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Matt Baker and Alex Jones are joined by former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash and writer Tony Hawks. Anita Rani reports from flood hit Lancashire.

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Hello. Welcome to The One Show with Alex Jones. And Matt Baker. Tonight


is dedicated to the great wet weekend that we had. Lots of you


probably wore one of these, the fashionable poncho. Indeed, but


that is not what we are talking about right now so we can take it


off! Tonight's guests are an odd couple, but they have two things in


common, the love of tennis and the country of Moldova. It is Pat Cash


and Tony Hawks! Good to see you both. Pat Cash, straight in for the


question that lots of people are asking you, is that as close as


Murray is going to get to the Wimbledon trophy? I don't think so.


I think he will win at some stage. You must have tipped him. I tipped


Rafael Nadal and he went out! You know, the top four guys have been


winning all of the titles. Murray played a very good match. He is


getting closer all the time. It is hard to expect him to beat Roger


Federer. A few things worked against him yesterday. The roof?


really suits Roger Federer's style of play. He plays a risky type of


game. When the winds of blowing the ball around, he cannot play that


game quite so well. It was unlucky for Murray but he is getting closer


all the time. It is focus. It is all up there, just because. Emotion


and the release after the match, it was fantastic. Did you shed a tear?


I did. It was lovely that he showed that side to him and we have warmed


to him. I think the whole nation has. I was wiping tears away. We


were asking if you have had a Murray moment. When could you not


hold back those tears and if you have got a photo, all the better,


there is the address to send them in. We will read them out at the


end of the show. Empty beaches, muddy car parks, damp socks. 2012


photo albums are going to look pretty much the same! So what do


you do? Stake in or go out and make the best of it? Angela Bell met


those whose motto is to wrap up and carry on. -- Angellica Bell.


might think that organising outdoor summer event would be relatively


easy, but June has been one of the wettest on record. And so far July


has been absolutely... Bucketing down. Lashing it down. Horrible!


The East of England Show held outside Peterborough has been


running since the 1700's. Despite the forecast it has still attracted


a keen crowd today. The farming public has to work in all weathers


and keep going. I think in Britain we do it. It has not put a damper


on the day? I have enjoyed it. I would like to do the judging in my


kilt and worries but that might not be suitable! My parents have got


sheep and they came yesterday and slept in a tent. What? In the mad?


Yes! -- are they mad? It was very bad yesterday. The did not consider


not coming tomorrow? Of course not. Has the rain affected business?


Sort of. As soon as it rained, everybody disappeared. When the sun


came back out, everybody came back out and that was nice. You have


been in a country for 10 months. What do you think of the British


weather? Horrible! I was expecting sunshine. It is just rainfall. We


are going back to winter and they do not know what is happening.


we talk too much about the weather in this country? Yes, we talk about


it. I like it because you make us prepare. Maybe, as a wise man once


said, it is true that there is no such thing as the wrong weather,


just the wrong clothes. I always say that! You have told me


that twice before! Yes, get the message! Thank you very much for


that. Many people in the South West of England have had to deal with


real flooding this weekend. Some remarkable pictures on the news.


Anita Rani is in Lancashire with a community that has been helping


each other out. Hello. Hello. Don't be fooled by the blue skies. The


small town of Darwen was affected by the appalling weather that we


have had. The reason being that the river Darwen runs underneath and


behind this pub. It has happen not just once. And the last four weeks,


this pub has flooded three times. The landlord of the pub is Anthony.


How bad has it been? Horrendous, nearly catastrophic. The cellar is


totally flooded, 9 ft of water. We lost all of our stock and equipment.


That happened a couple of weeks ago and then this weekend you were down


there again bailing it out. Yes. After the first episode we put in


some emergency pumps so that we could deal with any problems and


luckily that has kept the water level down this weekend. Touch wood


it will carry on. Touch wood. In nine years of being the landlord,


have you seen anything like this? Nothing like this. It has been


catastrophic. We hope it stays dry. Businesses have also been affected.


Jonathan is a solicitor. Normally you sort out the flooding claims.


What happened to you? We had bad weather over the last week and then


on Friday the police told us to evacuate the building. That was


because the buildings could fall down? Yes, the flooding have caused


problems in the alleys behind and the buildings were going to fall


down. We hope it stays dry. Throughout all of this, the


community has pulled together so cheers to you all. Cheers!


weather that we have had has been so sporadic. From drought to this.


