Series exploring all things insects and bugs, using real life fiming and animation

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1. Minuscule: Homeless

It's snowing outside and a caterpillar is on the look out for somewhere warm.

It's a Tie!

2. Minuscule: It's a Tie!

It's the insect version of the Winter Olympics and a caterpillar takes on a snail.

Snow Fly

3. Minuscule: Snow Fly

With it being so cold outside, a ladybird tries to warm up.

Skiing Snails

4. Minuscule: Skiing Snails

The ski season is in full swing, much to the delight of a whole family of snails.

Snow Carrot

5. Minuscule: Snow Carrot

A group of black ants pinch a carrot from a snowman's head.

The Yule Log

6. Minuscule: The Yule Log

When humans at a party are distracted, the ants attempt to pinch a yummy yule log.

White As Snow

7. Minuscule: White As Snow

A black ant carrying a pine cone ends up lost on its own in the snow.

Down The Chimney

8. Minuscule: Down The Chimney

A couple of ladybirds settle in the chimney shaft of a country house.

A Christmas Apple

9. Minuscule: A Christmas Apple

With the cold weather on its way, a caterpillar looks for a new home.

A Candlelight Christmas

10. Minuscule: A Candlelight Christmas

A mosquito is attracted to the wrong kind of victim and becomes stuck.

The Snowman's Nose

11. Minuscule: The Snowman's Nose

Wasps pinch a carrot from a snowman and unwittingly annoy a centipede.

The Sled and the Ant

12. Minuscule: The Sled and the Ant

In the snowy mountains, a small black spider finds it hard to carry a huge pine cone.

Pea Supper

13. Minuscule: Pea Supper

A small spider tries out different techniques to open a can of peas.


14. Minuscule: Webrizon

A spider uses a web as a trampoline to catch a fly, but it cannot control where it lands.

The Wing Case

15. Minuscule: The Wing Case

A ladybird rescues an egg, which hatches to reveal a caterpillar.


16. Minuscule: Bzzaping

A fly and a spider disagree as to what sport should be on the television.

The Stubborn Spider

17. Minuscule: The Stubborn Spider

A stubborn little spider keeps returning to its favourite spot on a wall.

An Acorn Season

18. Minuscule: An Acorn Season

A grasshopper uses an acorn to carry out practical jokes on other insects.

BBQ Recovery

19. Minuscule: BBQ Recovery

A motley crew of insects attempt to get their food back from the mean red ants.


20. Minuscule: Microzilla

A microwave turns a fly into a powerful monster.

Like a Cannonball

21. Minuscule: Like a Cannonball

Flies are racing down a hill in a toy bus when a spider decides to hitch a ride with them.

Honey Fly

22. Minuscule: Honey Fly

A little fly tries to join a beehive but is rejected.

Mission: BBQ

23. Minuscule: Mission: BBQ

A garden barbecue drives all the insects crazy.

The Vegetable Garden

24. Minuscule: The Vegetable Garden

The insects are enjoying the vegetable garden, until the gardener approaches.

A Pea In The Hand Is Worth...

25. Minuscule: A Pea In The Hand Is Worth...

An ant builds a pyramid of peas, but a fly has fun destroying it.

Thievish as a Magpie

26. Minuscule: Thievish as a Magpie

A centipede hoards treasures on a beach, but the tide is coming in.

Sticky Tape

27. Minuscule: Sticky Tape

A spider makes a trap using a piece of sticky tape.


28. Minuscule: Flycatcher

A small black spider desperately tries to catch his prey.

The Wicked Web

29. Minuscule: The Wicked Web

A spider weaves webs to catch a fly, but it always escapes through the threads.

The Grasshopper Who Didn't Know How To Leap

30. Minuscule: The Grasshopper Who Didn't Know How To Leap

A mother grasshopper attempts to teach her young how to jump.


31. Minuscule: Bus-ted

Flies in a red toy bus and a spider in a yellow toy car have an exciting race.

