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Devastation in Dallas. I'm not the First Lady any more. Natalie Portman


is America's first widow in Jackie. People can see through their own


eyes. James McAvoy takes on the role of a lifetime. In twisted thriller


Split. He'll do awful things to you. It's a long way home for Def Patel.


He and Nicole Kidman star in Lion. Plus, Alice Lowe, star and director


of new Brit horror, Prevenge, reveals what really,


really makes her scared and it's not Joining me to talk movies


is the excellent Mr Chris Hewitt from Empire Magazine and our regular


super critic, Danny Leigh. Beautiful. When I'm excited I roll


out the black socks the that is how it works. We will rein in that


excitment it's early days. So many films cot coming out this year are


you like this? There could be great films around the corner. There could


be stinkers. Speaking of which... No. Coming up first tonight.


With just two days until Michelle makes way for Melania,


director Pablo Lerrain's new film, Jackie, couldn't be more timely.


Natalie Portman stars as perhaps America's most iconic First Lady


struggling to cope in the aftermath of JFK's assassination.


People like to believe in fairytales. Are you ready? Of


course. And you? I believe that the


characters we read about on the page end up being more real than the men


who stand beside us. Everyone knows my story. We know Jackie as an I


con. She had this particular style. It's one of the things she's really


remembered for. The hair, the clothes, the grace. I think


everything in the White House should be the best. It has to be beautiful.


The clothes are obviously very much a part of the facade that we know


about Jackie. Her cost umm designer did a great job recreating the


wardrobe she was wearing during particular scenes. Let them seen


what they've done. Cut. Our story started with th incredible


screenplay. It took a long time to find the director. I was like, why


me? Why are you offering this pro yebth to someone from Chile south,


South America. He didn't have the bagsage everybody else had. He said


- let me treat her like everyone else and how she must have felt.


That is why you're so in Jackie's world thaw forget it's Natalie. I I


somewhere what was real, what was performance. That's nice. We tried


to explore different layers... When men see me now, what do you think


they feel I called my mother when I was invited to make this movie. She


was like - son, you make that movie. It was the story of a mother, not


the mother of those two kids, but at some point the mother of a country.


It's our last chance. The most interesting films can come from


someone who see it is with fresh eyes. Action. He took the project in


an unexpected and visionary direction. They wanted to share my


grief. So I let them. Natalie portman, she studied Jackie,


her accent help convinced a lot of people. Has she convinced you? She


has. I don't come at it with a Natalie Portman fan. I think here


she is great. It's perfect casting. Jackie Kennedy was a woman who was


brittle and mannered playing a role all the time time nails it. More


than mimick are you. The film is more than one of those Wikipedia


with popcorn. There issing something rich and strange going on. Are you


not seeing her life story but how it would have responded in this mad and


unreal moment after the world has changed and her world was turned


upside. She was a contradiction. We think of a woman in this immaculate


pink Chanel suit covered in the blood of her husband. Two things


going on with her at once. The movie captures that beautifully. What did


you think? I will defend, Natalie Portman. She deserved her Oscar. .


May get a second one for this. She is fantastic. Pablo Larrain presents


the movie in an interesting way. It bounces around from scenes that take


place in the immediate aftermath of JFK's assassination she is covered


in blood and grappling with grief and conversation she has with a


journalist played by Billy Crudup where she is more together and in


control of her emotions. Wonderful to go across that gamut of emotion.


Two things going on at once. The woman is completely unhinged by


grief. The death of her husband. Her first reaction is they will have to


sell the furniture and she is chain smoking with a journalist. The


journalist said, I mights mention you smoking. She goes - I don't


smoke. She is shaping history. She is thinking, fiercely and eerily


focus and very in control. That is fascinating. Someone who is falling


apart and very in control. The movie reflects that. Sometimes it feels


chaotic. Other times it it's razor-sharp. You found it


convincing. I found it cold. The woman lost her husband in a gruesome


way, I thought about it in a way I never thought about it before.


