31/10/2015 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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ghoulish laugh and they are plenty to sink your teeth into


as we have a frightening amount of footie fun coming your way.


The FA Cup and we go behind the scenes


Former Man United midfielder Nicky but part of the Class Of 92,


picks his dream fibre science team, and with


the Rugby World Cup final being paid later today, England star Danny care


It's a scarily good lineup, don't you think?




This is a serious but will show, guys.


Let's move straight on now with this week's headline hitters.


More Mourinho misery, plenty of penalty palavers,


It can only be this week's Capital One cup chaos.


Chelsea lost to Stoke, Rooney, Carrick


and young missed penalties in a shoot out defeats to Middlesbrough,


and Arsenal were beaten three nil by Sheffield Wednesday.


We were all mesmerised last week when John Farnworth hovered the


over in Venezuela Cesar Martinez of club Zamora has only gone one


better. what happens next has to


French international defender Annelle Madrie in training,


Good luck trying to emulate that one.


And staying with the women's game, the England team have been playing


after a narrow defeat to host China,


the Lionesses bounced by beating Australia, with Isabel Christiansen


And during a day off, right back Alex Scott took her


team-mates and her camera for a spot of some sightseeing.


Half of us are going to Tea Mountain bamboo Hill.


Some of us are being cultural, and some of us are going to relax our


legs in the hot springs area, but our group, you're coming with me.


All aboard the bamboo bus! Bamboo!


Great! What you looking at?


The clocks went back last weekend, the nights are drawing in,


The world's oldest cup competition is coming back to


our screens. On Monday, a small corner of West Yorkshire


played host to the FA Cup first-round draw and we were there.


This is the season for the FA Cup stories,


the team sixth in league one have knocked out


We're here at Thackley Junior football club, where something very


exciting is about to happen, because they are about to play host


The BBC are hear, the trucks are her, we are here, and the FA Cup is


here as well, and we all know the FA Cup


So we have brought our at very own magic man with us,


Yeah, I've come to show you my magic trick.


I'm going to show them some tricks.


We currently provide football in a safe and fun environment


for up to 450 children, and our philosophy and ethos is about


creativity, ownership, allowing the kids to make their own decisions,


So I'm going to shuffle through the cards.


When you say, that's going to be your card, all right?


Because I don't want to see the card.


You promised you remember that card? Yes!


So I'm going to try and do a volley with the cards,


So, kids are having loads of fun behind me, and check this out.


The pilot today is John, with your very special remote


This is basically the controller to fly at cam.


It's much the same as a games console controller.


Yeah, so if you're good at games can make you will be good at this.


It will go all the way up to 400 feet where it


We only have some shots of the kids practising,


we also going to get some live shots for the show later on.


Sure, no problem. Perfect.


I'm joined over here by Phil Bigwood, the director


How much planning goes into such a big events like this?


We first came here about a month or so ago, met the club, they are


We look at things like where to put the cameras,


who can we invite along, and you eventually get to today.


But it is like television, anything can happen.


Of course you get nervous, but it is fun as well Aand it is exciting,


thank you very much, we are excited to see who gets drawn with who


John, I think we have a ball missing.


Number six is Bradford, as well. Any idea?


Oh! Watch this.


30 seconds till on air. 30.


Stand by then. Have a good one.


In four, three, two, one... Run it!


Welcome to the draw for the first round of the FA Cup!


We have 40 ties to be drawn this evening.


Please pop all the balls into the hole.


That's it, we are the last people left


Thanks so much to Thackley junior 's


Now here's our pick of the ties to come out of that draw.


And there are some real humdingers now.


This year's giant killers, Bradford city face a tricky shop


There's a tantalising tussle of league 1's north-west rivals,


Didcot town are the lowest ranked team left in the cup


Exeter suffered a shock defeats to Warrington town


round. And I can exclusively reveal that kickabout will be on the road


with the cup again, starting next weekend with Brackley town


And to get into the spirit of things I've got myself this.


A Brackley town 's scarf. Look at that! Fantastic. Hopefully as the


start of a great FA Cup collection. There is one more match that caught


our eye in this first round draw and that is non-league league Salford


city against not scanty. There are a view famous faces amongst the owners


at Salford city who are used to playing at the very highest level


and we are with one of that class of 92 to his dream by the side team. In


goal, Peter Schmeichel. One of the best goalkeepers of all time. At the


back, Rio Ferdinand, classic player. Quick, strong. Then obviously is


Dean sedan, a visit one of the best players just a top-class player. --


Zidane.. I'd put myself in there, obviously I have to do that. Nicky


butt! It in! Upfront I'd have Rinaldo. All that pace, goal ratios,


he's better than everybody else on the planet, really.


It's the Rugby union World Cup final today and one of the biggest contest


in world sport could well be decided by something we footballers totally


rely on. Kicking. Tyler went to meet a multi-skilled sportsmen about


putting your boot through it. So, behind me is not a professional


football player, oh no. It England rugby superstar Danny Care. Danny


Care takes it away and that drop goal in terms of care, Danny Care!


Devious things I might as well have a shot, he's a natural footballer. I


played football is going up, I wanted to play football till I was


15. I was 15. Others make the Shepherd Academy at the time. Many


of my mates played rugby but kept telling me to go play from my local


football club. Right, I am a Chelsea fan. I'm sorry about that. In


rugby, you can't underestimate how much time you spend on gaming, how


important it is. So many Danes won by two points, three points.


Danny is the king of taking whether it is a round ball or an egg shaped


ball. When it comes with football, me I'm a goalkeeper, at the back,


tucked away. I have never ever kicked a rugby ball. Danny, it's


time for the masterclass. In the WC David Jarrow David Beckham, Steven


Gerard type as with a backspin. How close can I get. To the bar. This is


the one! Yes! Yes! First time Chelsea celebrated this year! For


me, lots of my kids have to get high so it's all about the elevation


digging. Upwards, every team you play against, they have a


world-class kicker stop diggers are all that good now that they can


knock it to the post where ever they are in your heart. That didn't go


over the bar! No, but it went straight! OK. I'm lucky, close. The


key thing for me is I've always been quite quick. My mum and dad were


very adamant that I played every sport to see which one I liked, did


as many as you possible, and do the one you love and get the most


enjoyment out of, really good for that.


If Danny's amazing multitasking has inspired you to take up other


sports, remember to check out the CBC website where you can find


athlete profiles, event guides and quizzes. And then the M O TD


kickabout area of the website you have been busier than ever of


fantastic videos of your own skills. Here's this week's selection.


First up, it's Polly, with a impressive number of items on the


washing line, and an even better overhead kick. Noah is a natural


Danny Care, just look at that! OK, before we go, let's look at this


weekend's Premier League fixtures. In a view weeks' time, Juergen Cropp


challenges the special one, as Chelsea host Liverpool. In terms of


his position, this is a must win game for Chelsea. Elsewhere, man


city are at home to Norwich, and Arsenal travelled to Swansea. Then


on Sunday it's a south coast derby. Southampton versus Bournemouth, a


mark of just far how they've come, the last time they met was four


years ago in League 1. They both play very attractive football. See


you next week! Sharp and incisive! Unbelievable! Best in the sport!




Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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