With Sophie Ellis Bextor and Honey G CBBC Official Chart Show

With Sophie Ellis Bextor and Honey G

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Honey G, mash it up, tear it up, Rip it up. Honey


Honey G, mash it up, tear it up, Rip it up. Honey G brings the house


town. Honey G's flow gets better every day. Wicked, man.


If it's Monday, disregard that and I'm sorry you've got a whole week of


school ahead. On today's show, we've got


Honey G in the house. And here live in the studio


is a lady who can sing opera. # We shouldn't fight the way we feel


# When it comes from somewhere real # I will think of me and use


#. # Welcome. Thank you for having me.


You are royalty. You have been doing this for so long and have achieved


so much. How has it been for you? Great. You are going on tour soon.


Yes, I start in the UK and then I go to Europe. I love doing the live


stuff so it will be fun. And you have a new single. This is the third


single from my sixth album. It is about how it is important to keep a


bit of yourself untamed and have adventures every now and then to


keep your sanity. It would be rude if I didn't ask, could we get a


performance on the Official Chart Show? It would be rude if I didn't


do it. Off I go. It gives me great pleasure now to introduce Sophie


Ellis-Bextor, who is going to kick off our show in fashion.


# That says you want to be carefree tonight


# Why be so ordinary, why just conform?


# Let's rip the night in half and forget it all


# So keep the engine running under the stars


# I feel release is coming, tonight it's ours


# And the adventures we go on are untold


# Why be so ordinary, why just conform?


# Let's rip the night in half and forget it all


# So keep the engine running under the stars


# I feel release is coming, tonight it's ours


# We just have to surrender, we know, we know


# We shouldn't fight the way we feel


# That's how I think of me and you


# And if escape is what we need


What a way to kick off the show. Sohpie Ellis-Bextor. Thank you.


Thank you. We are here in the playlist area where the viewers


choose our track listing each week. What do you listen to? I love my pop


music. I have been listening to the Justice album. I like disco-


Electric. We are big Daft Punk fans here. Shall we find out what our


first track of the day is? Yes. If you were a fan of one Direction, you


will like this. It is Louis Tomlinson with just hold on.


# It's not over until you're dying breath


# What do you do? # Do you close the book and never


read it again? # Where do you go when the story is


done? # Who you will become


# If it all goes wrong # Just hold on


# The cycle goes down and it comes back up


# The world it turns # If it all goes wrong


# Darling, just hold on. # Darling, just hold on.


Wonderful work to kick off our first playlist track. I am all as a fan of


your choices and I'm a big fan of our guest who is up next. She knows


I'm talking about... H to the O to the N


to the E to the Y. Honey... G. Hello and welcome back


to the Honey G show, with your host, Honey G. It's safe to say that I am


a huge fan of this week's guest. That's right, put your hands


together for Honey G. Hello, G. Before we get started, there is one


thing I think we should clear up. I'm not sure if you've heard that


there's a rumour going around that we are the same person and I am you


in disguise. Can we do a close-up, side-by-side? Sure. OK, so Honey G,


is it possible for you to pick a favourite city that you have played


in? I just did my first under 18 gig in Ireland. Bad girl style. They


were off the hook. It's the way we roll, man, it's how we do. What


would your dream collaboration be? Probably with some US hip-hop


artists. Wicked, shutdown style. Like Missy Elliott. True bad girl


flex. How many hats do you own? Quite a few. Roadblock thing.


Probably more than maybe 15-20 hats. Honey G is the best in town. We love


to see your name scroll across the glasses. At the moment, it says


Honey G. What else would you write on them? I love Simon Cowell.


Wicked, man. Do you think he would like that? He would probably lap it


up. You are ready to tear it up with that thing. Mash it up, wicked.


