With Justin Bieber and Craig David CBBC Official Chart Show

With Justin Bieber and Craig David

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Craig David, I'm not walking away from this battle, mate. I'm going to


fill you in, no worry about that. Never mind running away for seven


days. Let's do this. Listen, I've been a bit of a troublemaker around


here but when I come through, you know I've got it all wrapped up. I


don't want to mash it up for the guys. Peace.


CHEERING Good evening and welcome to the CBBC


Official Chart Show. Wow, it's so good to be back and it so good to


see you again. What a summer it's been. It's been a summer of catching


tiny little monsters all the way around the UK on your phone. It's


also been a summer where Drake was knocked off the number one spot.


It's been a great summer but it's also great to be back. We're back


here with the CBBC Official Chart Show bringing you all things


wonderful and bringing you the stuff you know and love. Also a new


feature along the way, too. Wonderful people. Six weeks has


flown by and boy is it good to be back. Let's see what's coming up on


the first show. We challenged Justin Bieber in a basketball showdown.


Ryan from One Republic shows us his origami skills. Which tracks did you


choose? And Ollie Murs goes head-to-head... Against our studio


guest, Mr Craig David. # Ain't giving up on new #


How about that for a first show back? Will be joining Mr Craig David


later. Let's talk about Justin Bieber. Radio 1 were given special


permission to go and meet Justin Bieber at his home in LA. That was


part of the live Lounge month. Of course he did some wonderful covers


for us. I'm sure we want to see them but it's not that easy on the Chart


show. Get one Ball in the basket and will play your video, it's that


simple! The neighbours are going to love that!


Yeah, they are going to throw that one over. I'm afraid just in no


baskets means no Live Lounge performance. I might give you


another chance later. Let me talk to you about our new feature. It's


about this. The Playlist, that's right, it's your playlist. You guys


have got the power to choose what video you shown here on the CBBC


Official Chart Show. If you've made it to the website, bbc.co.uk/cbbc,


you've got ten videos to choose from and you get three votes each. You


get to choose which three videos we play on the show. You've been


getting involved this week and I can now reveal... That the first play


live video as chosen by you are wonderful viewers is Major Lazer and


Justin Bieber. # So take a deep


breath and let it go # You shouldn't be


drowning on your own # And if you feel you're sinking,


I will jump right over # And although time may take us


into different places # Cos we all get lost


sometimes, you know? # It's how we learn


and how we grow # And I wanna lay


with you till I'm old # You shouldn't be


fighting on your own # And if you feel you're sinking,


I will jump right over # And although time may take us


into different places Lovely track choice there. Let's get


our next guest involved with the show. I'm talking Ellie Goulding,


I'm talking Adele, I'm talking Beyonce. He can play nine musical


instruments, he has won two Grammies. I'm talking about Ryan


from One Republic. The question is, what are your paper aeroplane making


skills like, Ryan? My favourite karaoke tune, it's a


tie between Bohemian Rhapsody, because it's very hard to sing but


when you turn it on, every person in the restaurant stops and starts


singing. And then the other is Celine Dion, My Heart Will Go On.


Because it is the last song a man should sing. Get up and sing it full


voice... My Heart Will Go On. And then right when you think she can't


get higher, she does a key change. Any guy can do a Celine Dion cover


in broad daylight in front of strangers, that's commitment. We are


going to do this. I'm going to make this so aerodynamic. Look out, kids.


Make fine lines, take fingernails, do one of those jobs on it. And


then, if you can find a stapler, stapled the tip closed because the


weight on the end of it actually makes for better flight. You could


argue that this is the greatest aeroplane made in a while. If you


want to get fancy, you can create little winglets. That could help.


So, this was clearly the paper that's defective. We recorded in


like 20 countries. Iceland, Poland, Russia, England, Spain, Brazil. The


credits on the album art, like, it's like a map, it's crazy. Let me see


if I can improve this... Let's see if I can do it. I'm making it up as


I go along. Take two. This is going to literally go like this, the


second I throw it. Good to see Ryan's paper aeroplane skills are up


to scratch. Coming up we've got Craig David but before that, I'm


sure you would love to see a performance of Justin Bieber's Live


Lounge. We are asking him to get that ball in the basket, that's


always asking, mate! Not today, boys. Not today indeed.


Maybe squeeze in one more chance for you before the end of the show.


Shall we go meet Craig David and ask him anything? Thank you, ladies and


gentlemen welcome to ask me anything. With this week's guest, Mr


Craig David. Are you well? I'm well. Are you ready? Cel, you can ask me


anything. I've waited for that moment for a very long time! We've


had questions sent in all week and here we go. What's your favourite


song of the year? Good question. I would say, my man Kano with a song


called Garage Skank. Would you rather listen to the same song or


eat the same meal for the rest of your life. I would go for the same


meal. Just make sure it's the right meal and it tastes good. I'm going


to ask you, what was the meal? I would go for a nice spaghetti


Bolognese. Sprinkle a bit of Parmesan? Some bread with butter on


it. You could have that for a good few years. What is the most


embarrassing moment of your life? Most embarrassing... Way back in the


day, so I must have been 13 years old, probably a little less than


that. Roller-skating for the first time. I had the hand of a friend of


mine. She was like, I've got you, I've got you. All of a sudden it


went into the splits mode, ripped jeans, all went pear shaped. Did she


come down with you? She left me there and said, I've just got to go


and do something over there, and left me behind. It was a bad moment.


