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Hi, I'm Ricky, and this is your Friday morning Newsround.


Disappointment for England, as the Lionesses are


Sprinting legend Usain Bolt prepares to run his last race.


The England women's football team were knocked out of the Euros


last night by tournament hosts the Netherlands.


The Lionesses suffered a 3-0 defeat in the semi-finals.


BBC reporter David Ornstein is live from the Netherlands


but a nightmare for England, they came into the tournament with such


high expectations, even by their own standards, they said they wanted and


that they thought they could win in, their first ever major tournament


victory this would have been. It wasn't meant to be. They came into


the match as favourites but the Netherlands were the hosts backed by


30,000 fans inside the stadium here. The Netherlands took the lead and


scored a second just after half-time.


No team in women's European Championship history has ever come


back from 2-0 down to win. England must regroup and Fran Kirby has high


hopes for the future. We are just trying gee


each other up still. We deserved to get as far


as we have, and we deserved But for us, it wasn't


our time on the night. I think everyone is just


trying to stay positive, and look into working just as hard


to go into the World Cup. The keyword from the England camp


after the match was pride, they were really proud they had got so far,


and that women's football had made such an impact back home. It wasn't


to be for them on this occasion but maybe it will be in the future.


They have done so well. Superstar sprinter Usain Bolt


will retire from athletics, Usain Bolt's career began the way


he starts and ends most races, His first appearance at the Olympics


was in Athens in 2004, where he ran his first


200 metre race. The second Games in Beijing,


China, in 2008, showed the world Usain's skills,


he won the 100 metre, 200 metre His famous lightning bolt stance


became a global symbol. The 2009 World Athletics


Championships proved to be the event that would seal his status


as the world's fastest man. He set two world records


by running the 200 metre race in 19.19 seconds, and the 100


metre race At the London Olympics in 2012,


he won gold in three races. In Rio 2016, Bolt's last


Olympic Games, he went Nine Olympic races,


nine gold medals. But the celebrations


didn't last long. One medal had to be handed back


after his 2008 relay team-mate Nesta Carter tested positive


for banned Despite this setback, Bolt didn't


let this break his stride, and he is sure to end


his career on a high. Next up, to swimming


superstar Adam Peaty. He's already got an Olympic gold,


and took another two gold medals at the World Swimming Championships


last week. Whitney caught up with him and asked


him some of your questions. Hello, if I could do any other


sport, I would probably do boxing It is something I have had


a passion for, since a young So, a sixpack is a lot of ab work


but at the same time a very good Before my race, I get ready, I put


my headphones in, a little bit of I like to be calm, relaxed,


and then I start to get up for it, take my caffeine,


get a little bit angry as well to get me out


there and swimming fast. The underlying motivation


has to be stronger You will pick yourself up


those days you don't Surround yourself with


positive people, people on the same journey as you,


and hopefully you will


achieve those dreams. When I was younger, I wanted


to be a Royal Marine. I wanted to be in the Army


from a very young age, I was obsessed by that kind


of regimen, camaraderie. I am still getting that


camaraderie in a group Next, four rare Siberian tiger cubs


have made their first public outing The two female and two male cubs,


who were born in June, are the first cubs to be born


at the Hagenbeck Zoo Zookeepers say the new arrivals


are healthy, and doing really well. We just wanted to say


we love The Next Step