Pulling herself together and go through horrendous grief in the


public eye, she was only 34. So much going on. In their own private lives


there was a lot going on. Of course. It left me strangely cold. I found


myself looking at her wig. It might have been Natalie Portman's hair and


wondering off. I wanted to have empathy. I was really disappointed?


I can see that. There is a coldness to it. A veneer. A surfaced movie.


Than reflects what life was like for Jackie Kennedy in that moment shechl


couldn't be the grieving widow, falling apart at home. She had to be


this incredibly composed figure we see behind the veil famously. She


had to... It was an act. She was so good at it. She keeps saying, "I'm


doing my job" that is how she approached it. Very much as First


Lady and an occupation as well. She was going through something no-one


had gone through for a long time before that. Impossible to know the


emotions she went through. Good performance. The camera is in her


face and our face face for a lot of it. Interesting you didn't feel. It


I felt the emotion come through the screen. It forces you to engage.


It's hard to play an iconic role. People will pull it apart if it's


not right. Imagine the weight on her. At 3.00am in the morning you


can hear the scream of Nico Kidman playing Princess Grace of Monaco.


The roles crush actresses. Natalie Portman runs with it. I'm devastated


that Lady Ga Ga is not playing Cilla Black. We are all devastated.


Writer director M Night Shyamalan first made his name 17 years ago


with the shockingly twisty The Sixth Sense.


Now, he's back with another high concept,


psychological thriller, Split.


It stars James McAvoy as a man with 24 personalities,


some of which are good and some of which are very, very bad.


Hey, pardon me, sir, I think you have the wrong car. Three girls that


get abducted. What are we doing here? They are brought to this


windowless room. Open the door! I think u think you are in a movie


like Saw. Three people have to escape and out wit the captor and


that stuff. The next time they see me I'm someone else. I happen to be


a woman called Patricia. I will talk to him. I'm not the person who


abducted them I'm a boy called Hedwig. I have red socks. They


understand they are being held by somebody has a disorder known as


DID. Now I see. That's clever. Three of the 23 personalities that live


within that one body have gone back. Dennis is very unstable. I'm not


Dennis. I've been fascinated by this condition. He's not allowed to touch


you. He knows that. It's one that people in the field don't really


believe in. I believe in it. I believe it does exist. I think there


is documentationation which proves it without a doubt. It's still


controversial I've never seen a case like this before. 23 identities live


in Kevin's body. The trick of this film is to balance that comedy with


the tension and you want the audience to feel frightened, laugh,


you want them to feel sad and sympathy. You want them to hate and


love you. We play with all of that all the way through. He's done awful


things to people and he'll do awful things to you. Humour works against,


tension works against. Emotion. When the audience wants to laughed and


not, it's very difficult to do. In fact, I'm trying to do almost like


this moment when it's really uncomfortable laughter. That's what


I'm pushing towards. Help me get out of here. An individual with multiple


personalities can change their body chemistry with their thoughts.


Someone's coming for you. Who is coming? The Beast. Firstly, can I


say I ray tore James McAvoy as an actor and human being. He is working


his pants off here I'm glad you are saying this now. I am. As Barry,


Dennis, Patricia, head wing. What did you make of it. A lot of roles?


You may have a split on the sofa. We may have to divide ourselves. Let us


not be hasty. Is it I liked this film. Danny is it with aing for a


return to form from M Night Shyamalan.


