Episode 10 Film 2013

Episode 10

Film reviews. Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh cast a critical eye over the latest movie releases, which include Ridley Scott's The Counsellor and Brit flick Don Hemingway.

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Hello and welcome to Film 2013. We're live and if you want to get in


touch the details are on the screen now.


Coming up on tonight's show: Ridley Scott directs the A-list cast


of The Counselor. You should be careful what you wish for. The


shipment, it's gone! Jude Law and Richard E Grant star in


crime-spree caper Dom Hemingway. And Joseph Gordon Levitt writes,


directs and stars in rom-com gone wrong, Don Jon. Baby, what are you


doing? I was just reading e-mails. No, you weren't!


And we'll be reviewing Palme d'Or winner Blue Is The Warmest Color.


I'm joined in the studio by Danny Leigh, as ever, and guest critic,


Antonia Quirke. U thank you for coming in. -- thank you for coming


in. First up is Ridley Scott and Cormac


McCarthy's The Counselor. A dark tale of a lawyer who gets caught up


in drug trafficking. It's a classic tragedy tale. There's also a love


story in there. Will you? Yes, I will. I intend to love you until I


die. Me first. It is a thriller at times. Counsellor... My back is


against the wall. It is a complex drama. It is about the consequences


of your own action. 65 kilos - -- 625 kilos - probably 20 million. My


character is a nightclub business owner, the counsellor is my lawyer,


but also I am the one who is helping him be in touch with something he


shouldn't be in touch with. I know why I'm in it. Do you? Same as you,


greed. No, you got in trouble. I tried to appeal to your greed two


years ago. No deal. Now, it is too late. It is too late. What do you


think I should do? I don't know. He's been seduced by the people


around him. I am really worried. He wants a piece of it. That is


unfortunately his unravelling. We have a problem. The shipment, it's


gone! I had a call from my business partners. These people are out 20


mill. Just you. They don't believe in coincidences. It is not a movie


about a very normal plot. You have to make some work. That is one of


the values of the movie itself. The writing is very powerful. He throws


some jewels out there that are very powerful statements, about life


itself. Do I remind you of someone else? Yes, you do. Someone you miss?


Someone who is dead. I don't think I miss things. To miss something is to


hope it will come back. It is not coming back. You don't think that is


a bit cold? I think truth has no temperature. The movie is very dark.


I know there is a responsibility that comes with making a movie about


something like this because it is something that unfortunately is


real. When the axe comes through the door, I'll already be gone. What do


you think I should do? How bad is it? We are all done here. It has to


hurt to watch it. If not, it is not dealing with the subject in a


responsible way. The slaughter to come. It is probably beyond our


imagining. If anyone is worried, Cameron Diaz was wearing a hood at


lunch in that scene. The whole thing left me speechless. Shall I speak


for you? Please. You think it is going to be star-studded. The real


star is the script. The scriptwriter. It is possibly the


world's finest living novelist. This thing that he's written, it is so


extraordinary. You can't put an 80-year-old dude on the poster. This


film is a Cormac audio book. It is engrossing. It is masterful. Maybe


the only person on Earth who thinks that. Ridley Scott is watching right


now going, "It's fine, I've made better." Maybe it is the visuals


that are the problem. Should I have closed my eyes? Well, this is a


famously a flop. None of the cast, crew, nobody wants to talk about it.


I think the problem with this movie is the director. You are right, he


is an incredible writer. Here he is, it is an original screenplay. Maybe


it is useful to think about it like this. Imagine No Country For Old Men


- imagine if that had been directed by Ridley Scott in this frame of


mind that he appears to be in. He would have ended up a movie like The


Counselor. He is the wrong director for this material. It needs someone


with a lot more soul. It is about massive drug dealing and Ridley


Scott is the perfect director. It is demRitsy and -- glitzy and


tasteless. It is like Ashley Cole's cheese dream. Once you have too much


money, the world goes mad! This is what happens. This movie is filled


with cheetah in diamond-studded collars. It is a style section...


