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With Eliza and the Bear

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Official Chart Show Official Chart Show. The oh gb the Good afternoon


beautiful people. So good to see you again. It is Friday.


We are live. It is 5.15. There is one more here. It is the


CBBC Official Chart Show. Thank you very much. What a start to the show.


The energy levels in the room are booming, welcome to Radio 1 HQ which


is the nerve centre of everything music and chart. This is where you


will find out who is in the official top ten, it is where you will find


out who is the official number one and where you will find what Greg


James is doing in there. Hello. Sorry, I was pressing a button


because I am live on the radio. Let me check it is all going out. Hang


on. Yes, we are fine. Today, we have a huge top ten for you, hi Eliza and


the Bear, it could be two weeks for number one for Drake.


See you there. Cannot wait. We are jam-packed, we have so much for you


to feast your eyes on and so much beautiful music, here is what we


have coming up today. Jape Shaun is in the house to play


Say What? Independence will be playing Nooooote and we have an


exclusive Sia performance from this week's guest Eliza and the Bear.


# I got friends # I got family here. #


Super super excited to welcome them on the show, for those of you might


expect an actual bear, there isn't one, we have human, it is Eliza and


the Bear. Thank you so up many for coming on. How are you? Very well.


More better for having you on the show, first talk to me about your


name, because how did it come about. There is no bear, health and safety


said no. It is a collection of poem, by Eleanor Rhys, we liked the name


back in the day and she said we could have it. We e-mailed her, it


is a nonverbal contract. The us what El have you been up to, you have an


album. Finished a tour, released an album. We, it has been a long time


coming. I am super excited. The tour went well? Very well. We are here


for all things chart. What I want to know who are you enjoying? I want


Drake to stay at top spot. I am a big Rihanna fan. Really into the


album. There is a good few acts. That, hi five, we will do that, do


that, catch them boys later, but one question we have been asking you,


not only do we ask for your singing videos, dancing, economy, who do you


want to be number one, the vote has been open all week and you can get


involved. You go to the website. I will give you a warning when voting


close, if you want to have a say on what I will tell you go and check it


out. But last week we did have a, something bit different. You went


for Meghan Trainor, she is just outside the top ten, her latest


single is called... No. Honestly, it is fine, her latest single is


called... No! I have this covered. Don't worry. The latest single is


called... No. Oh, the single is keeping me on my toe, its should be


the other way round, kicking off the top ten it is Rihanna and Drake with


Work. Yes. # Work, work, work


# What you see me # Something about work, work, work


##. # Join me


# You know... # Nobody texts me in a crisis.


# Oh no # Not so serious girl


# Why those feet cold # We just get it started


# Don't you tiptoe, tiptoe # Waste time with the master piste


# You should be rolling me # You have a real life fantasy


# But you're moving so carefully # Let's start living dangerously


# Talk to me baby # Let's lose our minds and go crazy


crazy # Keep on hoping


# Cake By the Ocean # Roll for my baby


# I hope my children visit me once or twice a month


# Soon I'll be 60 years old # Will I have a lot of children


# Soon isle be 60-year-old # Soon I'll be 60 years old


# Will I think the world is colder # Soon I'll be 60 years old


# Once I was seven-year-old # My mama told me


# Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely


# Once I was seven years old # Where are you now?


# Where are you now # Where are you now


# Was it all in my fantasy # Where are you now?


# Were you only imaginary? # Where are you now?


# Under the sea # Under the sea


# Where are you now? I'm fading


# I'm staying in touch # But that thing went bust


# So I gave it up # Ooh


# No tricks no bluff # I'm just better off without those


cuffs # The sun won't set on us


# Yeah # Got to get back in the groove


# So independence were this week's


number nine, we will hear from them later. I want to take you to about


Say What. We play with some of our favourite chart star, it starts with


a pair of noise cancelling head phone, thank you. And that means


that you can't hear anything. Then you add flavour to the mix, we throw


in metal, thank you and what is great because of the head phone, do


not worry about the hearing, everything is OK. Then we ask them


some questions. Cake, cake. I think the chicken came before the egg, I


will, we will speak at the end of the show. I will get to the chart.


We will hold the chart just there, and here is jape Shaun playing Say


What. And thanks for asking me if I wanted some cake guys.


I'm Yasser, he's Jay Sean, we are about to play Say What.


So, Jay Sean, tell us about your brand


Tell us about the brand spanking new single.


Brand-new... Pray you.


OK, I was staying at a hotel once and the curtain moved by


I didn't even take my suitcase, I just ran.


So, now, can you sing the chorus to your new single?


Can you sing. Can I sing?


Lil Jon is a fun guy but I probably listen to Lil Wayne more.


Can you say Jay Sean and Sean Paul in a




How do you make my love go? How do I make pineapple fritters?


To be honest I ran out of words after that


I just said you make my love go and I ran out of words.


The "oh oh" is whatever you want it to be.


Jay Sean, can I be on your next single


You heard it right here, people, Jay Sean and me,


You got two and a half out of a possible eight.


But you did say I could be on your next single.


It was a solid two-and-a-half there for jape Shaun, I use solid very


loosely and fantastic work, we are getting close to revealing the


initial number one, we are getting close to find out who you want to be


number one, you can tell us, get involved. Go to the website. You


have five minutes left. If you made to it the website and plenty of you


did do you will know that is the place you can put your questions to


our studio guest who this week are Eliza and the Bear. I would love to


stick round and ask you the question, don't ask where I am


going, I have Joachim Lowe mass to ask you the questions. I will


going, I have Joachim Lowe mass to you in his safe hands. Joe Jonas. We


will beat you in Nooooote later. I don't think so. Let me ask you this,


Ben says what was your first thought this morning? Why is it so early?


