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Ronaldo Special

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Welcome to a very special Cristiano Ronaldo-flavoured Match of


the Day Kickabout.


It was on this tiny island where it all started for CR7.


We have come to find out exactly how a skinny Portuguese boy became one


of the greatest players in the world.


Of course, he wasn't born a superstar.


From humble beginnings, his has been a meteoric rise to the top,


and it all began right here in Madeira.


Stay tuned for the next 20 minutes as we hit the streets where Ronaldo


grew up and visit his first football club.


us the inside track on his Manchester days.


An amazing guide on how Cristiano can inspire you.


This is Santo Antonio and this is where the story starts.


It was here that Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, that is his


It was on the streets he first learned how to walk,


run and how to kick the ball, of course.


I tell you what, it is no wonder Ronaldo's leg muscles


Ronaldo was the youngest member of his family and had to squeeze


into a tiny bedroom with his older brother and two older sisters.


His mum was a cook, his dad a gardener and the Aveiro


Some Christmases they could not even afford presents.


But they were very happy and very close.


Ronaldo admits that even though he did not always have the toys


he wanted, he was still spoiled with love and affection.


Clearly, his was a really happy childhood.


We are on the street where Ronaldo grew up,


and I bumped into Joao, which is John or Johnny in English.


You were saying you knew Ronaldo when he used to live


You were saying that on this patch behind us,


His first club was the little-known Andorinha.


He in enjoyed his time here but when CD National came along,


the biggest team on a Madeira, he couldn't resist.


Let's check out where he used to train.


We are here at CD National, which is kind of at the top of Madeira.


If you think of it as a mountainous island, we are at the summit


It is steep, cold, and the atmosphere is electric


because this is where Ronaldo first kicked off his football career.


Where he and his coaches started to believe he could make it at the top.


There is a load of budding Ronaldos behind me even today.


Ronaldo was here for two seasons, winning the league title


in his second season and scoring loads of goals.


He had a reputation for being a bit of a ball hog.


His nickname was the Crybaby, because whenever he lost they used


When Ronaldo first joined the club, could you tell at that early stage


he was going to be as incredible a player as he has become?


Talk to me about the first time you ever set eyes on Ronaldo.


He had a reputation for crying when he lost?


I know he had a reputation for not passing very much.


He was maybe a bit selfish on the pitch?


People say Ronaldo is perhaps the most gifted, most rounded


How much do you think is natural talent and how much


By the age of 12, Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon wanted


Leaving home at such a young age, Cristiano


He was also teased by his team-mates for his strong Madeira accent.


But he let his football do the talking.


It may not have been the easiest start at Sporting Lisbon,


into the first team and was already earning plaudits


The likes of Inter Milan, Arsenal and Liverpool


And then they came up against a certain Manchester United.


And the rest, as they say, is history.


It is going to be one of the worst nightmares that the transfers


Ronaldo, 18 years old, cost the Reds 12.25 million


He was part of the Lisbon team who defeated the Premiership


champions 3-1 in a friendly last week and the United players


were so impressed by him they pleaded with Ferguson


We came up against each other virtually every day in training.


It was very difficult to get the ball off him.


He was brilliant in the air, very difficult to mark.


Definitely the best winger that I played against.


He struggled at first to adapt to the culture, weather,


He was shy, didn't speak the language.


With the referees and opposition defenders.


He handled everything in his stride because I think he had this


vision of what he had to do, this.


Ronaldo goes alone and wins at the match for Manchester United.


He used to get kicked every day at training.


Kicked every day in the Premier League.


But it never used to bother him because he was so tough.


Those early years at Manchester United, particularly


the way that Sir Alex Ferguson looked after him, I think


they helped him become one of the best players in the world.


He wore the number seven shirt, Cantona, Robson,


There was big expectation on this lad.


Always good as a player to have arrogance on the pitch but off


the pitch, very respectful, well-mannered and a great team-mate


He used to take the Mickey out of me because my step over


He had the ability to practice and practice for hours


Just perfecting the drag-backs, the step overs, the Cruyffs.


