04/06/2012 The One Show


Live from backstage at the Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace, Matt Baker and Alex Jones are joined by some of the biggest names in music, including Sir Elton John.

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Tonight, The One Show is coming alive from the Diamond Jubilee


concert. In one hour here on BBC One, we will be joined by Sir Paul


McCartney, Elton John, Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams. Very shortly those


names will be stepping out onto a stage in front of Buckingham Palace


to a worldwide audience. Welcome to our One Show Diamond Jubilee


special. Hello and welcome to The One Show.


You cannot have a party without some great food so we have invited


our favourite chef to come along, it is Heston. Keep it simple, we


only need cucumber sandwiches. are the Military Wives, they have


joined us. You have done a fantastic job with the decorations.


And you look gorgeous! We have also got Sir Elton John, Kylie Minogue


and Stevie Wonder. It is all happening aboard are fabulous bus


and let me tell you, we have the best driver. We're all going on a


summer holiday, no more work used - there were these for a week or two.


No more worries for me or you. Cliff is not the only guest on


board. By royal appointment, it is this evening's ring master, Gary


Barlow and Sir Paul McCartney. to see you! We know it is a busy


night for the view. We must say it is a bit sad that the Duke of


Edinburgh has been taken to hospital but the Palace have


decided to go ahead with the evening. Have you heard that news?


It is such a shame, really sad. might have been a bit much for him


yesterday. I was called are just watching it on television, it was a


rotten day. Her Majesty stood for the whole day, she must have been


freezing. We do wish him all the best. A few months ago, we were in


the Palace talking about this thing and it is finally here. I cannot


believe it and it is massive. It was two years ago that we started


to plan this concert and the crazy idea came up within an hour of the


saying let's have the stage of a bear and when I got here and there


has denied and so the stage set up, I couldn't believe it. It also


shows, because I saw Sir Paul McCartney was no band, even they


are really excited. Backstage here, are just seeing each other and


there is a lovely feeling. exciting. It is not in the back


garden because the last time, I was in the line-up with Her Majesty and


I said, will we be doing this next year? She said, not in my back


garden! How did you get involved? Gary Barlow came and saw me for


this one and I had done something for him before. They knew each


other. The meetings agger of this are always fun because he does this


thing where he goes, what you want me to sing? Beacons of but the


songs, what you say? He just asked me and we talked about what songs.


I refused to do everything he suggested! It was great. I like


that. Are you have happy to stick around for a bit on the bass. It


would be great if you could hang around. Absolutely. We have some


pictures here. The streets are filling up. These are people who


are not even invited, there are just turning up to look at the big


screens. These are scenes happening right across the country and we


think Lucy is just outside Buckingham Palace. I am at the top


of constitution Hill, it is so exciting here. The atmosphere is


really building. The 10,000 people who are lucky enough to have seats


for the concert tonight are filing in and taking their seats. The


atmosphere is incredible, some of them are so keen that they can


doubt last night in that weather. Some have been here from early this


morning. I also got here very early this morning and walked up


Constitution Hill and I heard Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul


McCartney or doing at sound check - amazing. Tonight's concert is going


to the epic. That is quite a scene, isn't it? Either going to the


images projected on the stage? get darkness at 9:15pm and at that


point, the project on to the palace and there is even someone


performing on top of the Palace later. We're going to ask you about


that later. Have you seen much of the Queen on the last few days?


TV, yes. I ran into her at the Royal Academy and it's always his


amazing seeing her because in person, she is just so incredible.


