02/04/2016 MOTD Kickabout


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The focus today is back on club football


after the international break, and there are some exciting fixtures


to look forward to, as well as a brilliant show lined up


We chat to Norwich city stars Sebastian


Bassong, Steven Naismith and Nathan Redmond as they go back


to school for a kickabout with these extremely


Ahead of this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix, Formula 1 star


Jolyon Palmer tells us his dream 5-a-sides team and we meet women's


Fifa referee Cheryl Foster to find out what it takes to make it


As you can see, so much coming up, as always,


but first let's kick things off with this week's headline hitters.


It has been a brutal few days for managers.


Remi Garde left bottom of the table Aston Villa by mutual consent


Over in Spain, former Manchester United


defender Gary Neville failed to succeed, which does surprise me,


and he was sacked by Valencia after just


England had a mixed bag of results, starting off with a great 3-2


They were brought back down to earth by losing 2-1


Elsewhere, Wales fell to defeat against


the Ukraine after an earlier 1-1 draw with Northern Ireland.


Speaking of Michael O'Neill's side, they have now gone ten games


There were two great wins from Scotland, beating both Denmark


and the Czech Republic 1-0.


Keep watching for our pick of the scorers from the matches


Finally, Romania debuted a brand-new kit before their friendly


against Spain last Sunday, and we're not talking a snazzy


They swapped squad numbers for maths equations to promote numeracy among


I bet the crowd were over the moon when normal squad numbers


That would have been a lot of adding up to work


Romanian players are not the only ones bringing


A few weeks ago we caught up with some


Norwich City stars as they went back to school with these lucky fans.


Just up the road from the Canaries, Carrow Road, is a junior school


The Fit for Schools programme is having a massive impact


here among the pupils and the wider community so today I have come along


to find out how living a healthy lifestyle is having an impact


on the pupils in the classroom and on the


Not only have the kids been put through their paces


in the classroom, we are out in the playground and they have


got the expert guidance of Premier League superstars


Nathan Redmond, Steven Naismith and Sebastian buzzsaw.


Over on the right-hand side, Whittaker.


When I turned up today, when you see it, it is absolutely


fantastic, and you can see all the kids are excited


Players from the football club are coming,


but you can just tell that the coaching they are getting,


it is fun, enjoyable, they are working


It is part of our thing, we like to bring professionals


into schools and to have Steven Naismith


and Nathan Redmond coming today and take part in the session,


you can see how the kids reacted to it, it is a great thing


that we are able to offer the schools we work with.


It is really good to be part of it, so if you can just spread words


and maybe sticking in the head and in


the future they might remember that and it might make the difference


for them, to eat properly, to think about Nathan Redmond


is eating that, I might eat the same.


My favourite meal when I was a kid was deep fried sausage or haggis


As I have grew from my 20s to my 30s, you understand


there is so much more about food and I think the whole


nation in general is coming to a much healthier lifestyle


and kids know more about food than certainly


It is a great thing because they understand


the process of eating healthily, what it does for your body


Pasta has a lot of good protein and all


What other good things do you think people should be eating?


Like, vegetables and chicken and stuff, which is not fatty.


When you have done an exercise you can always have a milkshake


or something to rebuild your muscles.


Regardless of what's happening to the first team football,


I think it is something that is going to last


long and something that really matters because football is football


Kids are the future so that is the most important


Yes, I think the deep-fried sausage I shall leave to you,


Some great tips on getting active and


Just like we know loads of you lot do every weekend


from the brilliant footy pictures you send in.


This is Harvey planning a football tournament at Barcelona's


His team HSA Dragons won the shield as well.


Rees and Bethany outside Luton Stadium.


They will be watching the game today against Stevenage.


Have fun, you two, and good luck against


Check out Unicorn Athletic Junior FC.


