With WSTRN and Blossoms CBBC Official Chart Show

With WSTRN and Blossoms

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Hi, don't want to alarm anyone but it is really 30 second until we are


on and I can't find my guests! Where's WSTRN! I'm in a panic. It is


calm hear. What's going on here, lads. I'm just in my zone. I'm just


in my zone... Hey, very good afternoon to you


wonderful people. Thank you, thank you. Welcome back to the CBBC


Official Chart Show, and I can see CBBC officially say that it is the


weekend! But there's been so much going on in the world of music, in


the world of pop, it is Live Lounge Month in Radio 1. We've had Kano,


The Queens, Bastille, all performing here. We've had new entries from The


Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga and Sia. And you guys have been on the


website voting for their three play list tracks. You've had 10 to choose


from. Later on that man with the splendid hair, Dev from Radio 1, is


going to reveal the UK's top 10 and the UK's official number 1. We've


got all of that and I bet you want the see what else we can squeeze


into 28 minutes of goodness. We see what it is like to spend the day in


the life of Jess Glynne. Straight out of the live lounge Blossoms take


on Say What? And not only do we have this week's exciting new play list,


we have our favourite A-list stars in the studio. It's WSTRN!


WSTRN everybody! CHEERING. Gentlemen, thank you so


much for coming back on the show. Any time. How have you been since we


last saw you, what's been going on? Oh my God, loads. Very exciting


times, man. Music, more music, festivals. A headline show. Very


busy. We've got questions later from our viewers at home, but we are


going throw you in at the deep end. You are probably wondering what this


is. I'm Just In My Zone We are wondering if you could create for us


here... I'm Just In My Zone. Your own zones. Blue, red and yellow. If


you want to stand in your area. You've got 30 seconds to create your


best... Zone. We have got the builder straight


away on the far right with the blue. Very nice. Yellow is looking strong


here with a double layer base. OK, we've gone for a bit of a smaller


square there in the red. They are adding layers, building levels to


the zone. We've got about 5 second left... Was that the siren? It was!


Stand in your zones. That's a very solid attempt. We've


got half a zone and a full zone. That works actually. It is like a no


zone, half zone and full zone. Stick around. We've got Ask Me Anything,


Nooooote but first our first play list track.


I really enjoyed that. The play list is a new feature, where each week


you guys get to choose three music videos you want to see on the show.


We give you 10 to choose from and you have three votes. You can use


them for whatever you like. The first is none other than Ellie


Goulding. It took us a while, with every breath a new day. With love on


the line, we found our share of mistakes, but all your scars are


mine. So for you, so for you. And just like that, all that we, all


that I feel, you are all for me, and just like that. All I feel, you are


all for me. Catch me, the way that you do. I'm still falling for you.


Brighter than gold. Brighter than gold. These stars. It is like out of


control. This love shining brighter than gold


This love is like This love is like out of control


This love is never growing old Still falling for you


falling for you You will know that the vote for next


week's play list track is open. Go to the CBBC website. You've got 10


videos to choose from and you have three votes, so use them wisely. Now


I want to welcome Millie from the vlog. Hello! What do we owe the


pleasure? Do you remember when we created Chris to a day at the Dell a


couple of weeks ago? Yes I do. Chart show fan Kate got in touch via the


website telling us she is a huge Jess Glynne fan, so I thought it


would be nice to treat her and her fans to a day as Jess Glynne. So


what is it like to spend the day in the life of Jess Glynne? We are in


Essex who is Jess Glynne's biggest fan, Kate. Her day is about to get a


lot more glamorous. Let's go. I spotted her over there. Let's


surprise them. I'm looking for Jess Glynne's biggest fan. Which one of


you guys is Kate? Me. You got in touch with the CBBC Official Chart


Show telling us that you wanted to treat you and all your friend to a


day in the life of Jess Glynne. Let's get you all dressed like Jess.


Ready? Yes! I love that. You guys have got Jess


Glynne's style down completely, all of you guys are going to look


amazing. At this point we were quite surprised because we were just going


shopping and didn't expect to be all of a sudden on TV.


We saw a pink limo. It was really cool. A massive limo and when we got


in it, there were two TVs, music playing and lots of drinks and


stuff. This is so cool. How amazing is this limo? We are in a limo! We


look the part already. Where do you think we could be off to? Somewhere.