I said that when she took the throne, I was 10 years old so why


was a kid and very impressionable. I just love to her. This idea that


we were going to have a woman as our monarch, very impressive for me


and then when you see the films that Charles has been showing and


you see it being so humanised with the kids. I loved seeing Charles


giggling, I think it is great because people sometimes think the


monarchy is a bit distant and you realise, as I did as a 10 year-old,


they are just good people. As a 10 year-old, did you think you would


be performing at the Diamond Jubilee concert? I never thought I


would later, certainly, and never thought there would be performing


for her. She is great. It is not just at Buckingham Palace where


excitement is building. People are gathering in the centre of Swansea


as well. There are 20 towns and cities with these big screens


transmitting the Queen's Jubilee concert and also at The One Show


tonight. I have come to Swansea where we are attempting something


slightly different, seeing if we can break the record for the


biggest royal Mexican wave so we're practising here. If you live near


here, this is the place to be, get yourself down here!


Screens all over the UK. This has to be one of the biggest audiences


that you have ever played? The have started to worry as a now! Windows


that moment, when you think, I am here to do a job? For me, it was


the sound check this morning, when I saw the stage and I hadn't seen


the set-up, it was very impressive and you're standing there, looking


down at the mall, which is only half full. Then you start thinking,


it is going to be Phil. We were speaking to Sir Cliff Richard and


he even said, I will start feeling nervous even though it is great


seeing friends and catching up with people, the moment before you go on


stage, you cannot help get butterflies. 50 minutes and 50


seconds to go! You are really worryingly! We want to know how you


are preparing for the concert so take a picture of yourself whether


you are and send them to us. will get those shown later on. The


Queen has been touching lives of people since the start of her reign.


Those 60 years ago at the time, the Queen's succession to the throne


created unforgettable memories. It was an early 1952 when the young 24


year-old Princess received word of the death of her father, King


George VI. What do you memories of her visit to Kenya? I was about


four years old. I said to my brother, I cannot see her, I cannot


see her, so he picked me up and put meat on his shoulders. For a little


girl to see a real princess was something very special and I will


cherish that memory. She came to Kenya, a princess, and she is going


back as a queen. Charles and William have been prepared for it


but she wasn't because she suddenly found herself with that enormous


responsibility. On the 2nd June 1953, the Golden Stagecoach made


its way to Westminster Abbey for the Queen to be crowned. I was in


the Royal Marines. On the Coronation Day, I was about here on


the Embankment. We had hundreds and hundreds of children behind us and


one of these little boys filled up a bottle of lemonade and put a


straw in it. I could not hear a single word of audience. I cannot


imagine another day when the atmosphere was greater. Over 3


million spectators gathered on the streets of London. The coronation


was an unmissable experience that united the country. I was wearing a


paper skirt and the colour in it ran down my legs. I was five years


old, sitting there on the pavement with red, white and blue legs,


waving to the Queen! Around 27 million Britons, three quarters of


the population at the time, gathered in the homes of friends


and neighbours to watch the live coverage. The only person in the


street with a television invited the whole street to come to his


house to watch. I had the mumps and for people came to my house and


lifted the bed and everything down and put me in front of the


television so I had the best picture! This is me in the corner,


I was 21 and this is Jack he was eight. We all felt we had been


transported into the Abbey, we felt really privileged. We all stood up


and we sang God Save the Queen and it was absolutely wonderful. She


promised to serve this country and she has done it really very, very


well and we should all look after her and be thankful.


We have moved outsider to the garden. What you think? It is just


like a garden! Upstairs you touched on your memory is as a boy of the


Queen but you would have been about 10 in 1953. We know that you were


10 because we have some homework here. From a young Paul McCartney


he is 10 years old and 10 months. What is the story behind this?


you remember? There was a competition for all the schools and


you had to write about the Coronation or the monarchy. That


was my entry. They won a prize for that. The lord mayor of London gave


me about! This is brilliant. Look at my neat handwriting. Gary, you


won't remember the coronation but you remember at the Silver Jubilee?


I think we have a little picture of you living very cute as a young boy.


