimperialism in Latin America. These are the things that have a lot


of weight. Let's not forget that the Trump administration said a military


option is still on the table. These are things that are not taken


lightly when it comes to Latin America, the suggestion of military


option or economic sanctions. We are all been focused towards Venezuela


and it might create some sympathy among the other states in the region


that otherwise might be challenging and criticising them.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come


How would you feel driving alongside one of these knowing no-one


Driverless lorries will appear on British roads next year.


The latest headlines for you. 28 people are dead in northern India


after clashes with police and supporters of a holy man who has


been convicted of rape. The worst storm of the decade is about to hit


the coast. Semi-automated, self-driving lorries


will be tested out on British The trucks will be connected


wirelessly with up to three lorries The technology has already been


tested elsewhere in Europe Supporters say it will mean cheaper


fuel bills, lower emissions Our correspondent Richard Lister


looks at how it will work. This could be the future. The driver


in the second lorry is only steering. His speed is controlled by


a computer which is monitoring what the lead driver is doing. These


Dutch trials suggest lorries linked by Wi-Fi can drive closer together


and may have benefits. 10% fuel savings, that is money off the


shopping bills. Goods in shops will go down, 10% less CO2. Congestion,


if we get them doing this running smoothly together, we will not have


the traffic jams. Safety, we can have robots and sensors not looking


mistakes. This is one of the specially equipped lorries that will


take part in the British trials. First on test tracks and then on


2019 the motorway network. This technology is moving fast. Some cars


can steer themselves, too. The haulage industry wants to catch up.


Do sophisticated lorries like this need people at all? The short answer


is yes. Most of British roads are too small and complex. Vehicles like


this could revolutionise long distance haulage. We are going to


jump into the vehicle and start the exercise. Les is training the next


generation of lorry drivers here in Slough. Daniel is about to take his


test. Neither are keen of sharing the driver's seat with a computer.


The machine breaks down, which is my main concern, Wi-Fi connections,


what of that breaks down? Do not think that is a good idea. We should


be in full control of the lorries we are driving. There are other road


users. You have to consider that when you are driving these lorries.


UK waterways are the most congested in Europe. We have more entrances


and experts. If you have a platoon of driverless lorries, it is


difficult to see road signs and exit the motorway. With several countries


now testing this technology, looks like is coming. The UK will have to


decide if it wants it. Conor McGregor will way M4 at this


year's super fight. It will break all paper view records after months


of build ups. McGregor, the biggest star. Former world champion Chris


Eubank thinks the Irish man can cause a big shock that not many


expect. Everything is possible. That man in McGregor has the will. I am a


fan of boxing. I do not choose sides. The one who is willing to


take deepest and shall mean -- show me what Rocky inspired in me. Going


beyond the call of duty and doing what is crazy, insane,


extraordinary. That man is coming from a place of hunger. In McGregor.


If indeed McGregor boxes him and tries to be clever in that, there is


only one winner. To me, Mayweather cannot lose that fight. If you bring


is that Warrior and makes a fight, then everything and anything could


happen. That is why I am here. That is why I have travelled here to see.


It is not a farce. It is a farce if he uses his tools the wrong way. He


is a character, isn't he? Ben Stokes hit a century for England. The story


of the day was the much improved performance from the tourists. I


think many people were expecting to be talking about the decline of the


cricket after day one here, instead they have given a good account of


themselves. After their defeat at Ed Bastin, the bold expertly. It met


none of the batsmen in England wanted to find form ahead of the


Ashes. England once again had to rely on their captain to pass 54 the


12th successive test. That level is a record. Ben Stokes went further,


he made 100. Stokes on two occasions, once online. The West


Indies must be thinking about what might have been. For England, today


was not good enough. Australia will have watched it with some interest.


The last a wicket before the close. Cot by Alistair Cooke and the West


Indies last night workers on the last day of the last test, there


will be a worry there will be another collapse under U2. Strangely


frustrating day for both sides but West Indies much better. That is all


the sport for now. Breaking news coming into us. They are reporting a


man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm on police


after two officers received minor injuries outside Buckingham Palace,


the official residence of the Queen here in London. They seek no other


injuries have been reported and officers remain on the scene at the


moment and enquiries are ongoing. The Queen is usually at Balmoral in


Scotland at this time of year. It is unlikely that she or any of the


senior members of the Royal family were at home at Buckingham Palace.


We will get more information on that. The Press Association are


reporting that a man has been arrested on suspicion of grievous


bodily harm and assault on police after two officers received minor


injuries outside Buckingham Palace here in central London. This is in


to us from the Metropolitan Police. We have no details whether this was


related to terror at all. We have this information at the moment and


we will bring more information to you as soon as you can. You can get


in touch with me on twitter. Stay with us.


It is a bank holiday weekend for most areas of the country. The


forecast is in decent


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