Christmas Special MOTD Kickabout

Christmas Special

Ben, Rachel and John Farnworth celebrate Christmas in true Kickabout style. They take a look back on some of the highlights from the last 12 months.

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Hello Kickabouters, good morning and season's greetings. Welcome to a


Christmas edition of Match of the Day Kickabout. Our stockings are


overflowing with treats. They are and I'm dressed in my Stoke City


Christmas jumper. You'll find out why later. You're looking the part


as well. Thank you. My official Leeds United jumper. Soyuz extra


large, because they'd sold out of everything else. Here's what's


coming up on today's show: England sensational shot stopper Jack


Buttland gives us his Christmas routine. Tis the season for magic. A


bauble to be precise And the dream five-a-side team from the man of the


moment. He doesn't half move well for a guy would gets through so many


mince pies. While you're stuffing your face with those mince pies, I


will do some work. Here are the headline hitters: Chelsea have


sacked Jose Mourinho, their most successful ever manager, just seven


months after leading theme Premier League glory, with the champions


hovering just above the relegation zone.


The draw for the last 16 of the Champions League has been made.


Arsenal' task couldn't be harder. They face holders Barcelona, with


Messi, Neymar and Suarez. Non-league clubs battled bravely in


the second round of the FA Cup. But only one of them, Eastleigh, will


compete in the third round of the oldest cup competition in the world.


Mother mince pie! Budge up then. Someone else is about to join our


line-up. This guy's been very busy entertaining us this year.


That is your card all right. Giving you the deck. Got to try and find


it. It's John Farnworth everyone! Merry comis. -- Christmas. Hang on,


that's not a football. What is it? It's a Christmas pudding. No-one


really likes them. But I'm going to do tricks with them You've been a


free styling mascot and now doing football magic tricks, where do you


come up with the ideas? I don't know. It started with doing tricks


in my back garden. It's amazing where it's led me to. I can't put my


finger on it. It's great. What's brilliant is how you've inspired the


viewers. They don't just want to be Ronaldo or Messi, they want tomorrow


late you. Take a look. -- want to emulate you. Look at


this, lovely round the world. Regains control, more tidy pick-ups


and catches it on the neck. Check out the Kickabout website over


Christmas. We have a fantastically festive quiz for you. See if you or


your friends can get five out of five. You can also upload videos of


your best goals and skills. 2015 has been a vintage year, so let's repeat


that brilliant in 2016. It's not just viewers getting into the


spirit. Plenty of Premier League players have been, well shall we say


coerced into spreading festive cheer.


Wait, wait. Because there's a big wait. I'm putting on a pair of socks


first. Game over. This is the opening shot


of the video. We have put a Christmas putting in the corner of


the goal. Knock it out. As many shots as it takes, but we need it.


# We wish you a merry Christmas # We wish you a merry Christmas


# And a happy new year # After all that silliness, there's


the serious matter of four games for every Premier League club offer the


next two weeks. Yes and this may look like a Christmas tree. But


don't be fooled. But it's the top of the Premier League take Kickabout


style. In the thick branches, that's sixth place for Crystal Palace. What


a storming season they're having. Below them, Liverpool, West Ham and


even Watford hoping to climb the tree. In fiveth, Spurs occupying the


Europa League spot. Then up to fourth, it's Man United. I'm afraid


it's more alarm bells than Jingle Bells around Old Trafford. Up to


third it's the other Manchester club, Man City. Look how happy that


fan is. Always inevitably in the mix. Standing for second place,


because we have a Santa Claus count down for Arsenal. The top of the


tree, the surprise package, it's Leicester City! Look at him,


grinning from here to ear like every Leicester City fan. They are atop


the tree. With so much football to play over Christmas, all of this


could change and I can't wait. Christmas time is really every


football fan's dream with loads of mouth watering clashes, including


Arsenal versus Man City, Liverpool/Leicester. The lunch time


kickoff is Stoke versus Man United. Because they play on Boxing Day as


well, they play on Christmas Day as well. I know do they go for the 11th


mince pie or stick with ten. What is it with you? Luckily for both of


you, I know exactly what footballers do on Christmas Day. I met up with


Jack Buttland. He went back to his roots to inspire the next generation


at the PlayStation' schools cup. COMMENTATOR: What a save. That is


why this fellow is rated so highly. Outstanding again. England's number


two, or number one it you're a Stoke fan. Usually it was just get up in


the morning before everyone else and cause loads of havoc and open a load


of presents. The day followed after that. It's different now. Once


football come about and we started training on Christmas Day. It does


change the whole time frame. You've got to start thinking when you're


having the dinner, doing presents. Will training be more relaxed? I'm


thinking about what I might turn up in. I'm going for a full father


Christmas suit kind ever thing or stick with just the hat. Will Mark


Hughes come as Santa? I doubt it. I think it's down to us to make sure


we deliver him three points. When you're having Christmas dinner on


Christmas eve, will you have one eye on the game on Boxing Day? Yeah. You


always will. Christmas eve, after training in the morning, really let


my hair down and enjoy Christmas as much as possible. Will all your


family and friends watch you play on Boxing Day? Yeah, we have a fair


group coming, hopefully we can put on a performance for them.