Chewing Gum Misfit

32. Minuscule: Chewing Gum Misfit

A grasshopper thinks it is hilarious to kick chewing gum at other insects.

Aerial Acrobatics

33. Minuscule: Aerial Acrobatics

The wasps put on a flight demonstration for the other insects.

Stranded at Sea

34. Minuscule: Stranded at Sea

A desperate spider is stranded at sea.

The Cruel Cow in the Meadow

35. Minuscule: The Cruel Cow in the Meadow

A mocking ladybird taunts a band of flies.

Night of the Gastropods

36. Minuscule: Night of the Gastropods

A gardener wages a merciless war against a group of snails.

The Chocolate Chase!

37. Minuscule: The Chocolate Chase!

Wasps, bees and a centipede battle to take ownership of a chocolate eclair.

A Butterfly's Nightmare

38. Minuscule: A Butterfly's Nightmare

A caterpillar has a recurring nightmare.

Need for Speed

39. Minuscule: Need for Speed

A group of flies try and catch a ladybird over a golf course.

Patatas Fritas

40. Minuscule: Patatas Fritas

After falling unconscious, an ant wakes up to find itself in a strange world.


41. Minuscule: Catapult

A cheeky grasshopper uses a plant to fling unsuspecting insects across a field.

Only the Lonely

42. Minuscule: Only the Lonely

A little ladybird discovers that she is going to have a sibling.

He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest

43. Minuscule: He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest

A fly who craves sugar cubes teases a spider but ultimately pays the price for his greed.

The Butterfly Effect

44. Minuscule: The Butterfly Effect

A butterfly sits on a leaf, but its actions kick start an incredible chain reaction.

Fly Swatter

45. Minuscule: Fly Swatter

A mosquito swatted by a man in bed has the last laugh.

Fly Hunting

46. Minuscule: Fly Hunting

A ladybird mocks a group of flies again.

Catch Me If You Can

47. Minuscule: Catch Me If You Can

One butterfly pursues another across the road.

The Housing Plant Project

48. Minuscule: The Housing Plant Project

A caterpillar finds refuge from the harsh winter inside a house.

Mosquito Net

49. Minuscule: Mosquito Net

A mosquito attempts to find a way through a mosquito net.

At Full Speed

50. Minuscule: At Full Speed

On a little country road, insects take part in an annual race.

The Annoying Neighbour

51. Minuscule: The Annoying Neighbour

A quiet little caterpillar tries to get rid of her noisy new neighbour.


52. Minuscule: Thirsty

A little snail that is about to dry out looks for a puddle to quench his thirst.

The Magic Fly

53. Minuscule: The Magic Fly

A fly plays a magic trick on a spider.

High Voltage

54. Minuscule: High Voltage

A little black spider tries to catch a fly that is flying around a garden light.

Pool Side Spider

55. Minuscule: Pool Side Spider

Two spiders are craving the same prey - a fly lying on the surface of a pool.

The Doughnut

56. Minuscule: The Doughnut

A ladybird helps a centipede retrieve his doughnut from the flies that stole it.

Gather More to Pollinate More

57. Minuscule: Gather More to Pollinate More

A bee chief leads his worker bees into a frantic race for higher productivity.

The Iron Monster

58. Minuscule: The Iron Monster

Insects join forces to save their homes from a tractor.

Ant on the Rocks

59. Minuscule: Ant on the Rocks

An ant tries to reach a cocktail glass with an appetising candied fruit inside.

The Long Road

60. Minuscule: The Long Road

A snail attempts to join a water point where his fellow snails are drinking.

Spider Driver

61. Minuscule: Spider Driver

A ladybird teaches a lesson to a group of troublemaking flies.

The Artist

62. Minuscule: The Artist

A tiny black spider seizes the chance to express her talent.

The Monster of the Haunted Swamp

63. Minuscule: The Monster of the Haunted Swamp

In a gloomy swamp, the insects are terrified by a frightening shape.