We've got the clothes and it is only fitting that we get the hair, the


make-up and the foot shoot to recreate Jess Glynne's album cover.


What! And there's pizza. Tell me about the whole Jess Glynne


look we are recreating for this photoshoot? We are colouring my hair


and adding eyeliner. Do you wear this look from day-to-day? No, not


really. Getting ready for school in the morning, having a make-up artist


to make justify look like Jess! To make you look like Jess! Do you guys


have any idea why I've brought you outside? Two things, number one,


Jess's album cover. Number two... Are you guys ready to go again?


Yeah. What's happening? Did you dress up? Jess always wears onesies


when she records... # I'm ready for this


# What's # I'm ready for this


# I need you holding # I'm ready for this, so baby won't


you hold my hand? This is really, really fun. All of it was really


awesome. I think it's going be hard to pick one. A rare chance. Limo.


That's not a word. Surprising fun and new. Okay. Pink... Limo.


Amazing, fun, limos. Awesome work there girls. If you want to be on


the CBBC official chart, go to the be on a show part on the website.


Right now we are doing this. Come on down, it's time for Ask Me Anything


with Cel and our studio audience. Guys, thanks for being here for Ask


Me Anything. Are you ready for the questions? Okay. Chai from Greater


London wants to know, can you do a headstand or a handstand? Shall I


try? The space was here, almost like this was already set up for you.


CHEERING. I will tell you what... Look at the strength there. It is


like a cheese grater. Awesome work, and with a mic pack as well. Next


question, from Tanya in London. If you could be anybody for a day, who


would it be? What is it that intrigues you about him? He doesn't


talk much. It is what goes on under the hat. We've got a question from a


person who sent us video message. Do you know the square route of 899?


Anybody? It is... 29.9, he said. Yes!


CHEERING. Not just talented singers and songwriters. This is from Emily


in Scotland, have you got a favourite dance move you can show


us? Louis has. Watch me whip, watch me nene. I fell


into that trap of doing the whip. Never ever again. This is from


Thomas in South Wales. Did you always want to be singers,


songwriters, rappers? Yes. I think so. That was WSTRN everybody!


CHEERING. They are sticking around. Every got Nooooote to come. And next


a feature we are call Ask Me Anything.


Steve, come with me, thank you very much. That was Ask Me Anything, so I


can get rid of them. We're about to find out the next playlist video as


chosen by you. I can tell you the playlist video number two is...


Imani Williams, our friend from the charger, featuring Sigala and Blond.


# Wrapped up in your arms feels like I made it


# When I close my eyes the world has faded


# Till you put it on me was just a fool's game


# Now I'm talking 'bout diamonds in your eyes


# I'm thinking 'bout loving your for life


# There's something 'bout you


# That got me feeling like


# As long as I got you, oh I don't need no money


# I don't need no money I don't need no money


# As long as I got you, ooh-ooh as long as I got you


# So crazy How I just can't come down from what you gave me


# On and on I go through every cliche


# I got this fever, boy you put it on me


# I'm thinking 'bout stars and butterflies


# I'm thinking 'bout drowning in your eyes


# There's something 'bout you


Hey, you like a bit of that. Awesome choice for the second playlist


track. Let me talk to you about a bland god Blossoms from Stockport,


they've had an number one album, performed in the live Lounge. -- a


band called Blossoms. We gave them a bit of a Chart Show challenge


because they love the CBBC Official Chart Show, that's right, isn't it,


WSTRN? Noise cancelling headphones, you know what's coming, don't you?


It's Say What. We are Blossoms, we're about to play


Say What. I'm not ready, but... ??HOTKEY I will know by the way...


#. Can you do a metal screen? Say it


one more time. Can you do a metal scream? What? Did you say cream? Can


you use metal face cream? This is a tune anyway. Sweet raised voices,


guys. Any funny tour stories? Say it again. Any funny tour stories? Yeah,


Miles stinks all the time. The fans printed of pictures of Miles's face


and wore them as masks. So as I was playing I saw Miles at the front,


that was funny, wasn't it? Flavour it gig you've played. Favourite day


on a plane. Favourite England player. What did you say? I'm


getting dead halt. Show us your best evil laugh. Best day of your life?