We have a game for you. We want to see secret Santa. We have pictures


of team-mates here. If I show you them, can you say what you'd buy


them and why. Oh, probably some hair gel. He doesn't wear it a lot and he


has a floppy hair cut. COMMENTATOR: He's come up with the


goal for them. Charlie Adam. Oh, wow. A muzzle or something like


that. He's loud, very chirpy. Just to keep him quiet for a couple of


minutes. Peter Crouch. He likes tea. Maybe nice tea bags. Posh tea.


COMMENTATOR: Old long legs has done it again. Ryan, I think his


present's been bought for him, some Dee ode rant in the last couple of


weeks - deoderant. I'd get him some trainers. I love Christmas, cookies,


milk, carrots. We always put something out. Do you like brufl


sprouts? I don't mind them. Mum cooks them with bacon. Eat your


brusel sprouts. Are you a sprout fan? John? Where's he gone? He


mentioned something about branching out and doing magic with a bauble.


MUSIC Rocking around the Christmas tree


Amazing. I just don't know how you do it. To show our appreciation, me


and Rachel got you a gift. Merry Christmas. Thank you so much. Wow.


Look at this. Believe in the magic. I believe in the magic. Thank you so


much. Speaking of presents, to celebrate everything we've done, I


got you a present too. Thank you. That's yours. What is it? I was so


short there! I think 6'7" something like that. I am really short. I


don't even come up to your shoulder. Almost. It was a great day. I love


it. Thank you. How many people have a mug like that. What's this? It's


exciting, I love this. It is me crossed with Jurgen Klopp on a mouse


mat, when I was doing my manager dance.


Keep it moving, what are you doing? Watch your man.


Look at these presents, they remind me of the great times we've had this


year. There's many more too. If you're after the biggest names in


football, you're in the right place. Hi, I'm Jamie Vardy. I'm Petr Cech.


You're watching Match of the Day Kickabout. Hello everybody.


Tinkerman. Tinkerman. No, I'm the tinkerman.


COMMENTATOR: Went for the spectacular. What a goal! That is


stunning. I have a few goals that I will remember, for example the two


goals I scored at Anfield. What can you remember from when you were this


age? I remember a lot. Even more if I come here and I see them playing,


like when I was a kid, with my friends and in the school. Rumour


has it that Yaya listens to Celine Dion, is this true? I knew you going


to ask me this question. No. # You were my voice when I couldn't


speak Some kids in the playground will be bragging that you went


there. Why did you move to Arsenal? Because I want to play. I believe


that I have a chance there. We should see whether he's still got


what it takes to be a number one. That's exactly where I pointed.


Which position do you play? Mostly centre mid. Like me. You score a lot


of goals. If you do good, maybe you can be a professional player like me


one day. Yeah. Just have fun and enjoy with your friends. There were


loads of household names in that lot. But they don't come bigger than


our star player-manager of our Christmas dream five-a-side team. I


tell what you John... He's disappeared again. Hello Kickabout


fans, you might recognise me, I'm father Christmas. This is my dream


five-a-side team. I'm going in goal of course. I'm


pretty good at catching your Christmas lists. I'm a whiz at


distributing your presents. At the back, in defence, it's got to be


Sleighton Baines. He's always flying into perfectly timed tackles. In the


midfield, I rely on Eric Rein-Dire. He never lets you down. Alongside


him it's got to be Wayne Sproutledge. Some people are not so


keen you know. That's nonsense. I think he's a tasty selection. Up


front, there's only one Santa Cazorla. Yes, he reminds me a bit of


myself to be honest. He's brilliant at delivering the goods and making


people happy. That was incredible. Sorry I was


last minute shopping. I hear he's pretty good. Any way, you also


missed some decent festive puns. Fear not, because I'm all right in


that department. I've written you a little Andy Carroll.


# We wish you a messy Christmas. We wish you a Messi Christmas. We wish


you a Messi Christmas and a happy Roo year.


# Good tidings we bring Kapoo and Josh king


# We wish you a Messi Christmas # And a happy Roo year.


We're nearly out of time for today, though. No! Surely there's time for


one more mince pie. Oh, dear. Nice one. We're going to leave you with


the best goals from the last 12 months and they weren't all from the


top division. Merry Christmas! Bye. COMMENTATOR: Maybe she will, she


does, oh, yes! An absolute belter. What about that! He wants to go all


the way here. Liverpool in front for the first time in this final. Here's


Defoe, oh, my goodness me what a goal! What a stunning goal. He's


beaten all three of them. Allan again. Oh, what a goal! That's a


great effort. He scores a sensational goal. What an effort


that was.


Ben, Rachel and John Farnworth celebrate Christmas in true Kickabout style. They take a look back on some of the highlights from the last 12 months, and they find out what it's like to be a Premier League footballer over the festive period.

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