04/01/2017 Newsround

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I'm Martin, we're live and I've got all the latest stories.


The famous dinosaur, which has greeted visitors


to the Natural History Museum for more than 100 years,


Tomorrow a team will take Dippy apart, starting with the tail.


The tricky process will take around three-and-a-half weeks.


Dippy is a plaster cast replica of a skeleton found


Dippy has been viewed by more than 90 million visitors.


Dippy will be going on a two year to around the UK and will be


replaced here by the skeleton of a blue whale.


# Open the door, get on the floor...#


And we've got the whole story online with top facts and all sorts


of things you didn't know about Dippy -


A zoo is the US are showing off this uber-cute baby


The little hairball hasn't been named yet, but her birth is really


important as her species is critically endangered.


Her keepers hope the news of her birth will encourage people


to help save the orangutan from extinction in the wild.


Now, it's New Year and that means plenty of movies to look


2017 is going to be brilliant for films, isn't it?


One of the ones I am looking forward to is Pirates Of The Caribbean.


This has been going on for years years but we've got


The first Pirates of the Caribbean film for the first six years.


-- for six years, can you believe it?


Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow.


Javier Bardem plays him, he's done a Bond baddie and as you can see


Now this is something I used to watch an awful lot


when I was a kid and I used to collect the action


A brand-new film coming out, they've rebooted this.


When I was a kid it was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,


Looks a bit classier than the one that came out when we were kids.


Disney have turned classic animations into live-action movies.


And now we've got Beauty and the Beast.


When this trailer appeared it was the most watched trailer


That's how excited people are about this film.


Emma Watson, you know from Harry Potter and the important


thing is, the original songs are back.


This is monsters in a truck, hence called Monster Trucks.


They live in the grille of the monster trucks.


I really hope you have your seat belts on.


I think many people who watched the Lego movie, Batman was man


They decided to give him his own film.


He even filmed his own trailer which contains scenes which won't be


Check out these people preparing for an ice


festival in Northern China, it kicks off today but many


of the residents have been preparing and sculpting these giant ice


The festival is in its 33rd year with artists carving


sculptures of famous landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Well, that's all Newsround TV has for you but there's plenty of great


stuff online so go take a look and we'll be back with you on CBBC