24/05/2014 MOTD Kickabout


Highlights and features from the 2014 Under-11's Premier League schools finals at the Etihad stadium. Over 1,000 schools entered, now it's down to the final 20.

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We are here at the Etihad Stadium, and it is the end of the Premier


League season, so you would not think an awful lot would be going on


today. That is where you would be wrong, because on Match of the Day


Kickabout, we have come here especially for the Premier League


schools tournament 2014. Come on! Welcome to the home of the newly


crowned champions, Manchester City. Just a few weeks ago, the likes of


Joe Hart and Sergio Aguero came out of that tunnel to win the Premier


League trophy, but today is about the new generation of young talent.


Over 1000 schools have been whittled down to just 20, each representing a


local Premier League team. Welcome to the Premier League schools


tournament 2014. 320 players are ready to go, and will be competing


in some mixed events today. There are four groups of five teams. The


winners of each group will then compete in the semifinals and then


it is the grand final. Matches are six aside, ten minutes long, and


normal football rules apply. This tournament is something these


players will never forget, and they are about to get a little Manchester


City surprise. Everyone, hello, I am Vincent Kompany. I would just like


to wish you good luck. I know how it feels to play in this beautiful


stadium. Get on with it and have a great day! That you have it, the big


man, Vincent Kompany, surprisingly old players with a good luck


message. One player with a particularly special surprise is the


Manchester captain, and that is my particularly special surprise is the


training ground, joined by a very special guest, Mikey. How was the


tournament? It was nerve wracking. We came to the final. We scored one


and then they equalised. Your nerves were jangling. What did it mean to


get through to the final? were jangling. What did it mean to


jumping. You are the company -- captain. What are you going to be


doing today? We have come to look around the training ground. What if


I told you that I had a surprise for you? Do


I told you that I had a surprise for Deaths. Today you are going to be


meeting the Manchester City captain, Vincent Kompany. Oh, my... Have you


meeting the Manchester City captain, reaction! He is speechless. We


should go and beat him, shouldn't we? Yes. We have to come up with


some questions. The pressure is on. I were asking three questions, three


some questions. The pressure is on. tips what I could do and what he


does to the players to keep them going. Find out what makes the


perfect captain. Yes. Perfect. I going. Find out what makes the


think it is time you went to interview him. He is waiting for you


-- for you through that. I am not allowed in. Over to you! Good luck.


How are you doing? All right. How is it going? Good. I heard you have


some questions for me. This is the biggest game of my life. What was


the biggest game of your life? I would say the Manchester United


game, the Derby, ? Seasons back when the whole season was resting on this


game, and if they would have win it, they would have won the title at


our ground, which would not have been nice, and if we win the game,


we came closer to a first title in 44 years, so it was a big game for


us. What you say to the team in the huddle to get them going? It depends


on the day. Sometimes you need to say something because you feel that


the energy is not quite how it should be. Most of the time, it is


in the games that you think are going to be easy, that is when you


need to be extra careful, because that is when you get caught out.


What three things should every captain have and white? The first


thing is you should be brave. The second thing is, you should always


give everything you have, that is how you show your example. The third


thing is, you should always put the interest of group before your own


interest, and if you do that, I think you will be a pretty good


captain. Thank you. To you think you're going to win? I hope so. I


have got a Derby in there for you. They better not lose it. We won't!


Are you excited to play the Etihad Stadium? I can't wait for it. I have


got a special present, a Captain's armband. Do you want me to put it on


your arm? I will do that. Enjoyed. Have fun.


Can you imagine how excited he must have been? They are currently taking


on Manchester United. The Derby is happening right there and it is


looking like a belter already. I am here among the fans. Are you having


a good time? Yes! We have got a good view from up here. Here is what has


been happening. In group A, follow and are looking


very strong. They beat their West London rivals Chelsea 6-0 in their


opening match. We will check in on them in a bit. In group B, Liverpool


are showing great form, and they are unbeaten in two games, including a


3-0 win against West Ham. They have one particular player with split


loyalties. I support the real team from Merseyside! In group C, one


player for Swansea has already found the net three times. He is called


Hartson. His dad is a Premier League Sarr. In this group, it is Crystal


Palace to making the early running at the top. In group D, Manchester


City have just drawn 0-0 with Manchester United. Currently, the


top are Stoke City, but the group is tight and there is much to play for.


