Wild River, Insyriated and It The Film Review

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Wild River, Insyriated and It

Mark Kermode joins Jane Hill to discuss the latest cinema releases which include Wild River, Insyriated and It.

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Indies. All that and much more in Sportsday at 6. 30pm. Now though on


BBC News, it's time for the Film review.


Hello and welcome to the Film Review on BBC News. To take us through this


week's releases, welcome back, Mark. What have you watched in the last


few weeks? Very interesting. We have Wind River. We have Insiriated, a


tough and tense drama, set in Damascus. And It, Stephen King's


classic comes to the big screen. It may be a classic. We'll talk


about that later. You're such a horror fan! Let's start with Wind


River. I watched the trailer for this in awe when I saw Detroit. Even


the trailer is visually stunning. But so stark. Yeah, written and


directed by Taylor Sheridan, saying it's the conclusion of a trilogy


about the American frontier. It's set in Wyoming on a Native American


reservation. There's the death a young women at the start, which


brings together two characters. One is the hunter, tracker, who is


dealing with his own issues of grief and guilt. The other is an FBI agent


who is basically - she's in Vegas beforehand - she arrives completely


unprepared, a total outsider, not even the right clones for the job.


Immediately everybody thinks what's she doing here. Here's a clip. I'm


June Banner. Are you by yourself? Yeah, just me. I'm the tribal police


chief. That's Cory Lambert. He found the body. This is his father-in-law,


Dan. We got the same job hey. I'm sorry to meet under these


circumstances. Do you want to show me the body? I don't mean to be


rude, I'm just freezing my as off here. The quicker the better. That's


going to get a lot worse if you go out there dressed like that. The


body is five miles in snow mobile. I got the call and this is what I've


got. At the beginning there's hostility towards her character.


She's tenacious. In order to pursue the case she needs a tracker on


board. You saw from that clip how much of it is to do with the


environment, to do with the landscape. You said watching a


trailer made you feel - I was cold by the end of the trailer! It was


extraordinary. Whoa, I thought, this is going to be bleak. That


chilliness goes all the way through the drama. Actually, though it is a


murder mystery investigation with a sort of lib rainth plot, it's about


this land, about people being forced to live in a land never meant for


anyone to live in it, about the hardship, the difficulty of that


life, about the community and what I like about the film is it's very


sympathetic towards its characters. It's all to do with placing and


setting. That Wyoming back drop is brutal. Jeremy Rhoner is well cast.


He tends to underplay emotions. A lot is done by saying and doing


little. She comes along and has to prove her way and prove that she's


worthy of this case. During the course of the film, you really come


to see her character understand the bleakness of this landscape, the


difficulties of the people who live here face. So I think it's a very,


very solid, very gripping drama. Bizarrely, when you consider that it


is narratively a murder mystery thriller it's much more about


environment. It's about place. It's about those people. It's about the


plight of the indigenous people. Your second choice now. This is a


drama not a documentary. It's absolutely a drama. Set in Damascus.


There's an apartment block where a family and others in the block are


trapped inside by sniper fire and helicopters and gunfire outside.


What happens is that there is a character who is the matriarch, who


is brilliant, who is controlling looking after everybody in the


apartment block. There is a young couple, who have a young baby, who


are planning to leave. They're going to make the getaway at nighttime.


But then what happens is tragedy strikes. There is an air of


deception that surrounds the tragedy because the central character


doesn't tell what she knows. Somehow through this deception it's as if


the outside conflict comes in. Then you have a series of characters


trapped within this really hellish environment in which there is a lie


that they are dealing with. There is a knock at the door, it turns into


something approaching a home invasion movie and it becomes very


claustrophobic. Filmed with very tight hand held cameras following


you around the apartment. You feel the space. At times, although it's a


completely different setting, it reminded me of under the shadow,


another story about conflict outside and a mother and a daughter dealing


with the - there's a shell that's come through the roof, but it's a


ghost story. In many ways this is a story about there being a ghost in


this house. It's tough. There is a central sequence which is very hard


to watch. Though it was very well filmed, not exploit Tivoli filmed.