It was great, I remembered that will Street having a party in the


garden and it brought the whole neighbourhood together, as it will


do today. You can see the whole of England waving flags and that is


brilliant. Last night you said, I was up against the railings and I


never imagined I would be on the other side. Look at what you have


done! It has been amazing. didn't give us any hints as to what


would be on Europe set list, when there be a singalong because you


are closing the show. There is a little bit of a singalong. We don't


have long on the show but there is little sing along. I am going to


ask the audience to join in on one little bit. There will be some


Bangs, I can't think what number that will be on Lexmark they're


going to have fun. I think it would go all the way around the UK! What


are you going to be doing? I am doing at Gillette. Then we are


coming back and doing the record, Sing, which is the Diamond Jubilee


single. The girls much be so excited, they are over there.


have about 30 people from the Commonwealth, the African


Children's Choir are here and they were just loving being here, they


cannot believe it. They are living the rain. You have met royalty so


many times, it must be wonderful I have been lucky, since the early


days of the Beatles, I have met royalty a few times. I never


thought I would meet them as a kid. Was that your phone?! Yes. But for


me it was the human aspect that you never realise because we always see


them on stamps and money. The first time I met the Queen I was in a


line-up and she lives at Windsor and said where you playing tomorrow


night? I said we are playing at Slough, just outside Windsor. She


said that's just Maras! You would not expect her to say that! -- near


I've always found her to be Berry nice and warm. She came and opened


by performing arts academy and I asked her the other night if she


remembered it, she did. She is all there. It is going to be a big


month for you because of this and later in the month you are


celebrating a big birthday. Any plans? Family. I like family's --


birthdays with the family. A which birthday? 70! You should just have


a huge concert in your garden. is one way to go. I will go for the


small thing. Have a good time tonight. How long until the


concert? 42 minutes. The 10,000 lucky guests have their invites


through the ballot and are going to their seats from the royal picnic


on what is already a day they will never forget. We went to make sure


they have a picture memory of this Diamond Jubilee. It is the garden


at Buckingham Palace. All the marquees are said, the picnics are


ready to be picked up and the steel All we need now is 10,000 people!


The least I can do is help hand out the food and give people something


to remember the day by. Nice to meet you. Let's get you with


Buckingham Palace in the background. Somehow I have become the Jubilee


official photographer for the public. I will take a picture on


your picnic blanket. I never imagined I would ever be here.


is it like? It is crazy. I unreal. -- and real. Nice to meet you. I


like that you managed to get to the champagne tent so early. He looks


like he is about to propose. I have the ring of the same as Kate


Middleton. Mine is new. Smile, you It will certainly be a day to


remember. We are going to play a game, guess the guest by the noise


I am still standing... Sir Elton John! We're will come. -- welcome.


We are glad you made it because you have not been well. I had pneumonia


a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles and had to be rushed to


hospital because I could not breathe. They put me on antibiotics,


gave me oxygen and I had done three shows this week. How is your voice?


No problem, just the breathing and lungs. We were hearing from Sir


Cliff Richard this afternoon that you hosted a party, a pre- jubilee


concert party. We had a tea at a hotel up the road so my little boy


could come to release part of the festivities because he's too young


to come to the show. But when he gets older we can say you were at


the Jubilee, you just went for the tea. Who is looking after him?


nanny. Cliff was there, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Annie Lennox, Kylie


Minogue, David Walliams. A lot of people. Did you have food? No, we


can't afford that! You had been doing the catering for these


picnics, haven't you? A small number, 12,500 of them. We met


earlier and you said you walk round the outside and could not believe


it. If you write down 12,500 it looks quite a big number. But


driving round the perimeter of the palace and seeing the queue of


people, thinking every one of those will be needing a hamper, -- a


hamper. You have created this amazing picnic box. How did you


Mark, the head chef of the palace, helped. We wanted to showcase


British produce and also have a time in history, to celebrate 60


years of the Queen. Coronation chicken was created for the moment


she became Queen. So we played about with that, we have the


strawberry dessert, a bit like it strawberry but with yoghurt and


cream mixed in, rosewater, elderflower, biscuits, Moran,


popping candy on the top and some of the strawberries come from


Sandringham. -- Miranda. A no smoked salmon? There is. She does


If you are peckish there is a spare one behind you there. Adjust


quickly... We did this for Princess Eugenie's birth to a couple of


months ago. -- birthday. Edible candles, right? We did a whole


So just breakage. -- break it. Chocolate and caramel and passion


fruit. Mind your trousers! In there... Is that chocolate?


