Oscars 2016 Talking Movies

Oscars 2016

Talking Movies travels to Los Angeles to preview Hollywood's biggest night of the year - the 88th Academy Awards.

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Coming up next here on BBC News it's Talking Movies.


Hello from Hollywood, and the special Oscars edition of Talking


Movies. Today, we preview the 88th annual Academy Awards. We will be


rating the Oscar chances of many of the big names in the running, and


looking at the ongoing diversity controversy and finding out how


these protests have happened before. I will take us specifically


to 1962. Plus, the foreign language category, first nominations for


Colombia and Jordan, with this differential competition from


Denmark and France. As a filmmaker it is a huge stage to be asked on


two. And again, a large contingent of British act as in the running.


Who are they and water chances? All that and more in this special Oscars


edition of talking movies. -- Talking Movies. This year's Oscars


contest is far from certain. That makes the Academy Awards, if he


regarded as a horse race, far more interesting. At the Oscars is more


than just nominees vying for the big prizes. That said, at Hollywood's


Chinese Theatre, the controversy surrounding it has meant there is a


big guessing game as to which film will win. I would have to say The


Revenant. Why is that? I like Leo, he is the man. I think The Revenant,


because it has a lot of buzz. I like mad Max, but probably The Revenant.


The major category that is hardest to call seems to be that of best


picture. It is seen as a 3-way race. You have the big short, about the


financial crash of 2008. Also, Spotlight, about the sexual abuse


scandal. And then The Revenant, a revenge thriller starring Leonardo


DiCaprio. I think it could be between The Revenant and the Big


Short. I think those two are ahead of Spotlight at the moment. The


biggest issue to involve the academy has been the outcry that for the


second year in a row, all the acting nominees are white, despite well


reviewed performances by black actors in several films. Some stars


have said they will boycott, including Jaeger Pinkett Smith, in a


video posted online. Is it time that people of colour realise how much


power we have amassed? According to one count, just 2% of academy


members are black. The organisation has moved swiftly to institute


measures to diversify its membership, which were welcomed by


many. Interestingly, black protest against the Academy is nothing new.


It is nothing new at all, and I will take us back specifically to 1962


when we had African-American pickets outside the auditorium where the


Oscars were being held. It was an African-American FAQ who decided to


take up this course, and to hit not only racist representations but what


he called nebulous representations. -- act. Negative representations


towards black people in film. There will be black presenters and


performers as there have been in previous years, and the Oscars will


be hosted by Chris Rock. That is partially why you hire Chris Rock.


You want him to say provocative things, and he won't get up on stage


and not say anything. If he did that, it would be a huge controversy


in and of itself. While African-Americans will be frustrated


by the lack of black faces in the ranks of acting nominees. Another


group, Latinos, almost never get nominations, and very rarely win. I


would say it is very tough for a Latino to win an Oscar for Best


Actor or Best Actress. We haven't seen that since the early 1950s. All


the other actors who have won Oscars up until now have been in supporting


roles, whether they are men or women. But at least it could be a


consolation prize for Latinos this year, it was a Latino director is


perhaps going to go home with the Best Director and best picture Oscar


for the second year in a row. Here on Hollywood Boulevard a star can be


found for George Arliss, the first British actor to win an Oscar. This


year, there is a big contingent for the UK vying for Oscar progress.


This year, six British actors are hoping to carry a statuette back to


the UK. In a funny twist of fate, most of them are not actually


playing the role of a Brit. Following on from his success last


year in The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne will be hoping he can


become the first person since Tom Hanks in 1995 to win back-to-back


Oscars. You will not tell anyone about this. He is hopeful that the


film of one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery


will have the same effect on audiences as it did on him. I felt,


when I read the script, which was just really overwhelming emotional


reaction to a deeply unique love story. If we have retained that then


I am very lucky. The whole housing market is propped up on these bad


loans. Moving on to the supporting actor category, and it is one


dominated as Brits as Christian Bale, Mark Rylands, and Tom Hardy


are all vying for the win. For Tom Hardy, it is his first nomination.