They have plenty to keep them occupied when they are not on the


pitch. Come with me and check this out. These guys over here are


practising their quick feet, and over here, we have a speedometer.


Very exciting. Look at that. Are you going to give it a shot? Can you


take the ball fast? Go for it. Back to you. No prizes for guessing


which team you have tracked down. Yes, last weekend, my boys were


Arsenal. Talking about them, they are playing just behind me against


Newcastle, and it is still 0-0. If you are wondering how they prepare


for a tournament like this, I went for Breakfast with them.


The senior team have just won the FA Cup, and these guys behind me typing


to make it two trophies in less than a week. What is going through your


mind when you first kick-off? That we can actually win. And can you do


it? Yes. Goalkeeper. A big responsibility. You up for the


challenge? Yes, I really excited to play at the Etihad Stadium. Good


luck. The teams have had their Breakfast. They are prepared and


they have had a great night's sleep and they are now ready to head off


to the Etihad Stadium for one of the biggest days of their lives. Better


not miss the bus! You are quite chilled out.


At any players that you would like to play with? Wayne Rooney. Will you


win the big double? Yes. Are you nervous? No. Do you ever get


nervous? Before games, it is you have to just relax -- but you have


to just relax. Thank you so much to the Arsenal team for letting me on


their bus. They are absolute legends. The match here just ended


0-0. Every single player I have come across could not be more excited to


be part of this fantastic tournament. It is not just Arsenal


that had given their school a star treatment. There are many others as


well. Tottenham received a very special coaching session at the


training ground with first-team striker Emanuele Leo by all. --


Adebayor. They got a surprise video message from the players. Good


look. Good look to both schools representing Cardiff City ever yet


he had today -- the Etihad today. Full won this tournament last year,


and the year before that, and in their very first match today, they


weren't 6-0. Check them out! I am joined by two Premier League


referees, Anthony Taylor and Jon Moss. Thank you for joining me. How


has the day been so far? We have seen some top-quality players. I am


exhausted! It has been a long day. But it has been good to see the kids


enjoy themselves, and the parents and families having a good time.


Have you spotted lots of their play today? Absolutely. Even the teachers


on the sidelines have been polite to us today! But it is good to see the


kids enjoying themselves. You have been here plenty of times before.


How have the nerve cell that today? I have been extremely nervous today.


I don't want to let the players down and we have to give 100% as a


referee, whether it is a Premier League game or a game like this. We


want to make sure we do them justice. It is worse when your


friends and colleagues are watching you as well. They are the worst


people for giving you stick. No pressure Tom then!


Back to the action. We are at the business end of proceedings and this


is what has happened. An incredible 14 goals scored and maximum points


for follow, that means they have topped Group A. In group B,


Liverpool beat Southampton to the top spot by one point, meaning that


full and Liverpool came face-to-face in the first semifinal. It was a


hard-fought contest, but Liverpool were dominant against the reigning


champions. Three goals from the Reds proved too much for Fulham. The


final score was 3-1. In group C, Crystal Palace ran away with it,


beating Swansea, West Brom and Arsenal. In group D, Stoke City


qualified ahead of their Manchester rivals. It was Crystal Palace versus


Stoke City in the second semifinal, with Liverpool awaiting the winner.


The Potters putting a brave display, but the chances were few and far


between. In the end, Crystal Palace were too strong, and two goals were


all that was needed to set up the much anticipated final. Crystal


Palace versus Liverpool. I can't wait!


The final at last. We are ready for a full, proper commentary.


The final at last. We are ready for need a co-commentator, it is usually


a former player, possibly a need a co-commentator, it is usually


manager. It will be a real expert. I know just the person. Crystal


Palace versus Liverpool! Today, the under 11 is -- the under-11s take to


the pitch. Crystal Palace in a 131 formation.