People will be watching the big screens but surely you can give


them a close at you because you are off on tour. I did Taunton last


night which was freezing. The audience were frozen, bless them.


Harrogate tomorrow, then Belfast, Chesterfield, Folkert, Birmingham,


Newcastle, Blackpool. The such an amazing back-catalogue to choose


from for tonight, how do you choose your set list for a night like


tonight? I did not choose them tonight, somebody else did, which


is OK. It would have been so difficult to choose. Crocodile Rock,


your son, I'm still standing and hopefully we will lighted up with a


like a karaoke machine. Are you doing classics? A mixture of both.


You must feel at home because you know the Queen. We have met many


times and she is a very funny, brilliant woman. I have a lot of


great stories that I will cherish until I take them to my grave. She


is wonderful. Will any of these stories possibly feature in this


film that is rumoured to be about your life coming out? I don't know


with any stories will end up in the film. But there will be a book of


my life at some stage and they may end up in that. So you will not


tell us if there is a film? cannot say. You are going in the


royal box. If George Michael did not go on tour, you could go on


tour for him. You could just lip synch. He looks so much like him.


When he first step down I thought he had turned into George Michael!


Are you happy with that? The kind of. Apart from not being able to


Sing. So you are going to the royal box. You probably need to go and


prepare. You should see the size of my box in there, a shoe box! Have


you got a big dressing room? They are all the same size. The dogs


have good agreements! Jacuzzi? Come on then! Thank you both. Tonight is


not just about the music. Across the Commonwealth a special


tradition will shine many a light This is a fort on Hadrian's Wall,


this was the northern edge of the Roman Empire. It was a wild place


and the wall was designed to repel raiders from the warlike tribes


from across the border. The Romans, based in forts like this along the


length of the wall, needed a way to communicate with each other. They


had the ideal system - fire. Beacons of -- beacons are quick and


easy warning signs, they continue to be used as a military tools for


hundreds of years -- they continued. When Philip the second of Spain


that launched his armada against the England of our first Queen


Elizabeth, it was a series of beacons round the country that


warned of the invasion fleet's arrival. By the 20th century the


beacon had lost its importance. Electronic communications to go


there, from the Morse code machine to walkie-talkies and field radios.


These instant forms of communication, much more reliable,


sooner signed the beacon to the annals of military history. In


civilian life beacons live on, but now they have a ceremonial rather


than military use. Bruno Pique revels in the title of pageant


master. -- Bruno Pique. He has been organising events for more than a


quarter of a century, continuing a fine tradition. Queen Victoria had


her beacons lit for her diamond jubilee and some of those are


massive, up to 50 ft high. Some people would Thatch them. They are


massive structures. What have we done since then? Then we go back


into the millennium, when we let them all across countries across


the world. 2005, the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, that was


the first time the Royal Family ever came together and lit beacons


together. The Queen met the one in Portsmouth. The Prince of Wales did


Scotland. The Earl of Wessex did kill a castle in Northern Ireland,


the Princess Royal was Wales and the Duke of York was in Greenwich.


So why believe they have had fun doing it as well. The beacons can


be a wonderful sight. You can see why they are used for national


celebrations. Whether it be for coronations, weddings, or major


events, they help make an occasion really special. Hadrian's Wall is


one of thousands of sites which will be led by beacons to celebrate


the jubilee and today the volunteers are staging a trial run.