Where is the most surreal place you have heard your song? A few people


have said they have turned it into their ring tone. Mad thing. Before


you go, we know you are a talented rapper, but we want to know, are you


a talented rapper R. You have ten seconds on the clock to


create the perfect wrap. Are you ready? Three, two, one. OK, let's


put the bit of Port bad girl style. Proper bad girl style. That's a bad


girl rap. Three, two, one. It's perfect. It's ready to be mashed up,


Honey G style. That's all we have time for, folks. I have been Honey


and she has been G. Good night. I say Honey, you say... G. From Honey


G interviewing Honey G, it is now time for you to interview our studio


guest. It is time for Ask Me Anything. Welcome to Ask Me Anything


and today you are asking anything to our wonderful guest. Make some


noise! Welcome to the show, Sophie. Thank you for having me. We have had


a lot of questions. Are you ready? Yes. From Olivier in Cambridgeshire,


what was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you at school? Just


one thing? The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was


when I just started school and I was in reception class and I put up my


hand and we were learning letters and I said, I have done a PE, and


the teacher said, cross it out. I said, not that kind. The comedy was


there. Very nice. Interesting one. If you had a robot, what would be


the first thing you would ask it to do for you? Tidy up, organise my


house. I have too many things and I need to do a big clear out. I am


constantly checking things out. All right, all right. This one from


Yorkshire. Did you make a New Year 's resolution and have you kept to


them? I always let myself down. I wanted to reply to every message


that came to me as soon as I get it, rather than thinking the reply but


not sending it. It's all right, it's OK. We know. Time for one more. This


is from navy blue reading Falcon. Singing or dancing? Can't I do both?


If I have to choose, I would go for singing. Stick with the day job.


Dancing is a close second. For me, they are a pair, they are one. Can


we hear it one more time for Sophie? Join us next week for more Ask Me


Anything. Thank you for the wonderful


questions. Get onto our website


at bbc.co.uk/cbbc if you want to ask next week's guests M.O


anything you want. And whilst you're on there,


you will see the playlist page where you can vote for the videos


you want to see right With already had Louis Tomlinson as


our first choice, let's find out your second choice. What a choice,.


# When I was six years old I broke my leg


# I was running from my brother and his friends


# And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass


# Made friends and lost them through the years


# And I've not seen the roaring fields in so long


And we will find where Ed is in the Official Chart with Greg


Now it's time for the challenge that has tripped up KSI.


It's scuppered Izzy Bizu but it's made champions of Westrn


Palette and I didn't even know it. Are we having that one? We're having


that one. It's time for Note. Ladies and gentlemen. It's time for


Note with today's guest, make some noise for Sophie Ellis-Bextor.


I am going to be rubbish at this. As long it is it not two seconds you


will be all right. What about that at the top? 45 seconds. There were


three of them. Just letting it go round. Let's see who you are up


against. The wheel of Note. Today you are taking on... The chances of


it being him have been diminished. Interesting to hear Honey G's lungs.


You are a rapper. Honey G:..... Did we hear a little slide like she was


running out of batteries? Is she OK. Is she all right? Is she running out


of air? She's pretty good. 21 seconds is OK. Like you say, it was


debatable. Have you ever done that thing where you puff into the thing


to show your lung capacity. Yes. They made me do it again and said,


try harder. I'm going to be really bad. Come on. I am going to count


you in. I have to say my name, right? Yes. Three, two, one.


So...... Just hold that Note. Bringing it back. You beat Honey G!


CHEERING That does mean something. It was the


last few seconds but you got it out and you are going to be narrow


leaderboard, congratulations. Thanks. I think I feel light-headed.


You can do a lap of honour while you catch your breath. Let's find out


the next playlist choice. We are doing Note again next week. We are


getting closer to finding out what the UK's official number one is this


week. Not before the third and final playlist chat. Matt Wrack choice. I


can tell you that you guys went for, very nice, it is Rag 'n' Bone Man


with Human. # Maybe I'm fullish, maybe I'm blind


# Maybe I can see through this # Maybe I'm lying


# But I'm only Human after all. # I'm only Human after all. Don't


put your blame on me # Don't put your claim on me.


