With James Arthur and Charlie Puth. CBBC Official Chart Show

With James Arthur and Charlie Puth.

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I solemnly swear to tell the that Puth, the whole Puth, and nothing


but the Puth. Hello, all right there, ghouls, keep


it down, we've got a live show to do, thank you very much. Good


evening, welcome to a chilling chart... Chart Show. Welcome to the


show. We've got loads going on. We're going to be joined by the


scariest man in the Radio One offices, Greg James will reveal the


official top ten and number one. We'll find out what you have chosen


as the playlist, you guys have the power. Let me introduce the studio


guest, and I'm delighted we've managed to get on the show because


he's very busy at the moment. He had a UK number one at the top of the


chart for three weeks, his album is out today, his second appearance on


the Chart Show, make some noise. It's James Arthur!


# You played it cool and I was scared of letting go


# I knew I needed you # I tell you so


# I want to stay with you # Until we get old #.


James, welcome back to the CBBC Official Chart Show. How are you


doing? Good, thank you. Let's talk about the album. Telles more about


it. 17 songs on it. It's a lot of music, it's three years of my life


in one album, it's a story and I hope people enjoy it. I'm sure they


will effect the first single is anything to go by. That's available


today. Go on to take a seat over here. We have a Hallowe'en special,


we have trick or treat. In the middle here we have a selection of


jelly beans, some taste nice, some taste vile! Or all we have to do it


after you've told a Hallowe'en joke is take one. Have you got yours


there? We've got them. It's OK, we've found them, everybody. I'll go


first, here we go. Why do vampires need mouthwash, James? No idea.


Because they have bat breasts. I've got -- they have bat breath. Why


didn't the mummy have any friends? I don't know. He was too wrapped up in


himself. Nice! Here we go. It's a nice one. OK. What do mummies like


listening to at Hallowe'en? I don't know. Puth -- rap music. What


happened to the cannibal who was late for dinner? I don't know,


James. They gave her the cold shoulder.


LAUGHTER I've got a nice one. The aftertaste


was... Do you want to go again? I'm so sorry, everybody. OK, I got a bad


one. Oh, my... It's like a spicy shoe!


LAUGHTER If I was to compare it mind was, get


rid, get rid, I did. We've got this coming upon today's show. Daredevil


Charlie Pugh returns to truth or Dare. James Arthur treats us to a


performance. Twin Atlantic gives other letters and -- lesson in


Scottish slang and we find out which are your favourite tracks on this


week's playlist, which is where you find me right here right now. And


bbc.co.uk/ CBBC you guys have the power to decide what is played on


the show. You have three votes each week to spread across the ten


videos, or three on one video. Let's find out what you've chosen this


week. I tell you what, we're nailing it, I can tell you. Your first play


this track was one of the spooky tracks we put there, Little Mix and


black magic. # Take a sip from the secret potion


# I'll make you fall in love # For a spell that can't be broken


# One drop should be enough # Boy, you belong to me, I got the


recipe # And it's called black magic


# Take a sip of the secret potion # One step and you will be mine


# It's a spell that can't be broken # It's called black magic


# If you're looking for Mr Right # Need that magic


# To change him overnight # Here's the answer


# Come and get it # While you still got time


# Hey # Get your boy on his knees and


repeat after me, say # Take a sleep of my secret potion


# I'll make you fall in love # For a spell that can't be broken


# One drop should be enough # Boy, you belong to me


# I got the recipe # And it's called black magic


# Take a sip of my secret potion # One taste and you'll be mine


# It's a spell that can't be broken # It'll keep you up all night #.


Wonderful choice from you guys. We'll find out if those guys can


make it two weeks at number one, as they were last week. That series we


had Julie -- Charlie Puth on the show, we got him in for Puth or Dare


and we didn't scare him off because he's back again for more. Hello, I'm


Charlie Puth, back again for another edition of Puth or Dare. Puth or


Dare. I'll have a dare. We heard you used to write jingles for vloggers,


can you make one for the CBBC official blog? Sure. It's like a


salsa. The CBBC Official Chart Show # I'm on the official CBBC Official


Chart Show #. Not one of my best ones, but I never


said I was a good jingle writer, by the way. Puth or Dare. Am really


excited, thank you very much. We'll get some more with Charlie later but


if you made it to our website you will know it's where you can put our


questions, your questions, to our studio guest. It's time for...