You will not burn your hands there. Linda is helping organise the


beacons there will be set a -- set up along Hadrian's Wall. What will


happen on the night? Right the way across Hadrian's Wall communities


will light beacons, 60, one for every year of the Queen's reign,


Why did you want be involved as an organisation? To be asked by the


pageant master if we would participate and illuminate the wall


was really a great honour for us and we were really excited to be


able to ask our communities all the way across the wall if they would


help us realise this brilliant event and be part of the whole


What an amazing experience, to be standing here, about 600 ft up in


the Northumberland hills right on the line of Hadrian's Wall in a


fortress built about 2000 years ago with beacons lighting the walls. It


must have been very similar to this. Extraordinary. It has been a


brilliant night on this ancient Roman Frontier and a tiny local


taste of what The National It is going to be the most amazing


spectacle. The Queen will be lighting the last of those 4000


beacons from the stage here tonight. Sir Elton John is still with us. My


favourite musical of all time is Billy Elliott, it means so much to


me. It means a lot to me and it has been a big part of my life for the


last few years. We celebrated hour seven years last week and 3000


performances. I went to see it again with an you cast and each


time I see it, I have to say it just gets to me all the time.


are some interesting photos as well, a wonderful celebration. There it


is! Took us through what is going on here. The kids were dying to put


their faces in the cake. I escaped. We have a wonderful cake, you will


not believe that that is the cake. It is a fruit cake. The Crown is


made of sugar. We will not to let you near that one! You are writing


a musical? I am hopefully going to write a new one with the man who


wrote Billy Elliott and we're talking about writing a completely


different kind of musical. This one is based on George Orwell's Animal


Farm. We are going through the lyrics and deciding which way we


are going to go with it. It is a very difficult thing to write and


make into a musical but that is the challenge. I have been asked to


write a lot of musicals because they are too easy. Completely


different from Billy Elliott. in the north-east and you cannot go


wrong! Shall go back to Lacey hears with the crowds?


I am with some very lucky concert- goers, these people have tickets.


Are you excited? Very excited. did you get your tickets? I just


got the new laptop and I am all new to the internet, I applied for it


and I won them on my but the! Double lucky. You have made quite a


holiday of this? We travelled down to London on Saturday morning from


Warrington and we are going back on Tuesday evening. What was the best


part of the picnic? The champagne. You are from South Wales. Who are


you looking forward to seeing tonight? I think Cliff Richard.


of course Sir Elton John, could you do us a favour, we are going to


have a quick best dressed competition will stop can you tell


us who is the winner? Samantha, then Margaret. And not forgetting


Dave. It is Samantha! She is the winner. Anything to say to Sir


Elton John? I love you, I always have. We have just had a flash of


your socks, it says Super and star or! Everybody is wondering what


they would do if they were a king or queen for a day. What would you


do? What roles would you implement? That is a tough one. I would ban


things, I would ban coaches from the West End. Here are some of your


If I was Queen, I would have a national dog day at work. I would


have dinner with Beyonce, the pop star, amazing. I would be hit my


wife. I am only joking! If I Was King for the day, Manchester City


would be stripped of all their money and Manchester United would


be stripped of all their luck and Arsenal were the top of the league.


If I was Queen for the day, I would go to Thorpe Park. If I was king, I


would move all Trafford to the shores of Carrickfergus and there


should be a place where we can bring the dog along. I would make a


lot that everyone would have to laugh at least once a day because I


think there is not enough happiness in the world. If I working for the


day, I would reintroduce the death penalty. I would help people stop


smoking, keep hospitals clean and the doctors clean and keep


everybody looking smart when they go to school. If I was king, I


would have no big mansion made out of marble with Grecian statues of


myself or stop people with no manners would all be imprisoned.


would alleviate world hunger, end poverty. I would like for Scotland


to qualify for the World Cup. was Queen for the day, I would make


sure everyone had �1 million, and nobody would pay taxes and


everybody would have a ball. If I was king, I would ban health and


safety and let all the adults climb trees and catch insects. Probably


drive around the country, pick up the poor people and give them a bat.