It is just depressing. For you Dickens fans, you will have great


expectations of this next film. author's favourite holiday home was


in Broadstairs in Kent. Arthur Smith went for bed and breakfast at


Bleak House. In 1851, novelist Charles Dickens


wrote a fond portrait of an English seaside resort with its semi-circle


sweep of houses and we're all food and beer. -- strange old wooden


pier. He was describing Broadstairs in Kent. He was renting that house


on the cliff at the time and that is where I am spending tonight.


There are a lot of houses in Broadstairs that lay claim to


hosting Charles Dickens. And some that do not! He came to Broadstairs


for many years, the first time in 1837 when he was writing the


Pickwick Papers and Oliver Twist. Very soon he latched on to lodgings


on top of the cliff. Fort House, as it was known there. The name was


changed by an entrepreneurial owner after Dickens died in two Bleak


House to make the connection complete, but that is why he spent


his summers. He wrote there? wrote wherever he was, he couldn't


not right. He rode David Copperfield here. The great scene


at the end of the novel, the massive ship work and the body


washed up on the beach, that was written at Bleak House. -- the


massive shipwreck. It was a great inspiration. Watery walls came


rolling in, threatening to engulf the town. It was fear from this


view that he got the inspiration for the famous storm scene. -- it


was here. David Copperfield was Dickens's most autobiographical


novel, and much around Broadstairs inspired him. What is now the


Dickens Museum was the fictional home of David Potters -- David


Copperfield's aunt. Bleak House itself does not feature in the book.


Amazingly, its current owners were not attracted by its literary past.


When you came here, you did not really know much about the Murray -


- Dickens connection? Not at all. We thought it was a lovely place


but I now realise more. I have never been such a than that I have


read the books. But now that I have read a couple and I think they are


brilliant. Do you ever think as you are sitting in your rooms that this


is where Charles Dickens was? I have done that a few times. If


anybody wants to sit in the chair at Charles Dickens's death can take


pictures, I do not mind. The children write notes and put them


inside the desk. Has anybody ever suggested that you are Dickensian


character yourself? I get that all the time. All the time! I wonder


what he would have called you. Don't say A Bumble. He was much


fatter than me! This is where I am spending the night tonight, said to


be the very bedroom where Charles Dickens slept. I wonder how he


would have spent the evening after the children had been put to bed


and all of the words were gone from his bed. Maybe you would have had a


drink in the Albion Hotel, or at the frigate, which he described as


the cosiest sailors in. Maybe he would have stood on this terrace


and watch the light training from the sky. Half-awake and half asleep,


this idle morning in our sunny window on the edge of a chalk cliff.


That is how Charles Dickens described Broadstairs and this


House, 160 years ago. Skies, C, beach and village, lying still


before us as if they were sitting for the picture. It is still quite


a scintillating view. I can imagine sitting here and writing all summer


myself. If I was not so lazy! Broadstairs heritage is celebrated


every year with a week-long festival. Millions of people have


been inspired to visit this town. It is sad to think that after the


publication, the tourists arrived and Charles Dickens laughed. It was


no longer the quietest little place in the world. -- Charles Dickens


left. It was never quite the same for Charles Dickens.


So beautiful. You would love that. We have to thank Arthur Smith for


this whole world of playing the Moldavians at tennis. This is now a


film and it was a book. Give us some idea of how it started. I was


watching England play Moldova in the World Cup qualifiers with


Arthur Smith. I had been playing tennis and he said he did not think


I was very good. I said that I was number two in Sussex as a junior.


He said that I was not good enough to beat those footballers. I said


but I was because but callers are not so good at tennis. --


footballers are not so good. I said the England team would never let me


play them and so I had to play the Moldova team and the loser of the


bat had to strip naked and sink the Moldova national anthem. -- the bet.


Then I set off on that adventure, it made the book and then the film.


What is your part in that? Tony is an old friend of mine. We have a


passion for tennis and we have a charity which tries to get free


coaching for children on public courts. We feel that is very


necessary in the UK. Plus, starred in the movie! I did not, just three


words of commentary! It is a fantastic movie. Travelling around


the world to play tennis you have some amazing Adventures but it was


nothing like this one that he had travelling around Moldova and


everywhere else, trying to play these people. It was fantastic.


Let's have a little look. You start talking them off one after another.


