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Talking Movies previews Hollywood's biggest night of the year when top names in the film industry gather for the Academy Awards.

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Now with a preview of this weekend's Oscars, it is Talking Movies.


Hello from Hollywood and welcome to our special Oscars preview edition


of Talking Movies. I am Tom Brook. In today's programme, everything you


need to know about the Academy Awards. The big-name stars in the


running. It does not mean -- doesn't mean a lot due to get this


recognition? Obviously. Always. There are document is in


foreign-language films vying for a prize. Will protest over President


Donald Trump's policies take centre stage? This could be the most


politicised Oscars we have had. Plus our predictions on who will win the


top prizes. All of that and more in our special Oscars preview edition


of Talking Movies. The 89th annual Academy Awards is about to get under


way, and the big question, it seems, is how many trophies will La La Land


take time? This ode to a Hollywood's golden age of musicals has many


ardent supporters. It dominates the Optus deal with its four


denominations. This match is all about Eve and Titanic. -- dominates


the Oscars field. La La Land has won the hearts and minds of many in the


lead into the options. Its creator, Damien Chazelle, for six years to


bring it on the screen. It stars, Emma Stone Orions Gosling. It is a


shot that with all was gone. -- Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. It is very


special that it happened. And I think that the audience is


connecting. Most of the other best pitches nominees are less dreamy


than La La Land, and several when they come to storytelling and


casting display diversity. Last year, the Oscars was the siege by


protest. This year, there are many feel is rooted in black expresses


that largely black casts, like fences, Moonlight, and Hidden


Figures. I think it is great that we have had more nominees across all


categories from acting nominations to cinematography and director and


screenplay, but obviously, Oscars Are White is about not just the


blacks, but people of all races who are not white. There were surprise


nubs and inclusions within the nominations this year. One of the


biggest exclusions was Amy Adams, the star of Arrival, who was widely


expected to read best actress on a seat. -- Best actress nominee. But


lives in movie got a nomination. A surprise inclusion was Mel Gibson


for his work on Hacksaw Ridge as director. That was also nominated as


Best Director. He expected nomination suggests a degree of


rehabilitations Hollywood. Another possibility is people using the


awards podium to express their frustration over President Donald


Trump and his policies. This could potentially be the most politicised


Oscars that we have ever had. Because they think people are so


scared and angry at what is happening in our country. And I


think for the first time, a mass number of actors feel that perhaps


their role as citizens in this is very important. And they will speak


out. The protest extends beyond American shores. The Iranian


director of The Salesman has decided not to come to the country based on


Donald Trump's Executive Order and emigration. Many are expressing


their displeasure with the administration. We are living in a


politicised moment. I think people have things they want is a Banega


platform, they will say them. What you said the people that do not


think that it is the appropriate arena for is pressing process? I


think art is inherently political. I think the Oscars as a platform to


the art. And I think politics goes without art. So I think it is


appropriate. Here in LA, the murdered trial of O.J. Simpson more


than 20 years ago mesmerised the local population and much of the


world. Those events have inspired a film that has been nominated as a


strong contender in the best of major category. That is our focus


now. You could I do everything you have done, man. If nothing else,


this is a hugely ambitious work. It is the commendation of a 5-part TV


series runs late hours. It covers the trial of more than 20 years ago,


in which O.J. Simpson was a man tried and then acquitted of


murdering his ex-wife. The director sees his film to the story of


America through the lens of O.J. Simpson. He was a star athlete, a


plain earing commercial pitchman. He was a Hollywood star. So before he


became infamous, he was already someone who had broken barriers,


especially for black athletes. -- plain


-- pioneering. Another groundbreaking documentary is The


13th. It covers the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution. The


documentary maker says that slavery still exists. The 13th Amendment


abolishing it, but not for those who committed crimes. It has been


politically and deliberately exploited for profit. This has been


used for everyone but black people for along time. How is -- household


goods, guidance systems for weapons are being put together by inmates


and convicted people, who are not being paid for it. That is very


labour, and is slavery. Race is also as central theme in I Am Not Your


Negro. The film is based on the work of a Northern who died 30 years ago.