Occasionally it drifts into melodrama. It's a tough film in


which you believe in the characters and in the battles between them and


the stress that's they're under. You really do feel this oppressive


environment that they're living under. All right. Now, the third


choice I don't know why I'm laughing. Because you are right to


laugh. Because you're back from your summer holidays, you thought, I know


I'll give Jane one that she will not like at all because it's not my


thing. I think you will do. This is It. I love your optimism! It's an


adaptation of a Stephen King door stopper novel, which has been done,


there's a very famous TV version with Tim Curry as penny wise the


dancing clown, so the story is basically, a group of kids living in


a town, who are all haunted by visions that seem to tap into their


deepest fears. Somehow there's a central character, It, who seems to


be feeding upon their fears. It starts with a sequence which has


become iconic in which young Georgie meets Penny Wise. Here's a clip. No!


Ah! Hiya Georgie. What a nice boat. Do you want it back? Erm...... Yes


please. You look like a nice boy. Do you want a balloon too Georgie? I'm


not supposed to take stuff from strangers. Oh, well I'm Penny Wise,


the dancing clown. Now we aren't strangers, are we? How are you


feeling? This has provoked so much debate in the newsroom today. I am


the only person surrounded in a sea of people who had no desire to go


any further than that scene. Here's the thing, yes, it's a horror story,


there is a strong horror element, but it's a coming of age drama about


a group of kids called the losers, who gang together to try and find


this midgical evil to try and unravel the curse happening time and


again to the town. The films that it refers to are poltergeist, the


goonies, there's nods to ET, there's a touch of stand by me in there. It


is a film which works because the director cares about the young


characters. He cares about the misfits, the outsiders. You come to


care about them too. Yes, it is, there are, moments of fear, moments


of shock, jumps. Anybody who finds clowns fundamentally creepy is going


to be very impressed by the performance. He does a good job of


filling Tim curry's clown shoes. But it's an adventure. I mean it's a


horror inflected adventure, but it is an adventure. This is the early


years of the novel. There's a section of the grown up years, this


is chapter one. There's going to be a second one. There is. This owes a


debt to nightmare on elm street. At one point the kids go past a cinema


showing that. There's a score that goes from lush orchestral adventure


music to nursery rime chimes, the strange, twisted... You're not


buying this. It's a romp. It's really enjoyable. It's really good


fun and it's scary when it needs to be. Personally I would have liked it


to be more scary. I still remember the first time I saw Penny Wise the


clown, you get those moments, but I really liked it. What was best about


it was how affectate it is for the source material. I think fans will


really go for. It Let's talk about the wonderful Bill Nighy. Yes, Lime


house Golem is trifric. It's set in 1880s London. A killer is stalking


the streets. His detective is sent to investigate it. They know it's an


unsolvable case and they want him to take the fall. The film is about


theatre, the theatre of murder, the theatre of death and real life. So


on the one hand, half of it takes place on stage, musical, half of it


takes place in the morgue and out on these misty streets. A lot of hammer


in the way in which it's lit, the way in which it's ghoulish. Very


visual. Musical. Yes, and funny enough people haven't quite


appreciated enough what a good looking film it is. It's brilliantly


written by Jane Goldman, who adapted the novel. It's a complicated novel


to put on screen. I really liked it. Danny mayes was wonderful. I think


you'll enjoy. It it is gorery. It is gorier than It. There is Gothic gore


in there. You see, there's a line between that and being scared out of


your wits. Actually, here's what you should do, see both of them and then


tell me which you enjoyed the most. Good plan Mark, back-to-back, with a


bottle of gin to get me through it! I shouldn't advocate that, this


might be on in the morning. We'll edit that bit, right. Let's talk


about the DVD. Yeah, actually Blu-ray, shock treatment has come to


Blu-ray. Shock Treatment is the sequel to rocky horror. It was


described as an equal, not prequel or sequel. It's a mess, no question


about it. The creator said it's a mess because it started as one thing


and turned out as another. What's really interesting is it's becoming


incredibly pressient. It's about a world taken over by reality


television. It's about people thinking they can solve everyone by


becoming part of a game show. The songs and dance routines are


fabulous. When it came out, I thought this is a mess but I'm


enjoying it. This is a mess but it's nightmarishly profetic and I really


like it. Lovely to see you back... Just about. Nice to see you. See you


next week. You'll find all our film news and reviews from across the BBC


online. Find all the previous programmes on


the BBCi player. That is it for this week. Whatever you're brave enough


to see, I hope you enjoy it. Soft drinks are available! Thanks very


much for watching. Have a great week, bye-bye.


Good evening. If you're off to the cinema this weekend, it might be a


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