Lovely! Absolutely brilliant. That bet worked out well, a book and a


film. What you need is another challenge, really. Maybe but it is


enough of a challenge getting a film out and about. We are a small,


independent film, let's face it. think it is time to set up


challenge number two. We have a certain Arthur Smith on the


telephone right now. What is next? This is what I propose. You have


done the Irish, you have done Moldova and it is time for the


Welsh. Wales became the first country recently to have a public


right of way around the coast. You have got to walk round it, starting


with nothing. You cannot advertise it in advance. You have got to turn


up wearing only what you are wearing, and find places to stay,


some way of eating, for the whole thing. I bet you cannot do it


because you are not man enough. If you lose the bet, you have to stand


in a tars and costume in Caernarvon Castle and sing the Welsh national


anthem. And what will he do if he does do it? This is the thing. He


gets me doing things and he just sits on a sofa and watches


television! OK, I might take you on. I will have a think about that.


have cut him off! He is gone. The see you later. Wherever he is


staying has not got very good reception. Playing The Moldovans At


Tennis is out now in cinemas. we are giving all the money to this


care centre for children with Now, it is just 18 days to go until


the Olympic counting down finally stops. Over the last few weeks, Ade


Adepitan has been introducing some of the 1948 London Olympians to


their morpbt counterparts. Tonight he takes a look at hockey. A


dangerous game, that. At the last London Olympics in 1948,


the British male hockey team won a silver medal.


John Peak, who is now 87, was Britain's youngest player at 23.


64 years later, and Olympic hockey is back in London. 19-year-old


Harry Martin is the youngest member of the team, trying to build on


John's legacy. It is so much quicker. I'm glad I'm


not playing now. The One Show has brought John and


Harry together here. The sport has changed since John


was playing? We did not have a training base at all. We did not


get together until a few months before the Olympics, we did not


know we had been chosen. How long have you been together? Overall we


train about three years. I would not say we were not fit,


but nothing like the athletic stage with all of the doctors, the food


and the training schedule. I work in the gym on month Monday, Tuesday,


Wednesday, two pit sessions, Thursday, and Friday, two pit


sessions and then running and Saturday.


Amazing. John, what was it like being the


youngest member of the team? suppose that they looked after me.


How old are you Harry? 19. You get a bit of stick, but it is usually


deserve. But they look after me. What is it like being 19 years old


and in a high-performance team? Sometimes I get a call from my


friends as I just started university, but none of that, it is


all worth it. Iefpl not jealous at all! In 1948 food was rationed in


Britain, but athletes were permitted the occasional treat.


We probably had a few sausages that we should not have done. When I was


at the Naval College at Greenwich, I do remember there was a special


breakfast, I got eggs for breakfast. Other did not.


We are given individual programmes depending on what you need.


Pies, burgers? Not that anyone is fat, but some are told to stay off


the carbs! Not fat, but told to stay off the carbs?! That means you


are fat! Sport science has made today's players stronger, fitter


and faster. Hockey is now so fast that at London 2012, the pitches


will be blue with a pink surround. That and the yellow balls, help the


spectators and the cameras to keep track of the action. There are a


few reasons why the game is so much quicker, the most obvious is the


surface it is Astro turf, that is very different from the green,


green grass of Wembley that John played on in the 1948 Games. The


ball has even changed. The ball that John used looked like a


cricket ball. Soft leather, even with a seam. It would absorb


Moysure and get dirty and have to be replaced erten minutes or so,


slowing the game down. Now the ball is a hard plastic and reaches


speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Another reason that the game is so


quick is because of the stick that the players use. This is the 1948


stick, but even then, some nations were ahead of the game.


This is the British stick, that was the stick that the Indians were


using. When we played in the final, they were able with their sticks to


move it about much more quickly and carefully than we were. They were


very good at it. They were more effective than we were on the grass,


which we thought would be better for us. Today as sticks are made


from advance materials, like carbon firebrand and Kevlar. The sticks


that Harry use are very strong and the smaller heads means that they


move the sticks quicker, results in faster dribbling, faster swings and


seriously vicious hits. There is a good chance with the home support


that both men and women teams can win the medals this year. I know


that one person will be watching this extremely fast sport closely!


I just said that Australia are going to win! On that hockey stick,


another fact for you. It is connected to farming.


Hockey gets its name from the French word for shep hard's crook.


There you go. It has been a fascinating series. Ade Adepitan,


what have been the main differences looking back to' 48? Obviously the


equipment, but what struck me was rationing. The fresh food produce


was a luxury back then. The athletes now we could not train


the same way as we do now with their food. Bradley Wiggins is


doing the tour do France, he southerns -- burns up 6,000


calories a day, that would have been impossible then.