They wish! What I would say is, didn't you get - I know it sounds


weird - bored with all the characters? I was hoping they were


all going to get blown up. Michael Fassbender's character, nothing


makes sense. Isn't it great to be left guessing? I don't like


guessing. I'm a woman! Can you please tell me how does Michael


Fassbender, who is a legal aid lawyer, how does he afford to get


involved in a 22 million dollar drugs heist? Maybe his grandmother


died. What is so great is it is written as if Cormac has never seen


the film before. Present company excepted, it is a flop. I feel


uneasy about that. Cormac McCarthy is a magician. Most film critics


couldn't write bum on a wall. Some of the lines are wonderful. The one


that she says about truth has no temperature... That line you could


imagine Barbara Stanwick. Cameron Diaz is terrific in this film. What


is up with this woman? We don't know the backstory. I don't want a


backstory. She gets the best lines. That is one of the reasons perhaps


people have taken against this movie. Brad Pitt is brilliant?


Javier Bardem is dressed like a deranged children's entertainer. It


is like taking George Clooney and putting him upside-down in a skip!


It is an insult to the actor. I love you for sticking up for it! Movie


history - look, in reality, Friday night, if people hated Prometheus,


they will hate this! OK. We will see.


Next, actor Joseph Gordon Levitt writes, directs and stars in Don


Jon. There are a few things I care about - my body, my ride, my family.


My church. My boys. My girls. It is a story about how people treat each


other more like things than people. And how the media can contribute to


that. You have a boyfriend and a girlfriend. That's played by me and


Scarlett. He watches too much pornography and she watches too many


romantic Hollywood movies. I love movies like that. They have both


developed these unrealistic expectations of what love and sex


are spolzed to be. Why did you say yes to me? You will have to wait to


find out. I have time. You are cute. I like you. I do think it is a


romantic movie. It's certainly funny. But in many ways it does go


against the rules of your standard rom-com, that's for sure. Baby, what


are you doing? I was reading e-mails. You weren't. I don't think


there is anything inherently wrong with pornography or a romantic


movie. The problem is if we start expecting our real lives to be the


same as what we see on a screen. Real life is not the same as what


you see on a screen. How do you watch that? How do you watch the


stupid movies you watch? They give awards for movies. They give awards


for porn, too! If you talk about a PT Anderson movie, or a Woody Allen


movie, some people love them and some people just don't get it. I


think if you are going to do something bold and provocative and


try to start a conversation, you will end up alienating some people


and no offence meant. # It's just a


# Good vibration. # Nothing to see here. Antonia? This


movie is no good. I admire him for trying to make a film about this


subject. I was in New Jersey where this movie is set, in fact. Every


magazine, every radio station, this is the topic they are discussing,


this tidal wave of porn. It was dropped on our heads. Then, two


minutes later, there will be an ad for Viagara. Why are you looking at


me? What is it doing to us? It's riddled with cliche and what have


you. As he says himself, such a sweet boy, I'm trying to start a


conversation. That is what he is doing and I admire him for it. You


like the fact that it exists? I like the fact it exists. I don't want to


see it again. Right. Is that enough? It is never good when the best part


of the movie is the ten-second clip from a fake film. It is interesting,


it is nice that he is trying to convey a positive message. It seems


so sheltered and grannyish. It is as if he's only discovered the internet


and people are doing rude things out there. He gets annoyed when he turns


it on. Where is he looking for the porn from? He must have been trying


to get this thing off the ground five years ago. I still think he is


on the money. People weren't talking about this. It all seems motivated


by this idea that he's discovered, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is a very


talented boy, who has discovered one or two men might be using internet


pornography. I have terrible news for him! At least it has something


to say. It is about something. It is like a terrible advert for


masturbation. As a director, he comes out as a good actor. He seems


terrible here because he is playing this character. I don't think


Scarlett Johansson... Don't you think she is great in it? My problem


is it is so repetitive. He goes back to the same porn site. There are too


many - the sister who is on her phone endlessly. I get it, after the


eighth time! On the 15th time, there's got to be something else.


That is his big idea. Sure, he will go on and make fantastic movies.