I would abolish all yellow lines so we could park anywhere. I would


take all the people of the dole and put them in charge of the old


people, looking after them. I would be married to a footballer for a


day, that his colt! David Beckham is my husband!


90 for all that was as you are sending in will stop this is


Victoria, aged 10. Here are Emma and her friends representing


Australia and Canada. We're having our own party for the Queen, this


is Sarah from East Belfast. This is the cute one, this is Isabella


enjoying the Jubilee, aged just 10 weeks. This is a party in Spain.


Here are the girls, Sophie and the girls from Worcestershire


celebrating the Jubilee and they say we love the Queen will stop


this is a family in Huddersfield, they look quite familiar! Shelley


play another game of who is the guest? Who on earth could that be?


It is only Kylie Minogue! Lovely to see you. Did you like that? He is


very good at the Trombert. How are you feeling ahead of the big night?


Oh, that is the sunshine. It is very exciting. It is such a funny


atmosphere because stars keep bumping into each other will stop


the are stories aplenty. Down from my dressing room is Sir, So, Dame.


The is it even daunting for you? Right now, I feel OK but the closer


any of us get to that central stage, it will be amazing. Nothing has


been confirmed but in the papers it says Robbie Williams will open. Are


you relieved you are not opening the concert, would that be too


much? That might be too much! The spirit is just wonderful. What are


you going to do? I am doing a little or medley. I have also


invited a dance group to perform with me. You are celebrating your


own silver jubilee because it is 25 years of Kylie Minogue in a pub?


have called this year K 25 and there is lots going on. It has been


a fabulous year for me. You have an OBE he as well so you feel you're


giving something back to the Queen? I hope she is going to enjoy it.


How big a the Jubilee celebrations back in Australia? I have had lots


of text messages and e-mails from friends and family who are all


going to be watching and it seems like they are very excited, too. It


is hard to express to them being here, it is just that the spirit is


so nice were ever you go. There are only 18 minutes before the start.


You'll be fine but I have to ask, there are rumours that you and


Jason Donovan will reunite over the summer at another concert in Hyde


Park? You are one of the people who are most happy about that? Alex,


you had a picture of Jason Donovan on your wall as a child. Yes, I did.


Yes, that is actually happening and I think it will be a bizarre moment


but a beautiful one. It it is going to make people's dreams come true.


We can hear the warm-up acts onstage at the moment. It is


gorgeous and the sun looks like it is going to stay. It is beautiful.


Do you know where you are within the running order? Actually, I


don't. I should know these things but there is so much information


and scheduling at it again that I am just going where they tell me,


when they tell me. I think I am about halfway through. You have had


a busy few weeks because you are fresh back from Cannes, permitting


your new film there and we saw club earlier and it is so different from


the Kylie Minogue we're used to. absolutely loved doing it. Let's


It is quite different. It was an amazing experience, the director


was just revered and people love him. It is so nice to step out of


what I have become so accustomed to doing and go back to what I started


out doing it with a fresh challenge. You are going to be singing a


little bit more up-tempo tonight? We have Dame Shirley Bassey


performing and lots of people have been around the block numerous


times, do you think you will be celebrating your Diamond Jubilee,


still here in 25 years? Oh, gosh, who knows? People like that, like


Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Cliff Richard, they just show that it can


be done and it is what you do and what you love doing and people want


more of it, he who knows, we will see? We certainly hope you will be


here in 25 years and have a brilliant evening will stop it is


incredible, the guests we are getting tonight. Time to go back to


carry in Swansea. Welcome to Swansea where we are


having a fantastic time in one at the 20 screens across the UK that


is transmitting the concert and of course The One Show. We are excited


about the Welsh contingent, tonight there is Tom Jones, Dame Shirley


Bassey and Rob Brydon presenting and there is a real party


atmosphere. Yesterday most of the guys here had their street parties


but they have not let go of the party atmosphere tonight. Who are


you looking forward to? Jessie J, the concert is going to be


brilliant. Wasn't she amazing on the Voice? We love her. I cannot


wait to see Take That, I am a massive fan of Gary Barlow. Gary


Barlow, we salute you, what at champion. Sir Tom Jones. What a


great voice? I love the Welsh voice. We also have somebody is here.