Now, the training camps, they are not just in London? This is what I


love. We bring it home, we are spreading it around the country. In


Aberdeen, the Cameroon team are staying up there. I know you are


laughing! But a little bit of rain and cold. In Antrim there are three


teams staying there, Egypt is one of them. Stop laughing, dudes! In


Cardiff there is also another three teams, Trinidad and Tobago, so Alex,


you can welcome them. Orpls Ormskirk, this is a test of


geography. The Federated States of Micronesia are one of the countries


staying there. And in lovely East Anglia, Bury St


Edmunds, we have Rwanda staying there.


You are getting the torch very soon? I will be. On the 26th of


July. I will be carrying the torch through London. I will be keeping


my hair back so it does not go up in flames! Any way, coal mines were


once the backbone of British industry. Now there is a major


concern for two -- million homeowners, whose houses are built


on top of them. Mortgage lenders are so reluctant to lend on these


properties, many are finding it difficult to move.


The housing of the 60s, transformed the British landscape, creating


modern housing etaits like this one, but 50 years on, the area's past is


badly affecting its future. You would not think it to look at it,


but this house is unsellable, or unbuyable, the reason? It was built


on top of a former coal mine. As a result, the only person who did put


in an offer last year was refused a mortgage.


And that's because until 1949 this whole area was a colliery, dotted


with mine shafts. Vertical holes drilled up to 1 80m into the


grounds. After the coal shaft closed, the shafts were corped, the


estate built, and hundreds of families moved into the new homes.


We moved in August of 1975, the problem came when we tried to sell


the property in 2009. The person buying the house could not get a


mortgage because of the coal mining report.


The house is close to four former mine shafts, long since covered by


homes and gardens, but this was not a problem when Lawrence bought the


house. It say in the letter that there are no active workings to


affect the property? That is correct. That is one of the reasons


why the mortgage company gave us the mortgage in 1975.


But now that has changed. The chance that damage could occur in


the future has made the lenders cautious. He they are saying that


the property is in the likely zone of influence.


That is fine, unless you bought the place in 19 79.


The coal mines are have offered to reassure buyers and mortgage


companies that should something go wrong that they will not have to


pay out, but this has not worked. Caroline Gripton is the estate


agent whose job it was to sell Lawrence's house in 2009. Have you


had problems selling houses in this area because of the mine shafts?


the 11 years I have been an estate agent locally, we have had four


properties deemed unmortgagable. A couple here, specifically, number


30, across the road, there and another couple further up the


street. Mine shafts only pose a problem for buildings within 20


metres, but this was not the case when many residents bought their


homes. In 1991, the goalposts moved. You could mortgage a property


providing there were no mines within five metres. Then at the


beginning of the 1990s, that became 20 metres. Because a lot of the


people have lived here for many years it has never been an issue


because they bought at a time when that restriction was not in place.


There are more than 2 million homes at risk of damage by being built


near former coal mines. In the current economic climate, mortgage


companies are risk-averse. We asked an independent surveyor to check


out how the mine affects the value of Lawrence's house.


We can see on the map that in the vicinity we have four main shafts.


We are here and there are two in the opposite property's garden and


two behind the property. And two in front. So this is the house we are


standing outside of now. What about a house for example up here that


does not have any mine shafts around it at all? This house would


probably be worth in the region of up to �150,000.


And this one? Because of the close proximity of the four mine shafts,


the current value base on that would be about �90,000.


What a difference! Absolutely. this house has had no con


structural problems, does that not come into it? Unfortunately not,


even though there are no cracks or signs of movement caused by a mine


shaft, the fact that there are four within this area is what the


problem is and there is a risk. Off the back of that, solicitors and


surveyors have to advise their clients on the risks.


After a full assessment, Sophie told us that she would be reluctant


to recommend a mortgage company lends on the house at all.


Lawrence's only hope now is to find a cash buyer or to sell at a


significant loss. Who is going to buy a property with


mines in the vicinity? It would help me if the property fell down


and nobody got hurt. Now, earlier on we asked for your


stories and photos of the Andy Murray moments we have loads. We


have this one from Ross, whether his beautiful wife walked down the


aisle, he could not hold the tears back.


Bless you. And this one, the mum and dad


turned up to their daughter's 21st birthday in Uganda. Daughter Cora


having a moment, when she put a bow in her hair. This is a nice one,


the husband giving a speech about how much he loved his wife. Pat


said, he was crying because he was gutted! Now, before we go, it is


your last chance to make your nominations for the One Show 999


award. If you have known someone who has acted quickly, e-mail the


story to us at the One Show. We need your nominations by midnight


tomorrow so get them in now. All of the details are on the website.


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