This is a film school film that somebody has given him $25 million


to make. Julianne Moore, I breathe a sigh - I thought that's brilliant.


It changed the film. What is her character? She is a pair of clogs...


No, no, she is much more than that in the film. I think the movie does


have this lovely bit of sadness running through it. He does get


involved with Julianne Moore, it is so obvious that that is what is


going to happen. She's a widow and is in a bad way. You know, he's had


a break-up. So you kind of get a sense that people are drawn to each


other for all sorts of reasons. They know the relationship isn't going to


last. They are clinging... Yes. I kind of bought that. I do get where


you are coming from. It is so judgmental. He has a real problem


with hair gel. So a character has a huge transformation because he stops


wearing hair gel. We have all been through those moments. Thank you.


Next, Jude Law and Richard E Grant buddy up in London crime romp Dom


Hemingway. Mr Fontaine, you only use a gun to hold up a place, but no


hunting. Dom Hemingway has just come out of prison and I have been his


mentor and best buddy outside. They go on a crime revenge spree and


everything that can go wrong does go wrong with hilarious consequences.


Dad? You have to be kidding me. Dom is a petty criminal. He is a car


crash of a man, really. He's trying to project something that he's not.


And really the film is about getting beneath all those layers and seeing


the shambles that he really is and what he really wants.


Jesus Christ. You have to get control of yourself! I didn't bring


the right shoes. Even with 30 pounds gained in weight, Jude Law makes


people weak at the knees, which I saw in real life on a daily basis.


It was obvious I had to let everything go because Dom had


spiritually and physically to a point, so it was taking my face and


maybe adding four or five unforgettable fights to it and years


of booze - I didn't have to try too hard!


I have a glorious tale to be passed down from generation to generation.


Jude is playing somebody who is so out of control, but in order to play


that part, he had to be so disciplined. He has huge long


speeches that he had to keep repeating and we worried that his


voice would give up because he had to shout so much. It was a big


challenge for him. I'm stating what I'm stating. Stop stating what you


are stating. State it again and I'll knock your teeth out! Can I state


that I don't want you to be rude about it. Continue. That is quite a


challenge. All of us grow up wanting to be something. I grew up wanting


to be Mr T. This film wants to be Sexy Beast. It kind of almost gets


there. There are moments when you think it is like a Pot Noodle and


Haribo version of Sexy Beast. There is something to be said for any film


that starts with an endless monologue of Jude Law. I'm going to


say "penis" - it does set itself a high standard. OK. Antonia? In its


dreams is it Sexy Beast! In its dreams it's Pipbter. -- Pinter. It


ends up like that nice barman in Minder, you know. That is about as


hard and dangerous as it gets. It is an extremely wet film and it has


this incredible crisis of confidence about 40 minutes in. It is quite


entertaining up till that point. Suddenly, it collapses and it has


this sub-plot with the daughter. I found that very moving. It is


interesting, isn't it, about villains and they seem to come in


two types, the type that never says anything, the man with no name and


the type that never shuts up, which is the kind of character we have


here. It is a really difficult thing to keep up, that hyper articulate


battering ram, lines like, "In my head, it's a disco in Manila full of


transvestites suckling pigs." I'm a bit more charitable with it. There


is enough ridiculous absurdity that you roll with it. Jude Law is from


London, so I couldn't work out his action. Then there are moments when


the film pauses. It does droop very badly after 40 minutes and Antonia


is right. It turns into this weird, there is no-one kind like granddad


type of thing. You have to give Jude Law lots of credit for the


performance. You rate Law? I rate Law in it and Richard E Grant. He is


interesting casting. What is quite funny is if you go into disreputable


pubs in West London, you will see characters who look like Richard E


Grant with fake hands. The thing about Law, you don't buy him as a


killer, you don't buy him as a guy that is going to bite somebody's ear


off. It is not that Jude Law can't be sinister. Think of him in The


Talented Mr Ripley? Yes. He can do sinister. He can do that. Just


not... I liked him in this. He was loyal. He was loyal to his boss so


he stayed inside and he came out and he wanted his due. Can he go back


inside? Next, is French love story Blue Is


The Warmest Color and there is some very strong language.