What your role is and what your future is in this country... His


voice is quite important today. I think it is at a time where we have


huge black clouds in front of us. His guidance and his wisdom is


really important. Fire At Sea, and attained a matter, is also in the


running. It is a cinematography profile of an island that becomes an


entry point for African refugees seeking a home in Europe. If Volkers


is not just on refugees, but also the islanders, some affected by the


influx, and others not. -- it focuses not just on. And Life,


Animated is the last document to nominated, about an autistic boy


that was able to communicate with his parents by using the lines of


the difficulty loves. The family realised they could draw when out of


his autism, and he learned not only to talk, but to connect with the


world through these classic Disney animated cells. With a host of


clinical awards already under its belt, O.J. Simpson: Made in America,


appears to be at the front runner. It still resonates with audience


today. The Academy Awards are the most sought after it is in industry.


Not only for actors. It is a priser can enhance career prospects. So


with that in mind, let's take a look at who is in the running the best


actor and actress categories this year. The best actor prize is


looking like it could go to Denzel Washington. He also directed the


film. It is based on the prize-winning play at the same name.


Fences. It is an honour and a privilege to be part of it. First as


Troy is an actor, and now to be given the responsibility if you will


of interpreting it. I think the idea was that you would relocate. The


Best Actor trophy can also go to 41 your old Casey Affleck, who is


running neck and neck with Denzel Washington, for his betrayal of a


handyman haunted by his past in Manchester by the Sea. A complete


character. You was so difficult. I really felt like I learnt a lot. The


next I might do a movie, I will take all that stuff that I learnt on to


the next movie. Ryan Gosling is in the running for playing a passionate


jazz musician who dances and Singsin La La Land. Britain's Andrew


Garfield is also up for a Best Actor opera for his role in Hacksaw Ridge.


-- Oscar. And then there is Viggo Mortensen who wants his children to


grow up off the grid in Captain Fantastic. The best actor category


is seen as almost a dead heat between Casey Affleck and descent


Washington. -- Denzel Washington. With best actress, Emma Stone seems


to be the clear favourite for playing an aspiring actress in La La


Land. There is something special about this grand, larger-than-life


musical also being something that is relatively small and heartbreaking


about love and dreamers in a relationship. It kind of


encapsulates both of those. In recent times, it has been uncommon


for the best actress prize to go to someone who isn't a non-native


English speaker, but it could go to Isabelle Huppert for a woman who


behaves in an unusual manner after being raped in the psychological


thriller, Elle. Was attractive to me was that I did not have to choose


one side of her persona rather than the other. She is so complete and


that is what makes us so worthwhile, being an actor. Natalie Portman, who


has won an actor at -- and Oscar before has been nominated one more


time for her role in Jackie. Ruth Negga has also been nominated for


her role in the film Loving. This covered the story that led to the


ban of interracial marriage being lifted. And finally, there is Meryl


Streep, for her record 20th nomination for playing tone deaf


opera singer for playing Florence Foster Jenkins in the film the same


name. If she went, it will be her fourth, matching the wings of Audrey


Hepburn. The prize is widely expected, however, to go to Emma


Stone. One often overlooked Oscars


category, at least by the inward looking American media, is that of


best foreign-language film. All five this year as strong candidates. If


cinema is, as the late critic Roger Ebert put it, energy generating


machines, foreign films often do the most heavy lifting. Of the five


films up for a foreign language film Oscar, the Australian entry takes


place in a monster location. It is a Romeo and Juliet style story and the


cast is made up of locals. The dialogue is in a distinct native


language. Sweden is represented in the Oscars sweepstakes, the story


that blossoms as a result of the relationship he forms with his newly


arrived Persian neighbour. In this Trump era it does have a certain


appeal in that it's a -- about a Conservative in and who initially


presents and does not like his middle eastern neighbours, but then


grows to find they are good people. This could be one that people choose


for political reasons as well settled -- sentimental ones. One of


the strongest Oscar contention is in the foreign film race may be the


German picture macro -- Toni Erdmann. It is a funny film that


serves as a critique of modern corporatism. Although when I make a


film I don't say, yes, I want to be critical about this or that, I don't


like to judge people or things. Another contender is Land of Mine,


which comes from Denmark and is set in the aftermath of World War Two. A


key element is the relationship between a tough Danish sergeant and


German teens. The fifth foreign language entry is


a film called The Salesman, from Iran, which observes the


relationship between a couple after the wife is attacked. The director


sees the film as both drama and social criticism. TRANSLATION: It's


a realism drama, so the audience follows the story and tries to


understand what will happen, but at the same time there is another angle


because it's a family in society, set it can talk about society as


well. He was planning to go to the Oscars but criticised the Trump's


travel ban and has decided not to attend the ceremony. This could if


humanitarian chief in EU when the left-leaning Academy descender


message to the president. As Oscar nominees, all of these films will


benefit from more public city and -- increased exposure. Their message


will be received by a larger audience than those that failed to


make the cut. In this case it really is an honour just to be nominated.