Best day of your life? Show us your best evil laugh. Best leaving laugh?


Best evil laugh. Best evil laugh. The best evil laugh? Show us. Like


an evil laugh? Mwa ha-ha? Evil? Evil laugh. Mwa ha-ha! I need subtitles


for this, it's not working, nothing's happening. Blackpool or


Weymouth? Say it again. Blackpool. I've never been to Weymouth. What's


in Weymouth? You don't know that how in Weymouth, why would you want to


go there? SeaWorld? LAUGHTER Can using the chorus of Charlemagne?


Sing the chorus of Charlemagne. I just song-macro it. -- I just sung


it. You can have so much fun with noise


cancelling headphones. It's now time to play the game sweeping the


nation, everybody in the music industry has been knocking down the


door to get involved. I am of course talking about Noooote.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Noooote. I'm welcoming today's


guest, WSTRN. Bring it in. Come here, gents. This side, there we go,


I'm going to get in the middle. So 24 seconds you got last time you


played Noooote, things have changed, you will go head-to-head against


somebody else in the music industry. Let's see who you are taking on.


Spin the wheel. No hard feelings. OK, Ryan Tedder from one republic.


Shall we see what he's got in the locker? Go on, let's see what you've


got. Mmmmmmmmmm... That's the one only


dogs can here. He's hitting that. Is it C flat? 20 seconds, it's all


right. That concentration is something else, isn't it? He looks


like Zoolander. Over half a minute, this is ongoing. He's got technique!


I don't know, is this regulation the breathing. 44 seconds! All right,


Ryan. That's top of the leaderboard. 24 seconds is your school to beat.


That's what you got last time. I'll catch you in coming here we go.


Mmmmmmmmmm... We're in, strong start there. Going into the zone. I can


tell you you've done ten seconds. We've lost one. Still going here.


You stay their brother, Louis, you're over 30 seconds. Hold it,


Louis, keep holding. Mmmmmmmmmm... 45 seconds, you've done it! 45


seconds! The man! I tell you. We have to carry on with the show. Its


final playlist track. Justin Bieber and... Who is it? Major Lazer and


Biba, Cold Water. Service Justin Bieber.


# And although time may take us into different places


# Cos we all get lost sometimes, you know?


# It's how we learn and how we grow


# And I wanna lay with you till I'm old


# You shouldn't be fighting on your own


# And if you feel you're sinking, I will jump right over


# And although time may take us into different places


# I won't let go I won't let go, oh no, no no


Cold Water from Major Lazer and Justin Bieber. You can get involved


with next week's track. This show wouldn't be complete without


speaking to this man, radio one's Dev. So good to see you, you well?


Really good, why, do I not look well? You could not look better.


Let's talk about the top ten. Top 40 even. What's been going on? Really


exciting, Lady Gaga recently popped into the Radio 1 breakfast show with


Nick Grimshaw, she was wearing a pork pie hat. She played her


brand-new single, perfect solution, the second highest new entry this


week as number 12. Just missing out on the top ten. -- perfect illusion.


Let's see what made it to the top ten.


Down three places for Jonas Blue with Perfect Strangers. Remember,


never talk to strangers. Great advice, Dev.


It was number one for a million years, Drake featuring whiz kid and


Tyler. One dance. It's all you need sometimes.


New entry from Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj. Side to Side.


Have you seen the video? It makes me really want to go to spin class.


Chainsmokers and don't let me down. You would never let me down, Cel.


Apart from that one time we don't talk about.


It's a brand-new entry. A song that describes both me and Cel, The


Greatest! # I'm giving it my all I'm not the


guy you're taking home... Something you'll never see me and


Dev doing. Describes every party I've ever been to.


A non-mover at number three this week, Major Lazer and Justin Bieber,


Cold Water. I prefer lukewarm. # Let Me Love You, Let Me Love You


#. DJ Snake featuring Batman again,


Justin Bieber. Dev, Let Me Love You. All right then! -- DJ Snake


featuring Batman again. Still number one this week,


congratulations, Closer still number one in the UK chart.


# Let me see you! Dev is back on radio one. Thank you to WSTRN, an


absolute pleasure. Please sign our box as the last thing you do. That's


how busy we were today, that's the end of the show. See you


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