Let's wish them a happy birthday. You would think that was the


weirdest costume in Wales, it is the weirdest costumes in the whole


of Britain today. Now it is time for our Royal Mexican wave. We have


been practising and we really want That was quite good. The last world


record was a Mexican wave, something like 2 million people but


we managed about 100, but it was a royal wave. That means it is a


A royal wave from Kylie, who has decided to stay longer. You was is


good. I saw the Queen doing it yesterday. That must be tiring


after a while. Amazing. Do you want to read that had? Lee dr Daniels,


aged three, ready to dance and Sing with her own microphone in


Derbyshire. Queen Megan here watching the show with her corgi in


Winchester. Can we go live to the Mall one more time? This has been


sent in from Tom and Cameron Hillah down there as we speak. That is a


photo and a half! We also have a Pick one out and read it. Is this


to you? If you were Queen what would your most unreasonable oil


demand be? I don't know! That is a tough one. A really tough. --


really tough. Sorry, I don't know what I would do. A maybe to wear


warmer clothes for the concert? said it was cold. Maybe to be able


to wear a more sensible heel. salute you. Very unreasonable!


excitement is kicking in now and in a few minutes we will have live


pictures of the royal family as they take their seats in the Royal


Box, ready for Robbie Williams to open the concert. Under 12 minutes


to go. In 1953 a different type of music was ringing in the years of


Her Majesty. She took her steps on The coronation of George VI. Queen


Elizabeth's coronation. And William and Kate's wedding. Wright were


occasions celebrated by millions but they would not have been quite


the same if it had not been for a bloke from Oldham. Born in 1902,


William Walton is famous for his Royal March, Crown Imperial. But he


grew up in order near Manchester. With smoke from 270 cotton mills


shrouding the sky, he seemed destined for an unremarkable life


until his father read that Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford was


auditioning for choirboys. Getting a place at a cathedral choir school


like this is the ecclesiastical equivalent of joining the Beatles,


isn't it? Absolut. In nearly did not happen because Walton's father


went on a pub crawl the night before he was supposed to come for


his audition and drank all the train fare way. Mother had to


borrow the money from the local greengrocer, they finally got down


here for the trials and missed them but fortunately they agreed to hear


him and he got in. So had it not been for that train fare, English


music could be quite different. Walton love to live in Oxford and


daughter was the most beautiful place he had seen. When his voice


started to break he feared being sent home to all them. He devised


strategies in his life here to avoid having to go back, one of


which was to develop his composition. This was composed by


him? This is a piano piece he wrote when he was only 15. A very


energetic left-hand part that he wrote. He really felt he had to


make and sell special because he did not want to go back to Aldham.


What would have happened if he had? He would have gone back to working


the cotton mills like other children of the same sorts of


families. Did the strategy work? did and he was taken under the wing


of the Dean he wants to push this boy's talent. Music allowed Walton


to escape his old life, his career as a composer rocketed launching


into high-society. Crown imperial grace George Inn 6's coronation and


many royal occasions since. Today it is being performed in


Christchurch Cathedral specially You know you have arrived when you


asked to compose something Faure coronation. The you certainly do.


Isn't it wonderful? He really knew how to write for these grand


occasions. It feels Royal. How is he doing that? The wide range of


instruments. The strings, all of that comes together to create this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


great, dramatic, know the effect. Today Sir William Walton is


regarded as one of Britain's greatest composers, favoured by


kings and queens. Pretty good going for a boy who couldn't afford the


We will be hearing very different music tonight. There they are, in


the royal box, all seated and ready to go. Brian May is up there! He


can relax this time round. Prince Edward. All sitting waiting.