You know when you hurt yourself and you've got to stay down? It was one


of those moments. Embarrassing when your friend is a jewel friend


anymore! -- isn't your friend anymore. Ice-skating has the same


effect on me. I keep my feet firmly on the floor. Thank you Craig, that


was ask me anything! Favourite part of the show, I don't


know why. Coming up will see Craig David head-to-head with Ollie Murs


but time to get your second playlist track. Your first playlist video was


Major Lazer and Justin Bieber. Let's find out the second video you wanted


to see an today's show. Izzy Bizu! # If i am still got


on these safety bars # I probably made it


don't come for white, # Mmm and all adrenalin


rushes to my head # When I wake up but not


alone right now whoa, # My head is in the clouds


you're my white, # high bright roller-coaster


if i am still got # on these safety


bars i probably made # it don't come for white,


white oh what a damn # oh, oh I was drowning but you're


keeping me afloat you're my white, # white and I'm not in my comfort


zone when i wake up but not # alone right now whoa,


my head is in the clouds you're my # white, white tiger high bright


roller-coaster if i am still got Izzy Bizu was your choice feel


second playlist track. The chance to be our next weeks show Goater


bbc.co.uk/cbbc. Justin Bieber is that number two and three in the


official Chart. I'm going to be joined by that man who is live on


radio one to find out what's going on in the top ten and find out the


UK's official number one. I've set the bar at one basket. He


hasn't managed to do it yet. Third time lucky. Come on, Justin. Oh!


First try. First shot. I think we all know that isn't the truth. It


was attempt number nine. That means, this is the performance of what do


you mean live at his home in Los Angeles.


# You're so indecisive, what you saying?


# Trying to make the beat up in my heart


# Did you want to turn right, first you're up then you're down, then


you're between # I really want to know, what do you


mean? # When you nod yourself your head,


yes when you mean to say no # When you tell me to go, what do


you mean? # What do you mean?


# Since you're running out of time, what do you mean?


# Better make up your mind, what do you mean?


# Your overprotective when you're leaving


# Try to overcome from a is when you come in


# Dealer to turn right, if it's up, then you're down, then you're


between # What do you mean when you nod your


head, yes, but you want to say no, what do you mean


# When you don't want me to move but you tell me to go


# Said you're running out of time, what do you mean?


# Better make up your mind # What do you mean?


What do you mean? Do you like that? Try a new trick. Over the six weeks


holiday, here at the official Chart show, we have been inundated with


letters, e-mails, all from music artists asking when it's back. It's


back. Here is great David going head-to-head with Olly Murs, it's


time for Note! Good to see you again, welcome to Noooote!. Two


people go head-to-head to hold a note as long as possible. This week,


the troublemaker Olly Murs takes on the man of the hour, the man of the


year, Mr Craig David. Great, thank you sir. How are you? I'm very good.


Are the nerves OK. I'm well as I can be. You are aiming to get on here


somewhere. 24 seconds for myself. Adam Lambert 31 seconds. The top


score is 41 seconds. That's a long time. Where would you like to get?


If I can just support you round about 20 Jews Atkins. 40 seconds is


a long time. -- about 42 seconds. You are going head-to-head with Olly


Murs. Shall we see how he got on. He looks very relaxed. Doing a


little head this way. His brain is going to pop out there in a second.


That's very good. OK. 22 seconds for Olly Murs. I was 24. Making me blush


here. 22 seconds is the score to eat. I've got every faith in this.


These are long notes in falsetto which is styling it out. We will


try. Best of luck. Here we go. OK. A bit of vibrato there, as well.


What are you saying? 14. That's good, guys. I'm not a long note


holder. I'm a 16 bar splitter. That was the softest, smoothest, little


hint of vibrato. Then it went, we've got to stop it. Did you enjoy it?


Really good time. It was just nice to be part of it. Thank you, Craig


David. More of this next week. So, next week's studio guest will be


taking on the Noooote! Challenge. But we're doing this now. Oh, yes.


Time to find out what is the remaining video we are playing out


today, chosen by you. I can reveal, the third


# We were burnin' on the edge of somethin' beautiful


# Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin' on a miracle


# Say, go through the darkest of days


# Never let you go, never let me down


# Never let you go, never let me down


# Don't fall asleep at the wheel


# We've got a million miles ahead of us


# All that we need Is a rude awakening


# To know we're good enough Know we're good enough


I enjoyed all three choices. Well done. The Chart show wouldn't become


plate without getting this man on the show. It's Dev! How are you? Are


you well? How was the top ten? Amazing. Not loads of movement. I'm


really excited, Closer, two weeks at the morning. Shall we countdown.


# I know I can treat you better than he can


# You were looking at me like you wanted to stay


# I'm not wasting your time, I'm not playing no games


# I need you, I need you, I need you right now


# So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down


# You don't know the half of the abuse


# But I'm not the guy you're taking home


For the second week in a row, congratulations. It's Closer.


One of my favourite rundowns ever. I know you got a lot to do on radio


one. We'll call it work. Thank you so much. Can I have the last fluffy


microphone next time? A massive thank you to our other studio


guests. Thank you to Olly Murs and the main man Craig David. Thank you


too. And Justin Bieber. Check out the website to get involved in the


show. You can get involved with what playlist tracks we play on the show.


You have got three votes. Use them wisely. That is it. The first Chart


show back. Did you enjoyed? So good. I particularly like the way you have


changed her style. A little bit more flair. It needed a bit of work. I'll


improve it for next week. Next week, we have come! Blossoms in the


studio. We've


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