It's a common story, a meeting, a crush between these two girls. It is


like a passion story. Everything involving that.


You start from a script, but before the shoot, Abdellatif Kechiche told


us we can improvise a lot. I could watch her for weeks - I


could watch them both - but especially the young girl, Adele.


Antonia? This is what the movie is about. It is about fixing a camera


on a human being of tremendous wattage and allowing them to walk,


talk, move, eat spaghetti, fall asleep. This is some of our greatest


movies. Look at Goddard. Isn't she amazing? This is what the movie


does. The movie - I can honestly say when I came out of this film, I


wasn't sure where it was set - Paris? Who cares. All that matters


is this incredible way in which it seemed to demonstrate perfectly what


it feels like to be in love, the first flush of love, that utter


concentration, the camera trying to puzzle her face out, the way it does


that. There you are, three hours later, as you said, he could have


carried on filming for another four hours and we would have sat there


for another week. It is exceptional. One of the tell-tale moments in the


film is there is a party scene and they have a movie screen up and the


old silent movie icon, Louise Brooks is there. This is almost like a


silent movie. It's a panoramic story which is told on the faces of the


actresses and sometimes that is a tiny little glance and sometimes it


is this huge explosion of emotion. It is all there. It is strange. We


are going to end up talking about the sex scenes, but it is so funny.


The sex scenes aren't that relevant in a funny kind of way. The real


excitement in Blue Is The Warmest Color all happens from the neck up.


There's been all kinds of controversies because the actresses


won't talk about it. Martin Sheen barely survived Apocalypse Now. This


is the movies. Of course, both of these actresses have said very


publicly that they felt exploited that the whole experience was a


nightmare, the director was exploitative. It is a strange that


they didn't look unhappy when they were walking the red carpet at


Cannes. Nevertheless, these things... It can sometimes come


late? It can. They are probably right. It is super-exploitative in


as much as these girls are perfect. These are perfect bodies. If he was


going to be really brave, let's two ordinary-looking people. It is about


young love and young bodies are always magnificent. You have these


romances and the role of sex, when you get together with someone, that


is when sex is amazing and that is glossed over in romances. I do think


the sex scenes are a bit of a problem. The film's weakness is it


all feels a bit self-conscious and a bit pompous. These are pompous sex


scenes and I don't know, I almost found it is a strange thing to say


sitting here on live TV with two women, after the first five or six


minutes of watching the beautiful actresses having sex with each


other, I found my mind wandering to the Cannes Festival. That shouldn't


be what happened. It does make you uncomfortable. It is seven minutes


of a three-hour film. You are right that the grandstanding makes you


uncomfortable. It is Levined by the naturalness -- leavened by the


naturalness. Lea Seydoux is the girl with the blue hair. Adele


Exarchopoulos is exceptional. Didn't you think it was interesting how


this is an actress who doesn't wear any make-up in the movie and it


physically slides off her face in front of you without a snot or a


tear. It does. Very quickly, film of the week? Antonia should go first.


Blue Is The Warmest Color. Are you going to go The Counselor? I might


just. And Blue Is The Warmest Color will


be in cinemas on 22nd November. That's all from us. We'll be back at


the same time next week. We're going to leave you tonight with a look at


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which will be in cinemas in January - and


it's a bit violent. Goodnight. Somebody tried to kill me.


Jack? Jack? Was work OK? Yeah. You sold this as an office job. Sit


down. Talk me through your scary scenario. It is going to be a wipe


out. We will never see it coming. You are not just an analyst anymore.


You are operational now. You think this is game, Jack? They won't bring


us to our knees without firing a shot. There is a real scenario here


where we don't get out of this alive. We have been compromised. If


you find the truth, will you believe it?


Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh cast a critical eye over the latest movie releases. Films reviewed this week include Ridley Scott's The Counsellor, which features an all-star ensemble cast. Jude Law and Richard E Grant team up for Brit flick Dom Hemingway; plus Claudia and Danny take a look at Palme d'Or-winning French love story Blue is the Warmest Colour.

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