Welcome, come on down, it's ask me anything with Cel. It's today's


studio guest, James Arthur, everybody.


APPLAUSE Sit down at the front, thank you.


Sorry, James, they are all after you in here, I tell you. How are you


today, James question might very well, thank you, sir. Page from


England wants to know if you've ever eaten Parmesan cheese and if you


have, did you like it? Yes, I have, and I do like it, yes. What about


the smell, not too much for you? No, my nose isn't that useful. It's all


good. In the front row with the cat ears, Max from Birmingham says in


your song so you won't let go you say you want to be with the person


until they are grey and old, a great lyric, but would you be with them


until -- if they were a ghost? Yes, I would. The ghost in the studio is


happy. This one comes from Sophie, in Inverness. James Arthur went to


the funfair and chose to go on three rides which cost ?2 50 each. The


bungee jump costing ?4. Have you got that? Sorry, I lost that. You went


on three rides that cost 50 each. Yes. Add another ?4. How much did


you pay altogether for your rights? ?11. Hurray! And this is good, from


Sarah, one more. This is what we all want to know, James, you are as cool


as a cucumber what but -- but what's the most embarrassing thing that's


ever happened to you? Well, when I was younger I had one too many


ginger beers and I wet the bed. Oh, listen, we fall wet the bed once in


our lifetime, let me tell you. You win the front, you still do! It was


embarrassing. My dad saw it. It's fine to wet the bed, if anyone does


that, it's fine, get over it. We appreciate the honesty. What goes on


here at the Chart Show stays at the Chart Show. We've got more of this


next week. I'm not going to take a seat now because I'm so excited


about today's show on finding out which playlist track is going to be


number two Puth this week's show. I can now tell you it's Dua Lipa with


blow your mind. # Tonight I'm alive it ain't $


# Guaranteed I can blow your mind # Yeah, I'm so bad


# Best that you had # Tell me I'm too crazy


# You can't tame me # Tell me I have changed but I'm the


same me # Inside


# Hey # If you don't like the way I talk


then why am I on your mind? # If you don't like the way I rock


guaranteed I can blow your mind # Aren't tonight I'm alive


# Guaranteed I can blow your mind # Tonight I'm alive


# Guaranteed I can blow your mind # Tell me I'm too crazy you can't


tame me, can't tame me # Tell me I have changed


# But I'm the same me, same me #. Wonderful choice for the playlist


track, your third and final one is later in the show. Let's check in


with Charlie Puth, it's time for another game of Puth or Dare. Puth


or Dare. A Puth. Your single is called we don't talk anymore, so


talking towel -- tell me what you date dream about -- tell me what you


daydream about the most? I have always wanted to know that


and now we can safely say burrito when it comes to Charlie Puth. How


do you feel about them? Och qye, I love them. I don't want to know,


tell me instead about the interview had this week.


Oh, Twin Atlantic, our Scottish cousins! OK. We have some Scottish


refreshments if you feel you want to tap into them. We like to make fun


of the audience, somebody is usually nasty to me first and suddenly I


have to do a bit of stand-up comedy. Next one, pizza crunch or munchy


box? Pizza crunch, it's got to be. No! Meijer yes! Sam, what makes you


feel sick. Usually a bad smell. I have never heard that called


jelly. Step one, remove lid. Step two, put life into jelly. I know,


it's a nightmare! There you go. Anybody want it? Read the source


brown sauce? Depends on what you are eating, with wedges, brown sauce,


with chips, tomatoes. It's to do with the and potato you are


consuming. The carbohydrate to source ratio. The more potato, the


brown sauce? That is pretty much what happens, yeah. Bacca oh, man!