He made awful films over the last few years The Happening, what


happened there? Last year he made Visit Down and dirty horror film and


showed signs of a return to form. This cements this. It's closer to


The Sixth Sense. Closer to Signs, not quite there. For me it's a very


effective, darkly comy psychological thriller than the horror film it it


has been painted out to be. I did laugh, but the implausibility in


places that I found frustrating. Here he is dealing with the


character who has quite a complexent mal health issue. DID, of course,


multiple personalities. My own thing with it, you take something like


that at the beginning it goes to such detail of explaining why this


happened and cases of this in the past and then takes that to slightly


the ridiculous, I thought. That frustrated me a little bit. You can


use mental health as a vehicle for a sort of slap stick horror/thriller


and miss represent mental health issues if it's 1960 and you are


making Psycho. This is not Psycho. I like it a little less than you,


Chris. I thought it was the most slab dash grubby sub-standard films


I've seen. Two bad films for the price of one. A thriller with no


thrills. . Given that M Night Shyamalan is a middle-aged dude


there is footage of teenage girls in his bras and pants. Though it is the


bad guy who convinced them to do that. He likes to make sure we see


it too. He moves the camera that way. On any number of levels this is


sweaty, toxic, claptrap. disorder, I am with you. You have


three girls and once they're locked up and removing their clothes and


then giving a character who might fight back some predictable back


story and slightly unnecessary I thought. It does veer into


unexpectedly dark territory towards the end and certain things rear


their head, but we can't talk about them. There is one thing at the end


that bounced out of cinema with just a smile on my face. But we can't


talk about that. There are things you would see every week in an


episode of Law and Order. M Night Shyamalan pushed it into a darkly


funny area and you have the great performance from James McAvoy. He is


great. We see about eight or nine of the 23 penalties and he attacks it


and there is, his tongue is in his cheek, but it is a wonderful


performance. Really goes for it. I bounced out of cinema as well at the


end. We are united in that. For very different reasons.


She's starred as a homicidal caravanner, a criminal poet and now


in her directorial debut, Prevenge, actress Alice Lowe stars


as a bloodthirsty mother-to-be enjoying a pre-natal killing spree.


Perhaps, unsurprisingly, Lowe is a big horror fan,


so who better then to ask for her creepiest cinematic kids?


You're this force of nature now inside you. Baby know what is to do.


Baby will tell you what to do. It is just nature's way.


Hi I'm Alice Lowe the direct and and star of Prevenge, a film about a


woman who goes on a killing spree while pregnant. You're insane. I'm a


working mother. I thought I would choose some of my favourite creepy


kids in horror that inspired for this film. I love the stillness of


The Innocents and the sound design is incredible and the little boy


Mile is creepy. He has adult knowledge within him, because he is


possessed by this ghost of this evil man. Now, you're my prisoner. Myles


let me go. Why? You're hurting me. A classic is Don't Look Now. I'm a


friend. About a human drama and the best horror is the drama, it is not


the ghost that is scarry, it is what happened to the family and they have


a child who died and the father is convinced that he sees the child in


Venice running around the streets in this red coat. What I drew for my


film from that film is a sense of sadness and regret and someone who


is trapped in the past and you feel like when someone's trapped in the


past and that it only going to be a matter o' time before they meet


death. I don't know. When I first saw The


Shining, it wasn't because I saw it, it was because I wasn't allowed to


watch it and my sister enacted it for me scene by scene and it was


chilling. Red Rum. Red Rum. Red Rum. It is an interesting meditation on


family and the pressures of being a parent. Have you ever thought about


my responsibilities? I'm sure it is terrifying to anyone who is


experiencing sleep deprivation and feels they would like to chase their


child around the house with an axe. Yes the twin girls at the end of the


corridor, they're very creepy. They don't do anything. They don't even


move. They just stand there. That is more scary. Come and play with us,


Danny. Carrie I think can count as a creepy kid, because she is ra


teenager and experiencing puberty and it unleashes these powers within


her. She is able to kill people with her mind. There is a lot of blood


and he was influenced by Blues and Reds and vivid colours to help show


this hormonal intensity that arrives with this. I love the


mother/daughter relationship. I shows the psychosis that can go on


there. It is one you rarely see on screen. All of those films have


something that really beds in deeply and they're all things that stay


within you. I think it is because it goes beyond the dialogue. Kiss me


good night. And the characters, it is actually something that...


Getting hammered into the back of your retina.


And we'll be reviewing Alice's new film Prevenge


Just one of the cinematic treats on the way in 2017.


Let's see what you're most looking forward to.


Danny, Chris - what are you most excited about this year film wise?


Chris as a Dorset boy and Chisil Beach and a new Cohen brothers. And


Rose looking forward to Beauty And The Beast. Will they sing the songs?