Here is Teddy, who plays for Forest Glade FC,


If you want to see your footy photo on the show, email


Back to the Premier League and there are some great fixtures


The Norwich lads we caught up with earlier have a massive game


against Newcastle and this one could really impact the relegation


How will managerless Aston Villa cope against Chelsea in today's


early kick-off?


Bottom of the league, no manager, could be


a big score line for Chelsea.


Up at the top, leaders Leicester welcome


Southhampton while the second-place team have a tricky game at Anfield,


and that is one of the matches we are looking at for this week's


predictions and I think it is going to be a 2-1


The other is Stoke against Swansea and for me I think Swansea


Speaking of Stoke, here is a half time teaser just for you.


See if you can work out which Potters player


I genuinely do not know the answer. Apparently I'm going to get told


that the end of the show along with your lot. I am going to go with


Charlie Adam because I know he likes larking around. Formula one is back


this weekend. After a dramatic season opener in Australia it is


time for the Bahrain Grand Prix and there's a new British driver on the


grid alongside Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, and that is Jolyon


Palmer. This is my dream 5-a-sides team. Peter Schmeichel, the great


Dane, legend. He could get a goal or two when I need it. In defence I


would have a room and Roberto Carlos. A great free kick taken as


well. What a goal. Roberto Carlos. Holding midfield, Pirlo. He would be


a good leader. Pirlo has worked at in. The coolest player on the pitch.


Thierry Henry. Pace. They will both be providing great


service upfront. I will be upfront taking all the glory. The top scorer


in the league, for sure. I will get important wins for my team. That


could be one of my favourite 5-a-sides teams. Peter Schmeichel,


Carlos, Pirlo, Thierry Henry, I would not fancy my chances against


them, but I am not sure about the striker. In Formula one and you have


to be pretty cool. Look at how this teacher is controlling the football


field than the classroom. Have you ever wondered what their


teacher -- your teacher dies in their spare time? -- does. Meet


Cheryl Foster. She is no ordinary PE teacher. She won 63 caps for Wales


as a former international footballer and is set to return to the world


stage as a Fifa referee. We know you as a player in the Super League as


the Wales international. Was that a natural progression for you? A lot


of people thought I was going to be a coach or manager and I thought


that but when the opportunity came about I have taken it and within two


years I have become a Fifa referee. To represent Wales as a referee as


well as amazing. It has been really special. Galles football is getting


bigger and opening the eyes of opportunities elsewhere -- girls.


The Rivoli few female referees when I was playing. Someone who was on


the line in the Premier League shows it can be done and for young girls


to get to that position as well. I am sure you are quite an influence


at school. What do the pupils think? The older kids know that I played


for Wales. I am a Fifa referee. They are pleased for me. Men's or


women's, which is hardest to referee? I have to be honest, mains


is tough and quick and fast, and the men like to mourn. The women are


really passionate and asking for a decision -- moan. It is very


competitive. I want to do well. I would love to go to a major


competition, the European Championships or the World Cup. For


aspiring referees, top tips? The as fit as you can, be firm but fair,


nor the rules so you are making the right decisions. You have to have


fun. You have to enjoy it. Football is an amazing game and I have been


lucky enough to play at an referee. I make sure I have fun everything go


get my referee. Really great tips. It is not easy being a referee. We


know how much stick they can get during matches. We love signs like


this. Everyone wants to win but it is only a game and they are doing


their best. Let us know if a sign has appeared at one of your matches.


Keep sending in your skills. We love them. Just like the slot. -- this


lot. You lot are never disappoint with


your amazing skills. If you missed some of the top tricks last week


catch up on iPlayer. Lots of you have been getting involved.


That is it for today. I have not forgotten the teaser. Yes! I am


right. I am another wrong. I will leave you with top goals from


players who have scored for their countries this week. See you soon.


What a magnificent goal. Olivier Giroud. Could be embarrassing. It is


three. What a finish on his left foot. Ronaldo! Took his time, picked


his spot. As he just finished off the Dutch? 1-0 Germany. Romelu


Lukaku with the second, surely winning, goal.


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