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With Nathan Sykes

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And welcome to the CBBC Official Chart Show.


I'm your new presenter, Nathan Sykes and I'm


That's a long time in the chart world, Cel.


You've missed last week's number one Kyla


in the studio, you've missed an


amazing Little Mix lip dub, Yasser with Filth Har honoury...


amazing Little Mix lip dub, Yasser with Fifth Harmony...


Let's do it together!


Let's get some more friends involved.


Greg James is live on Radio 1 right now but will rudely


interrupt him later on and find out who is top of the tree today.


And there's loads more on today's show.


Hi, Nathan. Today it is a three-horse race. Three mighty fine


horses, Drake, Timberlake and more. One of the three will win the race


today. We will find out shortly. So much more to come.


G-Eazy plays G-Eazy Peazy, and who will be


# Don't leave me girl # Stay with me tonight...


Are you loving the new set? Wonderful.


What has been going on? I have been on tour with Little Mix.


And making the next single, Give It Up.


We are also checking in with your mate, G-Eazy.


What a Gent. Who are you listening to at the


moment? The new Justin Timberlake tune it is so good.


And loving Lara. Well, we will have an ex-cruisive


off your song later. How about notes? Oh! Have you warmed


up? No. Get over there.


Still time to get involved at BBC.co.uk/CBBC.


Who do you want to be number one We will see


Who you voted for at the end of the show.


Nathan, who do you want to be number one? Justin Timberlake.


Well, let's get back to the charts, it is DJ Snake at this week's Number


10. # It's like I'm always causing


problems, causing hell. # I didn't mean to put


you through this, I can tell. # We're gonna sweep


this under the carpet. # I hope that I can


turn back the time. # To make it all alright,


all alright for us. # I'll promise to build a new world


for us two. # I live my day as if it was the


last # I live my day as if it was the


best # Doing it all night all summer


# Doing it the way I want to # Now I found another crush


# A lush that's giving me a rush # Have one chance to make me rush...


# You don't got to go to work, work, work, work


# But you got to go to work, work, work, work


# But you don't go to go to work # But you got to go to work


# You don't got to go to work # Work, work, work,


# But yacht go to do to work # Work, work, work.


# Oh, no # See you walking round like it's a


funeral # Look so serious Go why got those


feet cold # We just got this started


# Tip-toe # Tip-toe


# Way down with the masterpiece # Way down with the masterpiece


# You can call me what you want to # I ain't giving you a dollar


# This time I might runaway # You might knock me down bsh but I


will get back up again # You can call it what you want to


# I ain't giving you a dollar # This time I ain't gonna runaway


# This time... # This time...


# This time I ain't gonna run, run, run, run


# Run this time # Run this time # Run this


time # Run this time. A new entry from DJ Snake at 10


and more new entries to come! Now this next guy is a mate


of yours, right? You should say that Nath,


because we caught up with G-Eazy and wanted to see just how good


he is at easy-peasy things. Who is G-Eazy? There you go, me


myself, I. The ordinary guy is Gerald.


G is just chilling. And G-Eazy is a rock star. An international, baby!


# I don't need anything # To get me through the night


# To put the beat back in my heart # Yeah, it's keeping me alive. This


paper is no match for Gerald... Let me see.


# Don't tell me what to do # Don't tell me what to say Seven is


OK. So, I'm not weak. That was not for a lack on my


behalf. I'm very strong. I don't want this


to happen, I just want to break egg all over. I just did it! I just did


it with out you all looking! Oh, grows! Look, that's an island, the


penny is showing on the island. I almost had it for a moment. Do I


get a million dollars if it works? I can do this with my eyes closed...


Oh! Apparently balancing a penny on a lemon in a bowl of water is not my


calling! Let me get the nose just right. That is taking up a lot of


the picture. Oh, you want to see. No, you can't see the magic while


I'm doing it. Let me see. I'm not that bad, actually. That is kind of


smooth! Doesn't that look just like me?! Wow, that is kind of good. I


might just quit rapping. This is on art sale now. It is $10. It is high


art. I have to sign it like all famous art.


# I don't need anything to get me through the night... Just wait there


for a second. So infuriating. Not as easy as it looks.


What challenges can you come up with for


Now inspired by G doing his self-portrait there, I


thought it would be an idea for Sykes and I to have a go at a selfie


I'm going to have a go at trying to do a version of you.


So whilst you do that, I'm going to have a go at drawing


What was your favourite subject at school? It was not art. I was kicked


out as I was nod good enough. The teacher said I have to quit art


otherwise I would bring her grades down. I enjoyed music and English.


Hannah says if you could collaborate with an artist, who would it be and


why? I would love to work with Justin Timberlake. That would be


cool. What a talented bloke. That would be great.


Carrie from Northamptonshire, what is the weirdest thing that one of


your fans has said to you? Do you sleep with your socks on? That's


what she wanted to know? Do you? That would be creepy! Alicia from


London say what is is the most embarrassing thing you have ever


said or done? I don't have a clue, mate. You could probably answer that


better than me, if I'm honest. From Logan, what would you be if you


were not a singer? I would love to be a teacher. I love inspiring


people. Awesome! Well, I think I have nailed this.