That is not by accident, a God-given talent,


At United, Ronaldo turned his wonderful potential


By 2008, he had won the Champions League trophy


with Manchester United and later Fifa crowned him the best


He still wanted more, though, so a world record move to came


to Real Madrid and face-to-face with Messi, one


of the greatest ever sporting rivalries was born.


But how did Ronaldo make it to the very top,


and how can you, yes, you, learn from the example he has


Growing up as a Manchester United fan, watching


He made me feel anything was possible with the ball.


By introducing skills into a game, he brought everyone's attention


to freestyle and paved the way for people like me.


Ronaldo means a lot to me but I think you can be


What are his biggest qualities and how can you learn from them?


If you want to get better, you have to work hard.


He eats healthily, has a balanced diet and drinks loads


He makes sure he is in bed early before training


His attitude is amazing, such a positive thinker,


never allowing himself to be negative.


Can you imagine all those skills without any end product?


Ronaldo into the penalty area, first time, oh, that is brilliant.


The tricks and flicks may look good, but think about that


helping your team-mates score a goal, or score goals yourself.


This is where Ronaldo is so much different than Messi,


the Barcelona genius is small and uses it.


Cristiano has developed his physique so he can be powerful


Ronaldo and Messi are both quick, but no matter what your physique is,


you can always work on running faster.


I can't think of any weaknesses in Ronaldo's game.


A left foot, a right foot, the short game,


the long game, pace, power, skills, free kicks,


Great cross, great header, fantastic Ronaldo header.


If you want to be a better player, make sure you are always adding


new things to your game, especially using both your feet.


Cristiano would be nothing without the entertainment factor.


Chops, step overs, rabonas, outrageous goals.


He is just so exciting to watch, and making people smile is just


So be yourself, be creative, express yourself with


That is what I do, that is what Cristiano does,


and that is how to really become a better footballer.


What do you do when you have won so much you have run out of room


You build the world's biggest trophy cabinet.


Straight off, pictures of Ronaldo with all his trophies.


Here he is, the man, the myth, the legend,


Look at this, right in the heart of the museum, an incredible


First off, the Champions League trophy.


They won 9-1, 5th of April 2015. Ronaldo scored five goals.


There aren't just football trophies in there, these


were given to Ronaldo by the president of Portugal.


This is the FA Cup. It looks like a proper trophy.


Speaking of British trophies, another recognisable one over here.


I absolutely love this. It is just fan mail.


You can see the love from all over the world.


That was hanging around his neck during the celebrations.


This is something that meant more to him than just the medal,


this is the pinnacle of his achievement, particularly


after Portugal missed out on winning Euro 2004 when he was 19.


This is what really sets Ronaldo perhaps above any one


of his generation in that he has achieved it at club


Down to hard work and practice every day, so this must be a crowning


You can see why he has put it right in the middle of the museum.


And just when we thought it couldn't get any better.


Not many players can say they have played in the same team as Ronaldo


What he is like at home? What is he like to know as a cousin?


It has been a pleasure. Lovely to meet you.


I don't know, John, we have met so many people


I just want to hear from him himself.


It is not about the money, it is about the passion.


I am not complaining. I feel happy.


The reason is I am unbelievable inside the pitch.


In my mind, not just this year, but always, I am the best.


Basically, I win everything in terms of individual and collective.


I just want to do what is best for the club, for the national team.


We share all the time the same places, so we have


I want to carry on the last five or six years and decide


I am so and happy here in Real Madrid.


But as I have said many times, nobody knows the future.


I am fascinated to hear what Ronaldo will


Like he said, nobody knows what the future will hold.


Ronaldo in a new job? Imagine that.


As a gardener? As an astronaut?


All good suggestions, but I think we should


I think he should be a sewage farm tour


guide, because it is about time he has had a few stinkers.


He could become the Portuguese manager and add


I think he should go to Molineux and go and play


He would be a hairdresser because his


Whatever Ronaldo decides to do, one thing is for sure, he is a definite


What has a goat got to do with Ronaldo?


Not a goat. Greatest of all time.


I like that. I will give you that.


It is the end of our journey here in Madeira to find out the


We have loved it. We hope you have. Hopefully, someone out there


watching might be the next Ronaldo. I hope so, too. For now, see you.


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