Reward perhaps for the gruelling shoot that the cast of The Revenant


had to go through. For Tom Hardy, the work will always take priority


over the awards. I don't personally go in thinking I am doing it for


awards, whether nominations come or not, that is not putt I suppose that


is not what I work for. I'm tremendously grateful to be


nominated, I didn't expect that to happen. Long known as one of the


world's finest theatre actors, Mark Rylands has been demonstrating his


talent in front of the camera. His performance in the Cold War drama


Bridge of Spies, is a showcase the those not already familiar with his


talents. It has led to his first nomination and the opportunity to


work with Steven Spielberg, which lets face it, can't be that bad.


This will be a first for the both of us. You should be careful is not


quite there is something very open and enthusiastic about what was


happening. I never felt he was trying to shoot on the end of


something he had, he was very curious about what I had to bring to


it. Up for Best Actress in a leading role is Charlotte Rampling, who


takes on the part of a wife who must confront relationships from the past


in marriage drama 45 Years. Nominated in the Best Supporting


Actress category is Kate Winslet for her role as Steve Jobs's


long-suffering assistant. The film was disappointing in the box office


but has been widely praised for its structure, presenting Steve Jobs at


important parts of his life. You don't think you are having a bizarre


overreaction to a 19-year-old girl allowing her mother to list her


roadhouse? 45 minutes of real time, past -- fast paced dialogue that was


difficult for all of us to keep up with. I took away from the


experience and knowledge of Steve that he did have a soft side, he


really did, and he did have the ability to be emotional and really


feel things in ways that often people don't imagine someone like


him really could. The Best Supporting Actress category is


perhaps one of the most open in this year's competition, and while Alicia


Vikander might currently be the front-runner, don't be too surprised


if you see Winslet at the podium after a gap of 17 years. This year,


81 films were submitted for inclusion in the Oscars best foreign


language film award. At only five made it onto the short list. They


came from Hungary, Denmark, France, Jordan and Colombia. All the


nominated foreign-language films deal with characters operating under


pressure. Especially Son of Saul. Jewish prisoners at the bash which


concentration camp who were disposing of the bodies from the gas


chamber. I wanted to do this from the perspective of one person within


the camp. I wanted to be immersed in the experience, the experience of


one person. The academy is often blamed for being Eurocentric in its


selections. That has been partly remedied this year with nominations


for Colombia and German. In Embrace of the Serpent, from Columbia, there


is a story about... It was so timely, through the story I could


feel millennia worth of knowledge, million -year-old stories speaking


through men, which was moving. Theeb is a coming-of-age story of a young


boy who guides had Officer through the desert. The Danish film, Are


War, is about... It look simple world I didn't know existed. A world


of human suffering, and not just in Afghanistan where the world is


harmed not just there but the people at home. That is what we try to look


at. Finally, there is the French film Mustang, which had a lot of


academy support. The story of five was Lumb sisters who are controlled


by overbearing adults. The Oscar nomination has meant a lot to the


Turkish director. It gives us a huge universal spotlight and strength. Of


course, the film generates a muscular debate and can possibly


open a little breach of discussion. Win or lose, all the countries


running for an Oscar have benefited from the nomination itself. The


accolade has boosted the filmmakers' profile. In some


instances, it has helped them secure distribution deals, and often it has


made the directors here is in their own country. It is like winning the


World Cup. Previously, investors were very confident in the idea of


locally made films, so now that we have an Oscar nomination it has


changed everything. Not just for myself and for the team that made


Theeb but for all filmmakers in Jordan. All the foreign-language


films up for Oscars this year are considered strong contenders,


showing audiences as Sample of what world cinema has to offer. Although


it is a category that has historically been hard to predict,


how indication is that Son of Saul is the one to beat.


