Huddersfield Special MOTD Kickabout

Huddersfield Special

We're out and about in Yorkshire at the home of Premier League new boys, Huddersfield Town! Lauren goes behind the scenes at the new-look stadium.

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We are out and about this week, kickabout fans, at the home of some


After winning promotion the end of last season,


it's fair to say they are feeling top of the world.


Hello and welcome to a very special episode of Match


of the Day Kickabout, coming to you from Huddersfield.


This might be the birthplace of rugby league, but these days,


there is another sport making the headlines and it is


Last season saw the Terriers celebrate Championship play-off


glory as they conquered Reading on penalties to secure promotion


to the Premier League for the very first time in their history.


Maximum points in their first two games, including three goals


against Palace and seeing off fellow new boys Newcastle last weekend.


So head over to where all the action takes place.


We go behind the scenes at Huddersfield's new look


stadium and meet one of their hotshot players.


John Farnworth visits fellow Premier League club


West Brom to find out more about their amazing new


And if you missed last week's show, there's another chance to find out


how you can star in the new series of Jamie Johnson.


So, loads to look forward to this week as usual,


but before we dive in to all things Huddersfield, it's time to get


all the latest headlines from the footie world this week.


Now, where do I get myself a club scarf?


England's all-time leading goal-scorer, Wayne Rooney,


retired from international football this week.


He scored an amazing 53 goals in 119 games.


Rooney rejoined boyhood club Everton in the summer and his England


announcement comes just two days after scoring his 200th


Premier League goal at Man City on Monday.


The draw for the EFL Cup took place earlier this week and holders


Manchester United will play Championship side Burton


Elsewhere, Liverpool travelled to Premier League rivals Leicester.


And Nottingham Forest take a trip to Chelsea.


Speaking of the Blues, they host Everton on Sunday


Whilst top of the table Man United welcome former champions Leicester.


The big tie of the weekend, though, has to be at Anfield,


Now, how about some young Terriers to show me about?


Well, I'm in luck, because that's exactly who I'm joined by.


So, tell us, what's it like, at this moment in time,


Brilliant, as we're in the Premier League, but the best


thing is the atmosphere is absolutely buzzing.


What's it like being in the Premier League?


It's been a great season, and we've been scoring a lot


of goals and now we've made it to the Premier League.


Amazing stuff, and what a start you've had.


Crystal Palace 3-0 and Newcastle 1-0, banging goals, they were great.


Suzie, I heard you actually fell asleep at a Huddersfield Town match


once, is that going to happen in the Premier League?


No it's not, I knew it, I tell you what, I'm


Are you guys going to show me around?


We share it with local rugby club, Huddersfield Giants.


Did you know Huddersfield Town's nickname is the Terriers?


We have two mascots, Tilly and Terry.


Our club is 109 years old and guess who was the best team back then?


Back in 1926 we won the league three times in a row.


Only three clubs have done it since, Manchester United,


There's been a lot of changes for life in the Premier League,


for example, this dug out is brand-new.


We've played in the top flight of English football but we've never


When Huddersfield started out, we were debating


Lots of people wanted pink, but we ended up wearing


blue and white and we're still blue today.


COMMENTATOR: A chance to shoot and a chance to score!


This is where we sit at home games, what do you think?


I think that is a pretty decent view you guys have got, I love it.


Well, I think I can pretty much class myself as a Huddersfield


mastermind thanks to those lot, and from one set of top young


footie fans to another, it's time to check out the skills


First up, Jacob with a cheeky rabona there.


Harrison now in the nets with a brilliant save.


Guys, I've brought you here to Huddersfield Town's first-team


training ground for a little bit of a surprise.


First touch to bring it down, second touch to score on his debut.


Welcome to Huddersfield, Kasey Palmer!


What was it like coming up from the Academy to become a pro?


Ever since I started playing football from a young age,


I dreamed of playing in the first team in front of fans.


To achieve my dream was pretty special.


I think I was working hard from when I was younger


than you guys, probably Susan's age, to become a professional footballer.


What football advice would you give to young kids and players like us?


It feels like yesterday that I was your age,


going to school and now I'm a professional footballer,


so I think just keep working hard, and you can achieve your dreams.


What do you think it's going to be like when Huddersfield


play your old boys Chelsea, even though we are Huddersfield


Obviously if Huddersfield score it's going to be straightaway celebrate.


What will be will be on the date, and hopefully it's a good


What's the main difference about playing in the


I think the level of players is a lot higher.


In the Premiership it's playing against world-class players,


who five years ago I was watching and supporting them trying


to be like and then all of a sudden I could be playing


Do you feel the pressure when that happens?


Yeah, I think when you're in the eternal walking out


against people you play with an Fifa, do


So yeah, it's special, it really does feel special.