What is that? Mine is brilliant. Now still to come, Nathan will be


performing his new single plus we go back stage at Eurovision


with Scott Mills. But let's get back into


the Will Kyla and Drake still be number


one today or will it be Calvin Harris, or a new entry from


Justin Timberlake? # Come on,


# Come on # Turn the radio on


# It's Friday night # I won't be long


# Got to do my hair # Put my make up on


# It's Friday night # Till I


# Hit the dance floor # I got all I need


# I ain't got cash # I ain't got cash


# But I got you baby # Baby I don't need high heeling


# Let's have fun tonight # I don't need nobody


# As long as I can feel the beat




# I like the way we rock it # Don't stop it


# Under the lights # When everything goes


# Know what I'm hot # When I'm getting you close


# When we move # When you already know


# So just imagine # Nothing I can see


# Just you dance, dance, dance # All those things I should do


# Just dance, dance, dance # Keep dancing


# I can't stop the feeling. # Everyone is watching horror


# But she's looking at you # You.


# I think this is what you came for # Lightning strikes


# Everybody's watching her # But she's looking at you. Justin


Timberlake will be performing this week at the Eurovision Song contest


final in Sweden, more about that later. And I need to tell you...


It's official, voting has now closed for who you want to be number one so


if you didn't make it to the website don't worry we will have a new vote.


Right now it's time to focus and concentrate and get the lungs ready.


We have gone a little bit different today, I asked some of Nathan Sykes


biggest bands to send in their versions so they could compete


against him and you didn't disappoint. He's got a great set of


lungs and is the number one fan of Nathan Sykes, make some noise for


Josh. He is pumped and ready, cracking his wrists and elbows. And


a man who has got a great set of lungs and a great set of hair,


Nathan Sykes! We are ready. I had to stay impartial. Calm down Josh. Very


simple, hold a note for as long as possible, one breath, one note, do


you understand? Nice, clean, nothing below the belt. Three, two, one.


Low sound from Nathan, Josh has gone for something similar. Still going.


Josh has gone which means Nathan you are the winner, Victor to the red


corner. He's still going, fantastic. There we go, well played Josh and


Nathan. We will hear from Nathan later on with his exclusive


performance and find out what is the official UK number one. I asked you


to send us videos of singing your favourite songs and you don't


disappoint. This is Amelia and it is wonderful, check it out.


# Going to do my hair and put my make up for no


# It's Friday night and it won't be long


# Till I hit the dance floor like. # Lightning strikes every time she


moves # Seeing you guys sing along with


the biggest smile on my face get involved on the CBBC website. But


now it's time, he is ready for his performance. Let me introduce our


studio guest, Mr Nathan Sykes, the first exclusive performance of his


single. Take it away. # Something happened baby and only


you can make it right. # Clear my heavy mind with your


tracks. # You've got that magic baby.


# Because everything I feel, # Slowly disappears as we kiss,


yeah. # I want you close, I want you


close, give me your love. # I want some more, I want some


more, cannot get enough. # I want to feel your touch, I want


to feel your touch. # Yeah baby.


# Stay with me tonight. # Don't leave me girl.


# I know you're down to give it up, yeah.


# Are you happy baby? # I can make Valentines, every


single night in your life, yeah. # You've got me on a high, join me


in the sky, paradise. # Baby I want you close, I want you


close, give me your love. # Baby I want some more, I want some


more, cannot get enough. # Here I want to feel your touch,


feel your touch, we go on and on and on and on, yeah baby.


# Don't leave me girl. # Stay with me tonight.


# Don't believe me girl. # I know you're down to give it up.


# When I assure you love. # Will you give it up baby?


# I don't mean to rush but will you give it up baby?


# When I show you love, will you give it up baby?


# I don't mean to rush, but will you give it up baby?


# Don't leave me girl. # Stay with me tonight.


# Don't leave me girl. # And I know you're down to give it


up. APPLAUSE What an amazing performance from


Nathan Sykes and he performed an exclusive cover of stitches which


you can see on the website. The moment has arrived, we will find out


with Greg James who is the number one. This is a recapture of 10-2.


We have got a little moment, Greg James finishing up the show on the


radio then he will join for the official UK number one. Remember if


you go and check out BBC .co .uk/ CBBC that is the place of things


chart. We want you to get involved, you can send us clips of you singing


and any ideas you have for our studio guests get involved. We think


we are very nearly ready, quite a thing going on here. Anyway, sorry,


come and join me. I just wanted to clear something up before we go on


this, just you and I. I. Average. Great. Average. Great. I am the


better artist. We are good to go, I am going to find out the official


number one. The we are live on the CBBC channel as well, you have


joined us at a good time, Drake has made it five weeks at number one.


Another week at the top for them, will they be the next week, join us


on Friday to find out. I asked who you wanted to be number one, I can


tell you that you voted Zara Larsson with 29%. Another said cheap thrills


deserves to be number one. We had someone who liked a little mix as


well and hoped it would be number one. Scott Mills with behind the


scene access to Eurovision. It is boiling hot in Stockholm in Sweden,


the 61st Eurovision Song contest. This huge arena which is where the


show will take place. Two semifinals. Joe and Jake look really


good, they performed here yesterday. They did not seem frightened at all


even though there were a lot of people here.


# They don't need to know. # They don't need to know. This is


the UK commentary booth, all along this role are many different


countries and they all have one of these boxes, it is where we will


watch the show and comment on it. Headphones and microphone and this


is where Graham Norton will be sat on Saturday night.


# You're not alone # We are in this together. I am


outside the commentary booth, that was an exciting second semifinal,


the only Scandinavian country to go through was Scandinavia, no Ireland!


Watch the final with Graham Norton, BBC One 8pm Saturday night.


The Eurovision Song contest on Saturday. Nathan Sykes, it's been a


pleasure. I have had such a blast spending time with you. The only


thing left for you to do is to sign this lovely music box. Massive thank


you to Scott Mills, Greg James but most importantly thank you to you


wonderful people. Go and check out everything on the website. We will


be back next Friday, will there be a new number one? This is the only


place to find out. See you later!


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