Liverpool set up slightly differently, 80 to one formation.


This surely has to be the biggest match in their lives. This is it the


2014 national schools final. We are underway, with Liverpool going from


right-to-left, left, and audacious effort!


All the other teams have stayed to watch the event. And alongside me, a


man with all the experience, it is a pretty good venue isn't it, Radzi?


Imagine competing here. What an experience. A good chance that they


had a! Double save! He tried to follow up. What early pressure from


Liverpool. They could easily have taken an early lead in this final.


Long ball forward, beautifully taken. Just over the crossbar. It


will count as an attempt, a very lively striker for Crystal Palace.


Liverpool enjoying a fair bit of territory here in the early stages,


and here is another chance. He did not quite manage to get it on


target. He scored in the semifinal. His favourite player in -- is Luis


Suarez. You get the feeling that either team wants to score by any


means necessary. It is not going to be pretty. Good effort. Will


Liverpool be regretting all the chances? They are possibly just


rushing a bit too much. We have seen Liverpool in the Premier League this


season scoring goals for fun, and you can see that same freedom of


expression from these youngsters as they win a thrilling down by the


corner flag. In the sunshine, the players are aware of this huge


stadium around them. Not so long ago, the champions of England were


crowned right on this page. Close range! A header scores! Liverpool


are put-in front against Crystal Palace. Talk about taking chances.


Crystal Palace, their heads have not dropped at all. If anything, I


figured might have focused them. It was an opportunity, and he hardly


thought about it. It was instinct, a swing of the next, a flash of the


forehead. Liverpool are looking for a second.


It has just dragged away off target, but they are enjoying the


lion's share of possession. Crystal Palace, one goal behind. It


is also worth keeping an eye on cornice. I spoke to him before the


semifinal and he hardly got any action. He was very upset about


that. He scored the winning goal in the semifinal. When the chips are


down, he comes out and delivers the good.


What a goal! What a really impressive goal! The Everton fan, he


has put Liverpool 2-0 in front. You will not see a better goal scored in


any age group. He places the ball with speeds to the bottom left-hand


corner. What a strike! The goalkeeper has no chance. He loves


it. 2-0 to Liverpool. The defence has not been troubled so far. A


chance to lay the ball forward. A good build-up. A super save by


Barnwell. He needed a second attempt to grab it, but the goalkeeper might


have kept his team in with a chance here. I know some of these Liverpool


players have played at Anfield before, on the grass at Goodison.


Here they are at the Etihad Stadium, 2-0 in front so far. What a


fantastic turn this is. He never gives up. Goods to termination to


try to win possession back for Crystal Palace. You can see the


dedication and the ferocity of the tackles. Liverpool are looking to


come back with a counter attack. The final whistle blows! Liverpool's


under-11s have won this final income brands of fashion. When it came to


being a clinical in front of the goal, Liverpool proved superior


here. Crystal Palace rallied and found it difficult to get in this


final. They did well to make through to this stage. It is Liverpool's day


at the Etihad Stadium. What a performance. Liverpool are hugging


each other, smiles across their faces. We will get to hear more from


these faces in the future. They have beating Crystal Palace 2-0. Exciting


days for Liverpool football club, a rejuvenation for the senior side at


Anfield under Brendan Rodgers, and I am sure he will be pleased to see


this new generation in red jerseys coming through and impressing.


Liverpool have won this final. Your champions, Liverpool! I believe you


are the champions? How are you feeling holding the trophy? Great.


Boss. Out of the final blow? The start, we started quite lively, and


our keeper made a really good save. After a while, they started


defending, and we really wanted it more than them. Then we got our goal


and that calmed us down. How did it feel to play a stadium like this?


Unbelievable. In ten years, we could be seeing some future stars that


have played on this pitch right here. Tonight, I leave you with the


winners of the tournament, Liverpool. There is just one more


thing to do, isn't there, boys? Champions!


Highlights and features from the 2014 Under-11's Premier League schools finals at the Etihad stadium. Over 1,000 schools entered, now it's down to the final 20. Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany also surprises a young fan.

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