17/03/2017 MOTD Kickabout: Build-Up


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Good morning, football fans. The Champions League quarterfinal draw


takes place today and the only team representing the Premier League is


Leicester City. Goals from Wes Morgan and Marc Albrighton were


enough to see Sevilla, who had Samir Nasri sense. But it was bad news for


Manchester City who lost on away goals an incredible extra game that


finished 6-6 on aggregate. City need to pick themselves up quick as they


welcome Liverpool this week, where Jurgen Klopp's men could overtake


his side with a victory. Middlesbrough are desperate for


points. Can they get a much-needed victory against Manchester United?


Hull City could get out of the relegation zone with travel to


Everton and been in great form in 2017, and Swansea will help they can


drag Bournemouth back into trouble with victory in the Late Kick Off on


Saturday. -- we'll hope. Don't forget to watch tomorrow when


Arsenal and England legend Alex Scott will be presenting.


Hi, I'm Ayshah, it's Friday morning and you are live with CBBC.


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