That is a great answer. Very very nice. Iris says who would you choose


as a celebrity sibling? Bruce Willis would be pretty cool. You know you


would be safe. That is great reasoning there. Thank you. Another


one say out of you all who has the worst fashion sense? Chris. You must


be joking! We had Amber who takes the longest to get ready before a


gig? One of these two. Cally or Martin. Do you want to take it. He


is taking it on the chin. Thomas asks which of you snores the


loudest? I have been had. We have this one from Iris, which of you has


the worst habit and what is it? Apart from snoring it is tough.


Martin has got quite windy. Every day. They shouldn't great but they


don't smell... A little gassy, especially after cake. Questions OK


there? Where have you been? Don't even


worry about it. We will get on with the chart now. I can tell you that


Tinie Tempah is this week's number five.


# They want that good thing # They want to get some


# I know what girls like. # I like cruising


around the West End. # I don't need your


money for my rent. # What's the code


to your Wi-Fi again? # You don't got to go to work work


work work work # But you gotta put in work work


work work work work # You don't gotta go to work work


work work work # But you gotta put in work work


work work work # I know a sad song


#. # Come on, come on,


turn the radio on. # It's Friday night


and it won't be long. # Gotta do my hair,


put my makeup on. # It's Friday night


and it won't be long. # Baby, I don't need dollar bills


to have fun tonight. # I love cheap thrills # Baby,


I don't need dollar bills # I love cheap thrills.


# I don't need no money. Just quickly, RU OK? I'll give you a


moment. Bring it back here. The vote for who you want to be number one


has just closed. Don't worry, we will open a new vote next week at


the end of the show. Sia at number two. Exclusive performance from


Eliza And The Bear soon. Do they have the stamina? Do they have the


poise? Do they have the experience? Will they bring the noise? Will they


missed the boat? Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for Nooooote.


Out of the blue corner this week, sitting on some red chairs, though,


from the USA, it's DNCE. And out of the red corner, there's five of


them, there's no Eliza, there's no bare, from the UK, its Eliza And The


Bear. OK gentlemen, bring it in. Easy, calm it down. Eliza And The


Bear, very simple, hold a note for as long as possible, one breath,


understand? Got it. Nice clean note, nothing below the belt. Here we go.


Three, two, one. Nooooote... -- DNCEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... We are


still holding strong in the middle, here. Holding strong. I'm afraid it


goes to DNCE! Unlucky, Eliza And The Bear, but now you up for your


performance. As well as asking who you want to be noble one, we get all


some videos from you guys singing your favourite chart shows and here


are some that stood out this week. # It's Friday night


and it won't be long. # Gotta do my hair,


put my makeup on. # ICU mounting at my gates


# I see it more and more each day. Absolutely loving your work. Thank


you so much for sending them in. I absolutely love watching those


videos. This next performance I'm super excited for. It was this


week's number two, but giving us an exclusive cover version, today's


Studios guest, Eliza And The Bear. # Come on, come on,


turn the radio on. # It's Friday night


and it won't be long. # Gotta do my hair,


put my makeup on. # It's Friday night


and it won't be long. # Baby, I don't need dollar bills


to have fun tonight. # I love cheap thrills # Baby,


I don't need dollar bills # I love cheap thrills.


# I don't need no money. # Come on, come on, turn


the radio on. # It's Saturday


and it won't be long. # Gotta paint my nails,


put my high heels on. # It's Saturday


and it won't be long. # As long as I can feel the beat.


to have fun tonight. # Baby, I don't need dollar bills


to have fun tonight. That was Eliza And The Bear covering


Cheap Thrills, one of my favourite performances to date with the added


bonus of my favourite instrument, the saxophone. We are going to


reveal the official number one but let's remind ourselves how we got


here with numbers tend through to two.


Rihanna was this weeks number ten. DNCE at number nine. Zara Larsson is


this week's number six. At five, Tinie Tempah. This week's number


three, Mike Posner. And Sia at number two. I am ready. We have a


bit of time as this song finishes. Would you like me to interrupted


especially for the CBBC viewers? Shall we? Shall I say bottoms on the


radio? Do it. I won't do it. That was just for you. Sia at number two,


non-mover this week. We are live on CBBC for the official Chart show,


good show so far? Good show. Two weeks at number one for Drake. One


Dance is the official number one. # Higher powers


taking a hold on me.# # Strength and guidance


# All that I'm wishing for my friends


# Nobody makes it from my end is # You know who got to stick by me


# As soon as you see the text, reply me


# I don't want to spend no time fighting


#. I feel little. I feel tall for once.


I want to mention the news about Prince. Sorry, my chair has now gone


down, very bad timing. Yesterday was some very sad news and a lot of


people were expecting some Prince songs to be in the top 40 today,


however the cut-off is midnight on Thursday, so that will be next week.


The guy has 38 UK top 40 singles, so next week on the chart we will


celebrate. And a real pioneer for music. These guys want to be number


one and I can tell you with a vote of 28%, they wanted Sia. Here are


some comments "Can't stop dancing to Cheap Thrills. The thing is, Prince


influenced everybody in the chart today. Here is what is coming up


next week. # Wheels keep on turning


# We keep on learning # We keep on moving forward. I want


to say a massive thank you to everybody involved, and of course to


you guys at home for getting involved. Thank you to Jay Sean, and


to you Eliza And The Bear. Enjoy the cupcakes. Last thing to do is sign


this box. Please sign away. I'm off for the next couple of weeks but you


are in safe hands with Yasser. Peace and love.


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