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Are you sure we are in the right place for the Christmas party?


That's what it says on the invitation.


Ever so glad you could make it to my little Christmas shindig.


Is this your house, is this your car?


I mean, it technically belongs to my great uncle Archibald.


He is away for Christmas so he said


You better believe it because this is the Kickabout Christmas special.


Merry Christmas and welcome to my humble abode.


All right, it's not strictly my house but still not a bad place


The fire's roaring, the music's playing,


Yeah, but John Farnworth, what are you doing this is my great


Sorry that chandelier does look quite expensive, Ben.


But I am sure you will agree this is the perfect setting to take


a look back at another great year on Kickabout.


Sit back, relax and enjoy what's coming up on today's show.


We recap a brilliant 12 months of football with amazing stories


of the teams who showed that dreams do come true.


With a feast of football to look forward to over Christmas,


we give you our predictions for the 12 days of festive fixtures.


And, join me for festive freestyle with a bit of help from some


You want the best skills and goals, we promise you some real crackers.


I am afraid that's not the last of the bad puns


Right now fellas, shall we open the presents?


Just playing football in the cold, ready for Christmas and I want


to send a big merry Christmas to everybody at Kickabout and I hope


Over the Christmas period, come on the Hammers.


Look at this, I have my Christmas jumper on too.


What a pad you have, as well amazing.


I am sorry I can't be there but I wanted to say happy


Christmas and have a brilliant new year, see you in 2017,bye.


See you, Happy Christmas.


Anyway, just like loads of you lot there's been plenty


of football clubs getting into the Christmas spirit too.


As you will see, there's been quite a lot of these


terrible football jumpers on show, as well.


Look, I can assure you that we have left no stone unturned


We are taking it extremely seriously.


Every effort has been made to ensure this year is a success.


# I think I will miss this one this year.


# Merry Christmas, merry Christmas but I think I'll


Not only are we now looking festive but I think we're


Ultimate Christmas spirit right here.


All we need is one of those great Christmas films on the telly.


One of those feel-good inspirational movies.


One of the triumphs against the odds.


I think you are going to love this one.


Leicester's great escape will live long in the memory.


That result yesterday, I wouldn't get too carried away.


Vardy's done it! He has done it!


Welcome to Leicester where the sun's shining, as it has been


The way it's swung the last couple of games it's hard


Don't tell anybody in that Leicester City dressing room the end


is in sight because Claudio Ranieri is playing a very straight bat


Leicester proving what a team they are.


Is this the day when the most unlikely title trial


Jamie Vardy, away from his man and scores.


Leicester City are the Premier League champions.


Of course Leicester's fairytale wasn't the only


Oh, no, we know you lot loved the Euros in the summer


and you are probably thinking it would have been taken by the big


But oh, no, some of the smaller football nations had


Here's our top five moments from a great tournament.


To settle the opening game at Euro 16, surely!


Iceland have turned it around to lead.


They deserve every bit of the success they're enjoying.


Yeah, I am not entirely sure these lights have survived in storage.


You know I like Christmas lights but I prefer mine a bit more epic.


Fantastic stuff, as always, Mr Farnworth.


I must admit you do pull off the Christmas lights


Can you do keepy-ups with a sprout, though?


John's skills have wowed us all year but we found some even


Seeing your clips here on Kickabout is one of our favourite things.


As it's Christmas, we thought we will give you our


pick of the very best from this year.


If you have any time over the Christmas period


why not grab a ball, rather than a sprout,


and head down to your local park or back garden and get


We've had some fantastic times in 2016 you with it's not


It's about looking forward to the serious amount of footie


In fact, I have been looking at those fixtures and it turns out


between new and the first Kickabout of the new year there is 12 days of


football fixtures to look forward to.


It's given me a neat little idea for a challenge.


I am going to call out my pick of the fixtures from each day.


What I want you to do is give me a prediction but also represent


visually those teams that are involved.


Day one, Crystal Palace versus Chelsea. Day two, Manchester United


city versus Arsenal. Day three, Everton and Liverpool.


Day four, David Moyes back at Old Trafford, Manchester United versus


Sunderland. Day five, Liverpool versus Stoke.


Day six, Southampton versus Spurs. Day seven, Hull City versus Everton.


Day eight, Liverpool versus Manchester City. Day nine, come on


boys, speed it up! Watford and Tottenham.


Day 10, West Brom versus Hull. Day 11. Bournemouth versus Arsenal.


Day 12, Spurs versus Chelsea. Phew! I think I need a lie down


after that, so much football over the next couple of weeks. Just in


case you need something else to look forward to...


When you say to a young kid all the time work and you never know what's


going to happen. Ronaldo has picked his moment. He wants to work and be


the best every single time. From humble beginnings his has been a


meteoric rise to the top. This is where the story starts. John, it's


amazing! A chance for Ronaldo! This is where Ronaldo first kicked off


his football career. It's been inspiring. It's been amazing.


Oh, that's going to be so good and he has just won the Balon D' OR It


was an honer to follow in the institute steps of my hero. Tell


your friends we have the Ronaldo special and loads more in the new


year. For 2016, it's nearly full-time. Absolutely. We have had


such a fantastic year here. Thank you so much everyone for watching


and for sending in your videos. Don't forget there's loads more to


explore on the Kickabout website. Check that out too. In the meantime


we will leave you with our Christmas crackers, the best goals of the


year. We will see you in 2017. Bye! Oops! Merry Christmas! Merry


Christmas. Rashford, that's a wonderful goal! What a goal!


Unbelievable strike! Sensational! Payet strikes. What a




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