Yes. Steve sent a list. Blade Runner and alien covenant, a great year for


sci-fi. I will go for Baby Driver, that promises to be unlike anything


we have seen, a car chase movie and sort of musical. I'm intrigued. It


will be a great sound track and a heist and a chase. Sold. Moonlight.


And I will mention Elle, a revenge thriller that will blow people's


minds and quickly Jaw bone, a British boxing movie with Jonny


Harris. And Split Two. Now Lion, following a man's quest to finds the


family he was separated from as a child 25 years ago. Where are you


from? Calcutta. Which part. I'm adopted. Starting to remember. Story


of that beautiful boy. I had forgotten. Are you OK? I had another


family. What happened? I was lost. I have to find my way back home. How


long were you on the train? A couple of days. A couple of days. It would


take a lifetime to search all the stations in India. You have no idea


what it is like. How every day my real brother screams my name. I


thought I could teepest keep the family together. If they're not


there. I don't have a choice. What was she like? Beautiful. Every night


I imagine that I'm walking those streets. And I know every single


step of the way. I whisper in her ear. I'm here. Oh, I have gone


again. I am feeling overwhelmed and may start weeping. Not like when I


watched Manchester by Sea. But it is very moving. Yes the second half of


Lion I like, it is very solid with a good performance. The first half is


extraordinary. There is barely a word in it. It is this little boy


Saroo who is spirited away and lost in the bedlam of calve cut that.


Calcutta. It is a bit lop sided, the second half can't keep up. But the


first half is very good. Performances from the two boys who


play brothers, they are incredible. Yes. He was six years old when he


made the film and no training. His eyes are amazing. And he grows up to


be become Dev Patel and I agree, the second half is fine. It just treads


a lot of water. He has a decision do I look for my parents and he takes a


long time to make it. He is should I? Maybe I should. No OK I will. You


can see why the movie, there is no at lot of drama in the search. It is


difficult. I like the second half a bit more than you. We see Dev Patel


and we first met him on screen in Slumdog Millionaire, where he was a


child himself. But here he has brawned out and he is like a grown


man and he is still a bit overshadowed. But that is part of


film. His character is overshadowed by his past and it makes sense. I


still think Dev Patel is good and it is interesting when you have a role


that calls for an actor to symbolise mental disintegration with a beard.


You can end up with Iain Beale. But Dev Patel it is about the eyes. It


is a subtle and difficult performance. It his best


performance. And he is doing an Australian accents. He conveys that


anguish and there is a good supporting cast. But the second half


peoples it is putting scenes in to try and get to the end and to get to


it movie length. But sorry. There a scene where Nicole Kidman has a


dialogue and it should say, vote me for Best Supporting Actor. I did. I


was put on holds. The first half is about momentum and motion and the


boy going to Calcutta. The second half is about someone who is stuck.


What is weird is it ends up it can't help being a huge slab of product


for Google Earth. Because he is trying use that track down where he


is from. And goggle earth seems -- Google Earth seems useful if you


were spirited away as a small boy. Otherwise I'm sketchy on what its


use could be. If you choose a film of the week. Split. Jackie and the


first half of Lion. For me Lion. I loved it. That is almost it. Next


week the brilliant Charlie Brooker is here and I leave you with a brief


look at some of the films coming your way in 2017. Thanks for


watching and good night. 400,000 men on this beach. There is


no hiding from this, son. I'm home! There is my favourite. I'm putting


together a team, people with special abilities. You see I believe enemies


are coming. Stop right there. I'm in! That's Kong. He is king around


here. I was the first negroe female student. It is important, you have


got to decide for yourself who you want to be. What you looking at me


like that for? If something welcome back to happen


to you... I could never forgive myself. They're like any other


machine. I did your job once. I was good at it. Things were simpler


then. Meet the princess. What about that? What? Show time A-hole!


Everyone! I get to keep the suit? Of course, just don't anything I would


do and definitely don't do anything I would do. There is a grey area and


that is where you operate.


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