20 actors are up for either leading or supporting performances. Oscar


prognosticators say it's likely Leonardo DiCaprio will take home the


Best actor Oscar for his performance in the reverend, but in other races


there could be surprises. Heralded as the biggest Irish actress since


home or in Ojha are, this actress is up for the Best actor award for


Brooklyn. She is torn between New York and Ireland. Immigrant story


connected with the director. It was very close to my heart because it


was about my people, it was about the journey my parents went on back


in the 80s, they moved to New York and they went through the same


things even though it was a decent different era and different time,


they went through the struggles. But Ronan has stiff competition, Brie


Larsson is the first favourite. She spent seven years captive in a


shared with her son. We're going to bake a birthday cake. It's a 1950s


and two women are in love. Carol. Critics describe Cate Blanchett's


Carol as cold but it seemed to be powerful enough for the academy to


give her a nod for the Best actress in a leading role. We gave each


other the most breathtaking of gifts. Cate Blanchett believes the


appeal of the film is the universe than 80 of love. If you asked me why


I love my husband as madly and passionately as I do I would find it


hard to answer that question after 18 years. You think what could there


be between these two. That is what is so confusing and will bring and


enticing to both of them, they just don't know why. Other nominees in


the best actress category include Charlotte and Jennifer Lawrence. --


Charlotte Rampling. Moving on to Best actor, the definite favourite


is Leonardo DiCaprio who gets mauled by a bear on the frontier in the


Resonant. This film has got an amazing reaction. I think certainly


from my colleagues, a lot of directors on spoken to, a lot of


actors feel like this is a special film and it feels great. And I


accused of a crime? Also up for best actor is asked the rookie Bryan


Cranston with his portrayal of Hollywood agitator Donald Trumbo


during the days of communist fear. Any time you're playing a


nonfictional character there's the added Spence of responsibility. In


some way that helps you keep it in context of where can go with a


character. Another Oscar hopeful for the best actor award is Michael


Fassbender, German born. He was nominated for his portrayal of the


late Apple CEO in the film Steve Jobs. His performance was compelling


enough to secure him an Oscar nod even after the film made a largely


unimpressive showing at the box office. Matt Damon has been


nominated for his role in the Martian and Eddie Redmayne in The


Danish Girl. In cinemas 40 years ago the film Rocky was a big triumph, it


gave Sylvester Stallone his first box office hit. Now he's up for a


best supporting actor Oscar for reprising his role in the film


Creed. It seems that Sylvester Stallone has no opponents in this


category. He's a clear favourite to win. The credit is one person for


his nomination, filmmaker Ryan Kubler. He had this crazy idea to


resurrect Rocky when in 2006 it was done -- he credits. And I thought,


you know, he has this passion I can relate to because I have that


passion a long time ago when I did it at the same age. You really have


to take a chance nowadays and do something out of the box, this is as


far as it gets, he recreated Rocky for a new generation but it's not


Rocky, it's Creed. Also nominated for Best supporting actor are Mark


Rylance, Tom Hardy, Christian Bale and Mark Ross Lyon. In the best


supporting actress category, Alicia appeared alongside Eddie Redmayne in


The Danish Girl. She delivers one of the strongest performances of the


year, she struggles with and supports her husband's transition to


a woman in the film. Another favourite in the best supporting


actress category is Rooney Mara, who plays Cate Blanchett's unexpected


mother in the film Carol. You're going to fix it now. As we've


already reported, Kate Winslet is also vying for best supporting


actress for her portrayal of Joanna Hoffman in Danny Boyle's Steve


Jobs. Other nominees for best supporting actress other than those


we've already mentioned are Jennifer Jason Leigh and Rachel McAdams. Even


though each actress may have a favourite, nothing is the definite.


Anything can happen and there could be surprises.


Now it is time to stick our necks out as we try to predict the


Oscars. Here goes. Best documentary feature will go to


a knee, his portrait of the late singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse.


Best original screenplay will be won by the investigative journalism


drama spotlight. Best adapted streamline, screenplay will go to


The Big Short. That's good for us. The trophy for best animated film


will be the prize for Inside Out, ingeniously set largely within the


mind of an 11-year-old girl. Best foreign-language film looks likely


to go to Hungary for son of salt. Best supporting actress looks like


going to Alicia Yida candour for her role in The Danish Girl. -- son of


salt. It looks like being a good night for Sylvester is the loan


because we think he will get the best supporting actor trophy. How do


you know all this? Rest actress will go to award season favourite Brie


Larsson for Room and Best actor, everything points towards Leonardo


DiCaprio getting that right. Finally he will take home an Oscar. Best


rector should go to Alejandro is for the Resonant. If he wins he will be


joining an exclusive club because only two... And finally to the most


uncertain big Oscars race of all, best picture. Talking movies


predicts the best picture award will go to... The rock macro red and it.


That brings a special Oscars preview to a close, we hope you've enjoyed


the programme. You can reach us [email protected] and you can find us


on Facebook too. So, from me, Tom Brook, and the rest of the talking


movies production team at Hollywood we leave you with writings on the


wall which has been nominated for original song.


# I've been there before, but always here before.


# I've spent a lifetime running, and I always get away.


# But with you I'm feeling something that makes me want to stay.


The chilly feel to the weather continues


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