The Best Picture award is the most coveted trophy of all and this year


there are nine films in the running. It seems that La La Land is the


favourite to win, but there are several other deserving candidates.


I remember the last time I saw you. Moonlight, seen as a low-budget


wonder, one of the most praised films of recent times, has eight


nominations. It was put together on a shoestring and shot in 25 days. It


begins in a neighbourhood in Miami, the story of a young, gay, black


man. It is the journey of a boy becoming a man, finding himself in


the process. Arrival, also with eight nominations, is an alien


invasion movie with a twist. It chronicles what happens to a


linguist who learns the aliens' language. Through this encounter,


learning the language, this particular language will change her


life and I should maybe not say that on camera, was it is one of the keys


of the movie, but it is really a film about our relationship with


nature also. I've dreamt about being a doctor... With six nominations,


Hacksaw Ridge is also up for Best Picture. Lyon also has six


nominations. It is the feelgood tale of a young Australian man of Indian


heritage who uses his Google Earth to find his birth mother in India.


The boy gets very lost. This is a boy who was struggling for survival


on the streets of India. He is torn away by his family and the first


half of the film is about him using his instincts to escape danger and


predators in the city. Manchester by the Sea also has six nominations.


The story is emotionally powerful and some would say brilliant cinema.


Other Best Picture include Fences, an adaptation of a play. And Hell or


High Water which could be described as a modern Western, as two bank


robbing brothers Robert bank. One of the most liked Best Picture


nominees, with three and nominations, is Hidden Figures, the


story of three African American women who battled sexism at NASA in


the 1960s. Their mathematical tabulation is played a pivotal role


in a manned space programme. And back to our Best Picture


frontrunner, La La Land, for each filmmaker who is very likely to win


for best director. It is a personal story. In a young artist trying to


make it today and trying to deal with how do you balance streams with


reality? That was the story I wanted to tell the story that I felt was


rooted for a musical and I just hope it will connect with other people.


You've never seen it! I've never seen it. Odd makers predict it will


take the Best Picture trophy. If not, the prize will go to Moonlight


or Manchester by the Sea, but it seems it will be a big night for La


La Land. SINGS: Here's to the fuss we made... Now, let's look into the


Talking Movies crystal ball and come up with the guesses for who will win


the best prizes. It seems the prize for best supporting actor will go to


Mahershala Ali for playing a tenderhearted drug dealer in


Moonlight. He is kind, gentle, why is. Loving. He is also someone who


comes from really challenging circumstances and so in some anyway


is he reflects a lot of people that I knew growing up and it's why I am


attracted to it, why I was so attracted to playing the part.


Moving onto Best Supporting Actress, nominees Michelle Williams, Octavia


Spencer, Nicole Kidman and Naomie Harris or give excellent


performances. But it is expected the sky will most definitely go to buy


all Davies, who portrays the matriarch in Fences, opposite Denzel


Washington in some powerful things. I think the script was perfect and I


think he broke a role that is absolutely completely in her


narrative. Her journey is complete, her journey can't be any more


specific, so all I did was I was courageous enough to just dive into


her life. In a major best actor, best actress prizes, expect both to


go to Denzel Washington and Emma Stone. Best director, that of La La


Land, will take that one. The best film could be a salesman or Toni


Erdmann. Best adapted screenplay will be awarded to Moonlight and


Manchester by the Sea will and up with best original screenplay. Best


documentary feature will go to OJ Simpson: Made in America. And


finally we think Best Picture will go to La La Land, the film as a


whole getting ten statuettes. That brings our special Oscars preview


edition of talking movies statuettes. A close. We hope you've


enjoyed the show. Remember you can always reach us online. And you can


find us on Facebook as well. From me and the rest of the talking movies


macro production crew, goodbye. But remember you can catch me reporting


live from the red carpet on Oscars night.


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