Only six minutes and 35 seconds. All the artists are probably a bit


nervous now. Sir Cliff Richard told us earlier he was feeling a bit


nervous but very excited and early on he popped in to have a chat


about what he will be performing tonight. Is our lovely bus bringing


back great memories. The last time I was on a bus I drove it! I didn't


actually, I was getting home from the big pageant on the Thames


yesterday, my car got lost, it was pouring with rain so we got on the


bus to Chelsea. I had to sign autographs but I got on a bus and


it was great fun. Did you have a singalong on the bus? Quietly. I


was having photographs taken by everybody. So I thought I'd better


not make too much of a play or that. How has your day been? I have done


nothing. I got here an hour early because there is nothing on the


streets. Everybody thinks the streets will be jammed but there is


nobody on them. Sarah Elton through a wonderful party for us and we are


all coming in and out at different times. This afternoon? That is when


it happened. But will people turn up tonight? I think so. I am here!


I could do two hours if they want. It is an incredible five, all the


different acts and artists. There is always something about doing a


show like this, there is an excitement there. I guess it is to


do with the longevity of monarchy, the fact you are in the presence of


somebody connected to Henry VII somewhere along the line. About 10


years ago we performed in her back garden, all the competitive thing


disappears and we become like a true fraternity of singers and


dancers. Backstage is always very relaxed. It is fantastic. I love


these events. Can you give us any clues as to what is on your set


list tonight? I am told I should not really so I will only say when


I was sitting thinking about it I thought I am probably older than


everyone on the show, so I probably might be the only one who could


Sing a hit from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 2000. So I will do that.


you be congratulating the Queen in true Sir Cliff Richard style?


will play it by ear and see if I dare to! We are looking forward to


Not long now until he is performing in front of Prince Harry there...


We did see Heston there. Sat at the top there. The Duke and Duchess of


Cambridge are there. They almost have as good a view as us. We have


been really lucky that all the artists have dropped by this


afternoon and this evening on the show. Early on... We had a dream


come true! They said would you like to speak to Stevie Wonder? We said


OK! We put a keyboard in front of the bus and this is what happened...


It has just gone lunchtime and we were setting up the bus and look


who turned up. Stevie Wonder! question is how much did you pay


them to do that?! You had just finished rehearsing, did it go


well? I am very happy. Good English accent! Will this be the first time


you have played for the Queen? First time, yes. A dream come true?


It is and I just hope we can do more of a longer situation at some


stage for Her Majesty because my two youngest sons wanted to be here


but they have school today. So I said you cannot come. Come on, Dad!


It is really a wonderful thing. Isn't she lovely? It is a


celebration, I am honoured to be invited. Could we have a touch of


Habi birthday? Sing with me? Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday! That was a dream come


true and that was for the Queen's official birthday on 16th June.


Such a special moment. Indeed. We are surrounded by the Military


Wives Choir. Congratulations. What was it like singing? Amazing. I


feel so privileged to be part of it. And working with Gary Barlow as


well. And led by the wonderful Gareth Malone. Yes, a great person.


You are part of the concert tonight but who are you particularly


looking forward to seeing performing? Where to begin? Robbie


Williams! Kylie. Tom Jones. It is superb. Do you get to stick around


after for the party? Sadly we have to head straight back. Make the


most of it now! On the champagne before even performing!


Thank you to you, and all our guests. We will now sit back and


This edition of The One Show comes live from backstage at the Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace. Matt and Alex are joined by some of the biggest names in music, including Sir Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Gary Barlow. There's a mini garden party for the Military Wives Choir with the snacks prepared by Heston Blumenthal. And all this is broadcast from a double decker One Show bus.

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