# Take a look in the mirror # What do you see?


# # I'm only Human after all


# You're only Human after all #. Put the pain on me


# Don't put your blame on me # Some people got the real problems


# Some people out of luck # Some people think I can solve them


# Lord heavens above # I'm only Human after all


#. Put the blame on me # Don't put the blame on me


# I'm only Human # I make mistakes


# I'm only Human # That's all it takes


# Put the blame on me # Don't put the blame on me


# I'm no profit or Messiah # Wonderful third and final choice for


the playlist this week, Rag 'n' Bone Man with Human.


He's back in the house, G to the R to the E to the G it's Greg James.


Get it? And we have had Honey G on. It says a lot that the applause is


pre-recorded. Shall we get to the chart? Let's run down the top ten,


shall we? New entry from the Chainsmokers, straight in at ten


with Paris. Down three places for Zara Larsson,


this is I Would Like. # I Would Like


# Like to get to know you baby # JP Cooper will be touring later this


year. September Song was down one place this week.


Up one place for Starley, this is Call On Me.


# Rockabye, baby # Don't you cry #


13 weeks in the official Chart, former number one, Clean Bandit and


Rockabye. # Don't act like you know me #


This week's highest climber goes to Jax Jones and Raye with You Don't


Know Me. # I'm only Human after all #


We love this song. Rag 'n' Bone Man, Human, at number three. A non-mover.


# You and me watch the sunset # It's another non-mover, Iggy Sheeran


with Castle On The Hill. And of course, the second week at


number one for the unstoppable Iggy Sheeran. This is Shape Of You.


Congratulations to Iggy Sheeran, number one and two again. And the


playlist track choice, you know your music. We have another treat for you


in the form of a performance from Gabrielle Aplin. Hear her single


Miss You. # I've been loving my life


waking up on my own # You can say if you like


but I don't need to know # And I, I've been wondering why


we've been waste all this time # And I, I've been wondering why


we've been wasting all this time # I thought that I saw you,


I guess I was wrong # Convincing yourself


you're better alone # And I could tell you how


you never left my mind # Then you tell me that


you miss me and I'm like # You got me cab and


we said we were done # But the days were so long


and they rolled into one # And I, I couldn't believe


you were taking it in your stride # Then you tell me that


you miss me and I'm like # I need somebody who


can love me like that # I need somebody who


can love me like that Thank you, absolutely love that. We


have been spoiled by all of the females involved in this week's


show, thank you to honey, Gabrielle Aplin, Sophie. Next week's show is


all about girl power. One of our guests and playlist choices are all


from wonderful females so I'm so excited about next week. Get


involved next week. Three votes to cast your playlist choices, three on


one video or three on three different voices, videos, your


choice. # The players going to play


# And the haters going to hate # # Have fun tonight #


# Because you know I'm all about that base, no trouble #


# That's my girl # That's my girl #


# We're going to keep it moving # Tears on the ground, tears on my


pillow # You made my heartbreak #


Can't wait to see what you decide, great choices. Another CBBC Official


Chart Show. Thank you, Sophie. Thank you, it has been lovely. The last


thing to do is to sign our box which completes your journey. Thank you


Sophie, Greg, Honey G and everyone involved and Gabrielle Aplin.


bbc.co.uk/cbbc is your destination for all things music,


quizzes, charts and check out Millie's vlog.


Get involved with the playlist and put your questions to MDot oh.


Remember, we are having a girl power special. And we have Kyla


performing. Please join us next week. I hope you have a wonderful


weekend. Sophie, best of luck for the tour. Thank you very much. I


might see you there. Have a wonderful weekend, goodbye.


Karim, I love the Official Chart Show,


but the problem with it is this. Yeah.


When it's finished, it leaves me wanting more.


You can watch it again tomorrow afternoon.


But if I watch it again tomorrow, it would leave me wanting more.


Don't forget, you can catch up on the CBBC iPlayer, my friend.


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