64. Minuscule: Rascals!

A group of black ants fight with red ants over the ownership of a nut.

The Grocery Store Incident

65. Minuscule: The Grocery Store Incident

A mischievous ladybird lures a bunch of flies into a crazy chase.

Plant Pot Trickery

66. Minuscule: Plant Pot Trickery

Two rival groups of ants fight over a handful of olives.

Nut Trap

67. Minuscule: Nut Trap

A red ant leaves a cunning trap for a black ant.

Wherever Next!

68. Minuscule: Wherever Next!

A spider chases a fly inside a pierced can, which reveals strange powers.

Zzz Zzz

69. Minuscule: Zzz Zzz

In a bedroom, a mosquito preys on a soundly sleeping man.

Love Apple

70. Minuscule: Love Apple

Two caterpillars are separated when their apple home falls into a river.

At Full Speed

71. Minuscule: At Full Speed

A mad race between ladybirds and flies interrupts a spider.


72. Minuscule: Bathtime

A fly wanders into a bathroom and accidentally falls into a bottle of bubble bath.


73. Minuscule: Oopsy-daisy

A grasshopper is stuck in a house, much to the amusement of a cheeky little fly.

Chocolate Fly

74. Minuscule: Chocolate Fly

A fly enjoying a chocolate dessert is distracted from a spider.

Summer Hat

75. Minuscule: Summer Hat

A fly gets trapped under a straw hat at the seaside.

Sand Castle

76. Minuscule: Sand Castle

A group of red ants lay siege to a sandcastle.

A Dream of Speed

77. Minuscule: A Dream of Speed

A snail dreams of super-high speed, stars and the stratosphere.

Grocery Store Meanie

78. Minuscule: Grocery Store Meanie

A big unfriendly spider bullies a tiny one into giving her food.

Ants on the Train

79. Minuscule: Ants on the Train

A group of black ants use a model railway set to help them transport sugar cubes.


80. Minuscule: Blunder

A small black spider tries its best to imitate another spider in web building.

Metro Chase

81. Minuscule: Metro Chase

A cheeky ladybird tricks a group of furious flies into a crazy chase in the metro.

Dragonfly Match

82. Minuscule: Dragonfly Match

Two sets of dragonflies compete in front of a crowd of insects.

Blast Off!

83. Minuscule: Blast Off!

A group of bees search for somewhere peaceful to live.

The Mosquito of the Caribbean

84. Minuscule: The Mosquito of the Caribbean

An exotic mosquito is trapped inside a suitcase.

Turbo Speed

85. Minuscule: Turbo Speed

A group of dragonflies cannot resist eating baked beans left by a ladybird.


86. Minuscule: Pollution

A poor little mosquito tries to settle down in the bustling city.


87. Minuscule: Metamorphosis

A caterpillar is rejected for being different.


87. Minuscule: Trapped

A ladybird, a fly, a bee and a caterpillar are trapped inside a wicker basket.


89. Minuscule: Refrigerated

A fly is trapped inside a refrigerator and frozen within an ice cube.

Twelve Angry Snails

89. Minuscule: Twelve Angry Snails

A group of snails attempt to escape from a restaurant kitchen.

Sleep Walker

91. Minuscule: Sleep Walker

A snail dreams of being able to fly.


91. Minuscule: Labyrinth

A reckless spider chases an elusive fly deep inside a network of sewage tunnels.

Top Tabasco

93. Minuscule: Top Tabasco

A group of wasps are pestered by a cheeky ladybird.

Umbrella and Coconut Trees

94. Minuscule: Umbrella and Coconut Trees

A sun-deprived ladybird can't stand the winter in the city any more.

Valentine's Day

95. Minuscule: Valentine's Day

A centipede plans to give his loved one a ring that he has found on the beach.


96. Minuscule: Ladybirdland

A mother ladybird leaves her young unattended in a bedroom full of toys.