Lets keep this going. Second last one. Where does a traffic cone and


belong? On the head of the Duke of Wellington. What about two traffic


cones? One goes on the horse in front. And the last one... Is that


what it is? Not a moose? Is wouldn't fit in your house. I did see a moose


once in my house, the cat brought it in! Aye. Brilliant, thank you so


much, Twin Atlantic. Very funny, I was about to do a gag with this at


home and it almost fizzed and went everywhere, so best to nip that in


the bud. Maybe I will have one of these and it is time to play


everyone's favourite game, the game sweeping the nation, I am of course


talking about the one, the only Note!. A bit of burrito feel. Ladies


and gentlemen, Wellcome to Note!, we want him to sustain and not as long


as possible without taking a breath comet is James Arthur! You just


can't get the stuff around here, James. We are asking you to hold a


note for as long as possible. Do you want to see how our leaderboard is


looking? Craig is on 13, moving up to 20 seconds, I got 24. Did the


leaders to a harmony? There were three of them. You are going


head-to-head against a fellow music artist. Let's find out from the


wheel who it is today. It's Charlie Puth! Charlie, let's


see what you've got in the locker, whenever you are ready. He just


pushed that out of his mouth, didn't he? A bit of eye movement.


Impressive. He's got good concentration, hasn't he? We are on


24 seconds at the moment. I tell you what, is there a quiver? There is.


32 seconds is pretty decent. Quite good. James, I think you have it in


the locker. I think I will be able to do this quite well. I'm going to


count you in, James, best of luck. Three, two, one. His preparation was


good. You might think that was a quiver,


it is not a quiver gat. There we go. -- not a quiver yet. My commentary


got him, but I can tell the 21 seconds. James, I've been dealing in


the last couple of weeks with two seconds and four seconds so I'm more


than happy with that. James is sticking around for the rest of the


show and we will have this next week. It's getting bigger and bigger


as the show goes on, Irn-Bru, Scottish cakes, wonderful. The third


choice and the Playlist is, another one of the spooky track choices from


those ladies who make up Fifth Harmony.


# We're playing stupid, I'm out of my mind


# No, I don't really care for the same conversation


# Got everything I need... # Chasing love with a monster.


# I'm in love, I'm in love # I'm in love with a monster.


# I'm in love, I'm in love, # I'm in love with a monster.


# I'm in love # With a monster.


# Leave it to me, don't you see, I will run from it


# The bigger, the better, heh, heh, heh.


# You make me crazy but I love it. # You make me crazy, baby.


# You make me crazy, but I love you. # He went me crazy, baby


# I'm in love with a monster # Did you know, did you know


# Everybody loves a monster # Did you know, did you know


# Everybody loves a monster # I'm in... Oh! A spooky choice for


the third and final Playlist and here is Greg James from Radio 1 to


bring us the top ten and official number one, happy Halloween. Oh my


gourd! Mac because it is known as a gourd. Tough crowd. What about the


child? It's a busy chart as usual. Could it be Little Mix again at


number one? Here's the top ten. # You were the one thing in my way


# I've been there all night # You were the one thing in my way


# I've been there all day We have a new entry from Clean


Bandit. It features Sean Paul and Anne-Marie.


# You are everything that I dreamed of


# Things that scare me I should just walk away


# The more that I know you, the more I want to


# Twenty racks a table cut from ebony


# Cut that ivory into skinny pieces


# Then she clean it with her face man I love my baby


# You talking money, need a hearing aid


# Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold


This week 's guest, James Arthur, is at number two.


# Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man


# You made my heart break and made me who I am


# Here's to my ex, hey look at me now


# I swear you'll never, you'll never bring me down


# Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man


# You made my heart break and made me who I am


# Here's to my ex, hey look at me now


# I swear you'll never, you'll never bring me down


Congratulations Little Mix and thank you Mr Greg James, we will find out


next week if they can make it two weeks at number one, one single that


did make it two weeks at number one is the single from our studio guest,


Say You Won't Let Go. And now in an exclusive performance for you


wonderful people he is performing Say You Won't Let Go.


# I wake you up with some breakfast in bed.


# And I'll thank my lucky stars for that night


# For a minute, I forget that I'm older


# I wanna dance with you right now, oh


# And I swear that everyday you get better


# Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold


Tell you what, that goes down as one of my favourite performances we have


ever had on the CBBC Official Chart Show. James Arthur performing his


number one single Say You Won't Let Go on the programme, don't say I


don't look after you, that was very special indeed. I can't believe we


are arriving at the end of the CBBC Official Chart Show and fresh from


his performance, it's James Arthur. That performance was stunning, thank


you so much. The album is out today, what lies ahead feel? Doing a vision


that shows in December, bits and bobs, travelling about, seeing as


many fans as we can possibly reach -- doing a few shows in December.


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