What's it like playing for England national team? I think it's a big


honour to represent the country you were born in. It's a privilege to


play and hopefully win for your country, that's the biggest honour.


Solid quizzing. Best of luck against Southampton this weekend. Do you


think they're going to win? Yeah, obviously!


So, Palmer's be great -- big break came any with eight but surely all


Scouts can't see all budding young football talent. Fellow Premier


League club West Brom have come up with a brand-new online recruitment


system to make sure no young talent is left behind.


For most young footie fans it's the ultimate dream, to get scouted by


your favourite football club, have a trial, impress the coaches and then


go on to play for the first team in front of thousands of fans each


week. It was always my dream, and it's how


most professional footballers got into the game. COMMENTATOR: Saido


Berahino with his Premier League debut! Born in the Democratic


Republic of Congo moved to England as an eight-year-old...


But what if there was an easy as way to get your talents spotted by


Premier League club? West Brom hope their new online recruitment


programme is a chance for young players to make their dream a


reality. All you need is a ball, someone to fill new and an 18-yard


box, and of course, some serious skills. Here's how it's done. First,


dribble the ball until you are in line with the penalty spot. Stop the


ball, run straight to the 18-yard line and then back to the football.


Dribble the ball to the penalty spot and then perform ten consecutive


Tilly and Terry. Turn on strike the ball at the goal, the ball must not


bounce before crossing the line. I am here with these boys who have


taken on the challenge beat the Baggies and they have the top score.


How does that feel? It feels good. It means it shows you work hard and


you just want to wind. If you were to give me or any other budding


player out there some tips on this challenge, what would they be? You


have to be speedy and when you do pick-ups, take your time and don't


rush it. You need good control on the ball so you can keep it in the


area where you want it. Shall we try? Romagna yeah. Awesome!


It's quite hard, isn't it? I was more tired physically than I


thought. I thought only running that way and that way wouldn't be much


effort but it is, isn't it? Great to meet you. I've taken on the Baggies


challenge and it really inspired me. I think it's something very


different. We are keen to start utilising social media and the


Internet and hopefully get hold of some players we otherwise wouldn't


see. Loads of kids in the local area might not get seen and whilst we


have a really, really good scouting team, they can't be everywhere.


Hopefully this gives kids a chance to get spotted on their own turf.


Guys, thank you so much. Lovely to meet you both. I will look out for


you in the Premier League. That's almost it from us this week


but in case you missed it last week, and if you did, what are you doing?


Here's another chance to find out all about our fantastic Jamie


Johnson opportunity and how you can be in the new series.


Jamie Johnson, the boy with a dream who lives and breathes football,


just like so many of you at home. We've had some superstar talent in


the first two series of this incredible drama. Steven Gerrard,


Gary Lineker, but this year we are teaming up with Jamie Johnson and


offering you the opportunity of a lifetime. We are looking for five


talented youngsters with fantastic footy skills to appear in the new


series of Jamie Johnson. That's right, you could be starring in your


favourite footie drama right here on CBBC. We are looking for five


players from across the UK to face off against Jamie's team in a huge


match at the end of the series. If you want to put yourself up for


selection you need to be aged between 9-14 and send us a


continuous clip, no more than 30 seconds, showcasing your best footy


skills. This is what we want to see. Control, this could be a first


touch, dribble or receiving the ball from height. Any move that shows


skill in this area. Creativity... A personal favourite


of mine. You might want to show off your freestyle skills or a cheeky


trick, be imaginative. Accuracy, passing, hitting targets,


shooting at goal, if it demonstrates precision, that's what we want to


see. Once you have filmed the video head to the CBBC website and you


will find a link to our video upload. And whilst online, if you


need some inspiration about what you could include in your video, check


out a few ideas from the. The closing date is 6pm on Monday the


4th of September. So what are you waiting for? If you want a line-up


with Jamie Johnson in the brand-new series, get involved, we cannot wait


to see fantastic footy skills! I mean, how good would it be to star


in Jamie Johnson? Make sure you get involved. I've had a brilliant day


today here at Huddersfield. Good luck to the Terriers going forward


for the rest of the season. Before I go, I'm going to have a quick sneak


on the pitch. See next week! We always want to hear from you.


Tell us your top tips, reviews and thoughts on the


hottest new CBBC games.


We're out and about in Yorkshire at the home of Premier League new boys, Huddersfield Town! Lauren goes behind the scenes at the new-look stadium with four super-fans, who also get the chance to meet one of their heroes - midfield maestro, Kasey Palmer. Meanwhile, John Farnworth visits fellow Premier League club, West Brom, to find out more about their amazing new method to scout talent. Also, there's another chance to find out how you could star in the new series of Jamie Johnson!

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